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  1. Please note: We are aware of problems with CUP and the latest Tank DLC. We are currently working on a hotfix for the most pressing issues. If you find problems with CUP that might be related to the latest Arma patch, please report them on the bug tracker (https://dev.cup-arma3.org/) and make us aware of the ticket in our discord (tag with @member). Please restrict this to only critical bugs that need to go into the hotfix. We will not yet update features, like tank armor, top/direct attack etc. This will come in a separate update down the line. Thank you.
  2. Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    Speaking for CUP only here, you are allowed to reupload CUP to a private server, like, for example, an Arma3Sync repository. You are not allowed to reupload to the workshop. If you want to make your server's modset available on the workshop, make it a collection, not a mod, and link the required mods into that collection. Problem solved, no re-upload necessary. If something is no longer supported, or the author isn't available, tough luck. If you are lucky, if an author decides to go away, they will say something about the legal state of their mod.
  3. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Uhm, you are missing the point. We're not talking about making the AI more sophisticated, just more life-like by adding a random delay to their actions. Like, you remember some time ago, when AI was shooting, they go like "bang bang bang", like a clock. BI added a bit of a random delay before each shot, resulting in a more human sounding. You can apply the same principles to other areas of AI reaction. That's all we're talking about here. So, I don't get why you are talking about performance (this has NO impact on performance whatsoever... well, yeah, in the nanosecond area). Also, even though beside the point, a mechanized group will behave the same, whether they are spawned with a disembark waypoint, or "managed" via the editor. So, I get the impression you don't really get what people were aiming at and just had to write something in defense of Arma just for the sake of it.
  4. Alternatively, adding to what was already said, you can donate your skins to CUP and we'll add them to the mod ;) Or you join and become our local retexture specialist
  5. Will be in the next update
  6. That's the frigate ? (There's also a MEKO 20 milk cooler, but I guess you don't mean that one :D ) If we get one from somewhere, yes. If someone gets the urge and creates one, yes. Otherwise, sorry, no
  7. Yes. We're still working on it. Personally, I have decided to do something else than always working on existing stuff and do something original which will be included in CUP. Here's a teaser
  8. Hi do you have a non Steam copy of your "(FHQ)_Ex_Oblivione_(SP-CO08).Tanoa" mission that I could put on our Dedicated server?


    I tried an unpbo of the Steam workshop version but it did not show a brief or task markers? when we tried it.


    1. jgaz-uk


      Sorted no prob.

  9. FHQ CombatMode

    groupSelectedUnits returns an array of all currently selected units.
  10. FHQ CombatMode

    New version on the workshop, now with a new functionality to quickly have selected AI units rearm at an ammo box or body of your choice instead of scrolling through pages upon pages of command menu
  11. Global Mobilization

    Awesome, great idea! Love the scenario idea.
  12. Please create a ticket on the bug tracker. Thanks. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  13. Asking money for pbo's

    Greed knows no boundaries