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  1. Yes. We're still working on it. Personally, I have decided to do something else than always working on existing stuff and do something original which will be included in CUP. Here's a teaser
  2. Hi do you have a non Steam copy of your "(FHQ)_Ex_Oblivione_(SP-CO08).Tanoa" mission that I could put on our Dedicated server?


    I tried an unpbo of the Steam workshop version but it did not show a brief or task markers? when we tried it.


    1. jgaz-uk


      Sorted no prob.

  3. FHQ CombatMode

    groupSelectedUnits returns an array of all currently selected units.
  4. FHQ CombatMode

    New version on the workshop, now with a new functionality to quickly have selected AI units rearm at an ammo box or body of your choice instead of scrolling through pages upon pages of command menu
  5. Global Mobilization

    Awesome, great idea! Love the scenario idea.
  6. Please create a ticket on the bug tracker. Thanks. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  7. Asking money for pbo's

    Greed knows no boundaries
  8. Some work on this has already been carried out. As usual, no timeframe beyond "When it's done"
  9. I tried, and I can confirm, it crashes, but it'll be hard to find out why, really... One of the few things I saw Arma crash with was using something with a non-existing model, like, you place something on the map and if it doesn't have a model, it would crash. I'll take a look, but chances are that this will be pretty hard to find.
  10. Floating Vehicle

    In your PhysX configuration, make sure that sprungMass and values derived from this actually reflect the real weight of your vehicle geo lod. If those are wrongm the wheels might actually float Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  11. As said by others, please use the bugtracker. I for one refuse to invest time into fixing things when people aren't even willing to spent considerably less time (than it takes to fix this) in reporting them.
  12. The campaign turned out surprisingly good. Good voice acting and a "good" oppressive atmosphere. Emotionally engaging. I liked it a lot. From a storytelling standpoint it's easily the best that Bohemia did for Arma 3 (Overall, Resistance still holds that spot). Good job, everyone involved.
  13. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Meaning ?
  14. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I know. The medical trucks are basically transport with a few wooden beds, no real medevac. Look at what was in Arma 2, dedicated APCs, dedicated trucks, dedicated cars, etc. Something that actually looks like a flying/driving/tracked ambulance