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  1. Varanon

    RHS: Status Quo

    Geez, I'm blind😯 Thanks
  2. Varanon

    RHS: Status Quo

    Exiting news! Have you already decided what the scope will be ? US vs Russia ? Modern oder Cold War ?
  3. The remaining "old" HMMWVs are going to be relpaced with new models in the next update (hopefully), so chance are slim that this will be fixed... In any case, please open a bug report on the CUP issue tracker (https://dev.cup-arma3.org/). It'll try to fix it for next release in case the new HMMWVs aren't ready until then
  4. For one, I can assure you that the CUP team spent a lot more time working on the mod than you spent on your mission. Secondly, there is a description.ext entry that prevents randomization for some or all vehicles, so sorry, if the color of this vehicle is a cornerstone of your mission design, then the one line that would prevent randomization would have made it future proof. Or just adding the particular variable to the init code. Sorry, but it is slightly ridiculous to think that just so that your mission won't break, we'll not introduce a feature that is standard in Arma 3 into a vehicle. We sure as hell won't ask your permission. Sorry, but comments like these sometimes makes me wonder why I spent so much of my time working on this mod. And then I remember that most people appreciate it.
  5. Exactly. It didn't add any gameplay value, only cost a lot of polygons. That's also why the turn out uses the LOD 0 and if you look down, you only see "blackness" By the way, try blender with Alawrren's Blender Toolbox Addon... I do all work with that and never need to bother with Object Builder anymore
  6. I considered it, but since the external model already has some 70k tirangles, adding the interior would have brought it up to nearly 100.000 triangles, and I'm not sure the engine can handle that (well, it can, because I tried, but might slow down things on some machines substantially) The effect will be that I will rework the interior now to be more detailed, it's been deliberately "low polygon" to be able to see it from outside, but since that is no longer on the table, the polygon budget just went up
  7. I'm not even sure it's related to load order, but it pops up for some people and for others, it doesn't, so I assume it is the load order. In any case, I've got Fallujah pretty much at the end of my mod list, and I don't get the error, so you might want to try that
  8. Fallujah map loaded ? This error might pop up when Fallujah is loaded, depending on the load order.
  9. Note that Chernarus 2020 is a work in progress and changes and enhancements will come in time
  10. And new tankDLC fire geometries *sigh*
  11. No, at one point I gave up and task tracker is still doing it's own distribution of state
  12. Heavy work-in-progres, hopefully in CUP soon
  13. Well, I'll be damned, it is... it wasn't in the changelog, though
  14. Shameless plug: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=582759285 Alwarren and my MP missions using CUP. Some need other addons, but it's noted in the actual mission's dependencies so you can filter those out. Most are for 4-12 players
  15. Since some assets have been moved from Contact DLC to platform, would it be possible to do the same with the spectrum device (non functional) ? While some people think it's in the realm of sci-fi, anti-drone measurements are being developed today, and I could imagine that by 2035, you'd have handheld possibilities to deal with drones.