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  1. prevent costs by getting banned

    First off, DO NOT report a user for spelling out exactly what you did. Secondly, as has already been pointed out, unless you received a Steam Ban or a Ban from Bohemia Interactive, your ban will be restricted to the server you were banned from and their partners (whom they share the ban list with). Accept that your behaviour is what led to you being banned and then learn from it lest it happen on another server. Thread locked
  2. Project ASTFOR - Astelandic Armed Forces

    Locked per author's request
  3. Porting ArmA1 mod to ArmA2 (Gask Mask)

    I highly doubt you have Dean's permission to port his content, therefore, No, it is not possible to port this.
  4. Way to treat newcomers! Gj! (sarcasm)

    Just remember, 12 FPS is acceptable. Anything less and its a picture
  5. Respawn Menu Loadouts

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" Others HAVE been offering help. What they will NOT do is make your mission for you. Please take the time to read through the Wiki and resources like Gunter's . Additionally, please take advantage of the 17 or so years of combined knowledge here on the forums. Read the posts, frequently refer to the wiki and suitable for most questions, use your favourite search engine. All of this is preferable to making multiple posts/threads. Thanks
  6. (Re)Spawn Menu help [Request]

    Moved to appropriate sub-forum.
  7. Potential new player with questions

    With regards to keybinds, I tend to use the newest default ones. There's nothing worse than asking "hey, what's the key for whatever " and getting 50 different answers because not a single person is using default.
  8. Post removed by Moderator
  9. Язык

    Только на английском языке (English only please) https://support.bohemia.net/arma-3/uncategorized/204
  10. [UK/EU/ENG] 1 Assault Group - Royal Marines

    @thefelix267 & @AquaEngraved Please read the following before this thread is locked.
  11. Also, in future, please use Pastebin or similar for ease of use. Thanks.
  12. Need help with .paa files!

    I've read the thread and the comments cast doubt on whether this (editing of the mod) was allowed in the first place. For example: This typically means that someone doesn't have permission to do what they did. Followed up by: This speaks for itself. Personally, I'd avoid it altogether.
  13. Need help with .paa files!

    A link to the thread in question may clear things up.
  14. Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    The Timeline ends with the release of Tanks DLC. Is it possible that they could release more, sure the potential is there, but I doubt it will happen. We can always hope for "just a bit more".
  15. Post hidden due to showcasing of stolen content. (MrShounka's ripped models)