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  1. Time/Weather Malfunction MCC

    Please do not create a new thread when one already exists @Starker Additionally, you may comment directly to the mod maker here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835
  2. Your Pirated version (cracked copy) is the problem. Also, this forum is English Only.
  3. Where is the ARMA stringtable?

    Great job, topic is now locked! (Sarcasm) THIS ^ By and for the Community. Take the entitledness elsewhere.
  4. A version number is NOT an "ad". Please refrain from spreading falsehoods on this forum as they are neither permitted nor acceptable. Additionally, do not hijack other user's threads with this sort of tripe. -Moderator
  5. @Malcain Your reasoning for even needing to alter CBA seems suspect. As someone who has been using CBA for many many years, I've never seen nor heard of it ever "throw ads".
  6. Furious

    @andrejonas If this is related to another topic, please post there. As it stands, this thread is spam. "We deem spam as making a thread or posting a reply that has no real worth, is irrelevant, useless and offers nothing to a discussion." Thread is now locked.
  7. Ravaged and Frithified Gear (WIP)

    Closed by request of OP Completed Mod thread is located here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/219686-ravaged-and-frithified-gear/
  8. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @section 20 Your post has been hidden as it contains banned mods (Jonzie). Has received DMCA takedown on SW.
  9. I'm concered about the lack of dev's om these forums.

    The link is just below the "trailer" on the Vigor Website https://vigorgame.com https://discord.gg/RBWJVsy
  10. I'm concered about the lack of dev's om these forums.

    The forum is intended as a "Community asset". That is, the community assist each other with information that has been made available by the developers. As Vigor is still in development, it won't have same amount of information publicly available as say Arma 3 does. Give it time, it will grow organically. Please don't EXPECT the developers to respond, they do have a game to make. Thankfully though, they do respond when they have time or for something noteworthy. Finally, and please don't take this as a rude response, regarding your comment "How can i or anyone on here know if they see our issues, bug reports, wants, if no one ever replies?", the answer is: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/254-changelogs/ .Additionally, there is a feedback channel on the Vigor Discord. -Moderator
  11. I'm concered about the lack of dev's om these forums.

    Firstly, your "concern" is misplaced. https://forums.bohemia.net/staff/ clearly shows all of the staff at BI (and a few others). They do not need to be logged on to view users questions/comments. Issues/bugs/suggestions are tracked internally. Those developers whose job it is to interact with the players are here and have been posting (Pyrit, Strike1313 for example). Additionally, they are responsible for other social media https://twitter.com/vigorthegame and https://vigorgame.com
  12. [eods] explosive ordnance disposal suite

    Please see our rules regarding Spam and Advertising
  13. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Yes, it is banned.
  14. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @BAMSLAM @SuicideCommando As frequent posters you should be aware of the rules by now. Whilst you didn't post the content, you commented on known banned content, that was the sole reason you were mentioned. 16) Report rule violations If you see a violation of these rules on the board, do not reply in the thread but send a PM to a moderator or use the "Report Post" link (next to the date/time of post) instead. Replying in the thread will be considered as spam. Reporting posts contributes to a well structured, well disciplined forum which benefits everyone. @wsxcgy I'll start from the end of your comment and work backwards. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. "I'm sorry officer, I didn't know what the speed limit was..." Presence on this forum is based upon a users agreement to abide by our rules. Based on your 1 in 4 comment, it sounds like 3 people will deserve the infractions/ban they may receive. Throughout our rules, you will see reference to (i'm paraphrasing here) if you have a question or are unsure, ask a moderator. When in doubt, ask a moderator. As for the Ban list, I think its a great idea. I'll go first: 1. Anything that is ripped from another game without legal consent. When in doubt, ask a moderator. 2. An edit of someone else's work without consent. When in doubt, ask a moderator. 3. A re-upload to the Steam Workshop in which you are not an authorised contributor. When in doubt, ask a moderator. 4. Anything by Vanschmoozin (VSM, Project Zenith, or any edits, retextures of it). When in doubt, ask a moderator. 5. Anything by KickAss (KA) they are all ripped from other games without consent. When in doubt, ask a moderator. 6. Any Star Wars content. When in doubt, ask a moderator. 7. Any mod which has the potential to cause trouble for the community (i.e. Las Vegas shooting). When in doubt, ask a moderator. 8. Jonzie Mod pack. 9. When in doubt, ask a moderator. 17) No public discussion on how the forum is moderated If you have questions/complaints/comments about the board or moderators please PM them to a moderator, we will do our utmost to reply to any that we receive. If you have an issue that you feel cannot be solved by another moderator then please PM the head moderator ( @ BohemiaBeck ), he will be happy to look into the matter. You may also ask your questions in the "Ask a mod" thread; however that thread is not to be used to attack/rant against specific moderators or about specific rules but more for questions/answers. Hope this clears things up for those 3 out of 4 people.
  15. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    There is no "list of banned mods" as such, but common sense should always be used before posting content. This is not Garry's mod. The rule of thumb to follow is "Content from any other game should be considered banned unless it has explicit permission from the license holder". ..There is such a thing as browsing without logging in. The correct term is "lurking". There are multiple posts throughout the forum regarding Star Wars (and other mods) being banned.