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  1. Since a reminder is in order: 16) Report rule violations If you see a violation of these rules on the board, do not reply in the thread but send a PM to a moderator or use the "Report Post" link (next to the date/time of post) instead. Replying in the thread will be considered as spam. Reporting posts contributes to a well structured, well disciplined forum which benefits everyone.
  2. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Renamed from inappropriate name to "negative feedback"

    At no point is it ever acceptable to make inappropriate posts, ever.
  3. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Renamed from inappropriate name to "negative feedback"

    Apologies for incorrectly directing the response at you, that was a mistake on my part. Additionally, if there is an issue with a "Free-to-Play" game, the last thing I would do is repeatedly purchase crowns.
  4. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Renamed from inappropriate name to "negative feedback"

    Firstly, the user's wording of the thread topic was inappropriate/offensive which violates our rules. Secondly, no part of the original post constituted constructive feedback. Instead, it was comprised of blame, flame-baiting, libel, and ridicule, which again, violates our rules. The rules of this Forum and of Bohemia.net as a whole are here to help keep the forum community accessible, fair and honest for everyone.
  5. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Renamed from inappropriate name to "negative feedback"

    I really dislike Reddit, but the following guide on providing game feedback is spot on. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/7je82e/how_to_provide_constructive_feedback_to_game/ To summarise: 1 - Skip the "how/why" assumptions 2 - Suggest potential solutions but do not expect them 3 - Assume every change is difficult to make, because you will be right the majority of the time 4 - Appreciate but do not expect information on future changes 5 - Understand all games have bugs, you might find a bug Bungie Bohemia didn't, and your bug might be there forever Additionally, you may find the following useful: https://sifterapp.com/blog/2012/08/tips-for-effectively-reporting-bugs-and-issues/ What is not acceptable is your original post. Please follow the above recommended guides for submitting constructive feedback. Thank You
  6. FallujahMedic -FM-


    Ответ в гугл переведен русский, извинения Answer in English If you purchased the game through Steam, they will refund your money. If they said no, you cannot get a refund. Their rules are pretty clear. Also, per our rules: Write in English Please write only in English on the public forums. Avoid writing in any other language or any kind of slang or txt speak since the majority of the members most likely won't understand. In private messages you are of course welcome to write in any language you wish
  7. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Icons not showing in inventory

    @B. Aidan Please share your solution so that others may learn from your problem.
  8. FallujahMedic -FM-


  9. FallujahMedic -FM-

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    @Alexxander2209 Not the best 1st impression one wants to make as it proves that you haven't bothered reading the thread. Please read before commenting. Thank You! Moderator
  10. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Wrong game???

    @Studyme You will probably find that the videos you have been watching are either old versions of the game or modded versions which don't reflect the current layout. The other possibility is that you yourself are not running the current version.
  11. Just a reminder @dfr1238 , Asking for updates is prohibited on this forum. Please have a read of our rules. Thank You
  12. FallujahMedic -FM-


    @godor2008 As a new user, I highly advise you to have a read of our rules and guidelines (see my Signature for the links) as we have received a report on your post.
  13. FallujahMedic -FM-

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    I do agree that the Gendarmerie needs some love. I'm really surprised BI didn't include a Gendarmerie Helo in Apex.
  14. FallujahMedic -FM-

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    Royal Army Corps of Sahrani 😉
  15. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Real time Browser Map

    A polite reminder from our rules: 10) Do not dig up old threads Threads older than 4 months should not be dug up unless something significant is being added. If in doubt as to what is "significant", contact a moderator and they will give you their opinion. As always old threads will remain open or be closed at the moderator's discretion. Thread Starter may contact a moderator to have this thread re-opened.