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  1. NOTE! Do Not re-upload mods to the Steam Workshop as a workaround!
  2. Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles

    Katie, tutorials are always welcome. Some age well, others don't. Video tutorials (as you know) seem to be the most popular, though many don't age well. Though text based tutorials are great too. I think I still have a printed copy of Mr Murray's Arma Editing guide lying around somewhere.
  3. Giving my first shot on creating a mission

    탑승을 환영합니다 I have been around here since 2001 and even I still struggle at times. Take your time and as others have said, learn the editor first. Once you realise what you can and cannot do in the editor, then worry about scripting. I am going to quote @joostsidy here because he speaks the truth
  4. @KikoMazar Please ensure that you state the mods used in your imagery lest they be removed.

    13) Write in English Please write only in English on the public forums. Avoid writing in any other language or any kind of slang or txt speak since the majority of the members most likely won't understand. In private messages you are of course welcome to write in any language you wish
  6. Browser version no longer works

    Reminder: All posts should be in English
  7. Game Freezes Every Few Minutes

    It's best to share (explicitly) what "basic troubleshooting methods" you have used (that way we don't tell you to do what you've already done). I just had a quick Google and this seems to be an issue with Ryzens. AMD have released a BIOS update for just that issue, has yours been updated?
  8. There is no ignorance. If you are going to host your own server, do what the majority of server owners do and use a password. It negates the need for using Battleye. If you want to host a "PUBLIC" server that MUST use Battleye, I'd suggest speaking to some of the larger server owners to see how they deal with the issue, though I don't think the problem is quite as large as you make it out to be. Since Arma was released in 2013, I've never had the issues you've described.
  9. Your signature was causing security warnings. As such, it was edited. Thank You. 

  10. Inventory Trigger Conditions

    @Quack Rejackt Since you do not appear to be reading your Forum warnings, I will tell you publicly that your behaviour is not acceptable. Please have a read of the Forum rules so that you may adjust your behaviour accordingly.
  11. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Please report all re-uploads/IP violations to the mod author directly, not in the thread.
  12. pboProject ,,There was no skeleton that could be used"

    In future, Pastebin would be more appropriate than a wall of text. Thank You
  13. Disappointed at the 'money pit' tactics

    You CAN play the full single player game with the version you've bought. You can also play the full multi-player experience as well. As stated before, In the majority of cases you can even play on servers that DO have DLC, you are just restricted from using that particular item or driving it. DLC is COMPLETELY optional. When I say false, its false in the following respects: FALSE (there is no need to buy instalments to play multi-player) FALSE (again, there is no requirement for you to pay more to play it) Ever purchase a car with a 1.0 litre engine then complain that you didn't get a 4.0 litre when you clearly didn't pay for it? FALSE (The only terrain that will prevent you from joining if you do not own it is Tanoa)