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  1. NyteMyre

    3CB Factions

    Any info on when this update will be released? 👼 I have a mission with the Tochka ready that doesn't work due to this bug now 😞
  2. NyteMyre

    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Still working on it Whizt? I thought you quit :P The optional mods are a nice addition! Bit of a complaint from most players was the vanilla gear/opponents.
  3. NyteMyre

    BLUFOR MBT-52 Kuma

    Thanks, the PSD files are really cool. Made this tank for a german forces mission
  4. NyteMyre

    Arma Commander: SP/Coop/TvT Game Mode

    An issue i found (also reported on the steam page) If you switch to a unit that dies during the switch, you will be stuck in it as it will lose the map after a short while. https://imgur.com/KdwlOaJ
  5. trigger1active = false; this addAction ["Activate trigger 1", {trigger1active = true}]; -edit- Oops, didn't meant to reply to this, just to copy the bb code that was unusable
  6. NyteMyre

    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    I can really recommend this campaign. It can be very tough and unforgiving at times though, but with some proper planning and discipline, very doable.
  7. I haven't tested it yet, but someone from my group suggested this: if (isserver) then { { if (!isplayer _x && (side _x == WEST)) then{ switch (group _x) do { case alpha: { _plane = plane1; }; case bravo: { _plane = plane1; }; case charlie: { _plane = plane2; }; case delta: { _plane = plane2; }; default { _plane = plane2; }; }; while {!(_x in _plane)} do { _x moveincargo _plane; }; sleep .1; }; }foreach (playableunits); };
  8. NyteMyre

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 2

    Thanks for updating Whiz!
  9. It could be that not all slots are filled, so that's fine. Currently trying this: switch (group player) do { case alpha: { player moveincargo plane1; }; case bravo: { player moveincargo plane1; }; case charlie: { player moveincargo plane2; }; case delta: { player moveincargo plane2; }; default { player moveincargo plane2; }; }; Edit: Didn't work either :(
  10. AIs are disabled JIP players can move to players in the field via a framework teleport script. The trigger isn't set to repeatable so it should only fire once?
  11. The planes are only there temporary for the mission start. After they paradropped the players inside (another script), the planes will get deleted. I created an imgur album with my exact setup here: https://imgur.com/a/c1Lwq There's really not any more info i can give
  12. Hey everyone, I've been pulling my hairs out with this issue of (in my eyes) simply teleporting a group of players into a plane. The main problem is: It just randomly works for some players. But never for everyone. I asked around on the Discord, on ArmaDev subreddit and some other scriptmakers, and i received multiple methods that should work, but so far none actually teleported all players. I haven't tried the BI forums yet though. My setup 4x player squads (alpha / bravo / charlie / delta) 2x CJ130, (plane1 & plane2) Both planes start in objectHidden true Trigger 1: unhide planes, send hint to players that mission starts in 10 seconds Trigger 2: 10 seconds delay: Black out screen, show mission title screen Trigger 3: 5 second delay: Run script that does the following: skipTime to 23:00 (re)set overcast to 0 (clear skies) Load squad alpha & bravo in plane1 Load squad charlie & delta in plane2 sleep 2 Ungroup all players The script (currently) looks as follows: On Activation ret = execVM "missionscripts\loadup.sqf"; loadup.sqf if (isServer) then { 1 setOvercast 0; skipTime ((23 - daytime) % 24); 1 setOvercast 0; private _plane1Cargo = units alpha + units bravo; private _plane2Cargo = units charlie + units delta; { [_x, [plane1, _forEachIndex]] remoteExec ["moveInCargo",_x]; } forEach _plane1Cargo; { [_x, [plane2, _forEachIndex]] remoteExec ["moveInCargo",_x]; } forEach _plane2Cargo; /*Short delay*/ sleep 2; /* remove from groups */ {[_x] joinSilent grpNull;} forEach (playableUnits + switchableUnits); }; IMGUR album: https://imgur.com/a/c1Lwq