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  1. Right... I removed all RHS from my playlist. And i played with the modern loadout. -Edit- Another issue, in the US version, the machinegunner role (Mk48, M240 or M249) only has a single magazine in his gun. In this example, i even used "Extra Ammunition" option, but he still had only the one magazine in his gun: And more often than not, i get that artillery units cannot fire anywhere on the map:
  2. Love the update. I noticed though that some of the GROUND SUPPORT soldiers in the Russian version do not have a main weapon.
  3. Ah, it was mentioned in the changelog. I was looking for "circles" though, not "auras" 😛 Awesome feature btw
  4. Question, what are the black circles on the map?
  5. My favorite Dynamic mission had an update with a lot of new goodies to play with? Hells yeah!
  6. Does anyone have a mirror or backup from this file? -edit- Someone from my group had a backup: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h54g30iwjyy27sn/Arma3_Whiteboard_PSD_template.7z?dl=0
  7. NyteMyre

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    Maybe in the states, but i can get 2x small Dominos pizza's for the prize of the cDLC. Also, i feel your answer is extremely biased
  8. Legend! Thanks for still working on this awesome mission!
  9. Playing multiplayer still seems broken (or at least the NATO/ALTIS version). If all players are dead, the mission doesn't seem to fail and everyone is stuck in the spectator mode.
  10. NyteMyre

    AAF tanktop

    Looking at the guy in Arsenal, he seems to have a Paramilitary Garb, so my guess it's a retexture by the devs
  11. NyteMyre

    Arma3 Videos

    Will AI kill you if you walk into their line of fire?
  12. NyteMyre

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I think Units is a bit of a failed experiment. The idea is great, the site looks slick and how it works with the launcher to select a unit (and get a patch ingame) works great. But looking at the front page and seeing "97896 units" registered, i think something went terribly wrong. I expected maybe a few hundred units to exist, maybe a thousand max, but nearly 100k units? That's 4 units for every Arma player (according to SteamCharts). It's not something i would use if I wanted to look for a new group
  13. NyteMyre

    Arma3 Videos

    Giving the Weferlingen bridge a try with an AI convoy, what could go wrong?
  14. Unknown soldiers take over an oil tanker on the Hudson river, New York AKS-74U from RHS:AFRF Everything else is vanilla
  15. Do you have a notification when someone says dedman ? 😛