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  1. the closure of armaholic has been a big disaster for arma 1 and 2 enjoyers
  2. Does anyone have this: The Forgotten Few Takistan: Mi-26:
  3. I'm not new in Arma, I've been playing since Arma Armed Assault in 2007 and I didn't want Arma 2 on steam either, but seeing what has happened maybe it wasn't a bad idea after all, but now is too late.
  4. That's what I was wondering, It's a shame how much content was lost just because Bohemia didn't do a workshop for Arma 2.... PD: in this page: https://bt4gprx.com/ I found lot of mods, you have to copy and paste the name from bidentify in the search bar, for example this mod that I couldn't find anywhere:
  5. Still working? I only see "missing" in all files
  6. Killerman29

    T-14 Armata style tank

    T-14 in ArmA 2: BMPT: looks great! If I knew how to do the double barrel... PM him
  7. it works for me, use utorrent web
  8. hello, this is my problem, I added a tow launcher to the lav hq sample model from bis, so now I have a lav-25 with a machine gun for the commander and a atgm launcher for the gunner but when I move the gunner's turret the commander's turret moves at the same time, wtf? I checked everything, model.cfg, config, etc and searched everywhere but couldn't find a solution. Something like this:
  9. https://bt4g.org/magnet/be469f49e0dc3a411caa2848dec43e8bfff82da4
  10. Killerman29

    T-14 Armata style tank

    thank you, gonna try later
  11. Killerman29

    T-14 Armata style tank

    I know, this post is old as hell, but, can I port this to arma 2?
  12. cool, but unfortunately it only works with gunfire damage, run over damage still persists
  13. yes I know, but I couldn't resist showing the result 😅. getting back on topic, does anyone have this script?: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=news&id=5287 im tired of vehicles running over friendly infantry
  14. well, after a lot of work I managed to add the 30mm gun to the sweet btr-80 of vilas mod (just for personal use), looks sexy now! 😊