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  1. Killerman29

    T-14 Armata style tank

    T-14 in ArmA 2: BMPT: looks great! If I knew how to do the double barrel... PM him
  2. it works for me, use utorrent web
  3. hello, this is my problem, I added a tow launcher to the lav hq sample model from bis, so now I have a lav-25 with a machine gun for the commander and a atgm launcher for the gunner but when I move the gunner's turret the commander's turret moves at the same time, wtf? I checked everything, model.cfg, config, etc and searched everywhere but couldn't find a solution. Something like this:
  4. https://bt4g.org/magnet/be469f49e0dc3a411caa2848dec43e8bfff82da4
  5. Killerman29

    T-14 Armata style tank

    thank you, gonna try later
  6. Killerman29

    T-14 Armata style tank

    I know, this post is old as hell, but, can I port this to arma 2?
  7. cool, but unfortunately it only works with gunfire damage, run over damage still persists
  8. yes I know, but I couldn't resist showing the result 😅. getting back on topic, does anyone have this script?: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=news&id=5287 im tired of vehicles running over friendly infantry
  9. well, after a lot of work I managed to add the 30mm gun to the sweet btr-80 of vilas mod (just for personal use), looks sexy now! 😊
  10. yeah, but none with the 30mm gun 🙁
  11. well, Rangemaster at least has a btr-60 with a 30mm gun, it's not a btr-70 or 80 but something is something, thanks again
  12. Does anyone have a mod with the btr 70 or 80 btr with the 30mm cannon? I've looked everywhere and I've found the one with the KPVT only or really old mods with bad textures
  13. oh of course mod db, i'm stupidly blind, thank you
  14. yes i know, but many mods are outdated like vilas addons, can't find lastest vehicle addons