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  1. I haven't successfully initialized GLX in a mission when using as a mod activated through either shortcut or launcher. The mod is shown as active in the startup screen, but no message displays on mission start and the AI aren't affected.
  2. barccy

    Reign Of Jurassic Mod

    I haven't found a download for v1.1c with corrected mission .sqf files and the version 2 beta doesn't have any missions that I can see. Can you offer these? I tried to contact through the ROJ site, but that didn't work for me.
  3. barccy

    [RELEASE] NRE Earplugs

    This deactivates the action menu and interaction icons for group (and likely also for side) respawn in a mission a friend made (which also includes AIS wounds, CRS, and Outlaw mag repack). The player can't insert or remove plugs, open doors, pick up items (without using inventory keybind) etc. after they have respawned into an ai entity.
  4. * I forgot pressing the "H" key was required to receive AI assistance. I haven't been able to get the AI in same group to treat one another or me, using allplayables or allunits[side] and medical_education 1. I've also not been able to get grimes revive working at all recently. Any idea on possible problem causes?
  5. I don't know how to trigger my mission's end using this method but with owner being independent / resistance / guer instead of west or east. All I get are errors. Is it even possible for Ind to win sector module based sector control missions?
  6. I was using this on LAN (over net with hamachi) MP, hosting, with Incon's undercover, AIS wounds revive, and NRE earplugs scripts as well as CBA and ALIVE ORBAT creator made units. One enemy group armed only with RGN grenades did manage to cause small amounts of damage to us players and continual hits eventually killed us. I wasn't recording but will if we play again.
  7. IDK if something about ARMA 3 would make it irrelevant, but WW4 Ext mod for CWA/OFP;R has ai that shoot flares into the air after detecting enemy. You could ask krzychuzokecia or Kenoxite how it was done.
  8. Are there any plans to port or represent the weapons from CWA / OFP (like Kozlice and Rem 700) ? Is there anyone in the team familiar with AI path through buildings? I made a ticket about most of the open resistance - arma 2 original buildings not being used by ai but don't think it's been addressed yet.
  9. barccy

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    A pirated copy of OFP GOTY after the retail sales stopped but before CWA was released (if it was on gog then, I didn't know about it). It was recommended by a friend who played OFP:DR on PS3 and frequented /k/ where it is popular. I had been looking for such a game for years, and now play almost nothing but arma, neglecting to even install most of my +300 games libraries on steam and gog. Before I tried making due with Rainbow Six and Delta Force. I think before that I once briefly saw ARMA 1 on amazon, but reviews were mixed and I didn't know what it was. I purchased CWA and ARMA 2 CO when the former released, and played mostly CWA because it was taking me a long time to figure out settings for 2. Even today, I prefer a lot of things about OFP/CWA like the way recoil ends when firing does / gravity affects weapons , the absence of grass and no visual models desyncing from hitboxes to sink into the ground like in the proper armas. The incomplete but still present melee (stroke gun and stroke fist) is nice too, and it still has the best campaigns, regular missions, and music.
  10. I'm a noob, and didn't see something covered yet. How does one disable the ever present option to open the buy menu so that proximity to objects/entities is the only way to buy?
  11. barccy

    OFP Addon request thread

    WGL is a mod that adds a tiny bit to AI, the shacktac version includes a nvg alteration, has some better sights by default and can use the "AT" replacement optics, and includes better sounds and options for many different skins, and also includes dma (leaning) animations among other things. It may be too much if ww4 and ecp are causing crashes though. Something that would be more minimalist is using the dma lean mod along with the llaumax sky/nvg and whichever weapons mods (RHS, ORCS, LaSeR, JAM/BAS are good, and maybe Hyakushiki or other units). Are you using the -nomap parameter? What are your graphical settings regarding distance, shadows, cloudlets, lighting, etc.? What distro are you running and what are your system specs? Mods and addons I mentioned can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/#y9c1kuixc188p
  12. I recorded some instances of the aim error occurring in this vid : https://youtu.be/ufwXU05_AzU?t=601 Using RHS, ALIVE, TCL, CBA, CANS, Hero's Survive Thanks syf!
  13. Could you upload to google drive, mega, yandex, or even mediafire? Zippyshare is way too spammy.
  14. You don't have to modify the .pbo, there is a "GL3 settings" .sqf file in the slx folder that can be modified for many changes in seconds, and some pbos can be removed as not all are interdependent.. Read the readme for more info.