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  1. Does anyone have the last ACE version (1.5?) of WarMod?
  2. GLX is a bit cut down vs TCL, just as TCL is simpler than GL4 and 5. Some immediately noticeable differences are that the GLX AI doesn't garrison on initialization and that the movement patterns are a bit different, with larger elements bounding whereas in the others smaller ones or single units might try to flank. It is specified that GLX was meant for dynamically spawned AI, but idk that the other mods don't handle them.
  3. Could you post the corrected line, or specify which to delete?
  4. That dot may be what messed up my first failed attempts at downloading from WGP over mega app. This last time I copied their folder to my account and succeeded at downloading that way. The "full" torrent appears to be missing the bet_addons1.47(1).rar , but even if so, is close enough. The WGP archive has several duplicate files, arma 3 things, and different versions of the same addon, so it could be slimmed down and repackaged without any real loss. We should combine all our files and make a new torrent or mega folder or coordinate adding them to ModDB or something. Or figure out how to get BIdentify running again...
  5. Actually, I checked the video again, and the Mega archive is up until the end of November. Maybe my link was just bad or something... Anyway, I will try and grab at least some of those files and put them in folder with the supposed complete torrent and see if that can complete it and seed to others.
  6. It says it's stalled. Could someone start seeding and tell me when they do so I can make sure mine is leeching?
  7. Do you have the torrent and data? Looks like they hid or got rid of the mega.
  8. Does anyone have a copy of RickB's Walkers (Zombies - a bit like the left 4 dead kind with boomers that emit gas) ?
  9. Do you know if the velocity for the following weapons was configured to be different? class CUP_srifle_RSASS_WDL; class CUP_srifle_m110_kac_woodland; class CUP_srifle_L129A1_w; And do you know if the ammunition of the respective magazines has any differences in velocity, air friction, or damage value? CUP_20Rnd_762x51_B_M110 CUP_20Rnd_762x51_L129_M
  10. Thanks, but I put two links, the second links to a youtube video that has a working link in description. I'll edit comment to only link to the video.
  11. WGP made their A2 archive publicly available recently. It's unsorted, but take what you can get.
  12. I'm available a lot of the time and could jump in at a moment's notice if you'd like to be friends on steam or something.
  13. barccy

    OFP Addon request thread

    Go to pawn shops, game stores, flea markers, or online resellers. I have a disk set that is like 1.92 or 4 or something.
  14. Was able to make a little room and upload it. I know someone was doing a project to collect mods somewhere, but I forget the details atm can't remember where.
  15. Does any have RUG DSAI for either Arma 1 or 2 ?