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  1. A possible bug that I have encountered is that when playing with the Linux version, crashes occurs when ai change combat mode. I have a report, but can't tell what exactly is going on. The crash doesn't occur in Vanilla or with SLX, so appears to be WGL specific.
  2. barccy

    trying to install operation flashpoint 1 goty

    I have this same problem on windows 10 (22h2(?)) without virtualbox. My pc has multiple drives, but the one I had a previous installation on from 2016 failed last month, so i replaced it today. When i tried running the installer 1st time it said it was already installed (reg entry i guess) but i opted to reinstall. Most if not all files were put in place but the installer just ended without warning while on the 3rd disk. The main exe would not successfully launch the game. I tried to install again, but had to uninstall to run installer. This time an error dialogue appeared when on 3rd disk, and nothing had been placed into the folders despite the installer suggesting otherwise. I wish I had thought to just paste the files over from a backup folder i had which could have worked since the reg entry used to ve there. But that won't work anymore. I hope 1.96 isn't lost to me forever. It seems like windows 10 after maybe 1607 version has been losing compatibility with old programs, despite it initially seeming better than win 7 with things like starcraft actually displaying properly in early 10 but not eol 7.
  3. There are plugins for Notepad++ for OFP and ARMA made by individuals like lone wolf and kenoxite, but notepad++ is a windows only app. Kate works across systems without having to use emulation and workarounds. Has anyone made a Kate plugin for ofp/arma script and config editing?
  4. barccy

    OFP Addon request thread

    Here is the Jurrasic Park mod with fixes and such.
  5. barccy

    Mando Missile 2.0 for OFP Resistance

    Working download can be found here.
  6. barccy

    OFP Addon request thread

    Here are some of the Mandoble addons.
  7. barccy

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm uploading now to this folder.
  8. barccy

    [RELEASE] NRE Earplugs

    NRE uses mouse wheel / action menu. George Floros has one that uses a key (and which works with group and side respawn).
  9. Does anyone have the last ACE version (1.5?) of WarMod?
  10. GLX is a bit cut down vs TCL, just as TCL is simpler than GL4 and 5. Some immediately noticeable differences are that the GLX AI doesn't garrison on initialization and that the movement patterns are a bit different, with larger elements bounding whereas in the others smaller ones or single units might try to flank. It is specified that GLX was meant for dynamically spawned AI, but idk that the other mods don't handle them.
  11. Could you post the corrected line, or specify which to delete?
  12. That dot may be what messed up my first failed attempts at downloading from WGP over mega app. This last time I copied their folder to my account and succeeded at downloading that way. The "full" torrent appears to be missing the bet_addons1.47(1).rar , but even if so, is close enough. The WGP archive has several duplicate files, arma 3 things, and different versions of the same addon, so it could be slimmed down and repackaged without any real loss. We should combine all our files and make a new torrent or mega folder or coordinate adding them to ModDB or something. Or figure out how to get BIdentify running again...
  13. Actually, I checked the video again, and the Mega archive is up until the end of November. Maybe my link was just bad or something... Anyway, I will try and grab at least some of those files and put them in folder with the supposed complete torrent and see if that can complete it and seed to others.
  14. It says it's stalled. Could someone start seeding and tell me when they do so I can make sure mine is leeching?