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  1. Hello Snafu


    Let me ask you something, did you still have the Y2K3 Version 7.3 somewhere?

    You was the last one to upload the mod in filefront. XD




    I'm kinda obsessive with this mod, but, i really need the 7.3 version lol, and i cant find anywhere.


    I hope you can help me.

  2. -Snafu-

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    For Mac it should be: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Arma Cold War Assault/Users/USERNAME/missions
  3. I finally got all of my Arma 1 and Arma 2 addons off my old pc and onto an external drive but I'm having trouble running this tool, what are the exact steps?
  4. -Snafu-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    For those looking to re-build the armaholic archive, please DM me as I have a significant amount of A1 and A2 addons / mods / missions / scripts circa 2006 to Aug 2013 stored on the HD of my old computer. Last year I started transferring that content to an external HD so I will try and get it done ASAP. My old PC is in a storage box somewhere so I'll need to locate it first.
  5. -Snafu-

    SP The Green Zone

    Try adding in the PUKF DPM troop pack - I think I used the Clansman radio and forgot to mention it in the readme. http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/6665-dpm-troop-pack-1-released.html
  6. -Snafu-

    SP OFPL Hasty Operation

    Mission updated, see first post.
  7. -Snafu-

    Operation Flashpoint update links required

    Hi Seminara, yeah, you can easily use mods with the Steam version same as with the old retails disc versions 🙂
  8. -Snafu-

    SP The Green Zone

    Mission released, see first post for link. I had bigger ambitions for this mission, I wanted the player in charge of a platoon fighting against a dynamic enemy similar to the HETMAN artificial commander system for A2/A3. There's DT available which has a somewhat similar system but it would have required a lot of reverse engineering to include it in this mission and I wasn't 100% certain on how to get it working. Nevertheless I took this evening to polish up what was done and get it out. I hope that the mission proves a challenge and conveys some of the concerns a platoon commander faces. As ever, I would appreciate constructive feedback and bug reports.
  9. -Snafu-

    SP Breach and Clear

    Update to 1.3 - check first post for link. I added a saveGame after you clear the airfield and increased the duration of the bombardment so it lifts as you come into view of the defensive line. I was going to experiment with having your AI tank commander set up better defensively but I'll save that for my next armour mission. 🙂
  10. -Snafu-

    OFP Addon request thread

    Not an addon, but would anyone have the latest version of Mando's scripts?
  11. -Snafu-

    SP Breach and Clear

    I'll double-check the .sqm errors anyway, can't hurt to make sure it's all good prior 🙂 doMove could be an option - I'm wondering if I could fix them in mutually supporting defensive positions with each tank covering a different sector using General Barron's good old cover script even if that was developed for infantry? Then, once the enemy reaches a certain point, I could have the tanks reverse to a new defensive point using this script I found on OFPEC (just thinking out loud here): https://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=28596.msg195408#msg195408 As you mentioned Arma 3 I went back and had a look through the dev diary video for it but I didn't find any mention of AI changes.
  12. -Snafu-

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    There should also be an 'fn' key on your keyboard (assuming you're using a MacBook Pro like myself) that you can use in conjunction with the F1,F2 etc. keys to have them functions as they would in the PC version of the game.
  13. -Snafu-

    SP Breach and Clear

    Hi zwobot, Thanks for playing and pointing out the errors - I forgot about HYK's addon writing itself in the mission.sqm. I'll fix that. I'm not sure why the BMP2 one is showing up as it is indeed the standard BIS BMP2. I'll double-check the autosave and artillery - I think I added them in at some point but they may not be triggering for whatever reason. I'll have a think about the positioning of the tanks and see if I can place the AI into specific positions. Maybe I can force the tanks to move into specific positions through some commands or disband the group and do that. Open to ideas 🙂
  14. -Snafu-

    SP Breach and Clear

    New version available, see first post - used lockdown time to correct a few minor issues.
  15. -Snafu-

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone have the latest version of Hailuoto (version 1.2 I believe)?