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  1. Hello all I'm looking to add some challenge to a mission by having certain conditions that if breached will result in mission failure. First of all, I have a trigger that will fail the mission if the player's RTO dies. However, I also want the mission to fail if a total of three of the player's squad are killed. Additionally, I have some civilians on the map and would like the mission to fail if two are killed. Any help on achieving this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. If we, the community that remains, want to see improvements then it will probably have to be a BIS endorsed initiative. An initiative similar to the patching of Arma 2 which is spearheaded by the community there with the sanction and support of BIS. Whether this would include the introduction of additional commands I am not sure. But it would be nice to see improvements like widescreen compatibility, xbox controls from Elite and the squashing of old bugs like the hand grenades in the civilian PV3S become official.
  3. Ending Mission

    Bizarre. I'll try some random changes, hopefully one of them works and I can push the mission out and get working on the next one. :)
  4. OFP Addon request thread

    Both available here - http://www.armamdb.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=462&PHPKITSID=935f8cd465680913f4372a6cd2fd74e4
  5. Ending Mission

    The sixth objective trigger isn't firing as I'm not getting the radio exchange contained in dia3.sqs between the player's unit and HQ when they reach the extraction point.
  6. Ending Mission

    Unfortunately that did not work
  7. Hello all On my UKF Patrol mission (see User Missions) I have a trigger for when the player completes all of their assigned objectives. There are six objectives in total and I have each objective marked off with "1" objStatus "DONE"; obj1completed=true; in a trigger. The final objective is for the player to reach the extraction point. The trigger is grouped to the player and is set to activate when the group leader (the player starts off alone then takes command of the group for the rest of the mission) is within the trigger radius. However, it is not working. The contents of the trigger: On Activation: [] exec "dia3.sqs"; "6" objStatus "DONE"; obj6completed=true I have another trigger to end the mission (type End1) which has the following in the condition field: obj1completed AND obj2 completed AND obj3completed AND obj4completed AND obj5completed AND obj6completed I've used this system before in a mission and it worked, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong this time. Any help appreciated!
  8. OFP Addon request thread

    Does anybody have the A-10 campaign 'Pigs Can Fly' and its required addons?
  9. SP UKF Patrol

    Thanks for the feedback Krzychuzokecia! I'll try to implement some of these features in the next version. Originally, I was using nikiller's AI in building script and Kenoxite's civ populate but for some reason, either OFP craziness or issues with the CWA Mac port, I was getting script errors. I didn't know how to fix them, so opted for UPS instead which isn't an ideal solution for simulating civ life and can't place AI in buildings. I might try and implement them again along with your suggestions. Cheers!
  10. SP UKF Patrol

    Version 1.0 released Required Addons UKF DPM Troop Pack http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=7304 AFR RAF Chinook http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9976 JAM 3 http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9369 Novajev http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9800 DMA Resistance http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9265 Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v853uB9TnRiziAOr3pCAD0DUTyxBhvDs
  11. SP UKF Patrol

    Hello all I'm about halfway through my latest SP mission. With a desire to make something using the PUKF addons and simulate a low intensity COIN mission I set to work with UKF Patrol - not the most creative name I know. Drawing a little inspiration from the NI conflict, the player commands a squad tasked with thwarting the enemy's plans to escalate the conflict and limit the UK's operations in the region. I hope to have something ready in the next 1-2 weeks. I've also got a few more ideas, including a winter mission, so I hope I can get something else out by the end of this year.
  12. OFP Addon request thread

    Would someone be happy to upload one of the sky mods installed like LLaumax, Kegetys, Modul etc.? I'm running the Mac version of CWA and can't execute the .bat files to install any of the sky mods. EDIT Done, thanks!
  13. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    I can have a look at mods I backed up to disc when I get home next week for anything that's still missing. Would there be the possibility of adding stuff that was never available on the site? Addons like the latest version of HYK's US infantry etc.
  14. OFP Addon request thread

    Works, thank you! :)
  15. OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone have the OFPD+ 2.5 mini mod available? The archive from the ofpd site is broken. http://www.ofpd.org/ofpd.php