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  1. Can you upload them to mediafire/Google drive? I'm just looking for mods for ArmA 1 and I would be grateful to get at least some mods.
  2. Thanks for the fast response will you be able to explain the first 3 lines though?
  3. I'm making a garbage man type of mission, basically you need to clean camp maxwell, the only thing I need now is to make the trigger check if everything inside it has been cleaned (basically deleted) I used the addAction command in combination with the deleteVehicle command to "clean" the objects. (also every object inside the trigger has the name rock followed by a number if it somehow helps you help me) I need the trigger to check if every object was deleted and if every object was in fact deleted then complete the mission.
  4. not really a problem, just because of the muzzle you can barely see the fish that are attached to the bullets.
  5. I just want to it to look nice when I shoot the fish but if its not possible then thanks anyway
  6. also another thing can I somehow remove Muzzle from weapons?
  7. Thanks!
  8. Nevermind I got it
  9. Hello, I've stumbled on an old video from ArmA 3 where somebody is firing fish from their gun. I want to make something like this too. I'll link the video here: Thanks!
  10. Eggitheegg

    How to spawn a Bomb disabled

    Thank you! the trigger worked perfectly! you're a real life saver!
  11. Eggitheegg

    How to spawn a Bomb disabled

    Oh I can do that? How?
  12. Eggitheegg

    How to spawn a Bomb disabled

    Yep the name of the table is the same it works, it does spawn on the table but it just doesn't stay on the table. and I want to use SetVehicleVarName to give the explosive a name (so I can make a task to pick it up). I'll try changing the values. Also excuse me if I seem a little bit noobish, its the first time I'm doing something like this. and again thanks for your help and patience!
  13. Eggitheegg

    How to spawn a Bomb disabled

    When it spawns it just falls from the table in weird unnatural way, any idea why? and also can I use the setVehicleVarName command with this?
  14. Eggitheegg

    How to spawn a Bomb disabled

    Thank you! you're a real life saver! but can I ask one more thing? how do I make it spawn on an object? a Small Camping Table for example?
  15. Hello I've started working on a small mission yesterday, but I've encountered one small thing that I couldn't resolve by myself or find anywhere how to do so. In my mission you get a task to pick up an Explosive Satchel. the problem is it spawns as enabled which means I can't pick it up, and it acts as if it was planted. Thank you for whoever sees this and decides to help.