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  1. Best I can figure at the moment is all mags in inventory, plus any loaded mags in unequipped weapons - NOT including any weapons you may have in your backpack/vest/uniform. That might take some other voodoo. private _rounds = 0; magazinesAmmoFull player select { (_x #3 == -1 || (_x #2 == true && _x #4 != currentMuzzle player)) } apply { _rounds = _rounds + _x #1 }; hintSilent str _rounds; So if you have your primary equipped, this will skip that mag, but will include the mags in your handgun and secondary.
  2. Harzach

    Roles icons .pbo

    Do you mean the map icons? These can be found in ui_f_data.pbo > Map > Vehicle Icons.
  3. Those commands return an array that holds only a string. The info you want is embedded in that string, and can be tricky to extract. Example from the wiki: [ "6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG Mag(30/30)[id/cr:1/0](3x)" ] An easier route might be magazinesAmmoFull, which returns a multidimensional array of all magazines, including some very useful parameters. If we filter the array for unloaded magazines only, we skip counting loaded mags and other mag types like throwables. Then we just grab the ammo count parameter and add it to the pool. private _rounds = 0; magazinesAmmoFull player select { (_x #3 == -1) } apply { _rounds = _rounds + _x #1 }; hint str _rounds; Keep in mind that this results in a single number that includes all varieties of bullets.
  4. Harzach

    Finding a weapons zeroing

    Maybe you could get the current distance to the laserTarget then add a few meters. private _target = laserTarget gunner <vehicleName>; private _dist = gunner _tank distance _target; private _overShoot = _dist + 5;
  5. I was playing around with this some more this morning and it seems that my "fix" isn't a fix at all. With getPos there are cases where the search aborts itself, just as with getPosATL. I think getPosATL was probably the best option, with your scenario creating an edge case where it fails. We can hope that Larrow will be able to take a look at this and maybe implement a solution.
  6. OK, I managed to set up my test mission such that I was seeing your issue (using the default searchLoot.) I changed line 16 in fn_initSearch.sqf: _searchPos = getPosATL _player; //change to _searchPos = getPos _player; and everything worked as expected. I'm staying with this because you shouldn't have to employ workarounds that compromise your intent. getPos uses PositionAGLS, so if your waves are high enough, it may throw things off a bit. Though this may only require increasing LARs_searchRadius in LARs_lootSettings.sqf by however high the waves are.
  7. I'm not bragging, friend. I'm telling you that Personally, I would take a clean version of the searchLoot system and build a simple test mission to troubleshoot. Or share a version of your mission with the default searchLoot system so others can giver you a fresh perspective.
  8. I placed a few different rocks of different sizes under the pier with no issue.
  9. You are recreating the same marker. Why? You can just change the existing one. That's what commands like setMarkerColor are for. _trigArray = [ [5782.864,10333.795], [12895.979,7353.194], [5517.676,9951.941], [1809.986,11952.15], [3051.818,11187.059], [9556.457,13465.348], [13416.808,12078.425], [8621.35,10250.979], [11852.628,2528.827], [11295.57,5227.608], [5482.726,4058.376], [7383.236,8253.998], [7910.444,7686.77] ]; _randomLA = selectRandom _trigArray; _mrk = createMarker ["marker1", _randomLA]; "marker1" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "marker1" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "marker1" setMarkerSize [500, 500]; "marker1" setMarkerBrush "SOLID"; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _randomLA]; _trg setTriggerArea [500, 500, 0, false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements [ "this", " 'marker1' setMarkerColor 'ColorBlack' ", "" ];
  10. I downloaded @Larrow's SearchLoot mission. In the editor, I placed a wooden pier in the middle of the sea, with the typical "pile of garbage bags" object sitting on it. Everything worked fine. There might be something else in your mission causing your issue.
  11. Yeah, it looks like most modules are synced only at mission init, so you can't sync new objects during mission runtime. The "dummy' method is probably the way to go.
  12. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/synchronizeObjectsAdd Admittedly, this description is not completely clear - "unit" in this case refers to the thing you are synchronizing to, "objects" refers to an array of objects to be synchronized to that thing. richtaskdest synchronizeObjectsAdd [trgtfshmn1];
  13. Ah, cool. Check the links in my sig - you'll get an overview of the differences, as well as basic-to-comprehensive descriptions/examples of every command/function/etc. Have fun!
  14. The "Keys" item is in fact NOT an item, but a magazine. The command items returns everything but magazines, while the uniform/vest/backpackItems commands do return magazines, which is why your second attempt worked. Easier is to just use itemsWithMagazines, which returns everything.