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  1. It doesn't sound like that's what he's doing, but fair point.
  2. Why don't you give spawned AI to the curator?
  3. Did you have that mod loaded when you created the mission? Best practice is to only load mods your mission requires during creation. It's easy to create presets in the Launcher for this purpose.
  4. The condition field only returns a value, usually boolean ("true" or "false"). You don't actually execute code in it, per se. I assume the units and trigger have been placed in the editor? If so: Once you have eliminated all but two OPFOR units, the trigger will fire.
  5. need help?

    I'm losing my edge.
  6. Missing File Errors Starting Game

    The host needs whatever mods are required by the mission, at the very least. As Stanhope suggested, Exile uses separate client and serverside mods.
  7. need help?

    What version of Arma 3 are you running?
  8. Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    If you have the debug console available, you could just setPos yourself (or any other player, or any object with a variable name...etc.) wherever you want.
  9. It's a complex subject, and one that I can only truly approach from my own position, where it seems counterproductive. There is no question that you are one of the good ones here, Haz. If you feel it's in your best interest to obfuscate some of your work, that's your decision to make and I can absolutely respect that. I think the practice gets a bad rap from those who gladly take assistance from those like you, and maybe even "borrow" code from other people's missions, but have no intention to be a part of this fine little community.
  10. No, he was referring to those who "borrow" code.
  11. Haz, I've been banhammered for less. Consider retracting and apologizing.
  12. You can add your MHQ as respawn point using the same function. You could do that a couple of ways, as well - directly, as an object provided to the function, or indirectly, as a marker that follows the MHQ.
  13. You could provide the function with a full XYZ array instead. Read the page linked above.
  14. You don't need the respawn module at all. I have placed exactly one playable unit and one flag marker. No other objects/modules/triggers/etc. Description.ext: respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 10; respawnDialog = 0; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnOnStart = 0; InitServer.sqf: [west, "myRespawnMarker", "Respawn Here!"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;