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  1. Probably just for navaid/meteorological equipment.
  2. Harzach

    NO, BIS, NO.

    Consider also the negative attention that a mod can attract to the franchise (even worse when that attention is based on a falsehood - see: ISIS mod). Officially bringing that sort of content into the game is a non-starter, business-wise. We don't have to like it, but we have to recognize that the vast majority of paying customers are in it for the unrealistic stuff.
  3. Ah, this was a fun one, glad you found a solution. Decals, of course!
  4. Harzach

    Notepad++ problem

    Restarting doesn't work for me. Not sure if we're using the same highlighter, so I assume this is an issue with a change in N++ conflicting with custom syntax highlighters in general?
  5. Harzach

    Notepad++ problem

    This behavior started after an update a few months ago. I found it can be reset by deleting/retyping some element of the code, most often it's a closing bracket.
  6. Harzach

    ACE3 - Cannot disable instant death

    Or go straight to the source: https://ace3public.slack.com
  7. Harzach

    radar stuck on screen

    Are you sure it's Asus? Other companies provide similar applications (Alienware Audio Recon is one). Other than that, just googling how to disable or remove it would be your best bet.
  8. Harzach

    radar stuck on screen

    That sounds like Asus Sonic Radar, nothing to do with Arma.
  9. The editor holds many features that most people probably are not aware of. It can pay to spend 30 minutes just poking around!
  10. Make sure the images are formatted correctly: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/TexView_2_Manual
  11. Harzach

    Vehicle Turbo Script

  12. From your first post, it sounds as though you are creating your markers in the editor. Why not use the alpha slider?
  13. Share your code for addMarker.sqf.
  14. Harzach

    Traffic Lights

    If you want help, share your code. If you want finished code, ask here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/200-arma-3-find-or-offer-editing/
  15. Harzach

    Getting 2-3 FPS

    8GB is not much these days. I wouldn't build a PC with less than 16.