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  1. Harzach

    Script to block mods on the server?

    In server.cfg set verifySignatures = 2;
  2. Harzach

    Setting the bandage to "action 1

    There isn't one, it's an action menu item.
  3. What methods? What have you tried? Give us the full picture, otherwise we're just pulling teeth.
  4. How so? Works for me - return from an Offroad: [ ["Red",["\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_CO.paa"]], ["Beige",["\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE01_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE01_CO.paa"]], ["White",["\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE02_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE02_CO.paa"]], ["Blue",["\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE03_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE03_CO.paa"]], ["Darkred",["\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE04_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE04_CO.paa"]], ["Bluecustom",["\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE05_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE05_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_01",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_01_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_01_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_02",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_02_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_02_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_03",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_03_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_03_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_04",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_04_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_04_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_05",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_05_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_05_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_06",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_06_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_06_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_07",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_07_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_07_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_08",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_08_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_08_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_09",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_09_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_09_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_10",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_10_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_10_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_11",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_11_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_11_CO.paa"]], ["Guerilla_12",["\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_12_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_IG_12_CO.paa"]], ["Gendarmerie",["\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_01\Data\Offroad_01_ext_gen_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_01\Data\Offroad_01_ext_gen_CO.paa"]], ["IDAP",["\A3\Soft_F_Orange\Offroad_01\Data\Offroad_01_ext_IDAP_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Orange\Offroad_01\Data\Offroad_01_ext_IDAP_CO.paa"]], ["EAF",["\a3\Soft_F_Enoch\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_EAF_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F_Enoch\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_EAF_CO.paa"]], ["Green",["\a3\Soft_F_Enoch\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_grn_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F_Enoch\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_grn_CO.paa"]], ["ParkRanger",["\a3\Soft_F_Enoch\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_Ranger_CO.paa","\a3\Soft_F_Enoch\Offroad_01\Data\offroad_01_ext_Ranger_CO.paa"]] ]; Spawn a blue Offroad 10m in front of player (from debug menu): _dir = getDir player; _pos = player getPos [10,_dir]; _obj = createVehicle ["C_Offroad_01_F",[0,0,0],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _obj setPosATL [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0]; _obj setDir _dir + 90; _obj setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE03_CO.paa"]; _obj setObjectTextureGlobal [1,"\a3\Soft_F\Offroad_01\data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE03_CO.paa"];
  5. Don't load the Contact DLC unless you plan to play the Contact scenario or a scenario that requires the Contact mission framework. If you own Contact, you can play on Livonia without loading the DLC. The same goes for all optional creator DLC, minus the availability of terrains.
  6. You are defining the entirety of class cfgPatches twice. You also have a number of requiredAddons that are not required.
  7. Share your basic mission file here, please.
  8. Harzach

    Local Variable in Global Space

    That's one of the fun/difficult things about coding, and about many things in life in general. Looking at it from different angles/approaches leads to different solutions, some of which are "better" than others. And in this case, it's not even the "crate reacting," it's the game detecting the crate being opened. The Event being Handled. It's a deep pool. Have fun!
  9. Harzach

    Local Variable in Global Space

    It doesn't. It knows what player is currently opening the container. In MP, you could then filter for a more specific player, but as you understand, in SP it doesn't matter as there is only one player.
  10. Harzach

    Local Variable in Global Space

    Params parses input argument into array of private variables. this addEventHandler ["ContainerOpened", {params ["_container", "_unit"]; crateOpen = true;}]; The input argument here is "this" - as this command is run in the init of an object, "this" is the object itself. The EH sees the object as an array containing the object and the unit opening the object. The command "params" then declares those as private variables. So, this: params ["_container", "_unit"]; is essentially the same as this: private _container = _this select 0; private _unit = _this select 1; Have a look through the first few links in my sig for some more basic info if you are still confused, and feel free to ask questions!
  11. Where and how are you trying to execute this? Show your code.
  12. Harzach

    Local Variable in Global Space

    Params "parses input argument into array of private variables." Global variables can not by definition be private. Also, you are trying to redefine these variables into what that already were. The variables shown in the Biki example are not placeholders: this addEventHandler ["ContainerOpened", { params ["_container", "_unit"]; }]; // container: Object - cargo container // player: Object - unit who accessed the container So, the EH is attached to the container in question, and the unit is always the player opening the container. crateOpen = false; this addEventHandler ["ContainerOpened", {params ["_container", "_unit"]; crateOpen = true;}];
  13. Harzach

    Gear Mechanic Idea

    This is a pre-release/Alpha topic. You're about ten years late there, bud.
  14. We can't see your screen from here, you might want to share your code/config. Paste it into a code block (the <> button in the reply window header.) You might also want to nest that in a spoiler (the eyeball button) since it's so long. Alternately, put it up on a site like Pastebin dot com and share the link here.