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  1. Noob Question

    Arma is a sandbox. You can play singleplayer missions by yourself against AI, you can have AI fighting with you under your command (or not), and there are full story-driven campaigns to play. Multiplayer can, again, be pretty much any combination of players and AI fighting with or against each other. You have probably seen videos of popular gamemodes like Life/Exile/Wasteland/King of the Hill, but that is really only a glimpse into the possibilities of MP. The only limits are one's imagination, editing/scripting skill, and the game engine.
  2. Editor and mission question.

  3. Magazine Names

    And of course, this is just the kooky and convoluted method I arrived at. I'm sure there is a far more elegant way to do this.
  4. Magazine Names

    _allMags = []; _sep = " ||| "; {_magsArray = magazinesAllTurrets _x; _name = getText (configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "displayName"); _allMags pushback _sep; _allMags pushback _name; {_mag = _x select 0; _allMags pushback _mag; } forEach _magsArray; } forEach (allMissionObjects "LandVehicle"); copyToClipboard str _allMags; I placed an Ifrit GMG, Ifrit HMG and Qilin (Armed) on the map. Output was: [" ||| ","Ifrit GMG","SmokeLauncherMag","96Rnd_40mm_G_belt"," ||| ","Ifrit HMG","SmokeLauncherMag","200Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Green","200Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Green"," ||| ","Qilin (Armed)","500Rnd_65x39_Belt_Tracer_Green_Splash","500Rnd_65x39_Belt_Tracer_Green_Splash","500Rnd_65x39_Belt_Tracer_Green_Splash"] For readability (maybe?) I added a separator before each new vehicle displayName. This version does not exclude duplicates in favor of showing exactly which magazines each vehicle holds.
  5. Magazine Names

    Then the method I posted will be what you want.
  6. addAction

    Is this in reference to logged position? That method is WYSIWYG (less azimuth, but then we can always setDir as well), so if you place a unit standing on a platform, that's where they will appear when setPos'd.
  7. addAction

    Also, what HazJ said.
  8. addAction

    Well, more like {player setPosATL (getPosATL obj)} But then you're still just placing the player at the position of the object's center. Depending on what the object is, it might work fine, but more likely you'll need to specify the altitude explicitly. The easiest thing to do is place a unit exactly where you want them to appear then log its position (right click on unit, Log Position to Clipboard). Then you could just paste the info into your code: {player setPosATL <paste>} which would end up looking something like: {player setPosATL [4357.1,3892.42,31.4476]}
  9. Magazine Names

    Very nice, thanks Pierre!
  10. addAction

    You'll get help faster if you share information. You are probably using setPos, when you need to use setPosATL.
  11. I need help with Task Force Radio

    Sure he could, ignoring warnings is human nature. Anyway, you are eminently more qualified to assist here than I, so I'll shut my cake hole. :D
  12. Bunkers

    If you want large flat concrete floor-like pieces, take a look at: Land_Pier_F //Structures (Altis) > Seaport Land_AirstripPlatform_01_F //Structures (Tanoa) > Airport
  13. 64bit Launch Problem

    Did you run System File Checker?
  14. 64bit Launch Problem

  15. Magazine Names

    Or you could place one of each relevant vehicle in an otherwise empty mission and run the following in the debug console: _allMags = []; {_magsArray = magazinesAllTurrets _x; {_mag = _x select 0; _allMags = (_allMags - [_mag]) + [_mag]; } forEach _magsArray; } forEach (allMissionObjects "All"); copyToClipboard str _allMags; It will return an array of all magazines used by all editor-placed vehicles, with no duplicate entries, in your clipboard ready for pasting into your text editor. I placed all of the RHS T-80 variants in a VR mission (plus a civilian for player unit) and it returned this: ["rhs_mag_3bm17_14","rhs_mag_3bk14_8","rhs_mag_3bm42_10","rhs_mag_3bk21_8","rhs_mag_3bm22_10","rhs_mag_9m112m_4","rhs_mag_3bm22_14","rhs_mag_3bk18m_8","rhs_mag_3d17_12","rhs_mag_dazzler","rhs_mag_smokegen","rhs_mag_3bm46_10","rhs_mag_3bk31_8","rhs_mag_3of26_6","rhs_mag_9m119_4","rhs_mag_762x54mm_250","rhs_mag_3d17","rhs_LaserFCSMag","rhs_mag_127x108mm_50"] Obviously, you could change the vehicle class to look for certain types of vehicles only.