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  1. Well, open the editor, drop the module on the relevant trees, and see what happens. I've never had collision problems with objects hidden with the module.
  2. I know you can add or remove editing areas, but I don't see a command for adding and removing blacklist areas. Pretty sure you can't reconfig your server on-the-fly, not sure how that would even work.
  3. Single fire on AI

    I'm feelin' lucky tonight, fellas!
  4. Single fire on AI

    Or, you know, just give him one bullet :D
  5. Missile Lock-after-launc

  6. EventHandler "Hit"

    Well, which is it - damaged X number of times, or damaged X amount?
  7. EventHandler "Hit"

    The HandleDamage EH might be a better choice? Also, why are you using global variables inside your EH?
  8. As long as you check the "Server Only" box, yeah.
  9. Can't lock onto targets.

    The F-16? So a mod, then. No idea how that mod works, but as was already mentioned, the sensor overhaul changed pretty much everything a while ago. Read this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sensors
  10. Player works fine, as initPlayerLocal only runs on the client. Being the first of two params IPL takes, you could also use _unit = this select 0;
  11. Location location?

    Looking through the related commands and their descriptions/examples, it seems as though it should be possible to return the position of a specific location. Honestly, I've never done it before, but I'm pretty sure there are missions in the wild that do this. I found a couple of forum topics on the subject that lead me to believe it might not be the most straight-forward process, though.
  12. Location location?

    Check the link for the location command you posted - there are a bunch of useful and relevant commands at the bottom of the page, like locationPosition.
  13. Improving quality of thermal imaging

    Yeah, I remember fiddling with it back in A2, you could "switch" certain parts to hot/cold. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVehicleTIPars
  14. Improving quality of thermal imaging

    IIRC, thermal imaging in A3 is done via texture selections. They are either on or off, i.e., "hot" or "cold." A meaningful update would require, at the least, an addition of these texture selections (which may not be the correct term - it's early) to every object that does not already have them, with consideration given for how hot or cold these objects should appear relative to other objects. For example, a "hot" tree should appear to be only slightly hotter than a "cold" tree, whereas there might be a greater distinction for things like the roofs of buildings, roads, etc. It would be a fairly large undertaking. And it would indeed be great to see, but I wouldn't hold my breath.