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  1. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    I have found that AI will make a point of swerving to the other side of the road in order to run over friendlies.
  2. How do I use this script?

    Why is this a separate topic?
  3. Don't format your text, kids.
  4. Do objects and items affect FPS.

    If they are simulated, then yes, of course. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation
  5. help in writing scripts for a fee

  6. Tanoa place name pronounciation?

    Definitely "caiman" (KIE-mahn). I hear "cazhman" or "cadjman" a lot, but it makes no sense linguistically. Sorry, Haz!
  7. Running Scripts Via init?

    What scripts? Provide links. Sharing information is a great way to improve your chances of receiving a useful response.
  8. The editor or config viewer.
  9. ModuleRadio_F Function

    Arma 3\Curator\Addons\modules_f_curator.pbo\Effects\config.bin You can find the function in that "Effects" folder, as well.
  10. ModuleRadio_F Function

    It's the Play Radio Message module. It calls BIS_fnc_moduleSound.
  11. Odd window overlay in game

    A few topics on this already. It's ASUS Sonic Radar.
  12. Plane fire type

    He wants to execute something when anything BUT the gun is fired, not place restrictions on the gun itself.
  13. Plane fire type

    Good luck, maybe someone else will chime in with another, better method. Outside the box is usually larger than inside.
  14. Plane fire type

    Checking muzzle velocity is pretty solid, I think. A gun or cannon will always have a very high velocity, while even the hottest rockets or missiles will be relatively slow off the rails.
  15. Plane fire type

    Nope. With the RHS A10A for example, _projectile returns "empty.p3d."