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  1. I'm wanting to simulate events that happened with Seal Team six in 2011 and Blackhawk down. I want soldiers with rpgs to fire the rpgs at a chopper if it gets within a certain distance.
  2. SteelSampson

    Connection failed

    I am getting this problem, has Bohemia still not fixed this?
  3. SteelSampson

    ACRE Pipe Error?

    For some of you the problem might be that you need to re-install TS and make sure the 64.dll or 32.dll(respectively) is put in the right folder. Again, make sure everything is run as admin.
  4. How do I attach a trigger to an IED grouped with several markers? I've been using this: trig1 attachto [car1,[0,0,0]] For some reason it's not working?
  5. Thank you! Would it be possible to reset the damage to 0 after 60 seconds for any vehicle that: 1. has players in it and 2. has reached the damage limit of 0.8?
  6. Is it possible to make it so a vehicle can take damage just never blowup? like limiting the damage it can take to 'damage 0.9' or something?
  7. Awesome! Thank you! Is there a way to make it also choose a random number of crew members?
  8. Sorry, should have clarified this... ai will be disabled. Thanks for the link!
  9. I am making a training mission and I'd like to simulate loss of mobility on a vehicle and loss of one crewman, like the driver and/or gunner without having everyone in the vehicle go down. Sidenote: they players in the vehicle and the vehicle itself could be different each time the mission is played. Thanks
  10. I am also interested in this if anyone has any ideas
  11. Here's the wiki link, but it basically says: don't run the trigger on each individual client. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isServer
  12. In the On Condition field of the triggers try this: this && isServer;
  13. For some reason this isn't working for me. I also have tried: This && ({_x in thislist} count [obj1, obj2, obj3, obj4] == 4) ({_x in thislist} count [obj1, obj2, obj3, obj4] > 3) This && ({_x in thislist} count [obj1, obj2, obj3, obj4] > 3) with as many different variations in trigger activation I could think of. I also made the trigger needlessly large to make sure it covered the area needed. The onAct field works fine when I test the trigger as a basic blufor activated trigger. Any ideas?
  14. What do I put in the condition field of a trigger if I want it to activate when ALL 4 objects are in inside the trigger area? I tried this with no success: obj1 && obj2 && obj3 && obj4 in thislist; Also tried: myObjects = [obj1,obj2,obj3,obj4]; myObjects in thislist;
  15. Bumpity bump... any thoughts? It seems like it should be easy to make AI just follow their waypoints... but it seems to be impossible:mad: I hope BI fixes this for arma 3. They need to add a waypoint speed: "cannot move" and need to add a waypoint behaviour: oblivious. RaGE.!