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  1. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    There's some in RCWC i guess
  2. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    https://dropmefiles.com/NJBrs For those ones who's interested in collecting Polish vehs addons - Krab howitzer. I am allways adding this for OFPL requests topics.
  3. https://discord.gg/qsd4RCm
  4. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    No problem. Looks like it's not A3 section.
  5. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    There was LessVoice and completely no voice-overs with text messages only (in some mods like VTE oe VBS1).
  6. hitman1987

    OFP + Mumble (3D Positional Audio)

  7. hitman1987

    Modern War(fare) Crisis

    Gimme a link to the mod please.
  8. First link won't work, saying that the file is moved...
  9. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    I have already found a little button to download it now, thanks.
  10. hitman1987

    Mission requests and ideas

    Does anyone has an abanfoned armies campaign?
  11. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone has an abanfoned armies campaign?
  12. hitman1987

    Creating a sprite with O2light

    That may be a key: an invisible smokeshell cast one big weird particle in a obvious way. Looped drop or a several ones. Animated campfire, 3D clouds in the sky, but there may be an issues with custom particle's alpha. Who is skilled enough to test it?
  13. Allright, i have a numbers of MLRS, machineguns, mortairs and howitzers, so firstly i need to set it up horizontally. IRL there are some built-in equipment, such as a bulbs and domcrates, but how to apply it to the models, so they will stand horisontally on most surfaces? Modelling tools, or sripts with getpos/setpos? Legs are aligned to the ground with "on surface" already. Any suggestions? Would it works, if i will left only one landcontact point?
  14. hitman1987

    How to zero sights.

    We both love disussions, but we aren't making addons: lack of a time, motivation or skills... There is the way to change trajectory curve, but bullet will not slow down over it's trajectory and no wind affects too. Physics of an ideal open space without the air :-) Thrust and gravity. Now imagine that you has the misterious knowledge with over 20 bullet types specially precalculated so you have to put realistic trajectories ingame (irl bullets slows down, drop increases). Some great magicians of scripting already helps me to get required calculations so i can translate data to required values, aren't perfect, but shows the difference over. No scripts or cheating so AI will be okay. Thanks for a feedback.
  15. hitman1987

    Ballistics and terminal ballistics in OFP

    Once i was found a book "russian ammunition blah-blah" with ofp terminal ballistics in my mind... There was some formulaes to calculate dammage for jet planes by different types of ammo (kinetic, explosive, incendiary). So in time there comes a whole new values of hit/indirect hit for everything (in mine addons stockpile) up to larger calibers: inflantry armour was default and a new system fits well and proves itself with time, but with larger shells then i have to change armoured's vehicles armour values. And again: brief testing shows that it needs to be changed in some ways, but it is potent too. By default heavy weapon's and armour values are nice with it's simplicity, but i wanted to reflect a bit more realistic behaviour. As for a hand-held: Fal/G3 hits for 5, FIVE - just like a beretta does = nonsence.