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  1. I made that some year ago to play online with. Removed face layer, so only the mask mask left.
  2. hitman1987

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

  3. A:CWA+Reforger mod
  4. A:CWA+Reforger mod Credits to me, Macser, Nerv, Kastro, Sapper, STGN, Nimus, SoldierEPilot, Faguss, IF, Halfer, ODS(Denork permitted that icp_wp) and all other active community members.
  5. hitman1987

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    The mod has realistic ballistics trajectories, zeroing switch, a lot of things tweaked...
  6. hitman1987

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    The way to know some more is to get to Discord channel dedicated to OFP/CWA: https://discord.gg/gAbTgeTfPb
  7. Not so much of a screenart, but represents that the optical rangefinders works and stuff made with care. Reforger mod has realistic ballistic trajectories even for that rockets.
  8. Note: Reforger mod was estimated in some may 2019 by himan1987, Macser and Nerv mainly (a lot of ppl helps with) so it's kinda new, but unlike newest "reforger" titles of Arma series was BEFORE those.
  9. https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/Reforger/
  10. Reforger mod, the one that hosted online.
  11. hitman1987

    lock targets in helicopters

    Is that appears only upon that mod? Must be different weapons properties, so no way to lock, only to point with the right mouse button?
  12. Told one that kills all NPCs so in Stalker ShOC there's so few remained.
  13. hitman1987

    OFP Addon request thread

    Ye, that one is great!