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  1. The command UI and options for doors are exactly the same as for SWAT4, except for new things like kicking in doors. Better copy something that works than come up with something crappy I guess 😛
  2. Some modders were old when OFP was barely out of the door. On the upside no one has ever released a wheelchair addon before 😏
  3. JdB

    JdB Addon Releases

    Ok so apparently the above appears to be false. Not that I'm going to claim credit for this idea or anything 😒 I still don't think it will be all that useful though. No matter how many modern material are used the powder still isn't going to be burnt up in that 8" barrel and the muzzle velocity will be no where near that of a full length 7,62x51 or even 5,56. A compact flamethrower.
  4. JdB

    Operation Autumn Forge

    I actually thought about making a mod like this many years ago with very low polygon models and cartoonish textures just to see how close to actual military sized units the engine could cope with needed for operations on islands like Nogova.
  5. JdB

    Combining Overhaul Mods?

    Config.bin is simply a config.cpp file that has been converted. When editing a .bin file you can just leave it as .cpp (just be sure to take the original .bin file out of the directory as otherwise it will be used instead), though some things might be slightly less optimized. Merging mods is a matter of merging configs which for these massive mods is a lot of work all of which needs to be done with any mistake or it won't work properly or more likely will not work at all. I haven't played that many mods in 1.99, but the ones I did play worked just as well as they did in 1.96. Getting installers to work like the later FFUR ones without installing 1.96 as well was more of an effort as was tricking Bulldozer into using 1.99 registry entries.
  6. Do you mean the gun sight you see when you press the right mouse buton, or the small white one that moves around the screen?
  7. JdB

    JdB Addon Releases

    I have been updating links and changing the layout of the opening post so that all addons are included, but I haven't gotten around to those addons. The version 1.1 of the Hescos could be a problem as I'm still looking for that addon myself ...
  8. JdB

    OFP GotY v. CWA

    As far as I can remember GOTY is v1.46 and does not include the Resistance expansion. CWA is version 1.96 and includes the Resistance expansion. If you have an OFP Cold War Crisis (GOTY) cd key you can use that to install CWA.
  9. By popular demand of the People's Forum of Bohemia the party leadership proudly presents: T-56 Master Battle Tank Congratulations comrade on volunteering for the testing department for the latest and bestest showcase of Soviet engineering prowess, the T-56 tank! Versions Tanks are in "East / JdB - Armored" T-56 Designed as a vastly improved version of the T-55 the T-56 provides superior speed and armour protection due to an enlarged engine. Despite the increased armour the external dimensions of the tank are the same. This tank is the first to feature the new 9M15 "Boomskya" ATGM which has a top speed that is meant to be five times higher than that of it's "Malyutka" predecessor and deliver more power to defeat even the heaviest enemy tanks. Just like the T-55 there is no AA mount on top of the tank because capitalist aircraft suck and will never so much as scratch the paint of a Soviet tank. Massed armour and human wave attacks will triumph every time! T-56 "Pravda" As showcased in renowned journalistic bastion "Pravda", bringer of absolute truth. Best tank in world PERIOD T-56A After the enormous success of the T-56 work immediately started on a modernized version that improves some of the superior points of the original flawlessness. The replacement team of engineers were so enthusiastic that they started working even before the first standard T-56 had been delivered to a unit! The V-56 HyperDrive engine is replaced with a 500cc Trabant engine to provide communality of parts and is no way connected to the high failure rate, short operating range, maintenance issues and tendency to explode of the V-56 as vile capitalist propaganda wants to make you believe. According to comrade Krushchev these improvements should have no impact on performance nor on the level of armour protection and amount of ammunition carried. Spreading lies like "Tanks are always a trade-off between armour, speed, range and weaponry" is unpatriotic and just silly! After 19.6 billion Ruble spent on development and the sacrifice of 638 brave comrades this tank is perfect. However if you have ideas for further improvements please forward them to the Complaints department of the KGB along with your service number and posting and we will be inviting you for an inter...view soon. This tank is so perfect that now that you've finished adding the FIA decals we will be shipping all vehicles + spares in inventory to our allies on the egalitarian island paradise that is the Socialist Republic of Nogova for safekeeping and erasing any trace of this project from our records! Do not ever mention this again. [Download JdB T-56] (v1.0) [Mirror by OFPr.info] (recommended) In case inferior capitalist host deletes before you get a chance to try perfection you can download the firmware code and stringtable here: "Live like you'll die tomorrow, dream like you'll live forever"
  10. Start the game, try out some of the default handguns that are in the game. See a muzzle flash? You are doing something wrong. If not, reinstall the game because it's doing something wrong.
  11. JdB

    Free Games

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion free until the end of the day (Wednesday) https://store.steampowered.com/app/204880/Sins_of_a_Solar_Empire_Rebellion/
  12. JdB

    No More Capcha

    Almost never had any problems with spambots when new accounts required validation by a moderator. It's been going downhill rapidly ever since that was dropped.
  13. JdB

    Just an idea (Remastered models)

    I personally always assume that someone putting forward an idea without showing any work that has already been done doesn't have the ability to make something themselves or they'd have at least started working on something already to see if their ideas are feasible and to show potential helpers that they are serious about this. Countless people have made countless suggestions since even before the game was released. 99,9% didn't go anywhere because the people that came up with the ideas were only visionaries that come up with ideas, and not the people that would have to put in the countless hours to make it a reality. Besides instantly making people biased against the person putting forward the idea for perceived lazy attitude (getting someone else to do the actual hard work) that also means that most of the time their ideas lack realism due to a lack of experience. Either it would take a professional gaming studio months of full time work (and therefore hobbyist modders years) or the ideas are actually technically impossible without access to source code. And again making or editing configs and scripts is something a fair number of people in this community could do, but actually developing a game engine is reserved for the very few like Kegetys or Fearsumenjin. Regarding the original texture size for OFP it should be noted that a model's textures are not on a single uvmap (texture), but are spread out on a handful to up to hundreds of separate texture files. I did the April Fools joke with the T-55 and that involved 147 texture files. Many modders use less texture files (but larger resolution) than BIS did. So saying "256x256 for objects" can be deceiving if you're not experienced with modding original files. With Invasion 1944 we did a test where we had initially done the same as BIS did, to break up the textures into a number of smaller texture files because that was just what was learned from looking at the original files and so people just went with it, but during the test we used a program to merge textures together into larger files (so for example merging four 512x512 files into a single 1024x1024 file). This had no noticable impact on performance, but this was around 2006-2007, so it might be that when BIS did the limited amount and speed of RAM and cache available circa 2000 meant that caching larger files was too much of a strain at the time. There is a limit to the ability to do this just because of the age of the engine. I remember someone did a very high res (2048 and 4096 IIRC) retexture of an original island and that wasn't a success (4096 especially) imo in terms of performance even though our PCs are all considerably more powerful than anything BIS used during development. Even modern games don't use files that big (4096) for just everything, except for core items (more on that below). Someone who was studying game development told me that his teachers said that using very high resolution textures was pointless because a screen can put out only a limited amount of pixels anyway. Like a run-of-the-mill screen has a resolution of 1920x1080. An object with a 4096 texture would look just as good as a 2048 texture one except when viewed up close but would be more taxing on the system. Essentially wasting resources. With 4K screens that same would be true for 8192 textures. Yes there might be a barely visible improvement in image quality, but it would be far outweighed by the impact on performance and having a game that looks great but can't be played at a good FPS won't sell very well. There is also the size of the object to consider where size of the intended object (physically speaking) dictates the size of the texture file. So not using a 2048x2048 texture for a bucket no matter how many times it will be shoved into the focus of the player's view. Some studios can't be bothered to optimize their files or compress them properly leading to overly large installation requirements and poorer performance than is necessary. There might be hundreds of artists working on a game, but the installation is made by only one person who brings it all together. And he is the only one that cares about the size of the game, the artists primary focus is about making their art look as good as possible and smaller texture sizes and good compression are detrimental to that.
  14. JdB

    OFP.info 2.0

    While visiting the site I got a pop up saying that two viruses had been found on my Android phone with instructions on how to remove them on a cloned Google page.
  15. JdB

    Windows 10 compatibility with OFP/ArmA:CWA

    That already happened to me 5 years ago. It seems most frequent on desert island. Custom animations seem to increase the odds of it happening.