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  1. Victor Troska doesn't survive the last mission in Resistance either, but the death occurs after the mission in a cutscene. As far as I know dying while playing always means mission failure and having to retry.
  2. Two Questions

    2: No there isn't.
  3. In the early versions the size was off. Araon made it, but his reference data was in a unit of measurement that was close to but not quite centimeters but assumed it was in centimeters making it smaller than IRL. Even now it still looks off compared to addons of BMPs. Like it was scaled improperly.
  4. Reminds me of the BMPs and how the unit of measurement was mixed up.
  5. You are basically asking BIS to make their game as accessible, streamlined and content-wise (zombies) pretty much identical as CoD, BF etc. BIS would always lose that fight because of the massive amount of money spent on development and PR by the huge publishers that own those titles. BIS can't compete with those and has never tried to since despite the vague resemblance in content (since ArmA3 and the futuristic installments of those other titles also no longer strictly true), the gameplay concept varies so much and that is why people choose to play ArmA, because it isn't as simple as those other games. If you want to play against zombies play DayZ. BIS made the right decision making those into separate titles (besides the obvious economical motivation)
  6. Trying to setup Oxygen light and bulldozer

    Open Flashpoint.cfg that is in your editing folder. Find these two values: Resolution_W="xxxx"; Resolution_H="xxxx"; Change whatever it is now to: Resolution_W="1024"; Resolution_H="768"; Or another size that you prefer.
  7. Trying to setup Oxygen light and bulldozer

    And the "Z:" drive has been created after you executed the .bat file? (It shows up in "My Computer"?)
  8. Trying to setup Oxygen light and bulldozer

    Have you run the oxygen_fixer.bat file the tutorial tells you to make? What version of the game do you have installed? 1.96 or 1.99?
  9. Trying to setup Oxygen light and bulldozer

    Follow the steps in this tutorial: https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=ofp:modeling:brsseb_start External viewer = Bulldozer The external viewer will only work if you have installed Operation Flashpoint, it won't work with Cold War Assault as it searches for the OFP registry entry. BIS didn''t release an updated version of Oxygen when they released CWA so it won't detect the installation.
  10. To me the ArmA2 way is much preferable anyway. Sure it might be tricky to figure out whether or not a vehicle is knocked out sometimes, but it's still a lot better looking + immersive than a vehicle that blows up all the time and turns into a black distorted mass.
  11. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Here is the magnet link to the torrent. I don't know if it will work. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:38ad0779b12496aa3d4d3fb4f92451114270b6bc Click on the odd symbol next to the "+" symbol in uTorrent. The size is 77,8GB. I'm not online 24/7, so it might take a while. Only leeching (downloading) and not seeding (uploading) = end of torrent.
  12. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Thanks, that one works without error. The other files being damaged is unfortunate, but they're either really old and mostly only small addons that very few missions/campaigns will require. I'll see if I can get the torrent up and running. Fingers crossed since I've never set up a torrent before ... One thing to keep in mind is the 256 character limit for paths which the other torrent posted a while back was giving me problems with.
  13. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    You could be right about Wipman's M4A1, aa.info had a 1.0 version for Armed Assault and I think some careless newsposter just uploaded it to the wrong FTP. Happened to more files where there were almost identical names or the same files but with different extensions. Some uploads that were aborted afterwards which is why these were the only files remaining that weren't retreivable. A Google search removed two more from the list. Through that search I have become ever more astonished that everyone was perfectly fine with relying on a single site to host pretty much all content for so long. Almost every website that referenced addons used download links from us which makes it easy to understand why the site never came close to breaking even. I can only recall one month where the amount of income equaled the costs and that was because one of the newsposters donated €50 (and that was more than all other donations ever combined). It's easy to take it for granted until it's gone. Closing down the site temporarily 8 years or so ago would have been a better time of demonstrating that principle. A script to prevent external linking to files would have been convenient a decade and a half ago ... "beta1.zip" is a different file, almost 3 years older than the one that is corrupted and content is different as well. Through some sniffing I've found out that the original is the "Lost World Mod" and there is a file named "JurrasicBETA.rar" that has the same content and dates. Lazy people not giving proper names to their releases and newsposters not lifting a finger either Regarding "opgwcbeta.zip" 7Zip, WinRar, WinAce and Windows' own unzipper all give me an error about "Dta\Sound.pbo" being corrupted both in your version and in the one from the server. Same for "DDAM_vaaben.rar" with "HMP_M96.pbo" and "GermanWeapons.zip" gives me an "Unexpected end of archive". All the same errors that the original files had, so I think you either downloaded those from the server or they were already damaged to begin with. There are always a few that slip past, oh well.
  14. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    A while back the server experienced some problems and some files got corrupted. Thanks mainly to Zulu1 the remaining list of corrupt files is limited to the following. If you have any of these files in your backups please try to send them to me so I can include them. I've removed these for now as there is no point in sharing files that can't be opened/extracted. Zulu1 did give me some of these files, but they turned out to be older versions, some of which were already on the server. fun\armaspy.zip campaigns\OperationCodeBlue.zip [Fixed] islands2\dravoc.zip [Fixed] mods\BETA-1.rar [Fixed] mods\FFUR_2007_Extra_Packs.rar [Fixed] mods\Lebanon1_3Sinai1_5.rar [Fixed] mods\opgwcbeta.zip [Fixed] mods\unsung_demo.zip [Fixed] mods\WWIIPackobjects.rar [Fixed] unofaddons\372-INGRAM MAC 10.zip [Fixed] unofaddons\Chicken1.0.rar [Fixed] unofaddons\DDAM_vaaben.zip unofaddons\GermanWeapons.zip unofaddons\rktF4E&grey.rar [Fixed] unofaddons\scoutland.rar [Fixed] unofaddons2\@Conspiracies.rar unofaddons2\BAS-All-in-one-pack.rar [Fixed] unofaddons2\DOSLOCOSB1.zip unofaddons2\Rel.rar unofaddons2\wip_m4a1.rar unofaddons2\WrpTool_AGS_Harbour.ace unofaddons3\LSR_US_Navy_SEALs_100.rar [Fixed] unofaddons3\PRPH_AB412REOS_1.0.rar [Fixed] stt_klr_frog-1.zip [Fixed] Thanks to zulu1, hammer_cz!
  15. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    I'm going through the files looking for outdated versions of addons and removing them since there is no point in making the torrent any bigger than it needs to be. Before: 89.395,9 MB spread over 51.061 files After: 82.205,6 MB spread over 50.905 files