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  1. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    Can you share 2.0 dead link?
  2. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    Are you looking for this one? http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/8547-ffaa-spanish-army-mod-released.html
  3. retrocz

    Pla 1979 released

    archived at https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/vme-pla/VME-PLA1979.rar as well
  4. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    There was temporal downtime. Everything works again. In browser it is better to use HTTP version - http://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2. FTP was removed in latest browsers at all.
  5. Hello all OFP fans in 2021. I'm proud to announce (in behalf of OFP community member TonyHawk) new remastered czech "Ruprtova poradna" website was re-released to celebrate 20 years of OFP. https://ruprt.ofpr.info/ Feel free to visit and enjoy the nostalgic feeling. It should contain all original content and some enhancements. Please report any problems or requests at https://github.com/Hawkie94/ofp-ruprt. PS: Original version is still available at http://ofp.ruprt.cz/, but it doesn't work properly anymore and links to downloadable content are mostly broken.
  6. retrocz

    OFP.info 2.0

    My backup is based on cloud.mail.ru data.
  7. retrocz

    OFP.info 2.0

    I have set backup at https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/ofpd/. File urls should be the same starting at "ofpd" part.
  8. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    @Killer Scar If you can share some steps how (share which addons are loaded, share testing misson, steps to do to get the error in the mission) to reproduce your problem to see the error on my side as well, I can try to help.
  9. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    So do you have problems loading only that one mod?
  10. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    Can you share the mission or the whole pack you're trying to start?
  11. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    Are you looking for this one? https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/ofpd/mods/LoBoAddonPack3.rar
  12. retrocz

    OFP Addon request thread

    Are you looking for this? https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/ofpd/unofaddons/DB5toStd.exe
  13. @HCoder as mentioned in first post of this thread, you need to add reportingIP="master.ofpisnotdead.com"; to your server config file (that one where you put server name, password, ...). If you'll have problems, feel free to join https://discord.gg/agh3nnce, I'm in there with another OFP players and we can help you in there.
  14. ℹ️PowerServer 1.3.0 was released at https://github.com/simi/PowerServer/releases/tag/1.3.0. - now it can dump all active servers to text file - for master.ofpisnotdead.com, this file is exposed at https://master.ofpisnotdead.com/servers.txt and updated each 5 minutes - that means no more GameSpy protocol to get serverlist I'll work on more enhancements soon. Stay tuned!
  15. Server crashed and did not restarted. Feel free to ping me directly when it happens again. I got email from LP to inform me about the problem.