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  1. K.Astrozhski

    D-44 (85mm soviet divisional gun)

    they don't need to load. possible conflict in cfgweapons - class gun85. use mods?
  2. Addon of 85 mm gun D-44. Available versions: - East (green); - Res (brown camo); - West (pixel camo); - Wrecked; To shoot the AI at the maximum distance (4100m - only the O-365K grenade), use a mechanical sight - useractions "Aiming" and "Fire". Download
  3. K.Astrozhski

    Belarusian Armed Forces Addons

    orcs weapons + jam (2 minutes in google)
  4. K.Astrozhski

    Belarusian Armed Forces Addons

    added models and textures sources for free using (link in first post).
  5. K.Astrozhski

    Some addons (BMK, Csepel, DAC, GAZ, GMZ, GT-MU)

    sources (models, textures and other trash): GMZ, BMK. the rest of the sources are lost.
  6. Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus addon pack v2: - removed irrelevant and obsolete infantry units; - infantry and some vehicles are retextured, optimized and distributed among different addons; Added new: - units in 6b2 armor vest; - units in PBF, PMG, PMG gas masks and L1 suit; - units on Resistance side in Gorka suit; - AS-66 and 1v110 in Gaz-66 pack; - Ural 4320(Maz-6317 removed from Res), MTO-AM, ATMZ-5.5-4320 ,ATMZ-5.5-375, Ural-43202; - UR-77, MT-LB(MT-LBu removed from East); - Sheds with camo nets; - some wrecked and static vehicles. - firing range of the D-20 is limited to 8.5 km (Demo mission); Download Pack ⚠️ Needed Orcs weapons and RPG pack. Pack Sources.
  7. I decided to publish some of my addons here😁. @=SappeR= and @Leo TuPaS helped in creating this ones. Soviet Tug Boat BMK-150, BMK-150M: Link Hungarian Trucks Csepel D-566: Link Romanian Trucks DAC-444T/665T/665K/16.230DFAEG: Link Russian Trucks GAZ-3308/1: Link Soviet Tracked Minelayer GMZ-2/3: Link Soviet Tracked lightly armored APC GT-MU: Link
  8. K.Astrozhski

    Operation Autumn Forge

    need trees and buildings in this style😄