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  1. K.Astrozhski

    Some addons (BMK, Csepel, DAC, GAZ, GMZ, GT-MU)

    sources (models, textures and other trash): GMZ, BMK. the rest of the sources are lost.
  2. Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus addon pack v2: - removed irrelevant and obsolete infantry units; - infantry and some vehicles are retextured, optimized and distributed among different addons; Added new: - units in 6b2 armor vest; - units in PBF, PMG, PMG gas masks and L1 suit; - units on Resistance side in Gorka suit; - AS-66 and 1v110 in Gaz-66 pack; - Ural 4320(Maz-6317 removed from Res), MTO-AM, ATMZ-5.5-4320 ,ATMZ-5.5-375, Ural-43202; - UR-77, MT-LB(MT-LBu removed from East); - Sheds with camo nets; - some wrecked and static vehicles. - firing range of the D-20 is limited to 8.5 km (Demo mission); Download Pack ⚠️ Needed Orcs weapons and RPG pack.
  3. I decided to publish some of my addons here😁. @=SappeR= and @Leo TuPaS helped in creating this ones. Soviet Tug Boat BMK-150, BMK-150M: Link Hungarian Trucks Csepel D-566: Link Romanian Trucks DAC-444T/665T/665K/16.230DFAEG: Link Russian Trucks GAZ-3308/1: Link Soviet Tracked Minelayer GMZ-2/3: Link Soviet Tracked lightly armored APC GT-MU: Link
  4. K.Astrozhski

    Operation Autumn Forge

    need trees and buildings in this style😄