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  1. _forEachIndex is null

    _i=0; {_array set [_i _x + 1]; _i=_i+1} forEach _array
  2. I've corrected the script. Download addon and replace it. Also delete \fwatch\mdb\ww4ext.db ==== Update: oh, Kenoxite already fixed it so wtf I'm still seeing this.
  3. Fwatch Request List

    Negative. Strings should be saved with quotation marks so: loadFile Format [":file write blabla.txt %1 ""%2""", "KeyShortcut1", "SHIFT SPACE"] and then you load it with: _str = call loadFile Format [":file read blabla.txt %1", KeyShortcut1]; What is the issue exactly? In the demo mission on the bottom you can see how command is used. For example: \:STRING CUT start:0 length:2 text:test That's what I show already in the demo plus there's also example on the website.
  4. I don't see the point when you can just add any functionality that you want in your patch. There are different versions of the game and not everything will be compatible. Deal with it.
  5. Night Vision Scopes!

    Please use MemMulti.sqs script [] exec "..\fwatch\data\MemMulti.sqs" @Format ["%1",count FWATCH_MEM_MULTI] != "scalar" #loop _fovnv = (FWATCH_MEM_MULTI select 0) select 5 _nvgprev = FWATCH_MEM_MULTI select 2 ... #on2 _map = FWATCH_MEM_MULTI select 1 _nvgon = FWATCH_MEM_MULTI select 2 _fovnv = (FWATCH_MEM_MULTI select 0) select 5 ... #off _nvgon = FWATCH_MEM_MULTI select 2
  6. This is a script displaying information about multiplayer games, installing mods and automatically connecting to the server. Requires Fwatch 1.16 and OFP Aspect Ratio pack 2.06 http://ofp-faguss.com/fwatch/116test Video:
  7. You're asking not just for the nearest player but for the whole system. I recommend to script one yourself because you'll understand how it works. That said, instead of measuring distance you can attach action to the other unit and the game will measure distance and angle for you. This also solves the problem of action parameters. Example
  8. Detecting PLAYER stances

    No EDIT: 1.99 method Space for your own code that e.g. makes item pick-up happen.
  9. Detecting PLAYER stances

    Requires addon. Take.sqs ? Taking || vehicle player != player : exit Taking=true ANIM="" player exec "Check Stance.sqs" @ANIM!="" player playMove ANIM ~3 ? !(alive player) : Taking=false; exit ... Taking=false Check Stance.sqs _a="dummyBullet" camcreate [getpos _this select 0,getpos _this select 1,0.8] _a setvelocity [velocity _this select 0,velocity _this select 1,5] _b="CombatToTakeFlag" #Loop ? getpos _a select 2 > 1 : deletevehicle _a; _b="LyingToPutDownLying"; goto "End" ? !alive _a : goto "End" goto "Loop" #End ANIM=_b External links: Addon method Fwatch method EDIT: 1.99 method
  10. You can also use Fwatch 1.15 _mem_setcam.Intro to quickly find desired position.
  11. You can use SPIG, FCM, IGSE or OFPAR installers which have Fwatch 1.15 bundled. Now that they fired let go the guy responsible for the patch I doubt anything will change so currently I'm just procrastinating. No. These archives contain compiled exe and dll.
  12. 15th anniversary patch for OFP/CWA

    > Have money to buy a tank > Not have money to test your own code gg wp
  13. Fwatch Request List

    Good luck. Vektorboson has made source for the newer VS but I had issues with the latter so I moved to the old one. Also OFP is an old game and I'd like to have compatibility with old computers.
  14. Fwatch Request List

    Check :file wget command. It creates a pipe to which an external program is writing its output data. Then it passes that information along so it goes to the game as a return value of the :file wget command. I wouldn't recommend using it because the game is stopped while third-party program is running.