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  1. _distance = crates distance unit
  2. No. Just script it yourself: _action = -1 #Loop ~0.5 _distance = player distance unit ? _action==-1 && _distance<5 : _action=unit addAction ["Example",""] ? _action>=0 && _distance>5 : unit removeAction _action; _action=-1 goto "Loop"
  3. I had some issues with the installation: It requires two hotfixes (which isn't mentioned in the first post) and your own fixes Link to "copy.com" doesn't work Link to "detailed instructions" in the first post is incorrect (should be page 3 instead of page 4) Installers copies outdated OFP Aspect Ratio version (the one which relied on modified configs) WGL Cloudlets aren't installed if you uncheck Aspect Ratio option ZIP archives contain "_Missions Tests and Demos" and "KZO rabbit hunt" but the installer doesn't seem to have it I've repackaged the files for a painless installation: WW4_EXT WW4_EXT_VEH WW4EXT_CW WW4EXT_ARCTIC Also added this mod to the list of availabe mods on the Game Schedule website. Thanks to @krzychuzokecia for help. === Further fixes: Krzychuzokecia fixed AV8B_A1.pbo so that it doesn't crash dedicated server with bad texture format Random weather nofog was causing a syntax error on the client Static MG kord wasn't firing at the enemy infantry Static M60, M240, PKM couldn't hit enemy infantry so I lowered dispersion, however, enemy still doesn't fire back at them
  4. faguss

    Game Schedule with Fwatch

    Added web interface and mod updating. http://ofp-faguss.com/schedule
  5. Hosting issue. You just gotta wait.
  6. I've added exe to the list so you can try this. Memory operations are not supported.
  7. faguss

    Is it possible display debriefing on death?

    Create "OnPlayerKilled.sqs" and write there: createDialog "RscDisplayDebriefing" @!dialog enableEndDialog
  8. faguss

    OFP Addon request thread

    A few years ago I was looking for Mikero's PBO tools that were stil WinXP compatible so I downloaded everything I could find at the time. Thought I could share my archive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hQe3FSzBAmlqGrRaQvjXqYEYuq7CJgZm Programs in the root directory work with the old system. Programs inside the "new" folder do not. Newest Fwatch is going to use MakePBO 1.75, ExtractPBO 1.80, dePBO.dll 3.52 because they don't have debinarised wrp shenanigans.
  9. faguss

    _forEachIndex is null

    _i=0; {_array set [_i _x + 1]; _i=_i+1} forEach _array
  10. I've corrected the script. Download addon and replace it. Also delete \fwatch\mdb\ww4ext.db ==== Update: oh, Kenoxite already fixed it so wtf I'm still seeing this.
  11. faguss

    Fwatch Request List

    Negative. Strings should be saved with quotation marks so: loadFile Format [":file write blabla.txt %1 ""%2""", "KeyShortcut1", "SHIFT SPACE"] and then you load it with: _str = call loadFile Format [":file read blabla.txt %1", KeyShortcut1]; What is the issue exactly? In the demo mission on the bottom you can see how command is used. For example: \:STRING CUT start:0 length:2 text:test That's what I show already in the demo plus there's also example on the website.
  12. I don't see the point when you can just add any functionality that you want in your patch. There are different versions of the game and not everything will be compatible. Deal with it.