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  1. migueldarius

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Its possible add the Proyect OPFOR and the factions in your version please?
  2. I will buy me a PC for 400€. - AMD Ryzen 5 3400G. - 16GB@3200 DDR4. - MSI B450M Gaming Plus. - 120GB SSD 6Mbs.
  3. Hi guys, I´m searching for a cheap PC, my budget is around 500€ and I wish me move Arma 3 with at least 40 - 50 fps with everything in ultra and the fog at 5 km. Would be awesome to know CPUs, RAMs and Graphics that can do this at that price amount.
  4. Hello everyone, someone can help me to fix my script please. I am a beginer in this, somebody can tell my why my script doesn't work? I want that OPFOR have 0% skills and BLUFOR complete 100%. if NOT(isServer) exitWith {}; [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 10; { if ((side _x) == East) then { _x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["spottime", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["courage", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["reloadSpeed", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["commanding", 0.1]; }; sleep 2; if ((side _x) == West) then { _x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 1]; _x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 1]; _x setSkill ["aimingshake", 1]; _x setSkill ["spottime", 1]; _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 1]; _x setSkill ["courage", 1]; _x setSkill ["reloadSpeed", 1]; _x setSkill ["commanding", 1]; }; } forEach allUnits; } };
  5. OPERACIÓN ARDILLA Creada por Darius _______________________________________________________________________ STRATIS 09 de Septiembre de 2032 a las 18:54 horas Misión en Español El General Akhanteros de la FAA perdió su helicóptero que le iba a llevar a Altis, gracias al bombardeo de esta tarde la OTAN ha destruido casi todas las aeronaves de la FAA. Ahora él se ha escondido en su base militar al este de Agia Marina, vamos a asaltar esa base militar, acabar con los refuerzos y volver al campamento. Objetivos Destruir los refuerzos Matar el general de la FAA (Objetivo principal) Escapar de la zona Ejecución La operación se basa en una táctica de "golpe de mano" (entrar, cumplir objetivo y salir muy rápido). Alfa, se encarga de colocar cargas explosivas y emboscar los refuerzos que vienen por la carretera de la base aérea, la carretera que viene del Campamento Rogain y la otra carretera que viene desde Mike-26. ¡Destruyan todo lo que pase por esas carreteras! Los equipos Bravo y Charlie asaltarán la base militar. Salir de ahí e ir a un lugar seguro. _______________________________________________________________________ Co32_Op_Ardilla_v25.Stratis.pbo mega.nz Steam: Operación Ardilla en Steam
  6. Hi guys, someone can help me please, I try to search in the forum a script that do it something like I want, but I didnt found it. So, if someone can help me making a script that a AI fire at point that I want, always until the players kill the AI tank/mortar/Artillery. Yes, is for a mission multiplayer :)
  7. migueldarius

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

    I don't like the launcher. Please remove it. Hamper...
  8. migueldarius

    Drag Dead Body Script

    Hi all, please help me! this script have a bug, the players can drag the body when de player or AI is still alive, well, I want that only can drag the body when this is died. Someone can fix this bug please? for only drag when the AI or player is dead in server dedicated. Thanks for read, cya.
  9. migueldarius

    ATLAS Squad Manager

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaam true, true, Im in OPFOR, nice, nice lol. Ok all right, thanks for your script, I like it so much. ---------- Post added at 10:32 ---------- Previous post was at 09:57 ---------- squadGUI Spanish
  10. migueldarius

    ATLAS Squad Manager

    Nice work .I need your help, why looks the name "ATLAS" like this in my mission? I only change the lenguaje and not any colour. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/29604955500883468/B6D420B5D3E8F09652FCCA5395EBC1588A7399E3/ (251 kB) Thanks for help me, :)
  11. lol, name your cargo, example "veh1" and continue name with your copter mmm name it "heli1"... so in the init of the chopter write init: heli1 setSlingLoad veh1;
  12. Try with this :) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setSlingLoad