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  1. Hi. Tried with hex, but it still doesnt work. Funny thing is, that (and M16 GL) is the only model that gives me trouble, I already replaced most of the other. And yes, I do have permission (forgot to add that at the start, sorry). Thanks anyway. Out of curiosity, how do I convert A2 models to OFP? Do I need to own the game? Can I open them with the original O2? Or I don´t need the game to run the ArmA O2? Im seriously considering to use them if I cant get these models to work. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hey. Im trying to repath some weapons in order to replace some of the BIS ones. I already replaced some, but when Im trying to replace the M16, OFP displays a Magic error on load. Looking on the forums I found that it may be caused by a badly defined path. However, in my config the path is defined well, yet the error still displays. Is it an error on the model? (ODOL repathed with Notepad) Or is it an error on the config? Here is the config relevant part just in case, the PBO is named MEX_WP. class M16:Riffle { scopeWeapon=2; scopeMagazine=2; valueWeapon=0; valueMagazine=1; model="\MEX_WP\M16A2.p3d"; modelOptics="optika_m16"; optics=1; opticsZoomMin=0.35; opticsZoomMax=0.35; displayName="M16A2"; displayNameMagazine="$STR_MN_M16"; shortNameMagazine="$STR_SN_M16"; drySound[]={"weapons\M16dry",0.01,1}; magazines[]={"M16","Mortar"}; modes[]={"Single","Burst"}; Thank you in advance.
  3. Links updated on the first post! Some more screenshots
  4. Sorry for the lack of activity and updates! Screenshots: Special thanks to Turkish Union Mod for letting me use their G3 rifles
  5. Hi. Surfing on the internet i found this. The guy who made the addons said that he cancelled that project, and that those addons could be edited. Since some models in there could really help to advance the progress of my mod, i really want to use, edit and convert them. The thing is, i dont have any idea about how to convert the models, and since i do not own ArmA 2, i cant convert the addon from a newer version of Oxygen. May anybody can help me? EDIT: Now i realize this should be in modelling discussion. May any mod around here move the post?
  6. chumysl

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi. Editor Update http://www.ofpec.com/editors-depot/index.php?action=details&id=158&game=OFP Scott Zombies http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/Zombie_Addon_Pack;38815 Now... Does anybody here has the PSD and the MLOD of the OFPL MI-17? Also, in a more offtopic question... Thanks all in advance
  7. chumysl

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hi. Any good MP training missions around there? Either CQB, flight, shooting, or if possible, all in general. Thanks all in advance.
  8. Hi. "Autodefensas", "Federales" and a kind of generic OPFOR (AKA Narcos) will be added in next update. Stay tuned! @All WIP Federal Police Images
  9. chumysl

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi. Im looking for: G3A3 (If it comes with a version with M203 Grenade Launcher much better) G3A4 Thank you in advance.
  10. (Sorry for double post) Includes: Three Guerrilla man, one RPG soldier and an Officer. No blood textures, stringtable (English and Spanish). The units are in east, in "[MEX]- Popular Revolutionary Army). Requires SJB Weapons Pack and JAM 3 (Last one optional). (Made using WW4 Resources and WW4 Textures) Download
  11. Hi. Generic narco cartels will be added in the future. About border patrol, im not sure, since the focus of the mod is an internal conflict in Mexico, and possibly a war with an external country. Stay tuned!
  12. Thx all! Of course, when we end with bugs with infantry we will move in with vehicles (F-150, MI-17, APC-70, etc.)
  13. Hi. I would like to present an early beta of a project that we are doing a group of OFP players and me. The concept of it is represent Mexican Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) and Federal Police for West/Blufor side, and some guerrillas and possibly narcos for East/Redfor side. For now, we are focusing on the Navy and the "Ejercito Popular Revolucionario" (Popular Revolutionary Army, guerrilla). Finally, here is the link for the beta of both the current version of the mod: https://mega.co.nz/#!dBsT0JqL!yEFsWSA9Y4e8RH2VxbDq6d5ccRl6OaZrM-aPHjP0JeQ REQUIRES SJB WEAPONS PACK AND JAM 3 Bugs: (Navy Special Forces) Officer only has blood textures on the kevlar jacket (dont know why .-.) Forgot to add the Stringable for the addon, this is the only module that is only in spanish (will update soon!) Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mod-Mexico-en-Guerra/339724769500360 See ya all!
  14. "Mexico en Guerra" Mod, SJB Weapons Pack