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Found 18 results

  1. So i saw a cool function of the cargo platforms from Contact DLC, where if you place them close together the game will snap the second cargo platform to the first one making them stay perfectly next to each other, making them perfectly leveled next to each other. Question is, how do i replicate that? I'm working on a 'Modular Site' mod, where i need it for ease of use while laying out the facility in the 3den editor. This, basically
  2. Palms available in Arma are basically two kinds: phoenix palms available in Altis and a variant used in Malden, and various tropical palms available form CUP (used in Fallujah I think) and Tanoa better quality ones. In maps that that portray middle eastern regions terrain makers have opted exclusively AFAIK for the tropical kinds which for me it makes maps seem either south asian or african instead of middle eastern. The best alternative would be to make a new model which can be used to replace the ones in existing maps by script or used in new terrains. Meanwhile the phoenix palm seems the most viable choice: I'l post some examples of using these phoenix palms in existing maps soon. I know it may be a silly discussion for many but since I stumbled on this issue twice already I think we can discuss it here instead of hijacking other people's topics. And maybe we'll get a proper date palm model in the game.
  3. I have problems with the geometry of my model, the failure is random. place 3 models and the three fail differently. I remade the geometry and increased the mass but I can't solve the problem. Anyone know what can it be? there is also a probability that the model is perfect, no flaws. these errors only occur on the sides and on the front stairs.
  4. CYTECH INDUSTRIES a unique and ambitious project in its complexity and settings. For more info check out the link to the BIS forums below DISCORD Forum Post What are we looking for? - Level Design/Composition: [Eden editor/ Xcam/Plopper/other]. - 3D Modelers: [blender/3dmax/other]. - Model porting: [experience preferred] porting UE4, Unity assets, other / making models ArmA ready - Texture artist: [For re-textures, HD texture editing, etc.] - Audio / Sound: [Someone who has knowledge of the Arma 3 audio tech] - Weapon porting [experience essential] - Animations: [Experienced Animation specialist] What's in it for you - An exciting project to showcase your work - Full credits - A friendly team to work with and learn from Please contact Dan Tronic for more info.
  5. An_A3_Dev

    Stuck in legs

    I made some backpacks and all of them are stuck in the players legs. Does anyone know a fix for this? I have tired putting autocenter=0 in the property box but it didn't work. All the textures work just fine, the bags are just stuck in your legs.
  6. Hey guys, below are two sets of Tanoa-based HDRI environment maps I made for use in Substance Painter and Blender. They should be compatible with a number of other 3D modeling softwares and texturing programs. The idea is to allow users to have a 3D environment from Arma 3 to create their materials within so as to give better reference to the environment and the lighting around the object. Included below is a 4k set and an 8k set of 3D images at sunrise, midday, and twilight each for use with the Arma 3 Apex Shader's respective preview modes. Please feel free to comment with other maps or concerns/ideas to enhance the final products. Download 4k or Download 8k
  7. HptFw. MoinxDGamer

    Add facewear together

    Is there any way to combine to facewear model into a single item? I want to combine the safety glasses and the respirator. so that it looks like this.
  8. Hi community! My name is Paul and I am an illustrator, designer and author. I am also an amateur mod maker with ~20 years of experience beginning with Operation Flash-point all those years ago. Over this period of time the mods, maps, utilities, textures, concepts etc., that I have made were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. This is not me trying to brag but to demonstrate that when I commit to a project I see it through to success. It's been a while since I wanted to commit to such a project and now the time has come. The Eden editor is a fun tool, and so I've come to join all of you. There are two projects I currently have in progress. These projects are very different but serve as a learning environment to develop future goals. Both of these projects use a GUI "toy" which is a major element that I want to incorporate in the final project. Ultimately I'd like to release these projects as "modular plug-ins" (a combination of in-engine assets and the scripts to run them), which fit easily into any existing or future scenarios. Here, my first goal is to post sample missions of the two current projects for others to try out and to show my participation with the community. A long time ago on a NEXUS far-far away I released a mod titled "187gurlz" for Fallout 3. The primary character, named Sasha Ashe, was an ass-kicking wasteland warrior devoted to assisting the player restore hope to the capital waste. The first modular plug-in will be a companion mod very much like the ones we're familiar with for Bethesda games. The first part will be the GUI toy connected to a generic character (which you can assign female assets to if you have them). The second part will be the same with custom assets for the female model. That's where you come in. I need the model assets to make this module stand-alone. Necessary is the Female model/outfits. Potentially custom weapons, too. Download link: SWO Mission Control The balance of flight mechanics in ARMA III, somewhere in the middle between Battlefield and DCS, are very appealing to me. With the same GUI toy philosophy in mind I am creating a mission control interface which can be slotted into any existing and future "flight oriented" scenario. Although I've had success getting all the elements to work, surely my scripting is poorly executed and, if nothing else, not optimized. That's where you come in. If you're interested in examining and potentially editing these scripts I'd be excited to see your feedback. Download link: JET TOYS My intention is to submit these projects to the community as a demonstration of participation and aptitude. And to potentially find like-minded modders of all different skill sets to work on a more ambitious future project. I'm honored to be here among service members, grumpy old men, and some alarmingly proficient computer science majors. Thanks for having me in your community, Paul
  9. Mestherr

    Car gauges

    Hey guys! I want to make a car addon, but I can't figure out how to make working gauges for the speedometer and the tachometer. I found a lot of tutorials for vehicle modelling, but there's nothing about the gauges, does anybody know how to do such a thing? Cheers!
  10. Dear developers, some mods like 'NIArms' by toadie2K feature diffrent magazine models for one weapon dependant on which magazine is actually loaded. That reminds me a lot of the proxy magazine models of the dynamic loadout feature for aircraft which has been implemented with the Jets DLC. Since this seems to be technically possible would you be able to introduce this feature to the existing ArmA 3 weapons? I don't know however what toadie2k did to get this working. I imagine something like having a memory point at the center of the first bullet in the mag and a direction the bullet is facing and another direction the bullets are feeded from. That way it should be possible to load every mag into every weapon and get reasonably good results. It would probably even allow to put a 30 Round mag sideways into a beltfeeded machinegun. There would probably be some clipping issues when putting magazines into weapons that were not supposed to feature them before but I'm fine with that. I think this would be an awesome addition to the game and I really hope this can be done. Especially weapons that feature multiple sizes of magazines within its series would benefit from it like the Spar, Car-95 and MX series of weapons. Thanks a lot Venator
  11. What about taking the original OFP models and remastering them? I don't mean change it completely like most of the mods do but it should have higher LOD and texture resolution
  12. We are building a mod/server based on a Stalker universe, and looking for people willing to participate in this project. We have a custom made map, which is WIP, and a global vision on what we want to have in our mod. If you are interested and want to know the details contact me via Sharp58225@gmail.com
  13. I'm happy to announce my new and upcoming Soviet Russian terrain called "Tsarvana". This terrain's atmosphere and palate for buildings will be heavily influenced by Arma 2's data and will pay a certain homage to the existing Arma 2 map "Taviana". Additionally there will be custom structures implemented on the map for everyone to enjoy. The map and it's new models will all together be released as one package with a APL-SA license. This thread will be a discussion for personal thoughts on the upcoming map and WIP pics. The lore below is a wall of text but a good read if you wish to get a visual of what the terrain is about and how it may look before I post WIP pics, map layout and size details within the following weeks of this initial post.
  14. BobTheHunted

    Turret Model Troubles

    I am trying to make a modded vehicle with a custom turret model on it. I have the turret model but I don't know how to configure it to be attached to vanilla A3 vehicles. I think it is possible because in the mod "The CSAT Modification Project" the MRAPs have custom models (based on A2's vodnik I believe) but use the vanilla HMG/GMG turret models. Since the vanilla turret models are binarized and configured for the normal game, their models can't be edited, so there must be a way to configure the vehicle to use them. I want to do the same thing, but in reverse. Swap the turret part of the model of an Ifrit or Hunter for the custom turret model I have made. Is it possible to do this?
  15. Welcome if you are a complete Noob in making models for games I will teach you a few things ive learned, please feel free to add information on this topic for others to expand their knowledge ( 3d models only, no texturing, SDK, sound). 1) you will need a 3d editing program, (there are two programs which I have worked with and that is 3ds max 2014 and Blender.) you may be asking yourself or me down in the comment section, "what is the difference between 3ds max and blender" well the difference between them are very minor in what they can accomplish however what makes Blender my preferred tool is that blender is completely open sourced meaning that anyone can improve upon blender and its tools with scripts they even include all the good stuff later in future updates without the need to search on websites for them! another advantage to blender is that its completely free no bs licencing, student version ect ! it does everything that 3ds max does and more. tons of free tutorials on youtube for you to learn, dont forget blender.com and similar websites have great step by step tutorials encase you forgot how to do something but be warned blender has had many revisions done to it which has changed some things around what ive found is that anything newer then 2012 should be relevant to the current version of blender. :) 2) I know you want to open Blender and start fooling around with making your model but first you will need to educate yourself. here are some great youtubers who are really great at what they do. BlenderForNoobs > https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgg_IAVh6t8hV_Cd_6CNke7GPZ49NZado BornCG > https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLda3VoSoc_TR7X7wfblBGiRz-bvhKpGkS Blender Guru CG Masters CG Cookie Blender > Arrumus 3D > he does very good videos on how to make models in 3d programs but he uses 3ds max still there is so much you can learn from his videos and I highly recommend watching his videos once you have a decent understanding of blender. https://www.blender.org/manual/contents.html 3) ... Ok so finally you are ready to start making models in blender, first is to choose what you want to make... I recommend that you should choose a weapon first. ok so once that is done start looking for high res images on the internet which encompasses a wide amount of angles of what you are trying to model the more the better... start working on the left or right side first depending on the reference image you are using. be advised that some weapons have varying detail depending on a number of conditions for instance the SVD has a number of differences depending on year of production, the SVD 1963 model first production has a 3 holed hand guard on each side, receivers vary on production and country manufacture there are two types of military receivers type one with lighting cuts, type 2 which are smooth without magazine cutouts on the outside, there are 2 versions of flash hiders on standard SVD one a common and the other a rare early production for the 1963 to 64 models. for receiver covers there are 4 types of covers, the most common is the soviet model ribbed with side pinchs on the rear, 2) ribbed cover without pinchs, 3) angle cuts) 4 irak model which is distinctly different from all other types again I would like to stress the differences between weapons can vary from a simple screw head found on the left side to something such as a shortened barrel version of the same weapon... Start making your Highpoly gon model, a high polygon is used for baking the models detail in a low polygon model which is used in game. a good rule of thumb is to make anything that is made in one piece to remain in once piece on your model ( for instance a romanian akm has a ugly wooden forgrip made out of one piece this should be reflected in your model , however sometimes it can be beneficial do the complete opposite however this is rare. please do not make a model out of one single mesh this is a common rookie mistake! Low Polygon models are the in game meshes, the point of low poly models is to create efficient models for the game which reduce resource usage drastically, faux detail is baked on to the low poly model using the high poly/ floating geometry in the form of texture maps. low polygon models are in simple terms the silhouette of the model... Tips Always try to model your high polygon in Quads, tris are ok if no alternative can be made however can create issues. Use Mirror or symmetry modifier to reduce work load Use snapping for make repeating geometry Use the subdivision modifier when you are making your high poly this will reduce work load by a large amount and create a nice smooth model. Use Support edges when modeling a cutout such as a hole in a hand guard. this will make sharper detail when sub dividing modeling something cylindrical will always be close to scale when you use a reference image :D Dont be afraid of using floating geometry for recessed screw heads, hand guard cut outs and a few other things this will drastically reduce time in modeling your high poly model. Things like stamped lettering and fine checkering on a pistol like a 1911 can be done in Photoshop or similar programs wtih little headache, make repeating checkering in blender and bake them on a plain and use the normal maps textures in photoshop. Create an archive of meshes which can be used for future projects such as bolt heads, hex, slotted, Philips ect... Do try not to model things which will never be seen, for instance the internally trigger assemble of a weapon will never be seen... however a bolt head on a bolt of an automatic weapon will never be seen by the average player or if only for less then a second so go easy on the detail and try not to stress yourself on such useless detail. refer to your reference images ever so often Make constant saves of your work with different titles this is very easy to do in blender I will be adding images in the future. feel free to add content to the topic and never give up on doing something because its hard... if anything keep pushing or try again another day :) Low Polygon models are the in game
  16. WW4 resources These are all the MLODs and textures released by Sanctuary, originally made public separately and now compiled in a single 7zip file. Download WW4 MLODs and textures compilation Permissions All these resources are public domain. No credit is required, although it'd be appreciated. Credits Sanctuary WW4 Extended resources Here is almost everything used in v1.1 of WW4 Extended. The only things you won't find are the models that aren't explicitely public domain or that I'm able to share for one reason or another (middle east units, zils, BTRs, BMDs...) and the vehicle texture masters. With that said, if there's still something that shouldn't be there please let me know and I'll reupload the zip files with those models removed. Note that the texture masters are in GIMP format (.xcf). Download WW4 Extended v1.1 MLODs WW4 Extended v1.1 Infantry textures WW4 Extended v1.1 Infantry textures for Cold War and Arctic Permissions Use them at will, as long is in an Arma game (there's the ported Arma vehicles there, and those have that restriction). No credit is required, although it'd be appreciated. Credits Sancturay - Base models and textures for infantry units kenoxite - Models and textures for anything not credited below (including the porting to OFP of the Arma 1 and 2 vehicle models) Bohemia Interactive - Original OFP, Arma 1 and Arma 2 models of the ported vehicles Macser - Desert 5t trucks Offtime, Jack, Agent Smith, FAB, Alderous - BRDM-2 Apocalypse83 - Desert retexture of BIS vehicles krzychuzokecia - National Army units ivosm - Unit textures afghan era SomerenV, Rusty and other members of the facepunch.com community - Digital Flora and other russian camo patterns
  17. I posted this on Reddit and felt that I should also post it here. I apologize if it's not in the right area. I'd imagine with the team working primarily on Apex and Nexus, there isn't much of a chance of us seeing old content such as the AMOS Marshall and KSG Shotgun. I think Bohemia Interactive should release older content with complimentary textures, unbinarized models, and config if possible, allowing the community to examine or add them in themselves. I really think BIS should consider this, and could possibly release it with the Arma 3 Samples. What do you guys think?
  18. Hello modders! Bohemia Interactive a.s. has released sample files and data from their games for the community, to learn from examples, base their own creations on the existing content, and expand the Armaverse. These packs include configuration files, material files, 3D models, textures, animations as well as complete game data in the form of PBOs. The public data packages are released under Bohemia Interactive's content licenses, established to support the creative community evolving around its titles, and to set clear rules for the use of both Bohemia Interactive's and user-made content. Note that previous releases of sample model packages are replaced by the new ones, with new licenses applied to the content. You can learn more including the download links at http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Public_Data. We recommend to download the data using our torrents. Due to high demand the direct download links may be overloaded. Overview of the packages: Arma 1 Sample Models - Re-release of the Arma 1 complete sample models pack under new licenses, in ZIP archives divided according to the licenses applied. Arma 2 Sample Models - The pack of sample models and animations from Arma 2 and its expansions; contains unbinarized models, configs, model configs, RVMATs and scripts from Arma 2 including all DLCs in ZIP archives divided according to the licenses applied. Arma Licensed Data Pack - Binarized data from the Arma series (from CWC to A2:CO) in PBO files. The purpose of this package is to clearly identify which game data is licensed for public use and modification, and what are the related conditions and requirements. Sahrani Community Package - This archive contains source data for the Sahrani island from Arma 1 (Armed Assault), licensed under (APL-SA). Take On Helicopters Data Pack - Binarized data from the Take On Helicopters series in PBO files. Happy editing, folks! :)