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  1. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    Project has not been abandoned. I've been working on this map in my free time along with many others over the past year. Along with this, I have many other projects that have taken up my time over this one because they pay my bills unfortunately. I will post updates about this map soon and the direction it's headed. Thanks.
  2. happens, developing a huge project like this requires a lot of work and effort. I’m sure everyone who is playing the map still appreciates it, floating trees and all. They will be fixed tho so no worries. Hope you enjoy the update!
  3. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    a quick preview of the height map in Wc2.
  4. No unfortunately, that will forever be an Arma 3 issue.
  5. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    No a brand new heightmap is in the works tho!
  6. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    a little off-topic however it's great how you have posted way more quality content than I have on the forums and we have the same signup date LOL. I need to step it up.
  7. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    Heightmap is currently being reworked from it's first iteration over a year ago. I don't mean to hype it this hard but, Anixon is doing great. So is Andrew with the new models.
  8. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    I promise it will be as visually stunning as the lore describes it. As soon as I'll be able to, progress pics will be posted.
  9. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    Exactly what ANixon said. This terrain will only incur a few mount of wrecks. It will not be overgrown. The theme and atmosphere of the map will embody the USSR and what it stood for. I also forgot to introduce the rest of the team working on the map which I'll include in the intial post. Current Developers; Killjoy Anixon AxiosODST Andrew BigBen
  10. Killjoyy

    [WIP] Tsarvana

    Stay tuned for progress pics this week, models are coming fresh out the oven :D
  11. It is looking great armaniii, as always!
  12. I'm happy to announce my new and upcoming Soviet Russian terrain called "Tsarvana". This terrain's atmosphere and palate for buildings will be heavily influenced by Arma 2's data and will pay a certain homage to the existing Arma 2 map "Taviana". Additionally there will be custom structures implemented on the map for everyone to enjoy. The map and it's new models will all together be released as one package with a APL-SA license. This thread will be a discussion for personal thoughts on the upcoming map and WIP pics. The lore below is a wall of text but a good read if you wish to get a visual of what the terrain is about and how it may look before I post WIP pics, map layout and size details within the following weeks of this initial post.
  13. Let's just say we are in the works of combining work. Utes may or may not make it :D
  14. The sky color will be slightly tweaked in the next update.