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    I'm an electrical engineering and physics student in the US. When I'm not busy getting killed over at FolkARPS, I like to play =BMR= Insurgency with the Black Mamba Rangers and Onion Gamers.
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  1. Ralian

    BMR Insurgency

    The keybind for the group manager is set by BIS, not by this mission. I believe there is some way to change it from U if you wish. You can also change the keybind for the settings UI if you are hosting it yourself, but what do you have bound to H in the first place?
  2. Ralian

    Trip Flare

    I'm no expert but I think it would be fairly hard to do this with pure scripting (unless there's an event handler for tripwires I don't know about) but it would be pretty easy to do this with a client side mod. Just take the config for the existing tripwire mines and modify them to fire a flare instead of exploding.