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by Jigsor

Fully JIP, MP, Dedicated and Hosted Server compatible.
Performance has been a big factor in developing this mission. It should play well on a modest server.

What is the difference from this Insurgency compared to traditional Insurgency?
The primary difference is that Intel is not dropped when killing certain Insurgents. Rather, it is spawned in random buildings.
Small black markers indicate Intel Locations on the map. You can choose hide the markers with lobby parameter.

Minimum Required Mods: None (Altis, Stratis Tanoa and Malden versions).

Current supported Islands requiring components of Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete :


G.O.S. N'Ziwasogo
G.O.S. Al Rayak


Napf Winter

Saint Kapaulio







Song Bin Tanh

Rosche Germany


Stand Alone Islands:
Kunduz Afghanistan




I recommend trying default lobby parameters first then tweak from there if needed.
Please report any problems on this thread.


Developed on A3 engine 1.96 Stable

Mission Pack Download latest stable version 1.50:

updated 12/07/2019
https://www.dropbox.com/s/jfbwfq8wmmhdlkq/BMR Insurgency.zip?dl=0



Main Build Altis

All other builds' file differences


Mission Pack Download Armaholic mirror:
http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26372 (this version is out of date until the Devs at Armaholic get new site up or Big returns.). looks like never..

Version Variants:


1. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Stratis
Required mods: None

2. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Altis
Required mods: None
3. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Malden
Required mods: None

4. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Tanoa
Required mods: None

5. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Enoch
Required mods: None

6. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Altis

7. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_OPTRE.Altis
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@Operation_TREBUCHET

8. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Tanoa

9. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Malden


10. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Takistan
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps

11. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Takistan
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF

12. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Sara
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps

13. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Zargabad
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps

14. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_CUP.Zargabad

Required mods:  @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles

15. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Bornholm
Required mods: @Bornholm

16. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Kunduz
Required mods: @Kunduz_Afghanistan

17. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.DYA
Required mods: @Diyala_Map;@Jbad

18. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.pja310
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@G.O.S_Al_Rayak

19. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.pja305
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@G.O.S_N'ziwasogo

20. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.pja305
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@G.O.S_N'ziwasogo;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF

21. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Fata
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@fata_a3

22. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.fallujah
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@fallujah1_2

23. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_CUP.fallujah

Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@fallujah1_2;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles

24. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.xcam_taunus
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@X-Cam-Taunus

25. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Napf
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Napf_Island_A3

26. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.napfwinter
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Napf_Island_A3

27. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Mog
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Terrains_CWA;@mog

28. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Mog
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Terrains_CWA;@mog;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF

29. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.clafghan
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Clafghan

30. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Kapaulio
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@kapaulio

31. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.lingor3
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Lingor_Island

32. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.dingor
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Lingor_Island

33. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_OPTRE.lingor3
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Lingor_Island;@Operation_TREBUCHET

34. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_IFA3.Staszow
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@IFA3_AIO_LITE

35. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.lythium

Required mods: @Jbad;@LYTHIUM

36. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_FFAA.lythium
Required mods: @Jbad;@LYTHIUM;@FFAA_MOD

37. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.tem_anizay
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@Anizay

38. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_CUP.tem_anizay
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@Anizay;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles

39. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.pja312
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@G.O.S Song Bin Tanh 2.0 (APEX)

40. BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.WL_Rosche
Required mods: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@Rosche, Germany;@MBG Buildings 3 (Arma2 Legacy)

41. BMR_Insurgency_Green.Staszow
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@IFA3_AIO_LITE;@Faces_of_War;@Iron_Front_ArmA_3_Faces_of_War_Compatibility_patch

42. BMR_Insurgency_Green.Napf
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@Napf_Island_A3;@IFA3_AIO_LITE;@Faces_of_War;@Iron_Front_ArmA_3_Faces_of_War_Compatibility_patch

43. BMR_Insurgency_Green.napfwinter
Required mods: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@Napf_Island_A3;@IFA3_AIO_LITE;@Faces_of_War;@Iron_Front_ArmA_3_Faces_of_War_Compatibility_patch




Aside from the terrain mods there are a multitude of supported mods.


The following optional mod combinations are detected and activated in mission depending on lobby parameter
"Opposing Army/Mod Initialization" and Arma 3 Startup parameter -mod= to activate:

1. CSAT - Requirements : None
2. AAF - Requirements : None
3. AAF and FIA - Requirements : None
4. CSAT Pacific - Requirements : Apex Expansion
5. CSAT Pacific and Syndikat Apex - Requirements : Apex Expansion
6. RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Requirements : @RHSAFRF
7. RHS Desert Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Requirements : @RHSAFRF
8. RHS GREF Chenarus Ground Forces and Nationalist Troops - Requirements : @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF
9. RHS Serbian Armed Forces - Requirements : @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF
10. Leights Islamic State of Takistan/Sahrani and Afghan Militia - Requirements :  @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF; + (@leights_opfor or @Project_OPFOR)
11. Syrian Arab Army and Islamic State - Requirements : @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF;@ISC
12. CUP Takistan Army and Takistan Militia - Requirements : @CBA_A3;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles
13. Massi CSAT Army and Middle East Insurgents - Requirements : @CBA_A3;@MiddleEastWarfare;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle
14. Massi Takistan Army and Takistan Insurgents - Requirements : @CBA_A3;@MiddleEastWarfare;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle
15. Massi Africian Rebel Army and Civilian Rebel supporters - Requirements : @CBA_A3;@AfricanConflict_mas;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle
16. OPTRE Insurrectionists - Requirements : @CBA_A3;@OPTRE
17. IFA3 Desert US Army - Requirements : @CUP_Terrains_Core;@IFA3_AIO_LITE


Optional Recommended Mods:
1. @ASR_AI3
    This mod is highly recommended to enhance AI behavior. It puts the dumb lifeless AI to work and makes for some serious live action.
    Robalo, the creator of ASR_AI3 has a great track record of keeping this mod working, updated and the mod does what he advertises.
    It should be installed on server. It can be hidden with launch parameter -serverMod= if you wish to have no mod requirements when joining server.
    If you are using a headless client then it should be installed on server and headless client.
    If you run it on client then it will affect recruited AI and Zeused AI (client side AI).
2. @CBA_A3
    This mod is often a requirement for other mods and as far as I know has no compatibility issues with any other mod besides the deprecated joint_rails mod witch is now built into CBA_A3.
    If mod is installed on server only then client will not have additional features.
    If mod is installed on client and server then the following features will be added to players when they are in Helicopters or Fixed Wing.
        1. Bail from helicopters action. Existing backpack is moved to ventral position and parachute pack added to back. Once landed original loadout will be restored.
            Pilot cannot bail unless helicopter has at least 70% damage to engine or at least 70% overall damage. Others can bail at anytime.
            Chute will auto open unless ACE3 mod is running.
        2. 3D Compass when in gunner or turret view within helicopters.
        3. HALO action within fixed wing. Same restrictions apply as in helicopter bail.
        4. Auto Flare Countermeasure action within fixed wing. Flares are not depleted from aircraft's loadout. It generates its own unlimited supply.
3. @Hidden_Identity_v3, @hidden_Identity_v2 and @AVON_FM12_Respirator_Pack in any combination or separately for Gas Masks.
    They are used by the client so should be installed client side. For best performance install server and client side.


Additionally Supported:
@ACE3 stand alone or in addition to any mod listed above. @ACE3 should be installed server and client side.
    Any mission version can be converted to a custom ACE3 version by using exporting custom Ace settings to a cba_settings.sqf file. Info on how to is here
    It is recommended to change the default parameter "Revive system" in Hpp\Paramters.hpp to one of the following and let ACE3 handle medical.
    "Revive System Disabled. Mobile HQ Disabled." (default = 6;)
    "Revive System Disabled. Mobile HQ Enabled." (default = 7;)


Hard requirements:
    Aside from the moded terrain requirements there are versions with no hard mod requirements and a few with hard mod requirements.
    Example: The only difference from BMR_Insurgency_v1_50.Altis and BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Altis is that assets from RHS mods have been placed in the editor in BMR_Insurgency_v1_50_RHS.Altis
    and the default lobby parameter "Opposing Army/Mod Initialization" has been switched to "RHS Serbian Armed Forces - Requirements :: @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF"




Eliminate Armed rebellion against NATO forces.
Gather Intel on Ammo Cache location by picking up suitcases spawned in random buildings.
Destroy Ammo Caches with satchel or demo charges.
Complete Random Objectives.
Clear all red zones of enemy forces.

Ingame Game Settings:


Press H key for GUI menu.

     Interface includes buttons for

          View Distance,

          Digital Heading,

          Status HUD - displays general compass direction, fps, health and stamina,

          Ear Plugs.

          Ambient life - toggles local wildlife entities such as rabbits, snakes and insects

         Subtitle Chatter - Enables/disables showing of subtitles in a chat for cleaner screen. Only scripted/engine chatter is affected, player manual chat is unaffected.

Squads are preset in lobby, but can be altered dynamically in game by pressing U.

Supported PIP live feeds from the helmet-cameras of their fellow group members. Requires Tactical Glasses and helmet with camera.
* - Activates camera / switches to next group member.
Alt+* - Deactivates camera. Shift+* - Toggles size of the display.


F3 to reverse Fixed Wing as pilot when at complete stop.


Blufor has Virtual Arsenal at large ammo crate under cammo tent in main base and MHQs
Opfor: Is limited to CSAT weapons crates and or a limited Arsenal deployable from MHQ and weapon scavenging.

To have a fully restored loadout with scopes and attachments after respawn or revive, use scroll action Save Respawn Loadout at main ammo boxes for blufor and opfor.

This feature can be switched in lobby parameters to respawn with depleted kit. Reload Magazine toss grenade etc. to Save Kit.



JTAC and Team leaders can call for Close Air Support (CAS).
UAV Operators can call for air dropped UGV and launch parachute camera by firing a white flare from 203 grenade launcher.
Engineer can build a FARP if he has a Bobcat or Repair Truck close by. The FARP has actions to repair, rearm, refuel and flip vehicles.
EOD and Engineers have scroll option for visible mine detector with proximity sound.

EOD specialists have a higher chance of successfully deactivating IEDs.
Medics can build a small sandbag wall to provide cover.
Team Leader CAS1 can call for squad heli evac.
Sniper, Marksmen and Spotter classes can enable/disable bullet cam.

All opfor players are medics by class and have engineer traits added.



Vehicles present at game start will respawn if destroyed.

All vehicles aside from MHQs have abandonment and respawn timers.
All Blufor Mobile Head Quarters have Virtual Arsenal.
Opfor MHQ has deploy option to move ammo crates to MHQ location.
The Bobcat and most RHS trucks with tow booms with can Tow other vehicles.
GhostHawks can lift light vehicles.
Mohawks, Hurons, CH53s, and Pelicans can lift heavier and light vehicles. Bobcat is the only tracked  vehicle that can be lifted with exception of some M113 based vehicles.
Earn an air dropped asset of your choice by destroying an ammo cache if Enemy Armor Probability parameter is set above 0%.



The following Repawn, MHQ, and Teleport options can vary depending lobby parameter -Revive system- settings.
Blufor -- Can choose to respawn at BASE, MHQ_1, MHQ_2, or MHQ_3 if no one revives you. You may also choose teleport to MHQs or Halo from Flag Pole at base.
Opfor -- Choose Base to respawn in vicinity of Blufor players If no blufor are in the field or in moving vehicles then Base option will spawn you near MHQ if available else in center of map. Choose Opfor_MHQ to spawn on your MHQ. If MHQ system enabled, teleport to MHQ from base flagpole and respawn drop down menus are available.

With BTC Revive system is enabled you can -

1. Press and hold spacebar until timer icon completes to revive a teammate. Letting go of spacebar aborts revive so you can engage.
2. While waiting for a revive you can spectate and control camera with usual movement controls.
MHQs can be disabled in lobby params.
Revive systems can be disabled in lobby params to accommodate for a moded revive system such as ACE 3.

With BTC Quick revive AI squad mates may revive you, revive each other and you can revive them.



Though Destroying Ammo Caches is a primary objective, It is not a listed Task/Objective.
Ammo Caches regenerate throughout the city one at a time usually in random building positions and in red zones.
Gathering Intel will generate random marker clues on the map referencing distance in radius to ammo cache location.
Intel usually spawns in random building positions and in red zones.
Once Ammo Cache is destroyed all Intel and markers are deleted. New Intel and Ammo Cache is spawned.
There are however, actual Task/Objectives viewable through Map -- Tasks.
Currently 12 Task/Objectives exist.
All Task/Objectives are generated one at a time in random order and random locations.
Current Task/Objectives include:
1. Rescue the Downed Pilot
2. Destroy Communications Tower
3. Eliminate Insurgent Leader
4. Cut Power
5. Clear Mine Field
6. Deliver Supplies
7. Destroy Support Convoy
8. Destroy Armed Convoy
9. Destroy Mortar Squad
10. Capture and Hold Outpost

11. Clear Roadblock

12. Retrieve Data at Terminal



Mods are optional with exception of Islands.
Play as Opfor or Blufor.
Start Time parameter.
Choose between Random Weather, Real Weather JIP scripts, Static overcast weather options, or disabled weather in parameters.
Predetermined Blufor lobby groups and in game dynamic group alteration.
Enable/Disable Ambient Civilians.
Choose opposing factions and civilians: Csat, AAF, or moded.
Don't like the new stamina/fatigue system? It can be enabled or disabled at mission start.

Parameters for AI probability and the total number of simultaneously activated grid zones permitted.
Adjust Damage multiplier in params to make 1 or 2 shot kills a reality.
ASR AI friendly.

2 Headless Clients max. supported.

Enemy Occupation Zone maker progression saving/restoration with automatic and manual options and headless client compatibility.
Custom Air Patrol Script and functions with lobby parameters. Aircraft will engage infantry and can be shot down with 1 missile or rocket.
Rooftop Static defenses in Task/Objectives.
Group Heli Extraction requestable by largest team leader. (Team leader CAS1)
Civilian Suicide Bombers keep you on your toes. Dying has never been so much fun!
Ambient vehicle radio chatter and ambient 3D combat sounds.
Randomly generated roadside IED's.
Virtual Arsenal, and quick VA profile loader available at main ammo crate in base and blufor MHQs.
Built in Testing/Debug mode param. (Do not enable this on Dedicated server. It can have unpredictable results.)
Killed by whom, with what weapon and distance displayed at death.
Recruitable AI option in lobby parameters.

Supported ACE_3 mission compatibility. Custom settings must be done by CBA Settings. (see Mods section above for info).

Lobby parameter enabling scripted poisonous gas grenades. Yellow hand and GL Arma 3 smoke grenades are Toxic. For immunity wear A3 Heli Crew, Pilot Helmet, Stealth Combat Helmet or Special Purpose Helmet. Also supports gas masks from Hidden Identity Pack v2/v3 and NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons mods.

HALO and friendly AI group HALO from base flag pole.

Add/ remove Ear Plugs anytime.

Logged in Admins/hosting admins have Admin Menu Panel in Briefing section which allows assigning or unassiging him/herself from Zeus, Activate/deactivate sand storms, flip nearby vehicles, activate/deactivate brighter nights, Issue Vehicle Reward and manual progression save. Multiple admins can have access to this panel by logging in, wait for panel to appear, logout and let the next admin repeat the same steps.

Dynamic Zeus supports mods.

Supports optional pilot white listing by class.

Optional Hard Core no respawn mode. Players who bleed out or force respawn can use BIS spectate cam. Once you go down and get revived you can no longer revive others.

Known Issues:


Squad Extraction Tips:

  1. Promoted squad leader must make a new  squad in order for squad extraction to function properly.



Thanks to BIS, the community, mod makers and all the script writers who submit their material for this great sandbox platform.
All credits given in game under Map -- Credits and Third party credits.

Many original functions and scripts by Jigsor
Several functions/scripts by BTC Giallustio, Ghost and BangaBob were modified by Jigsor.

Original insurgency by Pogoman & Fireball & Kol9yN


Most of the scripts and functions listed below may have been updated, modified or altered in some large or small way to add extra functionality and compatibility with mission design.
3rd party contributions/credits:

EOS v1.98 by BangaBob (H8erMaker)
=BTC=_revive v.98, =BTC= Logistics, =BTC= Quick Revive and =BTC=_TK_punishment by BTC Giallustio
TAW view Distance v1.4 by Tonic
randomWeather2.sqf by Meatball.
real_weather.sqf v1.3 Original Release by team code34
vehRespawn.sqf, and ICE_HUD by Iceman77
repetitive_cleanup.sqf v1.9 and  player_markers.sqf v2.6 by aeroson
JW Custom Close Air Support v0.1b.by JW Custom
Display Heading Script v3 by GeneralCarver.
Halo =ATM= Airdrop v6.0 by pokertour.
Traffic by MAD T.
Randomly generated roadside IED's by brians200
v1g Fast Rope by [sTELS]Zealot
x_reload by Xeno
ghst_PutinBuild.sqf and ghst_PutinBuildIntel.sqf cores by Ghost
ghst_ugvsupport.sqf by Ghost
T-Helmetcam by Tajin
HuntIR script v1.0 by Bardosy
tky_evo_performance report by Tankbuster
SHK_buildingpos.sqf v0.12 and shk_taskmaster by Shuko
BTK Cargo Drop v1.92 by sxp2high
zbe_cache_script_version_v3.7 by zorrobyte
Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux -- by Moser
Mine Detector Script version alpha 0.6 by Lala14
Fog script v1.62 by Rockhount[bAfH]
ASOR Vehicle Selector v1.4 by Lecks
INS_SuicideBomber.sqf recruit civilian modification by SupahG33K
fn_Battle.sqf by Mikey74

ADF_helipadLights.sqf by Whiztler

Advanced Sling Loading by Duda

remove_carcass_fnc code by BIS
Ambient radio chatter code by TPW
BTC_m_fnc_only_server, BTC_AI_init and BTC_repair_wreck by BTC Giallustio
fnc_ghst_build_positions and fnc_ghst_rand_position by Ghost
X_fnc_returnVehicleTurrets by Joris-Jan van 't Land
find_west_target_fnc based on example by Mattar_Tharkari in BIS Community Forums
rej_fnc_bezier by Rejenorst
Boat push - v0.1 by BearBison
find_civ_bomber_fnc by SupahG33K
killed_ss_bmbr_fnc modified by SupahG33K

INS_Brighter_Nights core by Ralian

Thanks to BIS for such a great platform.
Ajax and Onion Gamers for hosting and testing/feedback.

Costno for adding OPTRE support and help adding some of the newer RHS factions.

Thanks to Boberro for help with GIT Extentions
Black Mamba Rangers


Pro Tips:


If using mods I recommend servers to utilize keys so that everyone has same mods and versions. This helps performance. Subscribing to Steam Workshop mod is easiest way to insure above and most mods are accessible there.

I highly recommend using BIS's arma3launcher.exe located in your installed game directory to manage your mods.

It is by far the best arma launcher there has ever been. It will add all mods downloaded through steam, has option to add mods not from steam, has server browser, favorites and will show you what mods are needed to join a server and can automatically set that up for you plus more...

If you edit the mission with ASR_AI3 enabled then it will make this mod a requirement.


Trouble shooting:

Server admins should first set up mods locally and test run the mission. If it does not work locally it definitely will not work on dedicated.

If you want meaningful help you must provide meaningful information with any problems you have.

I do not support old mission versions.

Most of the Information needed is in the server and client .rpt log file such as mission name, world name, script errors and running mods.

Do not post you entire .rpt here. Upload it somewhere else like DropBox or Pastebin and provide links.

There is a good chance your question has already been asked in this thread. Please search through it instead of making me do it and link you the post.


Mission Parameters Overview:


The following is an overview of the options (Parameters button) in lobby available as admin for customization on mission start.
Once mission is started, the set options are viewable in game through map screen menu - Log - Parameters.
Currently there are a total of 43 customizable parameters.

:: Environment ::
    1. Set the start time: options in hours = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24
    2. Weather: options =
            Static Weather 0% Overcast,
            Static Weather 25% Overcast,
            Static Weather 50% Overcast,
            Static Weather 75% Overcast,
            Static Weather 100% Overcast (Weather Disabled),
            Dynamic Real Weather Enabled (time accelerated x 2.6),
            Dynamic Random Weather Enabled
    3. Enable Ambient Vehicle Radio Chatter?: options = No, Yes
    4. Enable Ambient Combat Sounds?: options = No, Yes
    5. Grass Option None (allows player to disable grass rendering): options = Enabled, Disabled
    6. Brighter Nights?: options = Disable, Enable

:: Revive ::
    7. Revive system:
        options =
            =BTC= Revive - Anyone with FAK can revive. Mobile HQ Disabled,
            =BTC= Revive - Anyone with FAK can revive. Mobile HQ Enabled,
            =BTC= Revive - Only medics can revive. Mobile HQ Disabled,
            =BTC= Revive - Only medics can revive. Mobile HQ Enabled,
            =BTC= Quick revive - AI can revive. Mobile HQ Disabled,
            =BTC= Quick revive - AI can revive. Mobile HQ Enabled,
            Revive System Disabled. Mobile HQ Disabled. (for Moded medical system compatibility such as ACE3),
            Revive System Disabled. Mobile HQ Enabled. (for Moded medical system compatibility such as ACE3)
    8. Revive time: options = 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes

:: Compatibility and Factions ::
    9. Opposing Army/Mod Initialization:
        options =
            CSAT - Requirements : None,
            AAF - Requirements : None,
            AAF and FIA - Requirements : None,
            CSAT Pacific - Requirements : Apex Expansion,
            CSAT Pacific and Syndikat Apex - Requirements : Apex Expansion,
            RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Requirements : @RHSAFRF,
            RHS Desert Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Requirements : @RHSAFRF,
            RHS GREF Chenarus Ground Forces and Nationalist Troops - Requirements : @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF,
            RHS Serbian Armed Forces - Requirements :: @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF,
            Leights Islamic State of Takistan/Sahrani and Afghan Militia - Requirements :  @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF; + (@leights_opfor or @Project_OPFOR),
            Syrian Arab Army and Islamic State - Requirements :: (@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF;@ISC),
            CUP Takistan Army and Takistan Militia - Requirements :: @CBA_A3;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles,
            Massi CSAT Army and Middle East Insurgents - Requirements :: @CBA_A3;@MiddleEastWarfare;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle,
            Massi Takistan Army and Takistan Insurgents - Requirements :: @CBA_A3;@MiddleEastWarfare;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle,
            Massi Africian Rebel Army and Civilian Rebel supporters - Requirements :: @CBA_A3;@AfricanConflict_mas;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle,
            OPTRE Insurrectionists - Requirements :: @CBA_A3;@OPTRE,
            IFA3 Desert US Army - Requirements :: @CUP_Terrains_Core;@IFA3_AIO_LITE,

:: Opposing Forces Spawn Settings ::
    10. Enemy Infantry Probability: options = 25 % chance, 50 % chance, 75 % chance, 100 % chance
    11. Enemy Armor Probability: options = 0 % chance Heavy Armor + Rewards disabled, 25 % chance, 50 % chance, 75 % chance, 100 % chance
    12. Enemy AI Spawn Trigger Distance: options in meters = 200,250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750,800,850,900,950,1000,1050,1100,1150,1200,1250
    13. Maximum Simultaneous Activated Grid Zone Limit: options = 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,150,300,1000
    14. Delay Grid zone deactivation when no friendly players near:    options = Disabled,30 seconds,1 minute,2 minutes,3 minutes,4 minutes,5 minutes,6 minutes,8 minutes,10 minutes,12 minutes,14 minutes,16 minutes,18 minutes,20 minutes,30 minutes
    15. Enable JIG Enemy Air Patrols?: options = No, Helis Only, Fixed Wing Only, Helis and Fixed Wing, Moded Helis Only, Moded Fixed Wing Only, Moded Helis and Moded Fixed Wing
    16. Minimum Enemy Air Patrol Respawn Delay:    options = 45 seconds,5 minutes,10 minutes,20 minutes,30 minutes,40 minutes,50 minutes,60 minutes
    17. Air Patrol way-point type: options = Seek N Destroy, Hunt Players

:: Skills ::
    18. Set AI skill on non EOS units. (ASR AI detection will override this): options = No, Yes
    19. AI accuracy on non EOS units. (ASR AI detection will override this): options = 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9,1

:: Civilians ::
    20. Ambient Mobile Civilians?: options = No, 1 Per Player, 2 Per Player, 3 Per Player, 4 Per Player
    21. Ambient Foot Civilians?: options = No, Yes
    22. Ambient Foot Civilians Probability: options = 25 % chance, 50 % chance, 75 % chance, 100 % chance
    23. Enable Civilian Suicide Bomber?: options = No, Yes

:: Mission Settings ::
    24. Playable Opfor: options = Enabled with no Limits, Enabled if 5 or more blufor players present, Enabled if 7 or more blufor players present, Enabled if 9 or more blufor players present, Enabled if 11 or more blufor players present, Disabled
    25. Logistics:
        options =
            BTC's cargo, towing, object placement and lifting,
            BTC's cargo, towing and object placement. Duda's Advanced Sling Load lifting. Heavy enabled,
            BTC's cargo, towing and object placement. Duda's Advanced Sling Load lifting. Heavy disabled (realistic)
    26. Fatigue and Stamina System:
        options =
            Arma 3 Player Fatigue and Stamina Disabled,
            Arma 3 Default Player Fatigue and Stamina Enabled,
    27. Damage Multiplier (Effective hit on enemy A.I.):    options = Low, Default, High, Very High
    28. Damage Multiplier (Effective hit on Player) - not used when ACE3 mod is loaded:
        options =
            50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% (Unmodified Default), 110%, 120%, 130%, 140%, 150%
    29. Enable CAS1 Group Heli Extraction?: options = No, Yes
    30. Enable Gas Grenades and Masks?:
        options =
            Yes (Yellow Hand and GL smoke grenades. A3 Heli Crew Helmets and or Gas Masks from @hiddenidentitypack, @nato_russian_sf_weapons, @AVON FM12, @FFAA mods
    31. Third person view in vehicles only?: options = No, Yes
    32. Player Markers: options = No, Yes
    33. Recruitable AI units maximum allowed: options = Recruitable AI disabled, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    34. Disable Audible AI Radio?: options = No, Yes
    35. Enable Save/Restore full loadout on respawn?
        options =
            No, respawn with inventory you had at death (Reload Magazine to Save Kit),
    36. Virtual Arsenal Type:
        options =
            Unrestricted Contents Blufor Only,
            Whitelisted Contents Blufor Only,
            Whitelisted Contents Blufor and Opfor,
            Whitelisted Contents Opfor Only
    37. IED system:
        options =
            brians200's IEDs,
            Jig IEDs (detectable with mine detector)
    38. Enable Progression Saving and Restoration?
        options =
            No, clear progression if any is saved,
            Yes, save mission progression and restore if any is saved,
            Yes, save mission progression and clear progression if any is saved

:: Intel/AmmoCaches ::
    39. Enable Enemy Ammo Caches?: options = No, Yes
    40. Show Intel Location Markers?: options = No, Yes
    41. Maximum possible intel per occupied grid zone ratio: options = 1 intel per 2 zones, 1 intel per 3 zones, 1 intel per 4 zones, 1 intel per 5 zones, 1 intel per 6 zones

:: Debug ::
    42. Debug mode?: options = No, Yes
    43. Run performance monitor? (Requires Debug mode Enabled.): options = Off, Every 30 seconds, Once a minute, Once every 5 minutes




Update for v1_50
Fixed: All RHS Titled versions affected/mission.sqm change. MHQ_3 (CH53E variants) model sunken into ground due to RHS updated 0.5.0.
Change: Internal version number to 1.504


Hot fix for v1_50
Fixed: Recruited AI would get stuck in Base Respawn fortification on Livonia and Rosche Germany.
Fixed: Broke Capture and hold Objective in last hotfix (undefined variable).
Change: Internal version number to 1.503


Minor Hot fix for v1_50
Fixed: Progression Restoration race condition on dedicated server.
Fixed: Progression Restoration on Headless client no longer requires headless clients to Join in progress.
Fixed: Delivery Objective Error "waitUntil returned nil. True or false expected". Defaults values added to getvariable. Caused by previous Arma 3 engine update.
Fixed: Opfor player's mission would not end if Blufor player count fell below "Playable Opfor" lobby parameter limits.
Fixed: Classname typo on Opposing Army IFA3 Wehrmacht playable Bluefor slot's default uniform in Green versions.
Fixed: Capture and hold timer could cease prematurely if server has high fps typically when headless clients present.
Change: Mine field map markers created by server when player places a mine. Fix Seems to not have affect on Dedicated server..(Engine bug)
Change: Internal version number to 1.502


Hot fix for v1_50
Added: Rpt. Logging of internal mission version (useful for hot fixes and dev builds) currently version 1.501. Mission file name remains 1_50 for ease and simplicity.
Fixed: No Respawn mode would respawn player at base if revive timer expired. Now BIS spectate is initialized.
Fixed: Potential undefined variable error of deprecated variable Jig_Y_Menu.

Built on A3 engine v1.94
Added: Livonia version
Added: Rosche Germany version.
Added: Anizay version.
Added: Anizay CUP version.
Added: G.O.S. Song Bin Tanh version.
Added: No Respawn mode. No Respawn, only revive. Will spectate with End Game spectator if bled out or respawn forced. After you are revived you can no longer revive others. Does not support ace. Choose one of "Revive System Disabled" lobby options at mission start to activate.
Added: Push Vehicle actions to MHQ_1 and MHQ_2 if these vehicles exist and are Ships.
Added: View distance for UAV controlled vehicles respects Air and Land settings in Viewdistance UI if set before controlling uav gunner or driver.
Added: to objective positioning logic - functionality to remove a small patch of trees and bushes after a few failed attempts of finding clear area to place objectives.
Added: CUP_B_MH47E_USA, CUP_B_MH47E_GB, and Contact helis to BTC logistics.
Added: to lobby parameter "Opposing Army/Mod Initialization" option and factions support for "CUP Armed Forces of the Russian Federation MSV", "LDF and Spetsnaz", "LDF and Looters" and "Spetsnaz and FIA"
Added: Slingloading disabled on static turrets which exist at mission start.
Added: Arsenal Closed weapon removal of blacklisted weapons.
Added: Damage handler preventing damage to vehicles from non projectiles. Used in objectives and civilian driven vehicles (local to server).
Added: Can Float boolean info to Vehicle Reward GUI selection screen.
Added: Support for fastroping in Contanct DLC helis.
Added: More CUP ejection seats to cleanup.
Added: More grid zone markers to St.Kapaulio.
Added: Server precautions for new player who causes WARNING: Function 'name' x has no unit error when joining due to bad connection or packet loss.
Added: Functionality for conversion of some APCs (Marshall and Gorgon) to turretless and some cases changed cammo skin for use as MHQs. Hemmit MHQs replaced with these APCs.
Added: Function to save dawn and dusk times wich is unique to each terrain to variable wich is called by various scripts.
Added: Functionality to switch weaponless versioned Strider to blufor version if used for MHQ_1 and/or MHQ_2 and when INS_Blu_side = WEST.
Added: Contact DLC vehicles to DLC vehicle restriction bypass.
Added: ADR-97s and Contact content to whitelised Arsenal of corresponding sides.
Added: Server name and Mission file name to briefing.
Change: Game menu key moved from Y to H and now activates on key release instead of press for optimization.
Change: Grid spawned enemy AI will only be equiped with night vision goggles and torches if it is night time for optimization.
Change: Hemmit MHQs replaced with turretless Marshall on most maps or turretless Gorgone on some.
Change: Avatar Voice spam disabled.
Change: Removed all heli crew helmets and non blufor pilot helmets from lists of gasmasks. Added Contact gasmasks. Improved efficiency of poison gas grenade system.
Change: Restructured AI related Class name lists from INS_definitions.sqf and eos/UnitPools.sqf wich are chosen based on lobby parameter "Opposing Army/Mod Initialization" have been merged to 1 file, moved to INSfncs\common\fn_AI_unitPools.sqf and commited to memory preinit.
    Previously these were chosen each time a grid marker was activated. This change allows better performance of grid system and a virtually unlimited number of factions to be defined without a performance hit.
Change: Many significant optimization updates to (eos) enemy and civilian grid/spawn systems.
Change: Many minor optimization updates throughout code base.
Change: Redundant "Ambient Foot Civilians" boolean lobby option removed and can be disabled with existing option "Ambient Foot Civilians Probability".
Change: Snow particles surround current camera instead of player object.
Change: Updated mod support/class names for RHS, CUP, Project OPFOR and OPTRE.
Fixed: widthRailWay popup errors wich occured when CAS GUI map was opened. Caused by Arma 3 engine update 1.90.
Fixed: Scripts using playsound3d wich was limited to 5 decibles max in enginge update 1.90.
Fixed: Script error in bullet cam introduced with Arma 3 engine update 1.94.
Fixed: Minor Issue, Heli Group Extraction did not fly away after drop off in dedicated enviroment.
Fixed: Task notifications could fail between death and respawn events.
Fixed: Supply Convoy task could hang on cleanup.
Fixed: Bastion was missing faction parameters.


Added: Three new missions to pack. These are a new fork (Green versions) where main playable side is Independent and opposing playable side is Blufor. These are primarily geared for WWII so far but is expandable for other mods/factions. Thanks to LT.Dang who did the brunt of the conversion.
Added: CUP Zargabad version.
Added: Tanks DLC content/support
Added: Global Message of who killed pilot on Pilot Rescue mission when killer is a player.
Added: EOS and side mission generated AI never run out of magazines.
Added: Instant deletion of useless deployed sleeping bags and respawn tents.
Added: Admin Menu option to clear saved progression combined with end mission.
Added: Admin Menu option and functionality to cancel current side mission ->Thanks to Rory!
Added: Admin Menu option to force Random Mission Generator in case it stops working on its own.
Added: Method to activate Auxiliary addons for detection in zeus/make mod requirements etc. Place content in marker "AuxiliaryContent" located next to server logic. Vehicles and units in this marker will delete at mission start.
Added: Initialization of Ace Arsenal.
Added: Light Snow Storm. Toggle On/Off in Admin panel. (Will auto terminate if rain is initiated by Random or Real Weather)
Added: Dynamic addon activation support for CGR CAT1A2 and MR142 vehicles added in RHS patch 0.4.6
Added: More DLC vehicles to DLC restriction Bypass.
Added: Set trait "explosiveSpecialist" to playable unit types listed in Array INS_W_PlayerEOD in INS_definitions.sqf.
Added: Friendly map icon to extraction heli.
Added: 3D icon (Range 30 meters) for fallen players when ACE_3 activated and no BTC revive systems loaded.
Added: Loging of HC JIP and progress restoration details.
Added: Few more blacklisted structures with building positions but no enterances for intel/ammo cache spawning to Malden, Mogadishu and Napf/Napf Winter.
Added: "I_Plane_Fighter_04_F" to Vanilla Airpatrole.
Added: CUP Satchel from CUP and C-7 Explosive Foam from Operation TREBUCHET to allowed ammo wich can destroy Objective Towers and Ammo Caches.
Added: Data Terminal will face player upon terminal opening and corresponding player animation added.
Added: Data Terminal to zeus editable objects.
Added: Distance limitation of actions added to MHQs and main ammo boxes.
Added: More options for Lobby option "Playable Opfor". Options now include "Enabled with no Limits", "Enabled if 5 or more blufor players present", "Enabled if 7 or more blufor players present", "Enabled if 9 or more blufor players present", "Enabled if 11 or more blufor players present", "Disabled". This results in End mission for Opfor players if not enough blufor players at mission start and is also polled by server approx every 7 minutes.
Added: Ear Plugs button in Y menu now supports ACE_3 earplugs in addition to vanilla.
Added: Player corpse removal when scripted revive systems are disabled through lobby and using for ex. ACE_3 mod for revive.
Added: Button "Subtitle Chatter" to Y menu for cleaner screen. Enables/disables showing of subtitles in a chat. Only scripted/engine chatter is affected, player manual chat is unaffected.
Change: Repositioned base objects for Lingor terrain update 3.9.5.
Change: Removed "Land_BagFence_Long_F" from BTC logistics liftable objects.
Change: Many functions now compiled with preprocessFileLineNumbers instead of preprocessFile so errors can be loged.
Change: Enabled support for custom licence plates.
Change: Random objective is skiped and loged if suitable nearby clear position cannot be found due to poor marker placement in editor.
Change: Improved performance and handling of 3rd person view in vehicles only option.
Change: Improved performance and handling of Pilot Restriction code.
Change: Progression saving and loading lobby option default set to disabled.
Change: Updated support of OPTRE to v0.19.
Change: Updated support of RHS to v0.4.8.
Change: Digital Heading replaced with display control for efficiency and cleaner look. No longer blinks and now works with all turrets and screen center. Customize color in Main Menu/options/game/colors/menu/background if you wish.
Change: Tons of optimizations applied to existing code by numerous methods.
Change: Default lobby option for respawn loadout changed to Reload Magazine to Save Kit.
Change: Auxiliary AI caching (zbe) is disabled by default and variable must be set on group to use this caching sytem.
Change: DriverLess versioned vehicles are now filtered out of Vehicle Reward list.
Change: Earplug volume reduced from 40% to 30%.
Change: All lights on Extraction Helicopter are now disabled.
Change: Briefing sections updated to reflect version update changes, improved descriptions and corrected some inacurracies.
Change: Improved chance reward vehicle will not collide with other objects when created.
Change: Improved chance old Arma bug "Error: No unit" will not occur.
Change: Improved some exsiting language translations.
Change: Updated Lingor/Dingor versions to terrain update v3.9.
Change: Manual save and clear progression can survive cold Server restart. Progression restoration is currently ineffective when headless client is present at start. Workaround - headlessclient(s) need to Join after mission start.
Change: All progression saving is performed on Server and no longer on HC in parallel.
Change: HC can be kicked and will resume properly even if progress saving is not enabled. Note all uncaptured markers/triggers will be rejuvenated/reinforced with AI.
Fixed: Clearing saved progression would restore save on mission restart when many players in lobby and HC present at mission start.
Fixed: Abandoned vehicles respawned to fast.
Fixed: Mission ending did not occurr with updated taskmaster script in v1.48.
Fixed: Some briefing spelling errors.
Fixed: Rewarded vehicles did not have dedicated destroyed cleanup provisioned.
Fixed: Group extraction did not globally kick callers group members out of group beyond 500 meters away from pickup marker. It kicked far members from callers group on callers machine only.
Fixed: Putdown a carried injured player animation was not global.
Fixed: Dynamic loadout and sensor preinit functions runaway loop.
Fixed: Very old bug - Occasional missing actions on intel for JIP players.
Fixed: Pilot rescue could get recruited as suicide bomber.
Fixed: Freezing durring AI HALO again.
Fixed: Brighter Nights would activate even if disabled when Random or Real Weather options were eanabled.
Fixed: Fallen bush and tree cleanup by base markers silently failed.
Fixed: Cancel Evac Action action did not appear on first Evac call.
Fixed: Zeus created enemy units of groups containing one unit were not nessesarily aligned/sided with side INS_Op4_side.
Fixed: Side mission objectives would not start if slotting took to long at mission start.
Fixed: Praetorian on USS_Freedom would freeze when trying to fire by remote control.
Fixed: Race condition/MHQs not recognized by player when many players in lobby at mission start.
Fixed: Race condition/BTC punishment script error at mission start.
Fixed: Script Error in Helmet Cam when in vehicle and when camera feeding AI/group member no longer exists.
Fixed: Vehicle Reward action aquired by destroying an Ammo Cache remained after rewarded vehicle spawned until it was clicked again.
Fixed: Ambient combat sounds were to overbearing.
Fixed: Drag carry was not available while in structures.
Fixed: Headless clients would stop spawning AI when local group limiter was reached.
Fixed: Useless double action "Place Sandbag" would appear on medics if sand bag was placed then you respawned and removed the sand bag.
Fixed: Whitelisted Arsenal interface could reenable load/save preset buttons by right clicking screen.
Fixed: MHQs' markers could be seen by opposing players when Mobile MHQs were enabled with exception of BTC Revive's MHQ system.
Fixed: Op4 players sometimes would unexpedely teleport once to random area sometime after start/join mission.
Fixed: UAVs were inaccessible for players present at mission start (non-JIP).
Fixed: Possibility for 1 or more MHQs to be missing Arsenal actions and tracking markers if multiple MHQs were destroyed at nearly same time when using the Stand alone versioned MHQ system. Issue still remains for local hosted server player.
Fixed: Possibility for player to get stuck when trying to JIP.


Added: Dust Storm script. If left on by admin, it will auto terminate when no players on server or if Random or Real Weather is enabled and it starts to rain.
Added: Admin briefing section with text buttons for Zeus assign and unassign with public or private notice, Global Brighter Nights toggle, Filp Vehicle, High/low speed Dust Storms on-off toggle, local Vehicle Reward and manual mission progression save.
    Admin must login and wait up to 1 minute before panel appears. Panel will remain available until admin goes back to lobby even after logout. (Useful for multiple admins).
Added: Reassigning damage event handlers to AI on locality changed when unassigning Zeus from yourself.
Added: Non owner work around for entering driver and turrets in DLC vehicles.(Currently only affects English A3 versioned owners).
Added: Temporary fix for broken door actions Kunduz.(can be removed if terrain gets updated and fixed)+(Non owner DLC bypass for vehicles not used with Kunduz because inGameUISetEventHandler is not stackable).
Added: Globalization of civilian vehicle textures in Civilian Traffic. (everyone sees the same texture/color now).
Added: Support of custom license plates.(new command currently in Dev Branch).
Added: Saving of grid zone progression persistence system. Can be cleared and disabled by default, enabled and restored or enabled and cleared to start from new by lobby parameter.
Added: Support for JIP of Headless Client incase of kick or crash of Headless Client. Requires HC to be present at mission start, one of the persistence options enabled and mission to be cached into Server and HC. To top off uncaptured zones with enemy, HC can be kicked/will auto rejoin.
Added: Penalty for killing innocent civilians including negative rating to killer of -3500, system chat message of who killed who, global warning marker revealing killer position to all sides for approx. 12 seconds.
Added: Several action translations including Pickup Intel, BTC logistics and BTC Revive and Push etc.
Added: 2 headless Clients supported out of the box by default instead of 1.
Added: HQ side chat message who revived who.
Added: Lobby option for full Arsenal or custom white listed Arsenal. Customizations by class names can be edited in INSfncs\common\fn_BluforVA.sqf and fn_InsurgentVA.sqf. If Whitelisted Arsenal is used then VA Quick Profile and save/load presets will not be available.
Added: Chance clause (1 of 3) suicide bomber spawns on ground if near building not found.
Added: Support for new NH90 heli from FFAA mod as MHQ_3.
Added: Workaround for rare occurrence that players may not be able to see chat messages after respawn.
Added: Units created by Zeus from Independent or East factions will trigger zone occupation by setting their side to the Major Army/Faction's side.
Change: Opfor MHQ switched from medical truck to unarmed Quilin. Bluefor MHQ_1 switched to unarmed Prowler. Ownership of Apex DLC is not required to drive Quilin/Prowler for englished version game. This vehicle can be changed to any type.
Change: Increased delay loop for suicide bomber and now bomber can no longer spawn in same building as target.
Change: VA quick profile loadout action list on MHQs extended from 15 to 20 seconds.
Change: Shortening enemy group spawn delay on Capture N Hold objective depending on defender count size and server fps for higher intensity.
Change: Sleek redesigned Y button G.U.I. menu.
Change: Option Environment effects (ambient life + sound) removed from lobby and replaced by button "Ambient Life" in Y menu.
Change: Many code efficiency optimizations including shortening of code, replacement of older script commands/techniques with newer and faster versions, removal of unused code and decreased network traffic. Significant increase of grid sytem performance and speed.
Change: Some reorganization of functions.
Change: TASKMASTER updated to v0.44 and modified with optimizations.
Change: Added new light weight IED system in which IEDs can be detected with IED detector and uses real IED objects. Old or new sytem Brians200's/Jig IEDs can be selected in lobby. Jig IEDs places IEDs on road and road side and does not depend on markers placed in the editor. The number of IEDs and percentage of fake IEDs can be changed in scripts\JigIEDs.sqf. The placement will always be random. Enable Debug Mode lobby parameter to see IED locations.
Change: "Save Respawn Loadout" action now works without having to load a saved preset from arsenal previously.
Change: Only heli MHQ_3 has Load Cargo action applied instead of all helis for use with Delivery objective.
Change: Added StructureBlacklist, a few more zone markers and relocated some zone markers to reflect Mogadishu terrain update of Dec. 2017.
Change: Removed ability to place/reposition/hide intel with BTC logistics actions.
Change: Only affects ACE_3 moded machines: Disabled ACE Cook Off on Ammo Cache since cache has its own cook off effects and server can issue reward before destroyer wanders off to far to measure. Nearest alive/concious player detection for reward issue increased from 100 to 200 meters from cache./Needs testing feedback.
Change: Op4 MHQ/weapon crate deployment now maintains relative direction and placement spacing as set in editor.
Change: AI recruitment and Heli Extract is denied if player is not in a group lead position registered by group manager.
Change: Increased rewpawn abandonment timer for light and mid weight vehicles.
Fixed: Sniper's bullet cam will no longer activate if planting explosives or throwing grenades and chemlights etc.
Fixed: Enemy AI faction combinations of East mixed with Independent are now grouped with the major faction's side, meaning both factions always trigger zone occupation for AI spawned by EOS.
Fixed: Hold timer discrepancy between players affecting Capture N Hold objective. Everyone's now sees same time on countdown timer.
Fixed: AI recruits are deleted when player disconnects if player's former group leader is not inherited by another player or if group abandoned with no lead player.
Fixed: Vehicle would get stuck under ground if pilot did not release lifted vehicle and died or vehicle released under ground when using BTC's heli vehicle lift.
Fixed: Several MP/dedicated server issues in heli group extraction.
Fixed: Al Rayak had misnamed markers in INS_definitions.sqf array all_eos_mkrs.
Fixed: Some Russian translations.
Fixed: By BIS. Headless Client would crash after 500-800 AI deaths.
Fixed: Hijacked vehicles would delete while occupied by players.
Fixed: Task update notifications did not wait until player was alive.
Fixed: Several legitimate "unknown enum value" errors starting with A3 patch 1.78.
Fixed: Drag, Carry and Load into vehicle for downed players. Finally 🙂
Fixed: Foot patrols spawned in grids by eos would eventually stop patrolling and wonder off to grid [0,0,0].
Fixed: Copilot could take control of aircraft if pilot restriction was enabled and his class type was not whitelisted.
Fixed: Possible long standing eos script error spam and fps loss on server occurred when headless client present.
Fixed: Moved CAS aircraft tracking marker handling to server in case player disconnects before completion and leaves marker behind.
Fixed: Often times BTC Lift HUD toggle and Lift scroll actions in Helis would not appear.
Fixed: Opfor players occasionally receive constant black screen at start until going back to lobby and starting again in multiplayer environment. Needs testing/feedback.
Fixed: Accumulation of empty groups when headless client present.
Fixed: Arsenal actions on respawned MHQs missing for JIP players.
Fixed: Error- Unsupported language English in stringtable.
Fixed: Script error on player providing revive after the end of revive when injured was to far away.
Fixed: Not all visible zone markers were accessible to caches, intel or accounted for ending trigger in Mogadishu.
Fixed: Unexpected behavior occurred in BTK punishment when player switched to side "Enemy".
Fixed: After using HuntIR, any other existing display event handlers were deleted.
Fixed: Cut Rope on ATM Halo drop works repeatably and chute will auto open if drop height is altered.
Fixed: Freezing occurred when recruited AI HALO.
Fixed: Ai Damage multiplier was applied unnecessarily when no modification (Default) option was selected in lobby.
Fixed: Opfor players could green activated grid zones when Insurgents not present in zones.
Fixed: Errors relating to Opfor player respawn position and changed behavior of "BASE" respawn menu choice. Now it will put player next to MHQ if no blufor players are available to spawn near or clear space not available instead of map center. Previously this only occurred if BTC revive was disabled but MHQ system was enabled.



BMR_Insurgency_v1.47 hotfix
Update Changes of base code to BMR_Insurgency_v1.47 only pertain to class names related to mod update RHS v0.4.3.
mission.sqm files modified for versions with RHS in mission name.
Fixed: error- Cannot create non-ai vehicle rhssaf_army_m10_digital_spec_exp replaced with rhssaf_army_m10_digital_exp
Fixed: removed aircraft "RHS_Su25SM_KH29_vvsc" and "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_UPK23_vvsc" which currently contain config errors.
Fixed: vehicle class rhs_melb_ah6m_H no longer exists
Added: addon activation for Mk.V SOC, Mig29/L-18, M1220 M1232 type vehicles.
Added: rhsusf_M1078A1R_SOV_M2_D_fmtv_socom to West Repair Trucks
Added: new ejection seat from RHS update 0.4.3 to cleanup.
Change: replaced RHS aircraft on base for new dynamic loadout versions.


Added: 2 Malden versions.
Added: Jets DLC content and USS Freedom to terrains with sea.
Added: Teleport to USS Freedom at flagpole action will be available if Arma 3 carrier object is placed on the map and named USSfreedom.
Added: Server function INS_replace_pylons to respawn aircraft with editor modified loadout. Requires unique global variable in plane's init field to store and recall loadout ex. pylons1 = getPylonMagazines this;
Added: Cfg function replacePylons for custom loadouts to work with Carrier placed aircraft using Vehicle Respawn modules.
Added: Cfg function reinstateSensors to work with Carrier placed aircraft using Vehicle Respawn modules and reinstating editor sensors attributes.
Added: Server functions INS_noBTC_Logistics, INS_unilimitedAmmo and INS_fold_wings.
Added: Opfor player gets kicked out of planes.
Added: FFAA Lythium version.
Added: BMR_Insurgency CUP.fallujah version
Added: Advanced Sling Loading by Duda and lobby options for Logistics combinations.
Added: Cleanup for canopies and ejection seats from Jets DLC.
Added: Reverse to planes when stoped with F3 key or user action 3.
Added: When no players/lull on dedicated server infantry clean up of abondoned recruits, zuesed AI and simulation disabled AI leaders.
Added: Enhancements to mission ending - circling cam, music and flares if night time.
Added: IFA3 explosives allowance for ammo cache and objectives.
Added: Server reports mission parameters to .rpt.
Added: Support for gasmask from @Hidden Identity v3 mod.
Fixed: Scripting-Error in expression <riable "BTK_CargoDrop_ActionAdded"; if (_BTK_CargoDrop_ActionAdded) exitWith {};> introduced with Jets DLC/Arma 3 game update 1.70
Fixed: Possibility for Land Data Terminal to get stuck under buildings on some terrains.
Fixed: Possibility for Capture and Hold objective to runaway with unlimited defensive AI spawns.
Fixed: Sort of/Needs more work for repeatability - Cut Rope on ATM Halo drop.
Fixed: Previously unused portion of JIG_transfer_fnc allowing to teleport to position array.
Fixed: Cargo box would vanish if moving to fast when air droped in Delivery objective.
Fixed: TitleText notice error in Delivery objective.
Fixed: Vehicles lifted with helicopters no longer get stuck in air when released at high speed.
Fixed: Possibility for some intel markers to remain after ammo cache destroyed.
Fixed: Medic's sandbag now deploys at correct height on rooftops.
Fixed: Possible script hang in Delivery.sqf.
Fixed: Lobby Parameter "Damage Multiplier (Effective hit on enemy A.I.)" Low option was broken.
Fixed: Breifing would not appear after A3 update 1.70.
Fixed: Vehicle Reward was not issued to nearest blufor player to ammo cache when ACE charge used.
Fixed: Repair pad triggers were modifying player loadouts.
Fixed: Missing player classes from EOD specialists. (A3 recon and OPTRE types).
Fixed: Lobby parameter "AI accuracy on non EOS units" did not properly apply desired value.
Change: Lobby parameter "Environment effects (ambient life + sound)" supports disabling ambient life/animals seperately or including ambient sound.
Change: Some remote execution from old BIS_fnc_MP to newer remoteExec. Improved JIP loading.
Change: Moved blufor base to AAC Air field (Altis version).
Change: Reverted to getPosATL and position script command from getWorldPos in repetitive_cleanup.sqf and MAD_traffic.sqf (was necessary in high altitude terrains ex. Lythium)
Change: Crews no longer dissembark in Supply and Armed Convoy objectives when vehicle has broken tracks/wheels.
Change: Minor optimizations when using floor and round random commands.
Change: Marksman, Spotter and Sniper Bullet Cam now uses "FiredMan" eventhandler instead of "Fired" to allow bullet cam in turrents and vehicles in addition to hand held weapons.
Change: Shortend Brighter Nights by 1.5 hours.
Change: Calculation of required points for additional air droped UGV triggered automatically after 3rd drop.
Change: Vehicle Reward scroll bar now visible with interface size between normal to very small. Thanks to Lecks.
Change: Moved Earplug actions to Y Menu button.
Change: Pawnee and Wipeout have modified loadouts.
Change: Updated IFA3 new civilian vehicle class names.
Change: Replaced hand placed zone markers in Fallujah version with automated zone marker creation. Now covers whole city.
Change: MQ-4A Greyhawk, MQ-12 Falcon, Hellcat, AH-9 Pawnee, AH-99 Blackfoot and A-164 Wipeout (CAS) and CUPS's A-10 exchanged for new dynamic loadout versions.
Change: Removed obsolete AceModuleSettings.hpp. All ACE configuration must be done by modules from editor.


Added: Option "CSAT Pacific and Syndikat Apex" to Lobby parameter "Opposing Army/Mod Initialization".
Added: Support for @AVON FM12 Respirator Pack gas mask "avon_fm12_strapless".
Added: Iron Front WWII mod support and hard requirement IFA3 Staszow Terrain version (An excelent Insurgency mode terrain).
Added: RHSSAF mod and serbian faction support.
Added: RHS vdv faction support.
Added: @Operation-TREBUCHET (HALO) mod support. Thanks to Costno. Added compatibility for Pelican as MHQ_3 to load cargo box for Delivery Objective.
Added: @Lingor Island v3.81 Terrain version.
Added: Dingor Terrain version. Requires Lingor v3.81.
Added: @X-Cam-Taunus (Version 1.1) Terrain version.
Added: 5 Hard Requirement RHS versions. Play as RHS units and RHS equipment/vehicles are placed on bases. Altis,Tanoa,Takistan,N'Ziwasogo and Mogadishu terrains.
Added: 2 Hard Requirement Operation-TREBUCHET versions. Altis and Lingor.
Added: Lobby parameter for player damage multiplier. Note has no Affect when BTC Quick revive is selected.
Added: MHQs can be selected from respawn drop down menu in BTC Quick revive respawn screen.
Added. Opfor players can teleport to MHQs from their flag pole when BTC Reveive or BTC Quick revive is selected.
Added: Brighter Night code by Ralian and lobby parameter to disable..
Added: New objective retrieve_data. The side who downloads the data at the Land Data Terminal first wins. Objective only spawns in uncaptured zones.
Added: Shell sounds to CAS bombs.
Added: More occupied zones to jungle areas and fortress ruins(Tanoa).

Added: A few more marker zones to Takistan version.
Added: "rhsusf_M977A4_REPAIR_BKIT_M2_usarmy_d","rhsusf_M977A4_REPAIR_BKIT_usarmy_d","rhsusf_M977A4_REPAIR_BKIT_M2_usarmy_wd","rhsusf_M977A4_REPAIR_BKIT_usarmy_wd" to new list of towing vehicles in new variable INS_TowTruck in INS_definitions.sqf.
Added: Push action to ships spawned by Vehicle Reward.
Added: Group heli extract automatically kicks members from group if their distance from caller exceeds distance defined by JIG_EX_Group_Dis (Default 500 meters).
Added: Lobby Parameter option to enable/disable Player Markers. Disabled by default.
Added: Ear Plugs Action to main weapon crates if ACE3 mod is not running.
Added: Auto Countermeasure and HALO actions to fixed wing. Requires optional CBA_A3 mod on client and server.
Added: Once max number of air droped UGV request is reached then one additional UGV request can be made every 25 points earned thereafter.
Added: Compatibility to load cargo box for Delivery Objective in MHQ_3 for RHS Super Stallion "rhsusf_CH53E_USMC_D" and "rhsusf_CH53E_USMC_W".
Added: RHS playable unit class names to //Blufor Player class types. Opfor playable units are still Arma 3 units and redressed according to mod.
Added: Variable StructureBlackList in INS_definitions.sqf. Intel and ammo cache will not spawn in these structures.
Added: Drop_SmokeFlare_fnc. Used in Capture and Hold objective. Will fire flares over outpost at night untill captured and will create smoke to obscure enemy AI once captured.
Added: Crater removal to repetitive_cleanup.sqf affecting whole terrain.
Added: Mods running on server are now available in Zeus.
Added: Support for moded heli extraction choppers @RHSUSF3 Chinnoks - "RHS_CH_47F_10" and "RHS_CH_47F_light".
Added: 51 zone markers in Al Rayak version.
Added: Static emplacements spawned by EOS are in random direction.
Fixed: Dedicated server cleanup code in Heli Extraction.
Fixed: BIS_fnc_mp JIG_EX_MPhint_fnc errors in extraction_main.sqf.
Fixed: Assigning Zeus function should now only work for correct player. To assign/unassign yourself Zeus log in as admin and run this code local in debug console - [player,true] spawn INS_Zeus_MP;
Fixed: Killed Recuited AI remained in group.
Fixed: Accumulation of player's CAS action.
Fixed: Recativated grids zones sometimes created hidden units due to zbe cache timing.
Fixed: Broken EOS code in version 1.45. Reverted to set command instead of pushback in eos_core.sqf and eos_civ_core.sqf. EOS would not cache all it's units.
Fixed: Mission's Helmet Cam and ACE3 Helmet Cam conflict.
Fixed: Mission's HuntIR is now disabled when ACE3 is running sine ACE3 also has HuntIR because it breaks ACE3's interaction menu.
Fixed: Sometimes objectives would not get assigned.
Fixed: road_block.sqf script hang when connected road did not exist ex.(Tanoa).
Fixed: Server frame drop when revive timer exceeded in BTC Revive.
Fixed: Timer sync issue in capture n hold objective.
Fixed: Vehicle Reward now spawns vehicle in direction of road if map click is on road.
Fixed: Missing code to set time when Weather parameter "Static Weather 100% Overcast (Weather Disabled)" is selected.
Fixed: vehRespawn.sqf script error started with A3 patch 1.66 if vehicle did not have a name.
Fixed: Suicide bombers were not spawned when a draftee was not available.
Fixed: /added compatibility with ACE3 when bailing from choppers.
Fixed: by BIS - Disable Audible AI Radio lobby parameter no longer disables lock on ability of hand held launchers though audible lock signal is still missing.
Fixed: Player becomes AI after disconnect. Caused by game update 1.68
Change: Recruited AI no longer die when there is only 1 human player in group and he dies.
Change: Replaced hand placed zone markers in N'Ziwasogo version with Automated zone marker creation. Increased from appoximately 350 to 1490 zone markers.
Change: Less chance of empty zone markers in Fallujah version.
Change: Rewrote objective static defense function spawn_Op4_StatDef. Now excepts parameters - position, number of emplacements, radius.
Change: Removed BTC logistic actions from ammo cache.
Change: CAS and sand bags on base prohibited.
Change: Toxic Gas no longer has affect on Blufor base.
Change: Extended abandon timer of Opfor player's Mohawk from 2 to 60 minutes.
Change: Iraqi-Syrian Conflict mod support updated to support v10 with dependencies @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF.
Change: MHQ_1 from HEMTT Transport to Prowler(Tanoa).
Change: Ammo box CSAT IED to CSAT Explosives (Tanoa).
Change: BTC Revive now uses hold Spacebar action to revive which allows aborting revive action.
Change: Parameter CiviMobiles now can manipulate number of spawned civilian Vehicles per player in addition to disabling.
Change: Increased chance projectiles emitted from ammo cache will fire into the air for visual affect.
Change: Integrated new command BIS_fnc_switchLamp to cut_power task. All lamps near objective area are switched on at start for objective repeatability.
Change: Less chance of rain at mission start when Real Weather enabled.
Change: Distance in Killed by Info displays round whole number for readability.
Change: Killed by info no longer displays when you killed yourself or Arma thinks you did.
Change: Now possible to have multiple intruder protection triggers on more than 1 base. Example Fallujah northern and southern Blufor bases.
Change: Air Patrol way point markers are now periodically updated when in Debug Mode.
Change: Suicide Bomber will spawn in building if one is near and recruit is unavailable.

Change: Removed Loadout Transfer action from main blufor crate. Script does not behave as expected. I cannot fix. Try mod version for substitute.
Change: Several minor code optimizations to many scripts.
Change: code optimization - INS_SuicideBomber.sqf and related functions.
Change: code optimization - removed repetitive call lines in OpenMeCiv.sqf.
Change: code optimization - In INS_definitions.sqf generates a variable for each parameter based on all the parameter class names in Parameters.hpp.
Change: code optimization - replaced get_loadout.sqf and set_loadout.sqf with new native getUnitLoadout and setUnitLoadout commands.
Change: code optimization - removed redundant SHK_buildingpos.sqf scripts.



Added: Tanoa version and Apex compatibility to all versions.
Added: Compatibility for vehicle rewards when ACE explosive used to destroy ammo cache. The nearest Blufor player to ammo cache location will be issued reward if scripted charge/Ace charge is used.
Added: Light weight solution lobby option/feature for fully restored kit or current depleted kit when player respawned. Reloading magazine,throwing nade, setting charge ect. will trigger saving current kit to memory.
Added: Script Reveal_Marker.sqf WIP. What it does - It locally makes markers on the map revealing all units within range and for duration defined in launch parameters only for script executioner.
    Purpose is really only a debugging tool or for server admins to find stranglers or AI stuck in rocks.
Added: Any Stacked event handlers running on server at mission start will automatically add its key IDs to StackedEHkeysWhiteList.
    Stacked EHs initiated after mission start are allowed and ignored as in version 1.44. See post #382 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/171050-bmr-insurgency/?p=2977880)on resolution if you still have problems.
Added: Stacked EH KEY ID exceptions to StackedEHkeysWhiteList for Enhanced Movement mod, TFAR mod and ACRE mod.
Added: Check for "GROUP" CameraView when using allow 3rd person in vehicles only.
Added: Compatibility option for CUP Takistan Army and Takistan Militia. Requires @CBA_A3;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles/replaced @mec combo option.
Added: Compatibility option for Middle East Warfare mod using HIGH DISPERSION version units. Requirements: @CBA_A3;@MiddleEastWarfare;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle
Added: Compatibility option for RHS GREF Chenarus Ground Forces and Nationalist Troops. Requirements: @rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3;@rhs_gref
Added: Napf and Napf Winter map version. Requires @Napf Island A3, @cup_terrains_core, and @cup_terrains_maps.
Added: Diyala Iraq map version. Requires @DYA_V1.0 and @Jbad.
Added: Saint Kapaulio map version. Requires @kapaulio, @cup_terrains_core, @cup_terrains_maps, @Jbad, @RSPN, African Foliage, MBG Killhouses A3 [ALPHA].
Added: Ear Plug option when in helicopters. Requires CBA mod installed on client and server.
Added: 3D Compass through gunner view when in helicopters. Requires CBA mod installed on client and server.
Added: Option/Frame work to support moded air patrol in addition to stock air patrol.
Added: Delay for disabling stamina option when ASR_AI and ACE_3 mods are detected at mission start/JIP.
Added: Global variable in INS_maxClueDis INS_definitions.sqf. Defines maximum distance from ammo cache to Intel clue marker.
Added: Crater removal from base.
Added: Opfor players have engineer traits in addition to medic class.
Added: Opposing Army option AAF (major faction) combined with FIA (minor faction).
Added: Admin can toggle between creating Zeus on the fly/become Curator or delete current Zeus Curator Module through Debug Console by execute local-- [player,true] spawn INS_Zeus_MP --the second parameter boolean is for global announcement. ZEUS interface key (Left Ctrl + y).
Added: ace_medical_preventinstadeath.
Fixed: AceModuleSettings.hpp.
Fixed: Error sound paths not found for dialog interfaces caused by engine update.
Fixed: Error LineMarker caused by engine update.
Fixed: missing a couple of ; in version 1.44. in delivery.sqf and init_player.sqf.
Fixed: Grid zone Limiter was deactivating grids that were activated before limit was reached.
Fixed: Air dropped UGV ending up inside building no longer possible.
Fixed: Rhythmic frame drop beginning at mission start on smaller terrains. Replaced function air_spawn_center_fnc with RandomAirCenterOp4 function.
Fixed: Several zones had multiple EOS call line/trigger activations in Zargabad versions
Fixed: CAS GUI popup error caused by Arma update 1.6
Change Updated support for African Conflict mod. Requires: @CBA_A3;@AfricanConflict_mas;@NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle
Change Updated support for Iraqi Syrian Conflict (ISC).
Change: Updated zbe_cache_script to v4.6a.
Change: Most scripts and functions have been optimized and shortened by many means including newer commands, shorter variables, more clever code, consolidation and removal of many threads. Many noticeable and significant optimizations to core grid system EOS.
Change: Sahrani, Zargabad Takistan, Fata, Fallujah and Clafghan versions now require CUP terrains (@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_maps) instead of AIA terrain pack.
Change: Extended search radius of building positions used to place intel.
Change: buildingExit filtered from possible intel/cache placement positions.
Change: Updated unit pool classes and mod auto detect activation for CUP and RHS mods.
Change: You can now set which enemy AI factions are issued NVGs by variable eosFacNVG in INS_definitions.sgf. Default settings - only all regular/major armies are equipped.
Change: Mortar Squad has wider dispersion of artillery.
Change: More possible variation of vehicle types in Support and Armed Convoy missions.

Fixed: Updated Iraqi Syrian Conflict V.5 mod support. Requirements : @iraqi_syrian_conflict;@cup_weapons;@mas_nato_rus_sf_veh;@rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3
Fixed: Was possible for medic's placeable sandbag to be placed underground and loose ability to remove and create another.
Fixed: Bail from chopper not available after CBA update.
Fixed: TAW view distance popup error on first use. Started with A3 patch 1.50.
Fixed: ATM Halo Bad Vehicle Type popup error occurred when HALO jumper did not have a backpack.
Fixed: Group leader of blufor AI freezing when his AI halo.
Fixed: BTC revive flickering message who is near to revive.
Fixed: Recruited AI now can be transported with with Evac Heli.
Fixed: Blufor's deployed farp marker was visible to opfor when JIP.
Fixed: On some terrains bug prevents UGV engine from starting after UAV operator calls in UGV air drop.
Fixed: Fast Rope from choppers.
Added: Support for 1 headless client. If HC crashes/disconnects then all remaining spawned grid AI will reside on server. If Headless Client JIP or rejoins then future spawned grid AI will reside on Headless Client.
Added: Mogadishu Map version.
Added: Clafghan Map version.
Added: Helipad lights on blufor and opfor bases.
Added: Unique layer to killed info message when playing in multiplayer.
Added: Some 1x and 2x optics to Op4 supply crate.
Added: additional Server cleanup/maintenance performed when server has 0 players.
Added: New mission - Clear Road Block.
Added: Measure to prevent ammo cache from getting buried/hidden by building ruins before cache is destroyed.
Added: ACE parachute HALO compatibility.
Added: Mission ends for player exceeding team kill punishment limiter defined by variable BTC_tk_last_warning in INS_Definitions.sqm. Default : 3
Added: Lobby parameter to disable play as Opfor. If disabled, Mission will end for Opfor player and will be asked to join a Blufor slot.
Added: Lobby parameter to disable audible friendly AI radio.(adversely disables missile lock tone).
Added: Lobby parameter to enable scripted poisonous gas grenades. Yellow hand and GL smoke grenades are Toxic. For immunity wear A3 Heli Crew or Pilot Helmet. Also supports gas masks from Hidden Identity Pack v2 and NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons mods.
Added: Clause to AI Halo which delays drop start until recruitment que is empty and clause to exclude AI in vehicles.
Added: UAV service repair/refuel/rearm on marker with description "Fixed Wing Repair".
Added: Ability/action to transfer loadouts to other players and recruited AI at blufor base main ammo box.
Added: Russian localization translation. Thanks to macmillan11.
Added: German localization translation. Thanks to Mr.Ripley.
Added: Functionality to delay deactivation of zones when player leaves or dies in trigger area. Modifiable by lobby parameter Thanks to Mr.Ripley and son.
Added: Functionality to limit the number of grid zones simultaneously activated. Modifiable through lobby parameter. Zones with completed activation before limiter was reached will stay activated if using deactivation delay.
Change: Default maximum infantry per zone doubled. Higher concentration within fewer zones possible. With the new simultaneous zone limiter it is possible to avoid bog or crash because of to many AI on server or headless client.
Change: Exchanged an Ammo Bearer slot for additional Engineer slot. Multiple engineers supported now though only one FARP can exist.
Change: Decreased intensity of ambient combat sounds.
Change: Removed VA Preloader.
Change: Removed all Arsenal actions for opfor players.
Change: Improved less desync on player JIP.
Change: Removed lightning bolt on intro.
Change: Increased Font size of mission added actions on Flag Pole, Main Ammo Crates and FARP.
Change: Removed original music clip. Ending now plays nostalgic native quote videos and displays intro banner image to reduce mission size.
Change: Suicide bomber average recurrence frequency slightly reduced.
Change: Reduced network traffic in handling of JIP intel actions.
Change: Opfor no longer receive score for picking up intel.
Change: Once all objective missions are complete objective pool is recycled.
Change: Replaced option to disable fatige with option to disable new stamina sytem.
Change: Replaced the Sahrani version dependancies from @AllInArmaTerrainPack;@smd_a3 to @CUP_Terrains;@CUP_Sahrani


Added: Bornholm version.
Added: F.S.F. Al Rayak version.
Added: Flip vehicle ability/action to FARP.
Added: AI Halo ability/action to blufor base flag pole.
Added: Status hud and digital heading are automatically reactivated on respawn if they were activated before death respectively.
Added: "Save Loadout" action now uses native BIS functions and generates confirmation sound.
Added: Optional Bail from chopper ability/Extended EventHandler. Requires CBA mod
Added: Support for Iraqi Syrian Conflict mod.
Added: Support for Leight's Opfor Pack mod.
Added: Functionality to restrict aircraft piloting to only specified classes in array INS_PlayerPilot located in INS_definitions.sqf. (Default no restriction)
Added: Boats now have push action as recourse for stuck/beached craft.
Added: Stand alone MHQ system.
Added: Recruited AI skills function.
Added: Fog effect to objective areas before dawn. (Requires lobby parameter "Environment effects" Enabled.)
Added: Civilian vehicles from supported mod sets.
Added: Began adding string-table multi-language support for in game messages. So Far English, French, Russian and Spanish added (WIP).
Added: Suicide bomber script will try to recruit/draft nearby civilian, has chance of deadMan switch, and will have grenade in his clothes as bomber evidence. Thanks to SupahG33K for these additions.
Fixed: Stringtable.xml errors.
Fixed: Virtual Arsenal quick loadout error on MHQs.
Fixed: FARP deployment related script errors.
Fixed: Assigned intro banner unique rsclayer to avoid infinite black screen.
Fixed: Exploding choppers on pilot seat entry again.
Fixed: Team Kill punishment option is now working.
Fixed: Helicopter extraction will now fly away after drop off. Improved repeatability.
Fixed: Possible CAS called aircraft never completes and does not delete.
Change: Replaced my version of Ambient Combat Sound with Mickey74's improved Ambient battle sounds script version.
Change: Replaced aeroson's group manager with BIS's group manager.
Change: Removed support for discontinued Middle Eastern Conflict mod.(WIP)
Change: Replaced Vehicle System (vSys) with ASOR Vehicle Selector v1.4 by Lecks which will spawn moded and unmoded vehicles (used for vehicle rewards).
Change: All map click functions now use Stacked EventHandlers for universal mod compatibility.
Change: Capture and hold task will dynamically extend hold timer based on number of Blufor defenders present within 200 meters of objective once captured.
Change: Removed recruited AI radio chatter.
Change: Re-added Virtual Arsenal Preloader.
Change: Less chance a hunting chopper will stop and hover near player position without engaging.
Change: Several minor script optimizations.

Fixed: Takistan version missing digital heading script update.
Fixed: Possibility for mission stuck on black screen.
Added: Mobile civilians will no longer spawn on Blufor base.

Added: Altis, Fata, Kunduz, and SMD Sahrani versions.
Added: Virtual Arsenal Preloader
Added: Virtual Arsenal quick loadout.
Added: Static Weather Overcast options.
Added: Support for "Hamas and Hezbollah" factions from MEC mod.
Added: "Save Loadout" action to main Blufor ammo box. This will restore loadout on respawn/revive.
Added: More zones to coastlines in N'ziwasogo version.
Added: Marksman DLC content.
Fixed: @MEC related errors. Removed all "MEC_XXX_RPG7Grenadier" units. Missing rpg.p3d caused popup errors.
Fixed: Digital Heading activation only requires 1 button press now after respawn/revive.
Fixed: High bandwidth usage and latency for all players when JIP occured.
Fixed: Exploding helis upon driver entry on all helis.
Fixed: Civilians can no longer trigger mine filed objective failure.
Change: Default RHS Opfor player loadout has 9 rifle mags.
Cahnge: Removed useless "Load Cargo" action from Opfor players.
Change: Delivery objective will utilize anti-air vehicles from one of the optionally activated mod sets.
Change: Removed VAS.

Added: Lobby parameter "Maximum possible intel per occupied grid zone ratio" Possible ratios are "1 intel : 2 zones" to "1 intel : 6 zones".
Added: Mine Detector Script by Lala14.
Added: Modified-Fatigue by Quiksilver selectable in lobby parameter "Fatigue System".
Added: Recruited Ai will now revive player if at least one other player exists in group and BTC Quick Revive is enabled in lobby parameters.
Added: Rocket munitions fire from exploded ammo cache in random directions.
Added: Improved handling of intel actions for JIP.
Fixed: Start time lobby parameter was broken in last version when used in combination with Random Weather.
Fixed: Opfor intro would fade to black screen until first respawn.
Fixed: Intel generation script hang. Added redundant fail safes for valid and compatible building positions.
Fixed: Exploding AH-99 Blackfoot on respawn/entry in Stratis base.
Change: CAS aircraft from Buzzard to Wipeout.
Change: Shortened que time length in AI recruitment.
Change: Added RHS_A10 to air field when @rhs_usf3 mod detected and air field is used by blufor (defaults to Wipeout as in previous version).
Change: Intel object count is dynamically adjusted upon Ammo Cache spawning based on uncaptured zones and maximum intel lobby param ratio.

Fixed: Bugs in implementation of optional BTC Quick Revive.
Fixed: On hilly terrain like Stratis it was possible for objectives to not find a suitable clear area.
Fixed: Could not Disable AI recruitment.
Changed: replaced Bon's Infantry Recruitment background UI graphic with transparent black box reducing mission size.

Added: Stratis Version. No mods required.
Added: Ability to save loadout to Op4's weapons crate.
Added: Optional BTC Quick Revive Support.
Added: MHQ option in Revive Sytem MP lobby parameters.
Added: Partial fix for AGM explosives compatibility.
Added: Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux -- by Moser.
Change: Vehicle Air Drop Reward position uses new mapclick function instead of player position.
Change: Delivery mission to make compatible with no MHQ in revive system.
Change: Blufor Base/Zone protection from BIS module to a more consistent scripted function. All enemy intruders are intrinsically killed.
Change: Assigned Status Hud a toggle button in UI.
Change: Add MP lobby Parameter Logistics.
Change: Updated real_weather.sqf v1.2 to v1.3
Change: Updated MEC to support CUP instead of Massi's weapons
Change: Consolidated heli paint functions into one "paint_heli_fnc" based on terrain.
Change: Many minor optimizations to scripts.
Fixed: VAS weapons blacked out. Added VAS support for AGM items.
Fixed: Script error in deployOpforMHQ.sqf.
Fixed: Respawned ammo cache debug marker.
Fixed: Some intel didn't have grab action.
Fixed: Heli Extraction was broken 1 or 2 versions previous.

Fixed :Clean up errors in objectives.
Changed: some enemy presence default lobby parameters for each map.

Added: CAF Agressors support.
Added: RHS support.
Added: Taliban and ISIS factions from Middle Eastern Concflict mod.
Added: Consolidated mod support into 1 version per island. (Choose mod support in parameter "Opposing Army/Mod Initialization")
Added: New mission Destroy mortar squad. Good Luck!
Added: New mission Destroy armed convoy.
Added: New mission Capture n Hold.
Added: Ambient combat sounds 3d.
Added: CH-67 Huron to base and Mi-290 Taron to AI scripts.
Added: New objects from Helicoptor DLC.
Added: Flares to little birds.
Added: Option in lobby parameter "Revive system" allowing only medics to revive.
Added: Lobby parameter "Grass Option None" : "Disable", "Enable" for TAW View Distance.
Added: ZBE_Cache v4.4b by zorrobyte. Adds AI caching to Objective infantry.
Added: CH67 Huron to Logistics script.
Added: Better Joint Rail mod support by Robalo to VAS.
Added: "Restore Loadout" action to Op4_MHQ
Added: Damage protection to Op4 weapon crates.
Fixed: Buged wheels stuck in ground in supply convoy mission.
Fixed: Suicide bomber script rpt spam.
Fixed: EOS nvg_gogles error. Factions now spawn with correct Night Vision Goggles.
Fixed: Possible script hang in delivery mission.
Change: Optimized many script operations using newer commands pushBack and isEqualTo.
Change: Initialization order of tasks/ammo cache scripts.
Change: Opfor AAF players have magnified scope "optic_Hamr" on default loadout.
Change: Updated TAW view Distance script to v1.4.
Change: Advanced flight controls set to options based.
Change: Removed Opfor vehicle reward for ammo cache destroyed.
Change: Adjusted layout of Lobby MP Parameters.
Change: Updated MEC mod support to v0172.
Change: Aircraft no longer cause zones to spawn.

Added: Fallujah mod variants.
Added: Opfor players can deploy MHQ truck which will set CSAT ammo, weapons and support boxes at OpforMHQ location.
Added: New Convoy mission.
Summary: Blufor must destroy all 4 support vehicles and their crew.
Added: modified BIS_fnc_taskPatrol "Veh_taskPatrol_mod" function code by Demonized to fix some vehicle bugs not moving when speed or behavior was not defined for each waypoint.
Added: based protection to Blufor bases. Opfor players have 10 seconds to leave the zone or will be killed.
Added: loby parameter to disable environmental effects (ambient life + sound) for minor performance increase.
Added: function to set array of markers to alpha 0 for those created/moved by opposing side.
Added: Virtual Arsenal and VAS actions to player in Debug mode.
Added: remove_charge function code by Iceman. Removes mine base from Ammo cache object.
Added: ammo cache Bo_Air_LGB explosion effect from original Insurgency by Pogoman & Fireball & Kol9yN.
Fixed: Map click teleport in Debug mode.
Fixed: Respawn and spectate button moved down away from screen edge. Should resolve issue for laptop users who can't see the buttons.
Fixed: Starting time parameter now working with both weather scripts.
Fixed: Buttons and dialog text on Halo interface.
Fixed: Intel and ammo cache stuck in floors and walls of buildings.
Fixed: Script errors in rewarded vehicle paradrop.
Fixed: Cargo ramp animation error on Mohawks used in Delivery mission. Error was due to BIS command update.
Change: Merged all OpenMe.sqf variant scripts from EOS to one file in effort to reduce mission and add easier modding flexibility.
Change: Suicide bomber target tracking to realtime tracking.
Change: Doubled number of maximum foot civilians spawned. Previous max number equivilant can be achieved by setting foot civilian probability lobby parameter
to 50%.
Change: Streamlined Opfor player default loadout script.
Change: TK punishment time increased to 60 seconds. Added sound fx.
Change: minor script optimization in handling of moded/unmoded factions and classnames
Change: spectate camera stutter removed.

Added: New mission Delivery.
Summary: Blufor must load supply box into MHQ_3 Mohawk and deliver to task marker via air drop or landed unload without dying or loosing MHQ_3.
Added: UI for view settings and digital heading and removed player actions handling this. Thanks to Dirty Haz.
Added: Enemy Armor probability lobby parameter.
Added: Vehicle rewarded action para dropped to player who destroys ammo cache.
Added: SimpleCrateRefill to ammo boxes at blufor base.
Added: black listing of objects to prevent moving by logistics script. Array name INS_log_blacklist. Ammo boxes, flag poles at base etc. can no longer be moved.
Added: A3 music to intro. Don't forget to make sure music is turned up in audio settings.
Added: friendly player markers.
Added: Marine Dock to N'zwasogo version.
Added: More zones to N'Ziwasogo Version.
Added: Infantry probability parameter.
Takistan and Zargabad versions ported to AllInArmaTerrainPack.
Fixed infinite loop in Heli Extraction
Fixed: removed unknown file type in mission. Was causing mission not to run on servers utilizing these security measures in server.cfg allowedLoadFileExtensions[] and allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[]".
Change: Extended Suicide Bomber spawn distance.
Change: Few minor performance tweaks.
Change: All UAVs are useable now.

Fixed: error in air patrol functions change in v0_94 causing server crash.
Fixed: bug -- it was occasionally possible for tasks not to start on mission start.
Added: Anti Blufor base sabotage mines and explosive removal
Added: Drag Body Script v1.2 by Bangabob added//needs testing and feed back
Added: flashlights to Enemy AI weapons. They are more engaging at night now.
Added: mines and explosives to Opfor players

Added: Takistan version
Added: new mission Mine Field.
Summary: Blufor deactivate or detonate random number of mines between 5 -15 in cross hatched marked mine field. If any blufor in minefield dies opfor/resistance wins objective.
Added: visual effects to Cut Power mission.
Added: Bullet Cam option for Marksman/Spotter Sniper classes. Thanks to Killzonekid
Added: Enemy AI spawn distance parameter.
Added: debugging markers for air patrol and objective infantry.
Fixed: Ending.
Fixed: add diary entry error in zlt fastrope.
Fixed: Performance monitor now accessible by any local server host.
Change: Reworked base furniture in vehicle service point.
Change: Converted all playable Blufor units in N'ziwasogo to Masi USMC wooded cammo variants.

Added: N'Ziwasogo version
Added: Two playable OpFor slots.
Added: Opfor players respawn 250-500 meters of Blufor Players if respawn at base selected.
Added: Opfor players have 1 mobile HQ and are kited based on Opfor faction selected in parameters.
Added: Ending added with original music.
Added: New objective Cut Power with sound effects.
Added: Air raid siren on blufor base when opfor or resistance near.
Summary: Destroy High Voltage Tower to turn off all city lights within 1000 meter radius (good affect at night)
Fixed: Rescue the downed pilot mission.
Change: Removed BTC revive restore player loadout because of bug not restoring any rockets to backpack. As a result, players now respawn with full loadout if "Load on Respawn" in VAS chosen.

New feature include:
Civilians spawn in buildings and nearby buildings.
Civilians are not Vanilla if you choose moded op4 faction. They will be African Masi instead.
1. Parameter for Enabling/Disabling Mobile Civilians.
2. Parameter for Enabling/Disabling Foot Civilians.
3. Parameter for adjusting spawn chance of foot Civilians.
As is now, the civilian count is very low but still very noticeable.



I hope you enjoy the missions and as always, I appreciate any feedback.




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All this features looks nice ,i'll try this out .

But imo zargabad is a bad map for insurgency : city too smal and the rest is desert

edit : played it and here are the problem i encountred :

- spawn distance is too short, lots of cpu spike inside the city

- too much action on the scroll menu , and the show heading is useless since K bring it up

- saw some randomly parked hatchback/quad on the road , not sure why

- you could use caf_ag civilians instead of vanilla ones

Still it's a very well made mission with good secondary tasks and very good replay value .

Edited by vinceXD

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Thank You for the feedback vinceXD.

I have a version for N'Zwasogo you may prefer as it is a larger map.

I still need to update many new features and changes to this version. I should be done soon.

As for spawn distance. Increasing it will cause more zones to spawn thus more AI and more CPU needed. Have not received any complaints on the server while playing about it so it will stay as is for now.

As for scroll menu, Display heading is not my script. I toyed with it and lost the toggle ability when removing scroll action.

There is not really a lot of extra actions above default for players. Special Roles like Engineer, JTAC and Medic have 1 extra action. CAS1 team leader and UAV operator have 2 extra actions. All players have heading action in addition to special role actions.

The random vehicles on road are from Mad T traffic. Civilians occasionally abandon their vehicle. Doesn't happen often.

As for Civilians, I discovered this is what was causing the CPU spikes. COS was an element I added shortly before release. without much testing.

The foot civilians have been revamped and replaced by EOS. EOS is handling this now much more efficiently and Foot civilians are now cached based on player distance. The game should run much smoother now.

New feature include:

Civilians spawn in buildings and nearby buildings.

Civilians are not Vanilla if you choose moded op4 faction. They will be African Masi instead.

1. Parameter for Enabling/Disabling Mobile Civilians

2. Parameter for Enabling/Disabling Foot Civilians.

3. Parameter for adjusting spawn chance of foot Civilians.

As is now, the civilian count is very low but still very noticeable.

New version BMR_Insurgency_v0_91.Zargabad available in my drop box and hopefully on Armaholic soon.

Can't figure out how to update Armaholic page...

Edited by Jigsor

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This mission is some seriously LIVE ACTION!. Great work Jigsor.

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Very well done. Now you need to make a Takistan Insurgency so I can stop working on mine! ;)

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Thank You for the positive comments guys. Glad your enjoying it.

Zargabad version updated with new features and new N'Ziwasogo version added also.

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BMR Insurgency updated to v0_94 with new features and

Takistan version added to the mission pack.

Is there anything anyone would like to see in this or any constructive criticisms to offer?

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Do you have any plans on making a vanilla version for Stratis/Altis?

Dirty Haz

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Imo , there's too much mods requierement .

If you could make an ingame parameter to switch off/on mods that would be perfect .

Anyway i'll retest your mission and provide some feedbacks soon .

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Haz , long time buddy.

I have considered it and may do an Altis or Stratis version. Still undecided on this. The main reason I have not done this yet, is that I believe neither are ideally suited.

Stratis doesn't have enough city/towns and Altis, well it does but, BI over did this island in scale and just about every mission I play on it suffers from a huge performance loss regardless of efficient scripting or not.

As a result I tend to stay away from missions on Altis. Those with better computers do not suffer from this as much, but if one or more player is lagging to much, it can have an adverse affect for the rest of the players and or server(sync and timing issues for example). Makes my mission look bad.

Just had a look at your page on [COOP/PVP] Stronghold Haz, looks good. Good ideah with the turning factions..

VinceXD, I might just make an unmodded version with exception of Islands. Its not a whole lot of work really. I still have not come across a fool poof method for disabling mods with parameter, especially if playable unit is moded.

Thanks guys.

Anyone else have a mod/no mod preference. Mainly interested in fully working mods and 2 mods I'm staying away from are Alive and TPW ambiance. Not bashing them. Some of the stuff they do is great, but either suffer from performance hits or broken/unfinished functionallity.

If a scripted approach is a viable solution, it always seems to work out more efficiently, has specific targeted functionality with less overhead and also keep mod requirements down.

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TPW has all it´s features scripted so you can add just what you want as a script and not require it as a dependancy (you can add the HUD functionality, FOG, civies and Fall as scripts), just check his OP and he explains that... and there´s a script folder with all his scripts inside the mod winrar file, just play with it...

But I think you should really use CAF_Aggressors as enemys on your mission, they´ve already been fixed (*by a third party, it´s on that thread and PWS) and a Insurgency map has to have insurgent units =)


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I also agree that CAF Aggressors and/or Middle East Conflict mods would be better to use as OPFOR for Takistan. Bonus points if you can somehow set it up as a parameter to choose what kind of OPFOR it will be.

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BMR Insurgency updated to v0_95

This is mainly a hot fix for a couple of major bugs that got released with v0_94

Also added a couple of minor things.

Great suggestions Corporal_Lib[bR] and Kilo1-1. Will definitely look into those mods.

Thank You.

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Imo , there's too much mods requierement .

If you could make an ingame parameter to switch off/on mods that would be perfect .

Anyway i'll retest your mission and provide some feedbacks soon .

Good suggestion! Maybe have the island as the only requirement?

Dirty Haz

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Played the mission a bit on solo , had the following issues :

-Show heading/ settings still bother me , should at least put setting on a flagpole / MHQ

-When trying to turn on camera inside of an helicopter had a script error (btc addaction.sqf line 4 )

-The flagpole used to teleport to MHQ isn't easy to notice , should make it more obvious that it's usefull

-Get rid of BTC Revive : working fine for me but have big issues like impossible to respawn depending of interface size ( should check a3 wounding system )

-Got aaf trying to blew up my MHQ with c4 charges ... don't know why but they put some c4 1meter from it ( not really an issue but real weird )

Anyway still good mission who deserve to be known .

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CAF aggressors would suit the Takistan and Zargabad versions better.

Dirty Haz

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Few more problems and suggestions after playing the missions some more.

  • BTC Revive is causing many problems. I am having players when they die lose all their gear when they get revived and when they respawn their loadouts are reset.
  • There is no whitelist for the helicopters. I had to implement my own from preventing idiots from disturbing gameplay and wrecking havoc with the mission.
  • With idiots wrecking havoc with the server, I had to disable BTC Logistics because people would run around and steal the ammo boxes.
  • There should be more preventative methods in stopping team killers from shooting everyone and everything up at base.
  • For N'ziwasogo, you should have all the other towns and villages have active insurgent squares instead of just the main city. It would make for some interesting jungle gameplay.
  • It would be interesting to see a version of Chernarus with insurgency.

These insurgency missions are great and always make for lots of good action! I can't wait to see your other versions of insurgency on Fallujah and FATA.

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Can't seem to get a lock on to any targets (air or ground) while in a chopper or jet, no lock on buttons work. not next target, not next in vehicle, etc etc etc.

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Good day kind sir, created an account to post some of the issues found.

As it is; your version of Insurgency is the best there is out there. Can't seem to find a decent one nowadays that suits our needs.

Would like to inform of some of the issues we found.

1) As mentioned; when being revived you lose all your gear.

2) Also when your character is down; we can't seem to choose to respawn or do anything. Even pressing Esc does nothing. Literally nothing you can do until your countdown timer runs down.

A bit of misc info:

We have all the required mods; except that we're not running any revive system or any medical mods.

Currently running the latest version of the game

Have a nice day and thanks in advance for the prompt response.

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Thanks for the feed back everybody,

@VinceXD, Settings and heading player actions are removed and now accessible through G.U.I by pressing "U" key.

A3 wounding system is broken since last patch. I Haven't followed up on it.

BTC Revive is working flawless for me, Still looking for Drag carry solution though.

BTC Revive also handle mobile HQs so not an easy convert to another revive system. Still open to better system if there is one.

I cannot reproduce script error you mentioned (btc addaction.sqf line 4 ). All chopper lift huds are working for me. Do you know wich chopper had issue?

"Got aaf trying to blew up my MHQ with c4 charges" Don't know what happened there but sounds cool.

@MacintoshRUS and @Dirty Haz, I've been looking into CAF aggressors and will wait for the much needed update due out very soon.

Classes and Unit Pools now added to mission.

@Kilo1-1, BTC revive is no longer handling player loadout.

Loadout restoration is handled by VAS now since v0.93.

Quick VAS Profile loaded will only load gear. It does not save your kit and restore when respawn. You must select "Virtual AmmoBox" from scroll, then click "Load Gear" button, select a profile, click "Load" button then click "Load on Respawn Button".

Sorry , no way to keep people from flying implemented into mission.

There are preventative TK measures. Punishment is an option after being TKed.

Base automatically removes bombs and explosives with routine clean up.

Will add more grid squares at least to areas surrounding city. Chernarus version maybe sometime in future, Can't promise when.

Thanks for the constructive feedback and positive comments.

@Mourningstar I still need to test and verify. Your the first to bring that to my attention. I know others have not had problems locking onto.


issue 1: -See above on how to save your kit for a full restoration on respawn.

issue 2: -Is a known bug with BTC revive. Its not really a bug but, GUI layout design flaw. It affects some laptop screens and tft screens w/odd resolution.

The respawn button is off your screen just above your upper viewable edge. You can try to change settings in video Configure,video,display, Interface Size.

I cannot fix however, the script author has been made aware of issue and may release fix some time.

Thanks for the feed back metric.

---------- Post added at 11:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:36 PM ----------

I've been very busy lately but have managed to update existing missions with significant game play improvements.


See first page of thread for changes.

New versioned mission pack in DropBox

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cannot play this mission, aia_misc_e_config, aia_misc_config, aia_misc3_config missing or deleted. I'm assuming this is from all in arma map pack. Our group has A3MP which is what this has been on. so now AllinArma is required?

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BMR_Insurgency_v0_96.Takistan and BMR_Insurgency_v0_96.Zargabad

Required mods:


I appologize for the inconveinience Mourningstar. Yes, Takistan and Zargabad vesions are using KJU's @AllInArmaTerrainPack. It's the wave of the future for legacy maps in arma 3. Many improvements built in. Lighting, Fallen walls, doors, no .rpt spam from mod errors/improved performance, A1 Islands to name a few. The Author for A3MP has discontinued support and is now endorsing AllInArmaTerrainPack.

N'Ziwasogo is still dependent on A3MP.

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Thanks for the response; your tips are duly noted.

A little suggestion of I may. Maybe this can be added in the parameters page.

A setting that changes the amount of enemy spawn per red grid square ? We usually run your mission with a 3-man group. We're lucky if we can go as high as 5. From what we can see; the mission is more suited for a larger group; say about 8 to 12. Would be nice if we can run a more 'manageable' op. Without deviating too much from the spirit of the gameplay.

One question:

How exactly does the suicide bomber 'work' in this game ? From what we can understand based on our encounters with it. They seem to spawn right on top of us. They seem to spawn when we're holding position for a long amount of time. While the suicide bomber experience makes for a good laugh and 'fun' way to die. May I suggest that these suicide bombers spawn at a farther radius from us, and actually have them charge towards us. So that an alert player might have a fighting chance to avert disaster. From our experience; the suicide bomber can sometimes become a game-breaking factor when we're running an op. Specially if the op has been running smoothly so far.

Awesome work as always.

Edit Edit***

If you ever get the time to improve N'Ziwasogo. I suggest putting a marina at the main base... So what ops aren't too reliant on helicopters.... Thinking brown water navy style.

Edited by metric
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