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  1. corporal_lib[br]

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Yeah, some users have hard time with mods on SWS - like myself (missions are a nobrainer, but mods never dl properly) - we hope a proper Armaholic or gdrive mirror would be provided and appreciated, thanks in advance! Kudos for the outstanding release 😃 Cheers
  2. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign "G.L.O.R.I.A"

    Worked as a C.H.A.R.M., DarkBall123 Thanks a lot 😃 Cheers
  3. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign "G.L.O.R.I.A"

    I´ve sent a request acess as the file is restricted to your network, but you can change the sharing setting to "everyone with this link can acess" or just accept the request 😉 I´m quite pumped to try your campaign! 😃 Cheers
  4. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign "G.L.O.R.I.A"

    Great work of porting this good ol´campaign to A3... if it´s not to much of a hassle, could you mirror the campaign file to gdrive or windows cloud (or even better, Armaholic ?), SWS is a lil bitchy to mods in my setup and I still prefer the old school of using mods lol Cheers!
  5. Loving it so far, Vilas (played through til 5th mission, stopped cus it needs Contact, so I would have to restart A3, but I´m off to bed anyways), dialogs to set the mood, variety of objectives and an interesting plot, the only observation, meanwhile is that on 3rd mission, the buddy cop needs too much guidance (it won´t move till I order it to go to next waypoint, thou he was supposed to follow the ranger forester), but a minor and in no way a gamebreaker, so, keep up the great work! I´ll try to beat the whole campaign tomorrow, and then review it as a whole, but so far, so good 😃 Outstanding work for a first ever campaign, man! Cheers
  6. Hey .Kju , when you mean "Campaigns have to be paid etc...", you mean we gotta have Iron Front original game owned in our STEAM library or do we´ll have IFA3 as paid dlc in the future? Either way I´m anxious to play the SP campaign (tried the old IF but the ArmA2 engine and bugged mouse accelation just gave me wrist ache and I´ve given up... I´m sure ArmA3 version will be Wundabar 😃 Sorry if it is repetitive but it´s better to be clearer to all comunity how it will work out Cheers!
  7. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign «Spirit Of War»

    Hey Pioneer, have you updated the Google Drive mirror? I´ve tried to download from it but it seems to be the old files.... ArmAholic is also outdated. Could you please update the gdrive mirror (armaholic is Foxhound´s territory), for your truly fans who have hard time using SWS? pity please 😉 Spasibo! Cheers!
  8. Wow, Vilas, nice to see you back, and now endevouring on missions making... I´ve done some pretty simple(straightforward) missions/showcases and I must say your´s are quite good and pretty neat! Go for it, man! Loved the concept and I´m wanting more... I love missions "out of the box" and your idea of campaign is awesome! And follow Johnnyboy´s advises, his missions are avantgarde and he certainly knows his craft 😉 Cheers
  9. Not a dedicated server... just plain MP LAN (yeah, some peskly nice missions are COOP only, so I play them on LAN, some explicitly ask you to play them SP on LAN... and some are easier to find on MP LAN), and TPW and EM worked fine for them before, but since Contact dlc, they just doesn´t activate anymore, probably they depend on some deprecated function but it´s a nuisance, not a big problem 😃
  10. Hey guys, have you noticed that TPW mods (as well as Enhanced Movement mod) aren´t working on multiplayer anymore, or is it something on my end? Eversince Contact update (1.94) it seems some mods doesn´t activate on MP and others do (like MCC, NSS admin), I´m not on dev anymore since the DLC release, and my CBA is updated... Cheers!
  11. corporal_lib[br]

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Why not mirror it on Armaholic or Google Drive (or One Drive from Microsoft)? I´m waiting on another mirror than Mega, too =( Cheers!
  12. corporal_lib[br]

    [SP] Wolves And Sheep Campaign

    Any chance of seing this mirrored on Armaholic? Or gdrive? Anxious to play it, I´ve seen it on SWS and got my attention! Many kudos!
  13. corporal_lib[br]

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Interesting... I was wondering if it would be possible (and then I´ll finally be able to use dbo_horses and Vidda, HL uprising and many other mods only available to SWS =D Merci!
  14. corporal_lib[br]


    Is it all inspired by Simon´s paintings or do I sense a "Generation Zero" Vibe with this robot alien like foes? Either way, nice add to ravage 😃
  15. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides (Under Construction)

    Friend or EX-girlfriend.... either way, we totally understand the hardship The Female radio protocol on RHS was recorded by Zeelex, wasn´t it? I guess she can do a FPFRussian kinda russian accent for the Dark Tides means 😃 Cheers