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  1. corporal_lib[br]

    CO 04 a matter of ethics (no mod needed)

    Nonetheless a fine mission, I admit I´ve abused of MCC functions (only at the very end, indeed, so hard alone), I´ve reloaded many times, but challenging firefights are fun firefights lol Anxious for you next missions! Cheers!
  2. corporal_lib[br]

    CO 04 a matter of ethics (no mod needed)

    yeah, I liked that a lot... looked like an indie movie or some old European movie - nouvelle vague or Bergman´s - nice touch... I´ve noticed something, but I´ll put it on spoilers box, but I loved the dialogs I´ll play it through tonight, yesterday I´ve just played it once and wasn´t lucky on my first run lol Cheers!
  3. corporal_lib[br]

    CO 04 a matter of ethics (no mod needed)

    That´s why I love the sandbox of the ArmA series... if you´re creative and crafty enough, you can tell (almost) any story using the Editor and think outside the (sand)box 😃 Keep up the great work, awesome to see missions (and campaigns as Dark Tides) poke in the eye some pressing issues of our zeitgeist! Cheers! PS: Why not post it on Workshop? Thou I guess the toxic minions lurking there aren´t worth the hassle... ... and then you stumble with a scumbag as this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2578556729&searchtext= flag it, and nothing happens, you lose all faith in SWS fairness =P )
  4. Don´t know if Johnnyboy is still working on episode 3 of Last Tango in Tanoa, but I guess this tiger mod is a nice adition to it lol even if it´s just and cutscene of poor henchmen being devored after fleing from Cojone´s son wrath 😉 Keep up the great work, JB!
  5. corporal_lib[br]


    Oh Might Haleks... can we have a Zombie Tiger, just like in Army of the Dead? The tiger mod is already out and Ravaged tanoa begs for this beast 😃 Cheers
  6. corporal_lib[br]

    [SP] Arma Cyberpunk RPG

    This mission gives me "Nemesis" vibes! Kudos for making it, chum! Let´s delta the f#$% outta here 😎🤖
  7. corporal_lib[br]

    Stuart Island [Source]

    Indeed, Armaholic´s demise is a major bummer... luckly we have this site https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/ (thanks Wolle for the indication) So we can put the steam workshop link and download it locally, a blessing to me (I have a ton of mods subscribed but limitted HDD space, so I can DL and update only the ones I wanna use 😃 But then again, a pity we don´t have ArmAholic no more... thanks for the extra mirror, kerkkoh , thou it´s not easy or advisable, it´s ideal to have an alternative to all players! Cheers
  8. corporal_lib[br]

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    This one is static, but walkable, have interiors, engine room etc etc... there´s a CoD Modern Warfare mod that uses it recreating the CoD4 first mission, worked as a charm... Cheers
  9. corporal_lib[br]

    Conspiracies: Origins

    WOW! A Stalker mod for SP with the whole shablam of anomalies, monsters and factions, that´d be so awesome! Waiting anxiously! Go for it MaturE (if you ever need betatesters... wink wink)
  10. Necro season is on.... ICE, you should replace this mod ( DarkGiver's Armory ) for NIARMS sigs, awwwaaaay better and still active mod, this one is dead for ages and if you need SWS link for it, here it is - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1399779368 And if a Moderator can kindly lock this ol´thread 😃
  11. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I´ll reload the Beach Party and test it again... maybe the older campaigns could be the culpit of the slugish fps at the fireworks Anyways, the lack of sound was annoting but it is fixed lol everything else I can deal with 😃 Loved the dialog about the guy with the jetski at Miroslav (We have already crossed the Rubicon - I love this quote whenever it is used =D Cheers
  12. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Nope, I´m using (and maybe it could be the culpit) Maybe Taro8 is using functions and/or codeing similar to Blastcore =P Effects sounds are gone (music and UI sounds remains)... shots, steps, explosions and conversations are gone, I´ve tried 100% volume, I´ve tried toggling audio channels (48/96/112/128) and nada But if there´s a cutscene or outro the sounds are back...and I think it has happend on the other campaigns (Gambit Royale and Shadow Fall): the mission starts and it´s pitch back... I have to login on MCC and use the Virtual Arsenal to return to " normal" vision... I´ve tried this workaround to regain the sounds back, but no joy, only a cutscene brings back the effects sounds 🤔 EUREKA! After some experiments and a hunch, I´ve nailed the culpit! I was using your other campaigns ArmA Laucher presets, so it would ALSO loads Gambit Royale and ShadowFall... once I´ve disabled both, it was all fine =P I haven´t updated both, - ShadowFall is the 01/01/2020 version, Gambit is V3 (03/12/2019) Tomorrow I´ll update both and try again (lost almost 2 hours making tests) - but loading JUST Dark Tides seems to workaround 😃 Cheers
  13. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    They used to... where people wonder "how can we sleep when our beds are burnin´" lol (this is the reboot of that aussie band, now with only baldy gals) Hey, AZ, I´m having this nuissance: the music takes all other sound from the mission, except if there´s a cutscene... it happened on the mission at tanoa (Temple of Doom) and the beggining of the following mission (but the cutscene of the littlebird transporting Knight fella to the northern beach, the sound came back) And the fireworks made my PC slow down to sluggish 3 fps... you´ve mentioned a girl hitting on knight...was it on this party or another one? had to interrupt the fireworks due to extreme lag so... BTW, I almost lost the peep sex scene at Denmark´s flashback... noooice lol Cyberpunk 2077 patch pulled me back yesterday, but tonight I´ll keep on dark tiding 😃 Cheers!
  14. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Already having a blast =D BTW, which Max_Women is recommended? Women at Work or Max Women (I´ve activated both just in case, but since there´s two women mods from Max, pple can confuse) and Immersion CIgs updated yesterday (animations for lighting up and puting down cigs added, so much better) Ok, lemme talk less and play more! (one more praise: AzCoder, your campaigns make ArmA3 still worthwhile, all the attention to small ambience details, prop usage, dialogs, wow, BIS dev should hire you for a CDLC 8D Cheers!
  15. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I may eccho those words! Waiting anxiously for the conclusion of "the Gates of Armaggedon" trilogy, in a few days the wait will be over! YAY! DOUBLE YAY! Thanks for this amazing storytelling experience and keep up the great work, AZ! =D PS1: The Showdown between Denmark and the SEAL guys will surely be EPIC =D PS2: No romance scene? The Witcher, Mass Effect and Cyberpunk 2077 made me addicted to "gaming soft porn" lol PS3: johnnyboy , I´m still waiting for the 3rd Cojones episode.. please, don´t give up on your IP series 8D (and sell the rights to Netflix) PS4: I don´t have it PS5: Neither a PS5, I´m a PC gamer, for f%$# sake lol