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  1. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides (Under Construction)

    So, can we expect NBC suits usage and functionalities on this campaign? sweeeeeet... and dark Tides will be as lenghty as Shadow Fall and Gambit Royale combined? Gosh...it´s going to be a looong ride... awesome 😍
  2. corporal_lib[br]


    Hey Haleks, have you tried IndeedPete´s RPG-esq dialog script? (used in this and MERCS campaign) Could help you out... great to see this still on the works! Cheers
  3. corporal_lib[br]

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    Loving it so far! 😃 As usual, great storytelling, the dialogs are the rpg-esq element that Bohemia promissed and never delivered (and greatly used since MERCS campaign and CZ mission) and fun as hell! Awesome to see you back (thou it´s a mini-campaign) to mission making, IndeedPete! Cheers!
  4. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Oh Gosh, must have been the modfolder (which dates as 2017) that misled me, indeed, the shadowfall.pbo is dated as 1/1/2020... BTW, armaholic is still on version 1.2 , theirs is reaaaaally outdated lol Great, I´ll replay them now, while I´m still on hollidays vacations, thanks a bunch 😃 Cheers (and counting the days for Dark Tides, thou you haven´t vented a rough release date wink wink)
  5. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Hey AZCoder, I´ve tried to dl the new version (and replay it and Gambit Royale, while Dark Tide isn´t released) from your mirror (azcoder.com - cus I have a serious trouble with dling mods from SW) but it´s an old version, 1.5 perhaps.... could you please update your mirror as well , for this humble fan of your work? 😃 Cheers... anxious for the last part (Dark Tide) to close this awesome high octane campaign 8D
  6. corporal_lib[br]

    [SP\CO-5] TIGER

    Spasibo, Pioneer! I was anxious for a SP Campaign based on IFA3, you´ve made my day! Cheers!
  7. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides (Under Construction)

    Me too, it seems Contact DLC, for the massive content it added, and the unique gameplay of the aliens comms etc, was kinda good sales hit for Bohemia, I vote for adding Contact as it is top notch 😃 I mean, Contact´s content (pun intended) as Livonia is a great map, kinda updated Cherno 😃
  8. Yay! Double Yay! Triple Yay! SoOnYay! Waiting anxiously for the sequels of the Cujones son saga =D
  9. corporal_lib[br]

    Firewill Standalone Series Release Thread

    The first version of the AV-8B? Like an AV-8B Legacy? (like you did for the F-15A) or Harrier GR3? (GR5 was already the Harrier II or AV-8B)
  10. corporal_lib[br]

    Firewill Standalone Series Release Thread

    Wowwwww... Sea harrier FRS1 (circa Falklands conflict)? Or the old AV-8 (known as "Matador" in Spain)? https://images.app.goo.gl/jS4Xr1w6a9kBnfCy6
  11. corporal_lib[br]

    Firewill Standalone Series Release Thread

    EF2000? YAAAYYY! opsss... now I see... Jaguar? Which mod had it? Sab Military Planes? ...(after some minutes of deep thoughts) BAe HAWK?????
  12. corporal_lib[br]

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Yeah, some users have hard time with mods on SWS - like myself (missions are a nobrainer, but mods never dl properly) - we hope a proper Armaholic or gdrive mirror would be provided and appreciated, thanks in advance! Kudos for the outstanding release 😃 Cheers
  13. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign "G.L.O.R.I.A"

    Worked as a C.H.A.R.M., DarkBall123 Thanks a lot 😃 Cheers
  14. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign "G.L.O.R.I.A"

    I´ve sent a request acess as the file is restricted to your network, but you can change the sharing setting to "everyone with this link can acess" or just accept the request 😉 I´m quite pumped to try your campaign! 😃 Cheers