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  1. [SP/CO-10] A Night to Remember Tanoa

    Just beat it... took me a while, but well worthy! Anxious for ep02 (and don´t forget to enable save on SP next time too, lol) BTW, what the heck means this score? Your new zombies are freaking scary, are they intended for replacing some classes on Ravage, or just for Ryan Zombies? sorry for the OT, but they´re quite an extra =D And extra missioncraftsmanship points for reference to John Carpenter´s Big Trouble on Little China, one of my favorite flicks from the 80ties ;) many kudos! cheers!
  2. CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Wow! Cows! I miss cows on Arma3 (I know there´s others mods porting - poorly - cows, but I know CSLA will do it right ;D Nice custom buildings too! I´m anxious to see the missions that will come along with it Keep it awesome, CSLA team 8D Cheers
  3. [SP/CO-10] A Night to Remember Tanoa

    Hey Lordbooka... It features you new and bizarre zombies right? Loved the look of them, great job Cheers
  4. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Just a showcase... and on the left side it is clearly stated as Scenario (not mod) and on the description below, it is clearly stated it is only a mission, there´s the link for the mod on armaholic, so definatly not a ripoff... I know there´s been so much abuse lately, but you should not jump to the gun at the mere sign of USAF something... And this mission was created by a respected member of this community, subscribed since 2013, but lurking since 2004... ME =) cheers
  5. Project Infinite v0.8

    Hey Bnae, long time no see... your weapons are still unmatched in quality, animations and detail as usual, but it seems the next update of CBA will incorporate the bg_weaponframework.pbo functionalities (basically manual rechambering animations for bolt action rifles), so if your animations are based on such module, it may need some tweaking/recoding, or maybe some conflict with your CBA compactibility addon could happen, but we still have to wait and see (I guess this update is just ´round the corner, so it may not long much) Cheers buddy =)
  6. For whom it may interest... I´ve updated this mission to use Mad Max mod and deleted the old unused mods (Sorry Sigma6, but that lovely roadrunner had to go... cus now we have a proper (and rusty) Interceptor V8 yay! 8D Witness!!!!! PS: the updated version is only on SteamWS, I´ll try to update the dropbox or maybe keep it for legacy issues =) Armaholic update depends on Foxhound... any issues, PM me =)
  7. CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Damn sore eyes.... I misread the Wikipedia article (I was too lazy to dust off and check my old Jane´s books), where it states "Preceded by Forrestal Class" I´ve read "Belonged to" Indeed AZCoder, the BigE was literally "One of its kind" =) Anyways, to knock off that classic scene, either Nimitz or Freedom will have to do ;D (whenever CSLA mod releases a Black MiG28 skin for the Tiger II, of course)
  8. CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    ooops, my bad... the Nimitz carrier (by TeTeT and team) has a config that can toggle features (as deck numbers, radar and antenna positions) between other ships on Nimitz class... I´ve mistakengly recalled it could "impersonate" the Big E, but it can´t... BigE is Forrestal class, so it is not available on this Nimitz configs, sorry for the fake hype, Polyus =/
  9. CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    The community already have the "Tomcat" , the Enterprise, the only thing left is the MiG-28 (and maybe a Tom Cruise face lol) ;) Anxious for playing the singleplayer missions, shipped along with the CSLA mod, when it is out! Keep up the great work!
  10. Project Human 1.1 - Making Death Come Alive!

    I had the old/beta version of this mod (L_deathscreams.pbo thought it was a mod by Laxeman cus of the L_ prefix), thought I was phasing it out, but for my surprise this is an update, or better, a proper release! =D I use it everytime eversince (it´s been out for 2/3 years now?), cus as its name now states: it makes the enemy more human, so it´s not "fun" anymore... it is an necessary evil to shoot down another (virtual) human being... all FPS should have this (RO seems to be the only vanilla game with death screams, right? can´t recall) so kids don´t think it´s nice to shoot each other in the face (actions generate consequences... thou ppl tend to forget that) Great to see this moving on, keep up this educational work! Cheers FUN FACT: the old/beta mod had this bug that animals would have death screams when shot down (when I kill live stock for eating on Ravage mod, rabits and sheep cry like humans dying...so bizarre.. is it fixed???)
  11. Not exactly... you have the 100% military thrust (Throttle full forward), and then you activate AFB, which is like 110/120/130% of power sort of, Firewill, RHS and the old F/A-18EF way was right (another key activating AFB on 100% military thrust) Falcon 3.0 and Hornet 3.0 you could stack up 5 levels of AFB (by repetingly hiting the afb button)... Falcon 4.0 and DCS have a threshold for 100% military thrust on joysticks so you have this false notion that 100% forward throttle is AFB on. TeTeT has changed to the way it is now to be more alligned with Vanilla controls (jets dlc kinda ruled that 100% throttle is 100% mil+ AFB)
  12. Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Oh... that´s a bummer, but you have your reasons (I didn´t know or recalled there was this shenanigans... or else I wouldn´t ask) Thanks for the direct link, thou =) Saludos!
  13. Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Good news... I recall seing a screenshot by Saul of some experimentations with HMD on the SH, but maybe that got lost when he and John transfered the development of the planes to your team, TeTeT, but I wasn´t sure if it was a partnership with Kimi or Saul´s own fiddlings with the engine... anyways, a HMD support for both planes is a long waited wish, hope you guys can make it happen! Cheers =)
  14. Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hey Kimi! No Armaholic or dropbox links for the update? I refrain from using steam whenever a mod has optional files and such... Is TeTeT going to include your HMD files on the next SUperHornet and SU-35 update? Saludos!
  15. GI JOE and COBRA

    Wow, Scotg, what a pleasant suprise! I still have my GI JOE vehicles (and most of my toy soldiers) safe and stashed on my closet and being able to revive my glorious days of creating complicated and dramatic plots (while I was 10 yo, back to 1986) for those plastic little mens (and women, like Scarlet etc) now Virtualized by RV4 engine is PRICELESS... I´ll keep a keen eye on this thread and loved the video... anxious to JUMP with your recreation of the AWE Striker... kudos man!