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  1. corporal_lib[br]

    RH Acc pack

    ... and all those accessories were incorporated on CUP weapons 😃
  2. corporal_lib[br]

    [SP Campaign] Nirvana: Eventide

    I need 100gb of free space to steam download all SWS mods I´m subscribed and I don´t have it (SWS doesn´t downloads separate mods, it´s all or none... ) That´s why I only use manually installed mods from armaholic or gdrive, etc
  3. corporal_lib[br]

    [SP Campaign] Nirvana: Eventide

    WOW! Finally an "Expanse-esque" campaign! And thankfully standalone (I mean, doesn´t dependends on many obscure mods lol) Awesome, gotta try it right now! Many kudos and hoping for the sequels [edit] Unbelievably well written, so throughlly, you guys even wrote a Spacial Constitution lol... got so hyped, but unfortunatly I have a serious problem with SWS mods, and this campaign requires Mass Effect mod and JM´s strutures which are only available at SWS.... a pitty, all the rest I had on my SSD, except those 2 mods... =( My compliments still stands, awesome work, hope to get a hold on those 2 mods someday so I can enjoy this campaign Cheers!
  4. Yeah, I´ve tried both yesterday (as my pun inspired me to play them combined) and it seems the script heavy Pilgrimage disables (or make it delay a LOT) when reloading - a pesky BRDM-1 killed me and as I´ve reload, so the UI loads but it doesn´t loads the grimoire (and the APC kepts killing me as I can´t summon Resistance lol) =( So, just to clarify - when I start a procedural mission as Pilgrimage, the maigc works as intended, but if I save before a combat, die and reload this recent saved game, the UI loads, but there´s only a cross middle screen and no magic radial menu appears... =( Normal, light scripted missions have no issue on relaoding recent saved games 😃 So right now Rincewinder isn´t advisable on procedural mission (HWS, Pilgrimage, Evolution, Liberations, etc)
  5. Pilgrimage will become PilgriMAGE Awesome! Let´s just release the potential Harry Potter/Gandalf inside of us! Cheers!
  6. corporal_lib[br]

    Campaign "Nam 65-75"

    Is there a chance of having this campaign on armaholic or gdrive/dropbox for oldskool players? Thanks in advance (spasibo) Looking so rad 😃 cheers!
  7. corporal_lib[br]

    [COOP] The Magnificent Seven

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369953203 Private Partz, this one is working 😃 cheers!
  8. Loved the mission! had really good MoH Tier 1 and Warfighter vibes with it ;D A bit long, but good missions (like Phantom´s ones) usually are long, and your´s is really engaging! Thou I had to reload a lot (ArmA bots are laserlike precise on cqc, so I had a rough time on the hostage rescue part), I´ve played it through... good idea, releasing it as 6 single missions, as it will be more appealling to a broader (and less patient) audience 😃 Keep up the great work!
  9. corporal_lib[br]

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    So far, I´m loving the Melee mode, quite challenging and so on point with the gamemode premisse lol Indeed, I´ve only being mowed down by a multiple bandit attack, on an honorable 1v1, the bandits are slain as the dogs they are 😉 Cheers! PS: I´ve noticed some bandits armed with rifles, but without ammo, so I could easly slash them down... could be some randomization mod lost in my pletora of mods, it didn´t broke my fun, so no harm done anyways
  10. corporal_lib[br]

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    Yeah, definitely Bnae´s Inifity Mod has a better looking and functionality for a Western (Magnificient Seven) mode... there´s DBo_Horses for... ya know, horses lol For melee, so far I acknoledge Max_Melee, KA weapons (the katana on my screenshot is from KA pack), Primal has spears, Nassau and Napoleonic have flintlock weapons and Breaking Point and Exile mod, I´ve seen some WIP, bu tI think only those have seen the light of day Sometimes they spawn a bit away (one of more groups, last time I´ve played, they were 1 mile away), you gotta await a little as EO said above Cheers!
  11. corporal_lib[br]

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    Kurosawa´s masterpiece apart.... I think this gamemode should be best played with this -> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1453659903&searchtext=melee Of course, Enhanced movements and MOCAP to improve the immersion! Kudos to Rydygier for yet another breakthrough gamemode for ArmA3 (Pilgrimage is an unbeat masterpiece) Cheers! https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1482199333783226679/8D09FBFCD05DAFAD5FDDD38A88D7304770FFA240/
  12. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides (Under Construction)

    MULTIPLE ENDINGS?!!!!! Lovely 8D I´ve loved that Ghosts (influenced by your work) had 2 possible endings (MERCS too has 6 or 7), so Dark Tides is already on the Pantheon of Unforgetable Epic ArmA3 Campaigns (beforehand lol) I praise all my missionmaker´s idols cus you guys keep this engine running, the least we can do is keep your creative minds motivated, lol 😃 Cheers and keep up the great work
  13. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides (Under Construction)

    Indeed... gosh, I was kinda half asleep when I wrote that and didn´t even bother to check the vilains´name lol To be fair, I´m a fisionomy guy (have hard time remembering names, but I can recall a face in the crowds easely) so pardonnez mon error 😉 AZCoder, your storytelling is impecable, I dare BIS (or at least a big mod/cdlc group) to hire you as campaign writer 😃 Cheers
  14. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides (Under Construction)

    Phew... for a minute I thought you´d scrap that lovely beach party! Don´t you dare, lol I hope to be able to use JohnnyBoy´s boomstick... even if it is just in a cutscene Anxious for the conclusion of the DUtch Denmark trilogy 8D
  15. I want to use BoomSticks on the third episode 😃 Wink wink 😉