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  1. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Ohhh I couldn´t find a credit to you (maybe it´s on the chinese part of the description), so I had my suspicions... glad it was a simple missunderstood! AZCoder campaign has just broken the Long Wall (pun intended) lol Keep up the great work (on the upcoming third part lol) Cheers!
  2. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Hey AZCOder... Think I´ve found some Chinese Counterfeit copy of your novel... I mean, campaign https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575820437 I guess it is "Gambit Royale"´s chinese adaptation as it states it is "Gates of Armaggedon Pt 2"... were you aware of it, or just ripped off? Anxious for the Third part (done by you, not some shady chinese dude lol) Cheers!
  3. Senkaku Islands

    Thanks Lumnuon, I´ll install your map and convert the old missions to it (I´ll post here later if I had any trouble just to help anyone trying the same) and I agree with wsxcgy´s opinion: you should go on and put as many bases or structures you may feel like it, after all, arma3 is set on 2035, it could be Senkaku 2035, so you should add chinese artificial islands etc, it will add up a lot to your map =) Cheers!
  4. Senkaku Islands

    Hey Lumnuon, many kudos for recreating this map (disputed island between Japan and China has the potential for many scenarios with their respective mods or even vanilla content), thou I have a technical question: you´ve based your work on Fromz´s previous Diaoyu Island, which I have many old but fond missions based on... If I just rename the terrain part of the mission, should they work with your Islands? Or the terrain and object placements (rocks etc) doesn´t match? On the other hand, I think I can import those missions on your terrain, as long as the old Fromz´s mod doesn´t intereferes with yours... does it? Cheers and keep up!
  5. DAAAAAMN...Tanoa needs a serious Obamacare... Keep it coming JohnnyBoy, it just gets better and better And it´s Lib from "libélula" (dragonfly... a stupid nickname from a freshmen´s prank on college that stuck lol... and Libb is a patch for holding female breasts, so it kinda sounded nice afterwards lol) BR is from brazil... _br is dominating the webz (mostly as toxic as nigerian knucles but who am I to judge? ;) I´m almost reinstalling ArmA1 just to replay that infamous Cojones mission... or do you plan on a remake or at least a "flashback mission"... ya know, Sahrani is on CUP maps so... hint hint Cheers!
  6. Tanoan Horror Story Wow, Cojon Jr campaign is progressing surprisingly intense! Anxious for Episode 3! Ay caraaaaamba! Cheers
  7. All The Weapons

    Hey Twisted... and the AI skill limiter addon (aimfix mod), did you discontinued it? Or you´re still gonna update it? Cheers!
  8. Enhanced Movement

    I use an older version of Bloodlust and EM still works fine to me... but indeed, too many scripts working at once (and maybe too many active units/AI) may slow or prevent EM to work properly =)
  9. United States Air Force( 2015)

    But also on Armaholic, right? I just can´t get mods working through SWS, only missions... and I prefer to install them manually (the more mirrors, the merrier ;)
  10. Ravaged and Frithified Gear

    No Armaholic nor dropbox or gdrive mirrors? Kudos for the release, thou, it will improve a lot the customization on plain vanilla missions (on ravage, of course) =) Cheers
  11. FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack

    Yeah... armaholic´s download give us a sad 404 page and your own website http://friedenhq.org/ isn´t updated since 2017 ... maybe a dropbox link? Cheers!
  12. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1.

    I´m playing V1.1 but so far the texts and dialogs (audio) are working fine both in cutscenes and amid missions BTW, I love the dialogs, including the snarky CIA officer 8D Cheers/spasibo
  13. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1.

    So, if not open through Campaign, from where? Scenarios or Multiplayer (LAN)? Ohhh I see it was added caucasus Insurgency as dependancy, I thought the fgn_svd was from Altis Amred Forces, so I needed another mod, great I´ll try with it 8D SUCESS!!!! It´s all rolling smoothly, sorry for assuming wrong or ignoring the Caucasus Insurgency mod, everything is fine, now will enjoy another masterpiece! Kudos! Cheers/spasibo =)
  14. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1.

    AWESOME! Great to see a campaign from OPF days being ported to A3 (surely another great work of Pioneer and his collaborators, loved your previous releases) Just to clarify, the campaign only requires RHS and CUp (all modules) and the extra addons are packed within the modfolder of the campaign, right? Gonna play ASAP! Cheers/spasibo =) [EDIT] @pioneer I have the same problem as Sammael : I can´t start the campaign... and I´m getting an error related to FGN_svd (it´s part of Altis Armed Forces mod by fingolfin) and even thou I load that mod (I have the last released version 0.8.2 of the mod) the campaign wouldn´t work =( Here´s the screenshot of the error https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1506163944
  15. NIArms Release Thread

    oHHH YEAH... Today everything is fine... ArmA3 hicup or too many scripts on the missions I´ve played yesterday =/ Cheers and sorry for the false discrete alarm =)