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  1. Campaign «Range of Death»

    I loved "Spirit of War" and just loved this one (nice porting of the ArmA1 campaign =D Keep on surprising us, Pioneer ;) Cheers!
  2. F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    Hey Firewill, since this last update (I´ve grab it on Armaholic), all F-15 variants (both C/E/J/SG etc) doesn´t have any RWR sound alarm for radar lock or incoming missiles... there rest of your planes are fine, just the Eagles are RWR "muted" (the Sidewinder still has the lock tone, thou) Anxious for the Silent Eagle! Cheers!
  3. Campaign «Spirit Of War»

    Thanks for posting the gdrive mirror, steam is kinda phonkie lately and I really want to play your campaign (love well crafted - with chosen soundtracks and voice actings - and thought campaigns like yours) Many kudos! Cheers!
  4. So far the helos are working fine on my end (at least on the US missions... I´ve already beaten the RUS missions on V1.0, so haven´t played them again ), maybe some mod conflict on your mod set, guys? KingN, many kudos again, the US missions are as good as the russian ones, hope to see a "clash of giants" on the next update (a full spectrum war between nations instead of COIN and sabotage missions), but the campaign is awesome as is =) Cheers!
  5. Is that the HMS Ocean in WIP textures at the port? The HS-12 Esquilo is included or not released yet? (Edit: stupid question... the link above is for the whole Brazilian Armed Forces mod, so everything is included lol) Great work Ogrinho! Abração!
  6. Project Infinite v1.0

    Wow! It´s like the HK416 and the vanilla MX rifle had a love child ;D I vote the HK433...damn it is slick and sexy =) Cheers
  7. M.S.K.E. 4 Islands Map Version 2017

    ... and the decision of trying to make Australian CUP independent was taken after bazillions naggings that CUP was too big, gigs and gigs of extra date for just playing one map etc etc (as I see on other modded maps threads round here or on SWS)... well, steamkids just had it coming =( And it´s not the end of the world... if you have a server using Australia, load up only missions (plenty on SWS)using that terrain and be happy =) Cheers
  8. Ohhh Eduardocommando is still updating them so the CSAT and AFF aren´t updated... keep an eye on that thread for the coming updates GOTOPOST (his avatar is on caps, so don´t complain on me lol) has a lot of remake of old tatical games, like IGI, R6 and Ghost Recon and even old ArmA missions.... shuffle his missions and have fun =) here his workshop missions, subscribe and fire them up http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993469321/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 Cheers!
  9. Original Ghost Recon Campaign - Released!!

    I vote for Frostbite =)
  10. The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Armaholic is fine as far as I´ve been concerned.... and steamWmods are acting strange lately for me, if an Google drive or dropbox or armaholic link mirror would be possible, I´d prefer, but I wouldn´t advocate against SWS, just ask for extra mirrors Glad to see you back on our "cozy" community theevancat, hope your military school life is fine =) Cheers
  11. Hi Tenhunter.... your question bugs out any new player to the ArmA series (OFP on my case back to 2004) and except for Virtual Arsenal (all games in the series had sort of arsenal, but ArmA3 has the most comprehensive now, but it leads you to boring VR - the other games you could choose some straightforward scenarios just to fire the modded guns a little), you have 3 options: a-) subscribe to an SP mission on steam that uses said mod and play it on Scenarios tab (aka SP missions) (the problem is that those missions come along with other mods and you´d lose precious playing time looking for them etc); b-) dl and install "replacement mods" with trade the "vanilla toy guns" for mod guns, and them you can play the campaign or showcase missions with them (nato replacement - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29299&highlight=REPLACEMENT aaf replacement - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30011&highlight=REPLACEMENT fia replacement - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29963&highlight=REPLACEMENT and last but not least CSAT replacement - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29267&highlight=REPLACEMENT%2BCSAT ) all those links replace the vanilla guns for HLC superb models and some acessories =) c-) install MCC - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0 and during any SP mission, log in through action menu and use the internal ARSENAL so you can customize your character with any gear during any SP mission (I use this since arma2) Hope I´ve helped you out =) Cheers
  12. [SP/CO-10] A Night to Remember Tanoa

    Just beat it... took me a while, but well worthy! Anxious for ep02 (and don´t forget to enable save on SP next time too, lol) BTW, what the heck means this score? Your new zombies are freaking scary, are they intended for replacing some classes on Ravage, or just for Ryan Zombies? sorry for the OT, but they´re quite an extra =D And extra missioncraftsmanship points for reference to John Carpenter´s Big Trouble on Little China, one of my favorite flicks from the 80ties ;) many kudos! cheers!
  13. CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Wow! Cows! I miss cows on Arma3 (I know there´s others mods porting - poorly - cows, but I know CSLA will do it right ;D Nice custom buildings too! I´m anxious to see the missions that will come along with it Keep it awesome, CSLA team 8D Cheers
  14. [SP/CO-10] A Night to Remember Tanoa

    Hey Lordbooka... It features you new and bizarre zombies right? Loved the look of them, great job Cheers
  15. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Just a showcase... and on the left side it is clearly stated as Scenario (not mod) and on the description below, it is clearly stated it is only a mission, there´s the link for the mod on armaholic, so definatly not a ripoff... I know there´s been so much abuse lately, but you should not jump to the gun at the mere sign of USAF something... And this mission was created by a respected member of this community, subscribed since 2013, but lurking since 2004... ME =) cheers