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  1. corporal_lib[br]

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Hi AZCoder! Just a reminder... I´ve wasted 2 hours setting up everything to play ShadowFall and hitting my head on the wall... just to realise that we need to delete Old Saves from SFv1 lol Please, add a reminder for old fans not to waste precious playing time failing to load the campaign because they still have old saves 🤪 Thanks for releasing this weekend SFv2, I´m on a STALKER vibe (and STALKER2 was delayed to 2023) and this new take on the campaign will be awesome 😃 I´ll feedback you later! Cheers!
  2. Hi TPW, I´m dropping by (I still use an older version of TPW from mid2017, cus I can´t play without older HUD and FALL and some minor modules, anyways, I guess your mods will be used on A3 even without weekly/monthly support, and I say it not to demotivate you, but to assert that it is essential for SP and you have a truckload of fans here and on steam... ) just to highlight this line from your post, and acknowledge that BIS posted a roadmap today and some of the current most popular mods will be replaced by official content (such as VZ58 riffles, Colt 4x30 scope, PASGT vest, working bipods, better medical systems, etc) so I guess your hopes may come true (I mean, our hopes too) At least there will be more SP content by Q4 they´ve promissed lol (I want to control a squad so I can frickin´ take an enemy HQ without respawning a hundred times 😃 But as some blank spaces will still be left uncheck by BIS, I hope your future TPW mod for A4 will take care of that (without a long list of features as of now) Cheers and Kudos, keep up the great work 😉
  3. corporal_lib[br]


    Awesome update, haleks! One image tells it all The screech of a zombie climbing up a wall behind me is either spooky as hell and priceless! Reforger/A4 Ravage will be uncanny! Cheers! Edit: those extra HUD elements are from stamina bar mod and Overthrow - Bloodshed adds extra goryness to Ravage too 😃
  4. corporal_lib[br]

    Coop Gamemode - FOB Operations

    I´m having a blast with your mission, F.Herbiie! A pity Reforger doesn´t supports (yet!) AI teammates, but nonetheless, even on solo I can manage to enjoy it a lot 😃 Since tha last Reforger update (last week) I can´t save the custom loadouts, is it on my end or on everybodys? (if an update doesn´t breaks up the better mods, it ain´t a Bohemia game lol) Cheers and Kudos! 😃
  5. corporal_lib[br]

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    Yep, I´ve chosen only the gunships (there´s a lot of models, but I´ve listed only the armed ones) as I thought the same way... Tanoa is fine, I was playing on Malden, Tanoa make´s a helluva lotta sense 😃 I´ll test them with pleasure, thanks a lot for the addition, Gunther! kudos! Cheers!
  6. corporal_lib[br]

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    Oh, of course, I´ve totally oversighted the choppers: (indep is ARVN, which used american hardware so it´s kinda redundant - just copy n paste all BLUFOR classes do INDEP) bluefor vn_b_air_uh1c_07_07 vn_b_air_ah1g_02 vn_b_air_ah1g_03 vn_b_air_ah1g_04 vn_b_air_oh6a_05 vn_b_air_oh6a_06 vn_b_air_uh1c_05_01 vn_b_air_uh1c_01_03 vn_b_air_uh1c_03_01 vn_b_air_ch34_04_03 vn_b_air_ch34_04_02 vn_b_air_ch34_04_01 opfor vn_o_air_mi2_04_03 vn_o_air_mi2_04_05 vn_o_air_mi2_04_01 vn_o_air_mi2_05_02 vn_o_air_mi2_05_05 I guess we have the air warfare covered, right? lol Cheers! 😃
  7. corporal_lib[br]

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    Sure, I´ll look at those classnames and post them here! Be Back in a couple of minutes lol ...some minutes later, after meadling with EDEN Editor and config viewer, giving up up and placing some units and checking their config... So, I guess the F-4C Phantom (BLUFOR) has this classname "vn_b_air_f4C_*" (* = variants, be it AT, BMB, CAP, CBU, etc ... related to mission and specific loadout) thus to not clutter your script, we may work with a CAP (dogfight)/ AT (anti vehicle) and SEAD (anti radar) variants: vn_b_air_f4c_at vn_b_air_f4c_cap vn_b_air_f4c_sead as fo the Thud (BLUFOR) and farmer (REDFOR) vn_b_air_f100d_at vn_b_air_f100d_cap vn_b_air_f100d_sead vn_o_air_mig19_at vn_o_air_mig19_cap vn_o_air_mig19_sead Hope I´ve helped and thanks for your time and diligence 😃
  8. corporal_lib[br]

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    Hey Gunther! Now that we have at least 3 fighter/bombers on SOG (Phantom, Thud and Farmer), how about adding it as compactible airplanes for your template missions? 😉 I´m having a blast with Ace´s in the Sky, but adding SOG planes with Zeus isn´t as streamlined as using your scripted actions (wink wink) Cheers!
  9. Nice... RHS is already on Reforger (wink wink) And the fix is working, I´m back at Overthrowing again lol! Thnks! Cheers!
  10. ARMAzac.. just a headsup: the latest Reforger update broke Overthrow mod Error message: "Can´t compile "Game" script module! scripts/Game/UserActions/OVT_OpenStorageAction.c(14): Only NULL assignment is allowed" Bohemia game´s update is a garanteed broken mods extravaganza lol Cheers!
  11. corporal_lib[br]


    Just tried and failed 3 times the showcase mission, yesterday... all Zeds are Runners or was I unlucky? Lol (are we going to have the "default, slow "Romero´s" zombie?) Now that zombies jump over fences the fear factor spiked a lot, gotta try a little more harder today, I´m anxious to see the survival mechanics, now that we have fully furnitured houses and buildings 😃 Are you planning a module like Derelic or Reforger doesn´t features custom damage to buildings right now? EO´s suggestion of a thick fog would increase a lot the terror mood! Indeed I wasn´t expecting an early alpha of Ravage but now I´m asking a lot, gotta control my eagerness wink wink 😉 Kudos, Haleks! 😃
  12. I´m glad that saving is working now, and building is available too, REFORGER lacks good SP content and Overthrow and Eden Sniper Stories are a blast! 😃 Modded weapons will be available in the future (on the resistance shops) or just vanilla? (I mean, does the script detects and adds modded content listed as INDEP weapons like the AK12, Thompson, SIG 17 pistols - which are available in all 3 factions arsenal boxes or at least Vz58 rifles etc) Cheers!
  13. corporal_lib[br]


    Yeah, I was suspecting the installation method would have changed drastically, now it is as DCS and Cyberpunk mods 😃 Worked like a charm, Haleks! (I´ve found the previous workshop installation, replaced the files and it´s all mint) Cheers! 😃 [EDIT] On a sidenote... discovered my problem with workshop: TOO MUCH MODS lol... I´ve deleted some buggy missions and weapons mod that never showed on the arsenal boxes and voilá! I´m able to dl workshop mods again... IDK if it is a "size" ou "quantitative" problem (too much mods folders or too much gigabytes stored) but at least it´s back on track now 😉
  14. corporal_lib[br]


    Nice! Thanks for the headsup Haleks and Kodabar! I usually check github for ACE3, CBA and other small/script mods, totally fogot RAVAGE had one too There´s quite a lot of experimental zombie mods poping out (thou I can´t test them with my broken Reforger workshop) is Endusion more modfriendly than the old RV engine, Haleks? Or at least less burocratic? cheers!
  15. corporal_lib[br]


    Hey Haleks, how do we install it manually, as enfusion handles the files diferently than ArmA3... do I create an @autowalk folder inside ..Arma Reforger\addons\data\ or do I unrar the files inside it (already tried this, it rewrites resourceDatabase.rdb file and bugs the game)? The internal workshop with activation on the flight is awesome, but once it bugs (as all things ArmA does), all joy is gone =P Thanks for hosting the files (and Kodabar for informing that we can download from your github as secondary source ) 😉