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  1. United States Air Force( 2015)

    But also on Armaholic, right? I just can´t get mods working through SWS, only missions... and I prefer to install them manually (the more mirrors, the merrier ;)
  2. Ravaged and Frithified Gear

    No Armaholic nor dropbox or gdrive mirrors? Kudos for the release, thou, it will improve a lot the customization on plain vanilla missions (on ravage, of course) =) Cheers
  3. FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack

    Yeah... armaholic´s download give us a sad 404 page and your own website http://friedenhq.org/ isn´t updated since 2017 ... maybe a dropbox link? Cheers!
  4. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1.

    I´m playing V1.1 but so far the texts and dialogs (audio) are working fine both in cutscenes and amid missions BTW, I love the dialogs, including the snarky CIA officer 8D Cheers/spasibo
  5. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1.

    So, if not open through Campaign, from where? Scenarios or Multiplayer (LAN)? Ohhh I see it was added caucasus Insurgency as dependancy, I thought the fgn_svd was from Altis Amred Forces, so I needed another mod, great I´ll try with it 8D SUCESS!!!! It´s all rolling smoothly, sorry for assuming wrong or ignoring the Caucasus Insurgency mod, everything is fine, now will enjoy another masterpiece! Kudos! Cheers/spasibo =)
  6. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1.

    AWESOME! Great to see a campaign from OPF days being ported to A3 (surely another great work of Pioneer and his collaborators, loved your previous releases) Just to clarify, the campaign only requires RHS and CUp (all modules) and the extra addons are packed within the modfolder of the campaign, right? Gonna play ASAP! Cheers/spasibo =) [EDIT] @pioneer I have the same problem as Sammael : I can´t start the campaign... and I´m getting an error related to FGN_svd (it´s part of Altis Armed Forces mod by fingolfin) and even thou I load that mod (I have the last released version 0.8.2 of the mod) the campaign wouldn´t work =( Here´s the screenshot of the error https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1506163944
  7. NIArms Release Thread

    oHHH YEAH... Today everything is fine... ArmA3 hicup or too many scripts on the missions I´ve played yesterday =/ Cheers and sorry for the false discrete alarm =)
  8. NIArms Release Thread

    Is it just me, or the Arma3 Encore update broke the SIG 550-553 animations? The reloading sounds play, the bullet count and mags on huds change but there´s no hand aniamtions... the rest of the NIARms weapons seems fine, I´ve noticed it just on the Sigs... ArmA main branch, after encore update Cheers
  9. The East Wind: Escalation [RHS/BAF]

    Hi strohvogel, after bashing my head on the keyboard after several botched atemps to make your campaign work through SWS, I´d like to kindly request, with my wholeheart, please, could you add an armaholic or gdrive link for the files, pety please? SWS works great for kids and newcomers, but my setup and my good ol habits prevent me to use SWS exclusive mods, luckly many pop up on armaholic but that´s not your and Spearhead cases... If it isn´t much of a hassle, please add a mirror! Yours truly Cpl_Lib (cheers!)
  10. [IceBreakr/IBIS] Southeast Angola 1974

    Wow, That looks awesome! Is this kinda replacement for Tonal or it is still on the works? BTW, is there any armaholic mirror or a link for dl it from your site? My steamworkshop is bugged (I can dl missions but the mods are a lost case) and I still use mods the good ol way =) Cheers and kudos, as always ;)
  11. Eagle Wing Full campaign release (Arma 2 remake)

    I´ve finished it alright, without any major issues (at the harbour, some enemies just "pops out" as they seem to be spawning right there at the railtracks, but not a big deal) All my mods are downloaded from armaholic and gdrive (my steamworkshop is buggy so I do it the good ol ways) Cheers [Edit] one of the spetznas do get stuck behind but after 2 minutes he got to the truck and the mission move on... maybe some AI pathfinding is buggy and it works some times, some times don´t.... HazJ try reloading a save before that part and trying again, but maybe jstibbsy needs to review the AI paths on that part =/
  12. Eagle Wing Campaign Remake

    Works fine for me... thou I´ve dl from gdrive =)
  13. Eagle Wing Campaign Remake

    Hey jstibbsy, I´m so anxious to replay this great short campaign (have played twice your first mission remake and was pumped when I read that you´d remake the whole short campaign), but my steamworkshop is buggy as heck, is there no way to have a mirror on armaholic or dropbox or gdrive link? Cheers and kudos!
  14. I know, I was just pointing out that it could have been mistankenly loaded up along VME on ASmallDinosaur.´s server.. but it seems that´s not the case... maybe something on VME configs or scripts are triggering these distortions that are part of the game hardcode (for those moments on the SP campaign when the player is knocked out or battle shacken)
  15. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Nice, this balance between moods will make the campaign flows even better, all this passion and atention to detail makes the user made campaigns the best out there, like IndeedPete´s Mercs, Undecieved´s Underdogs, Ted_hou´s Whom the Bell tolls, yours, etc etc Gets me even more pumped for Dark Tides Cheers