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  1. tokyoindia

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Well I didn't think so many people would get so upset by my comment. I was not attempting to police anything and this was not my personal issue. It would appear I have been policed haha so with that I'll leave you all to it. To the mod creators - truly beautiful work!
  2. tokyoindia

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Just wanted to stop by and show my support for the mod. Its amazing! On a side note, "Jap" is still considered an ethnic slur and is pretty offensive. Its not that hard to write "Japanese".
  3. Loving the Dutch DPM mate! The vests were a nice bonus. Thank you boss!
  4. It gives the player the option to do a static line para jump from a capable aircraft. Its really awesome, I just wish I could work out how to get the AI to use it too ><
  5. That is a great idea! Looking forward to the results. Ive spent all morning throwing togeather some Belgium units and Ive gotta say I'm loving it.
  6. They are indeed very close! I'm no expert but I believe the biggest different between dutch and brit dpm is as you mentioned the slightly yellower hue and the brit version has the little spots around the black where as the dutch doesn't. I totally understand where you are coming from boss and will say no more on the matter ;) But as I said, wonderful addition, recently Ive been playing around making various NATO themed peace keeping missions and high quality packs like this are a blessing! Thanks again :)
  7. Lovely re-skins mate! Opens up a lot of potential for mission makers. I think Dutch DPM would be a nice addition too.
  8. tokyoindia

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Thank you for your reply good sir and great to hear!
  9. tokyoindia

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hello guys, love the work. Especially the Brit kit! Will the webbing and small pack be receiving a coat of blanco at all? It would be good to have a later war version with green. I believe KG3 is the correct shade for 43 onwards. Also is Brit webbing and pack low carry weight intended? Not complaining just wondering. Again top job and many thanks. I think you have made a lot of people very happy.
  10. tokyoindia

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Sorry I didn't intend to cause any issues! Just throwing an idea around more than a request! I'm away at work at the moment but when I get back to my home pc I will see if I have any high quality pictures to add in addition to what the limbo has posted. :)
  11. tokyoindia

    3CB BAF Equipment

    The plan sounds great guys and I'm looking for to seeing more about it on the development blog. I had a thought the other day whilst re-watching "peacekeepers" that when you guys do the DPM gear a nice little addition would be some UN blue covers for the mk6 and a UN beret. It would allow re-creation of a lot of the 90's Brit deployments. Any way just a thought. Much love for the team and I want to reiterate what an amazing job you are doing.
  12. tokyoindia

    3CB BAF Units

    ^ I'm in the same boat as above I'll try and retest keeping the 10 second thing in mind! Thanks.
  13. tokyoindia

    3CB BAF Units

    I recently came back to arma3 after a break due to the woes of real life and I have to say 3cb's new releases were a huge part of making me want to play again! Amazing job guys! In terms of feedback for the vehicles I think the way to please everyone would be an optional pbo with your vehicles crewed by your units. I know that can be a bit of a pain from my own small foray into the world of modding but I think it's probably the best way. As for the units my only request would yet another optional pbo with the gear randomisation removed. I know this can be done via the in mod module but I'm one of those folks who likes to tweak load outs and even using the module certain things still seem to get over ridden :/ Again a big thank you! You are making a lot of walts very happy ;)
  14. tokyoindia

    Gac jsdf

    Great news on the release! Can't wait to get home and give it a try :)
  15. Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated. In that case I can consider my guys Alive compatible and release a update soon. :)