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  1. Gac jsdf

    gac_jsdf is now v0.9.
  2. Gac jsdf

    They don't have any special functions. I mean they do animation only.
  3. Gac jsdf

    This MOD needs CBA_A3 and you should read this module first.
  4. Gac jsdf

    gac_jsdf is now v0.8.
  5. Gac jsdf

    I made Introduction movie of this update
  6. Gac jsdf

    Current RHS compatibility is: -type 89 rifle,MINIMI can use RHSUSAF's 5.56mm magazines -some magazines,ammunition using RHS's ammo definition e.g.:120mm for type90 tank, 84mm for carl gustav , 110mm for panzerfaust3 , missile for LMAT Rifle Scopes compatibility isn't support yet.
  7. Gac jsdf

    thank you fox :)
  8. Gac jsdf

    gac_jsdf is now v0.7.
  9. Gac jsdf

    gac_jsdf is now v0.6.
  10. This is a sample of motorcycle with physX. You can freely use this file :) This motorcycle has additional invisible 2 wheels like training wheels, so rider can lean both side:p test_motorcycle_physx.zip
  11. Gac jsdf

    thank you for your mirror, Sonsalt6. I see, I'll plan to add M2 mag with type90 tank. And I didn't play MCC and zeus.I'll check them and I'll fix if I can :)
  12. Gac jsdf

    gac_jsdf is now v0.5. :)
  13. Gac jsdf

    >.kju,Fox thank you for mirroring :)
  14. Gac jsdf

    gac_jsdf is now v0.4. This MOD requires CBA from this version. >SSplainskin I don't support other MOD's body parts. If I update soldier's model, I'll adjust it.
  15. Gac jsdf

    @Fox thanks :) @ryo I'll try to make other addon's Accessories as external addon. @Corporal_Lib This MOD is currently using my 'personal' models,textures,configs. I plan to add weapons like carlgustav, vehicles like cars , flying boats. My friends make oher JSDF models as JSDFMOD(not gac_JSDF) and I'll give my models them. But that MOD doesn't plan to release. At least I can give you my models as this MOD. And I'll add other weapons to ammobox :) @Sonsalt6 OK I pushed 'this is me' button :) @Pulstar I like type10 tank , I want to make "Maneuver Combat Vehicle"(wheeled armored vehicle with 105mm gun) too. And I don't plan to make 'japanese body' because I want to spend time for newer vehicles ;)