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  1. stiefel1976

    Resize Flags

    at first thank you
  2. stiefel1976

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    @gagagu my Tirpitz is drive, stear-/ and walkable but she isn't walkable if it moves :butbut: I hope that`s the ticket converted successfully I use same Roadway Lod`s and write in the cut out from the init.sqf : .....deck_dummy1 = "Tirdeck1" createvehicle getpos deckspawn; deck_dummy1 attachto [deckspawn,[0,76.5,-7]];
  3. Hello, is there a possibility to modify the banner or flag size ? What do you think about the idea ? I need some different flags size on the ship :cc: Regards
  4. stiefel1976

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    Awesome...keep it up !
  5. stiefel1976

    [Request] Walkable Interior of Vehicles

    Hi, i hope so too. I found another video Awsome effect :p
  6. stiefel1976

    [Request] Walkable Interior of Vehicles

    holy moly...a essential function..must have ;)
  7. Hello Darkhorse 1-6, yes, I mean exactly the same flagpole. I need two or more of these varieties It is activated with a scrip. Can you modify or someone else this script? ;)
  8. hi, a question about Flags....:rolleyes: How do I add a second flag on the LandingCraft ? and is it possible to change the size of the flag ? regards stiefel
  9. stiefel1976

    Wave or high sea state

    Hey guys, hello gnat, i unravel the mystery ;) Find the Ca.pbo and open the config.bin with Eliteness..... Modify the entry waves,size and speed Can everyone help me to make an addon? Config writing is not my intention :( Regards stiefel
  10. stiefel1976

    Wave or high sea state

    hi, here are more pictures.... stiefel
  11. stiefel1976

    Wave or high sea state

    Hi, after a short break....... ......it works Greetings to the forum stiefel
  12. stiefel1976

    [WIP]WW2 Battleship Mod

    Hi, can someone create a script, so that the described situation can be resolved? It must be possible right? Here is an excerpt of the third config.cpp gun "Caesar " All guns are described in a config script that is not activated with AttachTo http://pastebin.jonasscholz.de/1355 If it is not possible, then please tell me, then I do not need further drill ....... Thanks to the FORUM regards stiefel
  13. stiefel1976

    [WIP]WW2 Battleship Mod

    hello, first: I solved the problem completely walkable deck! .......... I'll will report later........ Continue with the rear gun Caesar :confused: When I enter as a gunner in the turret Caesar, I can cover the rear of the ship. When I get out, then it turns into the position of the two front turrets. See the picture.... but it must be a 180 degree difference from the forward guns. Question now to the forum Hello monkey.....I will continue... firewill, where are you ;) stiefel
  14. stiefel1976

    [WIP]WW2 Battleship Mod

    Yes, good idea PacUK ;) It is possible that the accessible surface of the LHD matched my ship ? and then with the command "AttachTo ..." stiefel
  15. stiefel1976

    [WIP]WW2 Battleship Mod

    hello gnat, thank you that is not good :( It is not so long ago........ I've been playing around with something landcantact found that I was able to run across the deck. Without a script and without house definition. It was defined as a ship. I had a # Roadway entire area on the ship # Geometry # Landcantact # Memory # and 0.0000 the stupid thing was that the ship was too deep or too heavy. I did not believe but it was so. I thought holy shit When I had the ship where it was positioned correctly, I fell again by ship's deck. Is this a possibility? So a balance between Landcontact, Geometry and Roadway? stiefel