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  1. maybe try the reinstall? i don't see anything like that and my friends says too.
  2. today AWS and F-35B Armaverse updated FIR AWS v3.1 - AMS-Lite alpha version added for vanilla aircrafts aircraft list F/A-181 Black Wasp II A-164 Wipeout To-199 Neophron To-201 Shikra A-143 Buzzard A-149 Gryphon MQ-4A Grey hawk / K40 Ababil-3 drone MQ-12 Falcon UCAV Sentinel AMS-Lite video AMS-Lite images also AWS integration manual in google drive has been updated for add AMS-Lite integration. F-35B Armaverse 1.4 - air intake shape modified - be more like real thing. - textures overhaul - Arctic camo added new cockpit from FC-37 source is will be include next update.
  3. aircraft mods since late 2016 have 4k skins already(after A-10 mod). so, for now, F-14 and F-15 are planned to upgrade for 4k. eventually, it causes increase the file size. but like I said, the rest of mods already has 4k skin.
  4. sadly not considering AWACS for now, and i saw Sabre did great work for C-2 and E-2 with model overhaul. this make me encourage a lot, thanks the kind comment! and plus, some changes for F-35B Armaverse (before) (after) engine intakes design changed, be more like real one.
  5. AWS updated v3.0a - some error messages fixed when using JDAM/GPS guided missile with incompatible aircraft note : CAUTION message on systemchat is not a bug!
  6. calm down, there's still a lot of works to do.
  7. There is no reason to change for don't use it again. GPS guidance error(especially some aircrafts not integrated) is will be fixed in upcoming next update.
  8. it's aimed to vanilla aircraft only, but did CUP and other mods works too? i didn't check it actually. edit : just checked some CUP aircrafts can use AWS weapons, but not the system.
  9. maybe need to check path is correct in hiddenselectiontextures.. but i guess you already fixed.
  10. it was appeared long time ago but problem is, that's never happened to me so i don't know what the hell is going on. only presume that might be relate with hiddenselection but no clues.
  11. because AMS doesn't integrate to vanilla aircraft at this time, currently working some so called "AMS-Lite" for vanilla and others. instead, you can use these script/mod for arming in game https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1867660876&searchtext=pylon+manager
  12. some examples of new replace pilot function F-16C Aviano bird F-16C Makos F-16C Spare 15(in AC7 skin pack)
  13. Today we've got updates for AWS, F-16, F-2, F-14 and AC7 skin pack. AWS update v3.0 "Joint Assault" - AWS integration for vanilla aircraft aircraft list F/A-181 Black Wasp II A-164 Wipeout To-199 Neophron To-201 Shikra A-143 Buzzard A-149 Gryphon - all weapons system using weapon class eventhandler, FCS.sqf is now obsolete.(no any script commands in FCS.sqf) - 3 skins for F/A-181(from F/A-181E mod) - 2 skins for To-201(based on Su-57, Su-30SM camo) F-16 update 1.98 ROAD TO 2.0 PHASE 2 Common - All F-16C/D base mod textures upgraded(2k textures are upgraded to 4k and detail added) - FIR_F16_RS addon file is now belong F-16 skin pack 2 USAFE. it's should be there. - new replacepilot function applied. when you select pilot type, it will change texture of pilot uniform too. F-16C - texture hiddenselection adjusted : tail(camo3) added* / cft selection renamed camo4. *IMPORTANT : since 1.98, vertical tail is using different selection. so some user skin mods could be making disappear vertical tail. check the new skin templates for fix this problem. Package Q 1.4 - new 4k textures - pilot uniforms added USAFE Falcon 1.2 - new 4k textures - pilot uniforms added - F-16 Ramstein skins now belong this mod. Air National Guard 1.2 - new 4k textures - pilot uniforms added Arctic Front 1.1 - new 4k textures - pilot uniforms added 20th FW 1.1 - new 4k textures - pilot uniforms added F-2 Update 1.99 ROAD TO 2.0 PHASE 2 - all aircrafts upgrade to 4k skins F-14 Update 1.95a - fixed : IR cover is will not appear on some variants for F-14A AC7 Skin pack 0.4 - F-16 textures fixed - Strider 1 for F-16 ,F-2 and F-14D - Mage 1, Spare 7 for F-16 - Spare 6 for F/A-18F also, AWS integation manual and magazine list now available with google document. AWS Integration Manual – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jb8sj8uX4f-vQSKJlr55ckJq6AQ6ZM3LZLe9w4ACM40/edit?usp=sharing AWS Magazine list : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZjECtR0yy-6cUN7KEoVTIV-sMwIpq5OBwS6Fqox_E0g/edit?usp=sharing