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  1. + symbol is TGP point. and I've confirmed bomb target box has been removed. I guess it is removed when I making CCIP reticle. not just F-16, other aircraft has same problem.. it means gonna take some time for fix.
  2. Yes, and think about several things with ASAT.
  3. in that case, there's nothing I can do until I get the same problem.
  4. It was Tornado in my test and works FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE and FINE. probably you would re-check tgt pod equipped or I-TGT sequence. also it's a GPS, not GBS.
  5. working fine in my test just right now.
  6. remove FIR_AWS_CustomCutscene.pbo and FIR_AWS_CustomCutscene.pbo.FIR.bisign in AWS addons folder.
  7. today some updates and meet the new release, C-130 Decal pack. FIR AWS v3.581 Air Weapon System - CBU-105 is now working well as sensor fuzed weapon - CBU-87 1 round bomb restored Tornado 0.11 - Tornado ADV (ITA) now using correct textures. - Textures for Tornado F3 (RAF) fixed (missing cannon texture) - Renamed : Tornado ADV (RAF) -> Tornado F3 (RAF) - Stormshadow missile is now using new I-TGT system. C-130 Decal pack released
  8. - Cruise missile test for proof of concept. - Using vanilla cruise missile model for now. - with setMissileTarget(https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/s...) command, missile can travel designated path to the target. - Missile acting funny. but well, at least working.
  9. I guess maybe using wrong texture path for Italian ADV when I did re-align the config. I will check on it. Storm shadow is probably not support current AWS I-TGT system. will update it when it's rework.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=865714932 - IDF eagle included https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=745519081 - IDF falcon included and some IDF F-15A/B in F-15 legacy.
  11. mods updated FIR AWS v3.58k Hotfix - signature fixed A-10 1.86k Hotfix - signature fixed AV-8B 0.63k Hotfix - signature fixed F/A-18 0.23k Hotfix - signature fixed F-16 1.99k Hotfix - signature fixed Project Tornado 0.1k Hotfix - signature fixed
  12. I've found recently updated mod using same name, but different key for sign. now hotfix is on the way.
  13. some note just in case : aegis radar is will be hide in game automatically, it's not a bug. in Eden editor in game
  14. Today, several updates and panavia tornado has arrived FIR AWS v3.58 "Fleet Defender" Fleet Defender - AWS: Fleet Defender added - Mk 41 Mod 21 VLS : can equip vanilla cruise missiles and SM-2 Block IIIC and IV surface to air missiles - Dummy Aegis radar : 32km detection range, show up in editor but hide in game. Air Weapon System - New Weapon MW-1(Mehrzweckwaffe 1) Munitions Dispenser with KB 44(Kleinbombe 44) Bomblet Skyflash Air-to-air missile - AIM-132 ASRAAM redesigned - New map display system with UVAnimation - Rotate, zoom in/out and can change map textures(standard/satellite image/sat+std.) - Supported map list : Altis,Stratis,Tanoa,Malden 2035 (other maps can be add.) - Maxlockspeed adjusted for ATA missiles F-16 1.99 ROAD TO 2.0 PHASE 3 F-16C - new skin : 77th Fighter Squadron HGV(Have Glass V) Common - PW engine version modified with some detail point added. - New map display system integrated. A-10 1.86 A-10C - New map display system integrated. AV-8B 0.63 - New map display system integrated. F/A-18 0.23 Common - New map display system integrated.