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  1. F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    which GBU? laser guided or GPS?
  2. F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    F-14 updated 1.85 - some model animation improved - AIM-9M w/LAU-138 Chaff Disp. missile rail supported(see AWS readme for detail) - new bonus skins * Jack Bartlett "Heartbreak One" (Ace combat 5) * Marcus Snow "Swordsman" / VFA-206 (Ace combat 5) * Shin Kudo & Edgar La Salle (Macross Zero) - skin upgrade phase 1 (4K size) * Wardog Sqaudron(wardog 1~4) * Mobius one. also this skin is now using F-14A. and F-14 mini skin pack "Top gun" released today.
  3. AWS updated v2.71 - AIM-9M w/LAU-138 Chaff Disp. Missile Rail added(for F-14) * this missile rail contain 160 rounds of chaff inside. * F-14B/D use this rail for standard loadout. F-14A can equip. - remove old magazines code in weapons magazine array.
  4. i've test in dedi with other persons and logged admin, but nothing found problem like that. so hard to tell about that problem. sorry. Su-25SM3 updated 0.11 - maintenance : some config values added and one more thing coming soon
  5. you can see the new released su-25sm3 have new antenna above, Zakhvat UV sensors under and L-370-3S jammer on each wing, and UV-26M dispensers too. i didn't found of those new photo until now, so i can make new part below the HUD based on that.(and current cockpit will transfer to upcoming Su-25SM) thanks the share!
  6. F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    f-15 updated 1.42 - maintenance : weight based loading time system is now re-activated(latest AWS required)
  7. AWS updated v2.7 - Su-25SM3 integration - New weapons : AIM-54A Phoenix(for F-14) , Kh-25MT,Kh-25MTP,Kh-29D,S-8 KOR1 laser guided rocket, RBK-500 SPBE-D,S-25 rocket series(OF,OFM and L) and more. - AWS decal pack 1 is now included. and Su-25SM3 released on first page
  8. and news about Su-25SM3 new cockpit, new texture, new weapons and I-TGT will display "GLONASS" if aircraft is using GLONASS instead GPS. BLUFOR version aka. Enemy Type A skin Su-25SM3 will be release in Aug-26
  9. EA-18G Growler

    EA-18G updated 0.31 - maintenance : launchbar pos/EH added for new nimitz update
  10. F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    F-14 updated 1.81 - maintenance : some AMS bug fixed , launchbar pos/EH added for new nimitz update
  11. F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    thanks the notice and now fixed F-15 updated 1.41 - maintenance : rearm bug fixed for F-15E / weight-based loading time system temporary disabled(F-15E only)
  12. i was think about that months ago and currently under development.
  13. not a glitch. you "must" use AMS for using every feature of AWS.
  14. it's phase 1 version, so maybe more improve next time. and if non-firewill aircraft have ACMI pod(TACTS or CUBIC), can be select on ATMS dialog and can use training system. if even my aircraft doesn't equip ACMI pod, will not show up.
  15. f-22 / f-23 updated f-22 0.6 - Arctic Front update integration - ATA Training presets - maintenance f-23 0.2 - Arctic Front update integration - ATA Training presets - maintenance