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  1. confirmed and fixed AV-8B updated 0.51a - Harrier 2 GR7/9A forever taxing fixed - Blank skins landing gear texture fixed
  2. that's not a top priority, so i'm working on other works right now.
  3. here's some little announcement i've made some issue tracker on github for manage issue&feedback and suggestion. https://github.com/firewill0/FIR_AWS_SystemDevelopment/issues
  4. firewill

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    F-14 mini skin pack #2 "USMC" released on front page and steam workshop
  5. JAG huh? well, i didn't saw every episodes but that was nice drama. anyway, you don't need to my permission for publish your nice skin work.
  6. AWS updated v2.87 - texture fixed for a-10 sidewinder dual rail - hydra 70/apkws rockets are available to use for Vanilla and RHS US helicopters(Pawnee, Blackfoot, AH-64D,AH-1Z and UH-60M tested) - maintenance APKWS on blackfoot : due to blackfoot's proxy position, rocket pods are little back than other. AWS rockets now available to use for some RHS helicopters.
  7. similar with f/a-181 i guess. radartargetsize value is 0.2 for my F-22, F-35B
  8. firewill

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    it's already on the list.
  9. Or change korean to english in Original section so other language users can read english. and also english is first(except original), korean is second and japanese is last in stringtable. thanks the tip, i'm not used to using stringtable.xml actually so need to more work.
  10. AWS updated v2.86 - AGM-65 renewal : AGM-65B/D/G/H/K/L - new AGM-65 variant : AGM-65F/AGM-65E/E2 - LAU-88 / LAU-117 maverick rail renewal - CBU-87 syntax error fixed - F-16 now can use AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER - maintenance
  11. you can increase range of sensor panel press L/R Ctrl(depend on panel position left/right) + [ or ] if not, check your keybinding. SLAM-ER is will be available for F-16. it was already planned in before but always forgot to work actually. well, now definitely remember of that.
  12. that position of tgp camera is intended.
  13. already some penetrator applied into AGM-65 in v2.84 that's why you didn't read previous page like page 46. and second, i'm making some descriptions with Stringtable.xml, that's still WIP and currently only support English, Korean and Japanese. looks like you're using Russian so i guess it's display <Original> section, wrote with korean. no additional skin pack for F-23 at this time.
  14. AGM-65 Maverick Renewal AGM-65G AGM-65D AGM-65H AGM-65K AGM-65L new variant will be add AGM-65F (IIR, Navy) AGM-65E/E2(Laser, Marine and Navy)
  15. firewill

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    just for visual difference. For example, two type of TGP for F-15K. LANTIRN 2000(LANTIRN ER + Tiger eye IRST) and Sniper ATP+Tiger eye. now all F-15K using Sniper + Tiger eye. but USAF use Sniper without Tiger eye. and also change some TGP is good to make historical setting like Gulf war(LANTIRN only), Iraq war and other warfare in history.