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  1. i'm not much like tornado so i said no.
  2. AWS updated v2.54 - some weapons/hardpoint code for F/A-181E and F/A-181E reskin pack released on first page
  3. A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    that's really good news. thanks the notice.
  4. yes, will be replace to ECM pods eventually. "Mihaly is back." i like su-30sm and su-37(yes, canard), but currently focus on other and many projects. and more "different directions" in the future.
  5. i have 2 news today. first, maybe some peoples really want it, Su-25SM3. more detail for exterior added, such as Banker-8-TM-1 Antenna(on the top) , Zakhvat UV Sensor(under fuselage. forward and backward) , UV-26M flare/chaff dispenser(downward) and L-150-16M Pastel RHWAS. and other news is, called "F/A-181E Black Wasp II" project. F/A-181E feature - many reskins based on F/A-18E/F super hornet modern scheme. US Navy, USMC, RAAF and RCAF. - AWS integration(Optional. if AWS installed, F/A-181E will use the AWS automatically) - No "Stealth/non-stealth" class. if select empty, pylons will remove like below squadrons list(not completed, it's 100% fictional!) USN AB - CVW-1 VFA-82 Marauders (former VFA-82 / F/A-18C) - USS Harry S. Truman NE - CVW-2 VFA-93 Ravens (former VA-93 / A-7 Corsair II) - USS Carl Vinson AC - CVW-3 VFA-72 Blue hawks (former VA-72 / A-7 Corsair II) - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower NF - CVW-5 VFA-1 Wolfpack (former VF-1 / F-14 Tomcat) - USS Ronald Reagan AE - CVW-6 VFA-132 Privateers (former VFA-132 / F/A-18C) - USS Freedom AG - CVW-7 VFA-36 Roadrunners (former VA-36 / A-6 Intruder) - USS Abraham Lincoln AJ - CVW-8 VFA-15 Valions (former VFA-15 / F/A-18C) - USS George H.W. Bush NG - CVW-9 VFA-24 Fighting Renegades (former VF-24 / F-14 Tomcat) - USS Enterprise NH - CVW-11 VFA-114 Aardvarks (former VF-114 / F-14 Tomcat) - USS John F. Kennedy NL - CVW-15 VFA-35 Black Panthers (former VA-35 / A-6 Intruder) - USS William F. Halsey NA - CVW-17 VFA-145 Swordsmen (former VA-145 / A-6 Intruder) - USS Gerald Ford AA - CVW-18 VFA-74 Be-Devilers (former VF-74 / F-14 Tomcat) - USS Theodore Roosevelt AF - CVWR-20 VFA-202 Superheats (former VF-202 / F-14 Tomcat) - none Modex 300 F-14 : 5 A-6 : 3 A-7 : 2 F/A-18A/C : 3 USMC VMFA-323 RAAF(Royal Australian Air Force) No.77 Squadron RCAF(Royal Canadian Air Force) No.425 Squadron
  6. F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    f-14 updated 1.74 - maintenance(some fixes for loop script)
  7. A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    A-10 updated 1.44 A-10C - maintenance(some fixes for loop scripts like weapon display, digital watch etc) i have several reports about same issue, so i did make the new update. i think some loop based scripts making problem, but not sure fixed. so try, and let me know the result.(fixed or not)
  8. F-22 updated 0.54 - some maintenance and you've been waiting a lot for this. F-23 released on front page happy hunting!
  9. AWS laser guided bombs still can use manual lock on laser. AWS updated v2.53 - AIM-9P added - some weapons/hardpoint code for F-23A - LOAL ability for AGM-88 HARM
  10. AWS updated v2.52a - hotfix for TGP ON/OFF function
  11. F-2 Viper ZERO Standalone

    f-2 updated 1.83 - maintenance(some fixes for init.sqf and ejection system)
  12. F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    f-14 updated 1.73 - maintenance(some fixes for init.sqf and ejection system)
  13. A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    A-10 updated 1.43 Common - maintenance(some fixes for init.sqf and ejection system)
  14. F-22 updated 0.53 - maintenance(some fixes for init.sqf and ejection system) and some news about F-23 F-23 can equip weapon on external pylons.(100% fictional) Wizard 1 skin and F-23 will release in May-13
  15. EA-18G Growler

    EA-18G updated 0.23 - maintenance(some fixes for init.sqf and ejection system) yes, i'm really excited for Ace combat 7, but also feel so sad because no news since start this year :-(