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  1. well that system was not designed for really big map like south asia in that time.
  2. I've answered similar question before so should be in this thread. maybe you can search it.
  3. it's still need to adjust for missile speed and hit-box size. and ground C-RAM also considered but not right now work. LRASM also planned. some video about anti-ship missile test with type 052D destroyer from HAFM navy mod.
  4. it's early WIP. so don't expect to come out soon. AGM-84D Harpoon anti-ship missile: currently direct fire mode and sea-skimming mode supported. you can select each fire mode just like change the weapon mode for your rifle. the pop-up mode will be made later. Intercept: there are no scripts for CIWS, just CIWS can lock-on to the anti-ship missile(with some tricky) and try to intercept by AI automatically. first scene: F/A-18F fire AGM-84D to enemy radar(for the test purpose) and 2 CIWS try to intercept the missile, but failed and radar destroyed. second scene: same sequence, but one CIWS controlled by the player and successfully intercept.
  5. ..and i can change honestly in pylon setting, ams and other. just i can't change because it's can't anyway! is doesn't help for finding what's the problem, you know.
  6. basically my all aircraft has same rules for ADES support. about F/A-18C, need to define 3 settings below. and also FIR_F18C class is should be parent class of your custom hornet of course. FIR_FA18C_custom_skin = 1; FIR_FA18C_custom_code = "your_custom_hornet_classname"; FIR_FA18C_custom_name = "name for ADES display";
  7. It's a local marker via createmarkerlocal command, so only can see marker who created for now. i was think about use the global marker, but it might be messed up the map screen with lot of TGT marker everywhere.
  8. at least old version is confirmed dead. (question: why old version is bold?)
  9. hard to make, or maybe impossible what you want. 1.Original Caesar BTT model doesn't have pylon proxy. 2. install FLIR model is require to modify model but can't.
  10. it maybe looks like big because Kajman have it in picture?(i didn't know Kajman can equip it via pylon setting, it was planned for Neophron and Shikra..) and also currently F-35B can't use JASSM right now due to i forgot to add some hardpoint code.
  11. AWS updated v3.2 -AWS function command added how to use : [object,itgt,ams,ecm,ew] call fir_fnc_aws_enablefunction; in vehicle init box.(fixed-wing and rotor-wing supported) parameter list 1st : vehicle name, or this 2nd : I-TGT (Boolean, true/false) 3rd : AMS-Lite (Boolean, true/false) 4th : ECM (Boolean, true/false) 5th : EW (Boolean, true/false) - AGM-158 JASSM added(unused data from Encore update) example shots : aws enable function with Kajman and JASSM, unused data from Encore update.
  12. maybe in the future. and if F/A-18D is come out, perhaps same mod with F/A-18C. and F/A-18E also will be same mod with F, just like F-16C/D did.
  13. every F-16C blocks can make with just one model, however F/A-18 doesn't.(like size, shape etc) so that's why separate mods.