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  1. nothing changed, doesn't matter with targeting pod you've got some example with F-14D(370km active radar range) / 12km view distance(maximum value in video option) no radar contact in 26km radar contact in 20.9km 35km view distance test no radar contact in 26.8km radar contact in 20.5km So, it's nothing changed since 2017.
  2. okay..let's see here even I have a dizzy brain due to painkiller affected. 1: it's a old tradition of I-TGT since 2015. can be fix, but always under bottom of list. 2: for against different situation at the same time. for example, you have 3 EGBU-12, and want to use 2 bombs for typical laser guide, and 1 bomb for GPS guide. If old I-TGT, there's no way drop the bomb with laser and GPS guide separately at the same time. But now, you can with current I-TGT system. that's why made additional weapon mode for I-TGT guidance. 3: it's really hard to understand what's exactly want to say actually. Or. you can change pylon priority in I-TGT.
  3. I don't have much to say, but you already got the hint. (new year greetings photo)
  4. both of work would be take some time.
  5. it worked with laser in my test, but I've found not make secondary explosion due to some execute script order. also only GPS supported weapons will appear in pylons list. it's also CG only weapon supported however, there is no CG only weapon in AWS currently.
  6. 1. just tested in real life, but now days the British harriers no longer service, and this is game so probably can do with "What-If". 2. currently F-16 mod has it(show TGP point on HUD), A-10 or other aircraft will do in future.
  7. well I slept only 2 hours so my brain been fuzzy so misunderstood I guess.
  8. probably can make some limitation of dropping bombs(altitude,range and speed etc), but I've decided don't do it because this is just game. uzabit explained well, need to change weapon mode with weapon switch key. or refer this point in video(2m 16s)
  9. I-TGT 2.0 Video Tutorial English description & subtitles provided. can be add other languages.
  10. Bombs away literally.
  11. not in the AWS at least, but probably somewhere else. sadly no.
  12. got a bunch of updates today include new I-TGT 2.0. unfortunately new I-TGT 2.0 tutorial is slow in progress due to having some health problems in this month. so new I-TGT tutorial is will be update in next month. FIR AWS v3.55 Air Weapon System - I-TGT 2.0 version 1 updated - Leaflet bomb function fixed. now generate leaflets player can read, also disappear leaflet particle as well. - Leaflet bomb now can make civilians gotta run from leaflet spreading area. if don't want to make run, put AWS_EVAC_Disable = true; in any field or init.sqf. - cmimmunity for AIM-7E/F/M, AIM-9P/H adjusted. - Combined dual mode for GBU-53 SDB II. in dual mode, If laser target and vehicle on target location at the same time, SDB II will heading to laser target first. if laser doesn't exist, will heading to vehicle. A-10 1.84 A-10C - Pave Penny pod can be hide via attribute. EA-18G 0.42 - new standard skin : VAQ-142. - new skin : USAF 390th Electronic Combat Squadron - new fueltank & jettison system applied. fueltank is now actual magazine just like other aircrafts. F-14 1.991 - wing sweep speed adjusted F-15 1.62 F-15E - new skin : 87-198 "Bumblebee", 389th Fighter Squadron(MO) F-15 Legacy - F-15B Civlian version added(no weapons) F-16 1.987 - loadouts redefined : weapons in CAS,CAS 2 loadout changed - Holloman skins added - Korean war special skin added F-23A 0.26 - EOTS integrated, targeting pod no longer required for using I-TGT (bottom of nose) - EWP integrated F/A-18 Legacy hornet 0.21 - new skins : MALS-11, MALS-31 special F/A-18E/F Super hornet(from Project Rhino) 0.1 - renamed to F/A-18E/F Super Hornet - F/A-18E Added - new fueltank & jettison system applied. fueltank is now actual magazine just like other aircrafts. AC7 skin pack 0.8 - fueltank skin removed for F/A-18F
  13. I-TGT 2.0 dual-mode test in the new system, you can designate bombing mode to each pylon. So some bombs will use GPS mode and some bombs will use Dual-mode etc. in this video, EGBU-12 using GPS-only mode, but GBU-54 using dual-mode so following laser target when entering terminal guidance.
  14. Terminal or Thermal? Terminal : will turn on Command guidance mode when missile closing in specific range from target. Thermal : press N key when using Command guidance mode.