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  1. Well, you can make own custom config and mod, of course keep the dependencies.
  2. 1) I'll take a look. targeting point is already applied on HUD so probably just make some new one for HMD. 2) That's normal, because can be selected pylon for targeting(because some limitation), not a bomb itself.
  3. F-15 updated 1.81b F-15 Legacy - Fixed: some decal points code missing in model.cfg and config.cpp.
  4. It is a issue from forgot to add selection names in model.cfg and config.cpp from F-15 legacy eagle. will be fixed.
  5. now C-130 can use VhC(changing textures only) such as virtual garage and edit vehicle appearance in the Eden editor. also, you can see each textures are relate with aircraft variants. If you select one of texture from old era like cold war or vietnam, C-130 will get 4 windows on the front. If select modern(or since 90s) thing, 2 windows and 2 MAWS sensors on the front. It was main reason of I didn't try VhC features before until now, but finally make it happen.
  6. some fixes updated F-15 1.81a F-15EX - camo6 added in model.cfg for retexture work F-15E - pilotcamera position adjusted FIR AWS v3.598a Air Weapon System - I-TGT Grid function fixed - AGM-114 test version added Tornado 0.16a - decal points fixed
  7. GRID button is got some issue currently and doing some fix.
  8. First test of Infantry + Vehicle transport together. a player can customize cargo sections, for give how many space to infantry or vehicle.
  9. I'll check it, I guess some config variable missing.
  10. I dunno why this happened, but camo6 isn't defined(I guess accidently removed during new name rank system updates) in sections array in model.cfg, that's why camo6 wasn't applied new texture. It will be updated soon.
  11. Sniper targeting pod is can't be retextured because not defined camo selection.
  12. for CUP aircraft or any non-AWS supported aircrafts are can be use this function to use I-TGT and other function from FIR AWS.
  13. FIR AWS updated v3.598 hotfix2 Air Weapon System - some bug fixed when drop the guided bomb(mostly laser) before I-TGT initialize. - code structure changed for BLU-109 script, so It won't be display some building syntax error.
  14. FIR AWS updated v3.598 hotfix1 Air Weapon System - old I-TGT system now use new I-TGT codes for backward compatibility. - target markers are now removed after aircraft destroyed. It's should be fixed since hotfix version, I've tested with Su-35 mod. and KAB-500Kr is need to take a look. there's some limitations with stuff of turret(WSO/RIO we called in game is actually gunner with turret.), so I focused to made features with pilotcamera. But my eyes and ears open for suggestion.