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  1. If you talking about Remote control in Zeus, It's not supported.
  2. Hello, welcome to the BI forum! I guess here's some stuff might be you're looking for.. I've made new Mk41 VLS add some anti-air missiles(SM-2 series and ESSM) capability some years ago. Not sure this is exactly you want, but I think It is feels like "an already completed one" you're finding.
  3. Uh.. never see that before or maybe never see that in my entire arma3 life since 2013. But I'm sure AWS_AMS_Blacklist is no longer use in current FIR AWS version, unless you're using really old version of FIR AWS and stuff. instead, now days FIR AWS using SMS function - it's kind of a whitelist style.
  4. AWS and F-15 updated FIR AWS v3.597a Air Weapon System - old bomb crater system is now temporarily disabled until make a new crater system due to possible performance issue in Multiplayer. F-15 1.8 hotfix 2 F-15SE - fixed WSO laser designator disappear after AMS use. F-15EX - fixed pilot/WSO laser designator disappear after AMS use.
  5. Not in the initial work list, but will be.
  6. New project - Hercules Upgrade Project As you know, I was made some decal project about C-130 in before. It was pretty good experience and fun. however, the decal is basically combination of other c-130 mod(CUP or RHS) and decal model with attachTo command, so it have some limitations I can't take care of eventually. after start this year, I was talking to my friend kind of usual chitchat and just talking about C-130 and how about making my own version of C-130 series, and finally I've decided making C-130 by myself. for minimize the progress time as possible, this work is based on A2 C-130 sample and AWS C-130 by Pinaz. the Hercules Upgrade Project is focus on some C-130 variants what less-famous from peoples but taken important roles in the military. mostly will focus on actually existed variant, but "fictional / proposal" variants also will be consider. Features: - C-130H, C-130J and C-130J-30(stretched body) - DONE - 4 blades rotor, 2 more windows below cockpit for C-130H - DONE - New texture selections so mirroring texture issue fixed - DONE - New materials for C-130H/J/J-30 - DONE Work in Progress now: C-130E C-130H-30 Modernization parts for C-130E/H 8 blades rotor for C-130H Flexible Cargo System Customize options for Hercules variants Skins for foreign operators Consider: Stretched landing gear bay for C-130H/J/J-30 EC-130 variants C-130F/G/T Navy/Marine variants KC-130J and more And Some pictures below C-130H / C-130J / C-130J-30 C-130J-30. you can see this variant has more long body. C-130H, with iconic 4 blades propeller but some C-130Hs now upgraded to 8 blades. C-130J. typical, common C-130J. C-130J-30 and C-130J. you can see J-30 is long than original J.
  7. Okay, I'll take a look.
  8. Is only SDB2 causing that problem or If any others?
  9. F-15 updated 1.8 hotfix 1 F-15EX - AMS is now working with F-15EX. Note : changing skin in ADES is currently disabled due to new customize system is work in progress with F-15EX for testing.
  10. F-16 hotfix updated 1.999a_hotfix2 F-16C 20th FW(55,77,79FS) - Missing wing texture fixed
  11. Yeah I've found all 20th FW falcons(55,77,79) has no wing texture due to incorrect path used since additional skins are move to new pbo. I'll update hotfix for it soon.
  12. Classname is still same FIR_F16C_Makos but location of texture has been changed because additional skins are now placed in new pbo file. before : FIR_F16\skin\skinfolders current : FIR_F16_Skins\skin\skinfolders
  13. F-16 updated for hotfix. 1.999a_hotfix1 F-16C - Wreck texture error fixed
  14. That isn't for land on carrier, just for emergency landing on airstrip such as brake failure but not functional in mod.