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  1. firewill

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    F-14 updated 1.94 - new 4k skins for standard aircraft(some sneak peek from three upcoming squadrons skin packs) VF-154 Hi/Lo for F-14A (from Black Knight Rule skin pack. will be available in july) VF-103 Hi/Lo for F-14B (from Fear the Bones skin pack. will be available in july) VF-31 Hi/Lo for F-14D (from Last Cat Standing skin pack. will be available in july) - CAS preset modified(2 aim-9m / 1 aim-7m / 1 lantirn / 4 gbu-12) - all AIM-9L in presets are replaced to AIM-9M - all AIM-54A in presets are replaced to AIM-54C - IRIAF tomcat use own basic preset(2 aim-9h / 6 aim-7e) - GBU-32 JDAM integration for F-14B* - default sensor range for pilot/RIO increased 2km to 8km - pilot camera angle limit increased. so you can see behind for gameplay. *some reference : "A number of these sorties were in direct support of Operation ANACONDA, which would last another week as conventional US ground forces engaged with Al Qa'ida and Taliban targets in the Afghan province of Paktia. One such mission on that first night - in the early hours of 12 March and flown by F-14B BuNo 162912 from VF-11 - saw the first combat use of the GBU-32 variant of the JDAM." CVW - US Navy Carrier Air Wing Aircraft 1975 to 2015 Volume One screenshots for new standard skins
  2. AWS updated v2.88 - AWS_AMS_Disable command added input AWS_AMS_Disable = true in init.sqf or initialization line on any object, this command give to player can't use AMS. it's still can press Open AMS button in action menu, but dialog is will not open. - LANTIRN skin for F-14 version
  3. just like other things, maybe urgent for you, but that doesn't mean urgent for me too. busy with own life, busy with other things. looks like enough for explain.(latest update of something was may-03. and now jun-21) other aircrafts include A-10,su-25 are will update of aircraft hitpoint system, just like F-16 applied already. it's take some time so can't tell you exactly when.
  4. i guess already answered about that before. check the last quote in there
  5. 1. currently planning to upgrade I-TGT interface and system, there is also include some shortcut via UserAction key 2. check your keybinding for next sensor panel button. sometime it doesn't defined.
  6. it's normal due to super hornet underwing pylons are rotated to outside so that's why ccip reticle is not a straight line. gun reticle is looks like pointed well(1.1 mean 1.1km), so not a bug or your problem something.
  7. looks like error from vcom ai. agm-65h or other maverick(except AGM-65B, A-10A only) doesn't use any script except fcs script via aircraft's eventhandler so there is nothing i can do for now.
  8. i don't know which zoom, but have you tried press numpad - key twice? sometime I've got similar max zoom stucked when i play infantry mission.
  9. nothing. just modder's taste.
  10. last time i tested, muzzle flash appeared at gun port, gun smoke was generated center of body. like i said, smoke effect is generate [0,0,0] - center of body due to using different memory point for effect.
  11. 1. i know. but you know.. that's cool. 2. some bombs for F-15A/B is based on F-15 armament handbook by McDonnell Douglas in 1979. 3. that's not a bug. just my m61 vulcan gun smoke effect is using different mem point name. so smoke is generate at [0,0,0] 4. at least F-15SE doesn't show any turkey feather or something so answer is no. maybe F-15X/EX can be. and plus, any comments about F-15 is would be go to F-15 thread, not here.
  12. because didn't add it.
  13. AWS updated v2.87a - penetration values adjusted for mavericks
  14. aden gun pod is already planned. it's will be update with AV-8B Day Attack and GR.5 in future.
  15. firewill

    F-2 Viper ZERO Standalone

    F-2 updated 1.97 ROAD TO 2.0 PHASE 1 Common - Landing gear remodeled - Default sensor panel range increased 2km to 8km(8->16->30->2->4)