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  1. ghostrider4515

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    hey does this mod work with the jet DLC? it looks really good
  2. yall are still working on USAF I thought yall quit and left the mod to die a few years ago?
  3. hey firewill are you ever planning on adding an f4 phantom standalone its one of the best cv aircaft ever and all the mods are over 3 gigs and are lacking quality and you have the most experience in carrier capable aircraft aircraft and its a phantom you know you want it
  4. ghostrider4515

    Operations Corvette "Demise"

    Do you mean we can get a test copy I'll volunteer and help find bugs if this is what you mean
  5. ghostrider4515

    EA-6B Prowler

    hey not to be rude or anything but is this mod dead or under development still because my buddys and I want to play this amazing mod