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  1. Bravo Six, Going Dark Apex (Weapons) / Contact (Clothing) / ACE3 (NVG Effects) / Anizay (Terrain)
  2. Men in Black ArmA 3 (Vanilla, Apex, Contact)
  3. Brothers. RHS: USAF / NIArms HK416 Rifles / A3 Vanilla Gear & Accessories / NZDF / Military Gear Pack / FFAA Lythium
  4. OnceIWasKovic

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    No problem, thanks for the heads up. Forgot that retextures of vanilla assets were included in the new rule.
  5. Hey firewill, is there still a link to the F-16 PSD templates? I remember seeing it somewhere in the thread/replies but I can't seem to find it. Cheers
  6. Philippine Special Forces during the Battle of Marawi (2017) Mods: Project Zenith (Personal Retextures), Spec4Gear, RHS and Tier 1 Gear Pack Inspired by the VICE News video featuring Filipino SF operating in Marawi, seen here.
  7. Trouble in Georgetown NIArms, RHS, TAC Vests, TRYK, VSM, Police Uniform & Vest, Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG, Jonzie Carpack, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures
  8. Operators of the 1st NZSAS Regiment Credit to the amazing work of Vanschmoozin (Project Zenith and his G2 templates), Adacas (Military Gear Pack) and RHS (RHS: USAF).
  9. A-4 Skyhawk Strafing Run, Malden RHS, Brazilian Armed Forces
  10. OnceIWasKovic

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    You've done such a fantastic job!
  11. 'An Unexpected Visitor' — Part I RHS, TRYK, VSM, Uriki's Vipers Expansion —
  12. US troops take cover at a nearby residence after their convoy is ambushed (Iraq, 2003). Mods: RHS, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, USM
  13. OnceIWasKovic

    Boeing 737 and variants

    Fantastic work on the plane and textures!