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  1. Krasnorus National Guard and Krasnorus National Police have successfully carried out a joint operation against a terrorist cell belonging to the 'Krasnorus People's Army.' The operation, which took place in the early hours of the morning, resulted in the elimination of two terrorists and the capture of four others. The joint operation was the result of several months of intelligence gathering and coordination between the Krasnorus National Guard and Krasnorus National Police. The terrorists were suspected of planning a series of attacks on civilian and military targets in the Krasnodar region, and the operation was launched to neutralize the threat. During the raid, the Krasnorus National Guard and Krasnorus National Police demonstrated their professionalism and expertise, conducting a swift and effective operation that eliminated the terrorists' ability to carry out their planned attacks. The Krasnorus National Guard provided critical support to the operation, deploying armored vehicles and providing cover fire for the police officers. The Krasnorus National Police, for their part, demonstrated exceptional tactical skills and expertise, successfully apprehending the terrorists without any casualties among the law enforcement personnel. The successful operation against the 'Krasnorus People's Army' terrorist cell highlights the Krasnorus National Guard and Krasnorus National Police's commitment to protecting the citizens of Krasnorus and maintaining law and order in the region. Their coordinated efforts and expertise have prevented a potential threat to the security and stability of the region, and have demonstrated the capabilities of Krasnorus' law enforcement and military forces.
  2. Krasnorus National Guard officer cadets have recently completed a challenging and rigorous motorized infantry training program. The program, which was conducted at a training range in the Krasnorus region, focused on a range of essential infantry skills, including tactical movement, weapons proficiency, and small-unit leadership. The training was designed to push the cadets to their limits and prepare them for the challenges of modern warfare. The use of motorized vehicles added an additional layer of complexity to the training, requiring the cadets to coordinate their movements and tactics with the support of armored vehicles. According to a spokesperson for the Krasnorus National Guard, the training program was a great success and produced a group of highly skilled and competent officer cadets. The rigorous and demanding nature of the training ensured that only the best and most dedicated candidates made it through, and the results speak for themselves. The completion of the motorized infantry training program marks an important step forward in the development of the Krasnorus National Guard's officer corps. By investing in the training and development of its future leaders, the National Guard is ensuring that it will have a highly capable and effective military force for years to come. Overall, the successful completion of the motorized infantry training program by Krasnorus National Guard officer cadets highlights the country's commitment to maintaining a strong and well-trained military force, and its readiness to defend its borders and citizens against potential threats.
  3. As part of the multinational exercise Combined Resolve XVII, Krasnorussian and Macedonian soldiers recently conducted Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany. The exercise, which brought together more than 3,500 soldiers from 16 partner nations, aims to improve interoperability and readiness among NATO allies and partner nations. During the MOUT training, Krasnorussian and Macedonian soldiers worked together to simulate urban combat scenarios in a complex, realistic environment. The training included room-clearing drills, building searches, and close-quarters combat techniques, all designed to prepare soldiers for the challenges of modern urban warfare. The joint training marks an important step forward in the military cooperation between Krasnorus and Macedonia, and demonstrates their commitment to working together to ensure regional stability and security. The soldiers were able to learn from each other's experiences and tactics, and build valuable relationships that will enable them to work more effectively in future joint operations. Overall, the success of the MOUT training underscores the importance of multinational exercises like Combined Resolve XVII in building stronger partnerships and improving military readiness. As geopolitical tensions continue to rise in the region, exercises like this are critical to maintaining the peace and security of Europe and its allies.
  4. For sure it will. If you wanna keep in touch with the Dev process, hit up our discord 🙂https://discord.gg/qt9jPRJ4nv
  5. Krasnorussian KSSO, the elite special forces unit of the Krasnorussian Armed Forces, recently conducted joint training exercises with the Macedonian Special Forces Battalion "Wolves" in an effort to strengthen military cooperation and enhance combat readiness. The exercises, which were held over the course of several days, focused on a range of tactical scenarios and included live-fire drills, close-quarter combat training, and special operations techniques. According to a statement from Krasnorussian KSSO, the joint training was a great success and provided an opportunity for both units to learn from each other and share best practices. The Wolves, known for their expertise in mountain warfare, were particularly valuable partners for Krasnorussian KSSO, which has a growing interest in developing its own mountain warfare capabilities. The joint training also comes at a time of increasing geopolitical tensions in the Continent, with both Krasnorussia and Macedonia facing potential security threats from neighboring countries. By working together and building stronger military ties, the two nations hope to deter potential aggressors and better protect their citizens. Overall, the joint training between Krasnorussian KSSO and the Macedonian Special Forces Battalion "Wolves" marks an important step forward in the two nations' military cooperation, and demonstrates their commitment to maintaining European stability and security.
  6. Can I get this moved to the discussions panel? Since the mod is going to be practically re-released.
  7. In theory, the Krasnorussian Language exists, but it's the same thing as the Serbian and Montenegrin languages, same language just a different dialect. Also, thank you for your support ❤️❤️
  8. Well gents. Two years later, Max and I got back to working on this. Huge artwork dump incoming: Update will hopefully be out within the next few months :)
  9. Heyyyyyy! Whats the texture for the nametape?I cant figure it out sadly 😞
  10. Thanks mate! Felt kinda lazy to open up the config editor lol Will send pics later today
  11. Do you maybe have configs?
  12. WIP Alert! New Belts coming in hot!
  13. Ah hey everyone! Here is a long over-due update on the KAF situation. Because of COVID, for the whole summer and winter, work on KAF was basically halted. Max and I both had several personal issues that prevented us from making any progress, and I was working on the Heroes of Serbia mod. We have slowly started to work on the mod again, and we expect the update to be released by mid-April, early May. I will drop you guys some screenshots pretty soon 🙂 Regards, Kaishar
  14. Kaisharev

    How to edit Config.bin?

    IIRC, TexHeaders can't be unbinarized. But you can UnBin the config.bin with the CfgConvert tool from A3 Tools
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    USP Patches & Insignias

    Over a year has passed, but I am finally sending you a few patches (SF ones)