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  1. Hi MMA. I've no real issues here I'm pleased to say, I'm more than happy with the content for the low price. The ridiculously hateful negative comments on steam compelled me to buy it, whereas all the hype over SOG PF by the same people has made me avoid it like the plague. I've never been one to follow the crowd and it's paid off this time. The only 'request' I would have, however, would be for a patch to restore the main menu back to the spotlight tiles. Either that or make it possible to remove the ui.ebo, if that's not possible already. I wouldn't know if any other files use it as a 'required'. I know this sounds like a step backwards to the people who hate the tiles, but considering that they are official BI features, I don't understand why a BI approved DLC would remove them without any options to go back to default. That is my only little niggle, and it's hardly game breaking. That aside, great work! I'm pleased to see that the worst of the negative comments have not discouraged you in any way.
  2. Devanney

    Cold War Rearmed III

    This is great news, CWR2 is the reason that I only just moved on to Arma 3 this January. I won't start asking stupid questions like if you'll make the Brits\Dutch etc. but would the civilian cars be included at all? Sad I know, but since moving over I've missed yours and Vilas civilian cars - they really added to the immersion. It's all fast n furious on the steam workshop!
  3. Devanney

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Hi, this is a great script and I used it to death on Arma 2. Thanks for bringing it to A3 (a bit late yeah I know...) I remember having a play with the script years ago to add empty vehicles to the list without it messing with the "init _newunit.sqf" part, which reverted any custom loadouts to default. I altered the text for unit creation in Recruit.sqf to: /********************* UNIT CREATION ********************/ if(_unittype isKindOf "Man") then { _unit = group player createUnit [_unittype, [(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 0) + 20 - random 40,(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 1) + 20 - random 40,0], [], 0, "FORM"]; ;[_unit] execVM (BON_RECRUIT_PATH+"init_newunit.sqf");} else { _unit = _unittype createVehicle [(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 0) + 20 - random 40,(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 1) + 20 - random 40,0]; }; /*******************************************************/ It worked for me, but untested anywhere else. I'll leave it here in case anyone finds this helpful
  4. Hi TPW, I can only say thank you! This thread has answered every question I had about the script version from yourself and others. All running smooth, with a few tweaks here and there to tailor cars for location/timeline etc. I can't believe how versatile the scripts actually are. For example, running 3CB's British units in skirmish is so easy with the "UK3CB_BAF_*_MTP" type entries rather than entering individual units. I did have to edit tpw_puddles.sqf file in my mission folder to get it working, I kept getting the "incorrect/no config, exiting" message for some reason and couldn't find any problem with the default [8,50,10,0.1,600,0.2,0] settings in my own init. Back to tpw_puddles.sqf, as soon as I changed the line "if (count _this < 7)" to "if (count _this < 6)" the puddles started to work. I couldn't understand because the number of variables do match ??? but I'm no programmer... I'll leave this here in case anyone else had the same issue. Thanks again TPW, this is the keystone of all of my missions!
  5. Did you restart the game afterwards? Your script looks fine (assuming you have the semi colon at the very end) and the class names are good. You do need to restart the game for this userconfig to take effect. To be honest it's one of the many reasons I prefer the script version, it saves a lot of hassle once you get the idea.