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  1. Howdy folks, thank you for visiting this Forum Post. Here I'll post progress of my Krasnorus Armed Forces and National Police mod. As you maybe know, a mod for Krasnorus AF and Police is already released by the map's creator, Rylan. But with his permission I have decided to make a new mod, focusing on more modern day faction. Patches(Open Spoiler)
  2. Hello folks, I am Nebojša, Founder and Developer of Balkos Interactive. Little bit about Balkos Interaxtive: We started out as a Game Development Team back in 2016, only managing to release a Alpha version of a TPS before breaking. In late 2018 I decided I wanted to make a ArmA 3 mod, so I kept the Balkos Interactive name here. At the moment, BI consists of 2 Developers and 1 Beta Tester, working together to bring content to you. About the mod: Mod is a simple Retexture project, adding Serbian Armed Forces gear that isn't in the RHSSAF mod. Besides Modern Day gear, we are starting to add some 1990s gear as well(Warcrimes Inc.) Some images of the mod: https://imgur.com/h6AtfXl https://imgur.com/4cI7kVG https://imgur.com/jSj0w6f https://imgur.com/gVsBv53 https://imgur.com/cp6uXOi https://imgur.com/GkrhZFb https://imgur.com/HFBwm9L https://imgur.com/tzupLxJ https://imgur.com/AtLbk7N https://imgur.com/h6t6QTk Links: Discord Workshop
  3. Heyyyyyy! Whats the texture for the nametape?I cant figure it out sadly 😞
  4. Thanks mate! Felt kinda lazy to open up the config editor lol Will send pics later today
  5. Do you maybe have configs?
  6. WIP Alert! New Belts coming in hot!
  7. Ah hey everyone! Here is a long over-due update on the KAF situation. Because of COVID, for the whole summer and winter, work on KAF was basically halted. Max and I both had several personal issues that prevented us from making any progress, and I was working on the Heroes of Serbia mod. We have slowly started to work on the mod again, and we expect the update to be released by mid-April, early May. I will drop you guys some screenshots pretty soon 🙂 Regards, Kaishar
  8. Kaisharev

    How to edit Config.bin?

    IIRC, TexHeaders can't be unbinarized. But you can UnBin the config.bin with the CfgConvert tool from A3 Tools
  9. Kaisharev

    USP Patches & Insignias

    Over a year has passed, but I am finally sending you a few patches (SF ones)
  10. So fellas, listen up! Me and the team have been working for a month or so now to bring you the new update to the mod. We've decided to split the mod into 3 separate 'sub-mods' following various eras. The first one to release will be the Modern Day mod, aka 'Heroes of Serbia', it's planned to release on New Years alongside my Krasnorus Armed Forces mod. After that, FRY and Bosnia/Croatia mods come as well. Some WIP Pics: Honor Guard Beret: New 72nd BSO beret (NCO) Early Era Genrarnmerie:
  11. Kaisharev

    Problem with an intro

    Did you put respawn on custom position under respawns? If you didnt the intro won't work (Update, my unit places the intro under OnPlayerRespawn.sqf so maybe try that as well)
  12. Kaisharev

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Hey @fingolfin, since you have returned to making amaizing addons, are there any plans to update the AAF mod? Thanks in advance, Kaishar
  13. Kaisharev

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Holy smokes, you're back! Congrats on the release, hope to see more from you!
  14. Hey everyone! After a lot of hard work I have made some progress on the mod.
  15. Yeah, there is. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1548849359 Thanks for having an interest in the mod. If you ever go to Doboj, Bosnia toss me a DM so I can buy you a 🍻
  16. Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls. After hours of hard work, Krasnorus Armed Forces is finally released. Go download it at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2065872580
  17. Move to completed. Will keep updating the mod when I get more time.
  18. Kaisharev

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Do you plan to port the BVP M80 that you made for ArmA 2 SAF mod? I'd really like to see it in ArmA
  19. Discord: https://discord.gg/DqxR435
  20. Imma clean them out a bit and then send them your way