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  1. After teasing people with promo shots in the combat photography thread for quite some time, I decided to open a separate thread for my upcoming AAF add-on. The idea behind this was to have a AAF faction for contemporary missions on Altis and Stratis using RHS assets and having only the RHS mods as a dependency. Over time I got permission to add some more models to this add-on and, so you’ll get a bit more than just RHS retextures… To provide mission makers with a possible storyline, I wrote a small history of Altis, which ends in a republic being on the brink of civil war in 2017 and with interventions of both Russia and NATO as a real possibility: Some screenshots: More: The content so far: • AAF infantry in pixelated camo • AAF reservists in greek lizard camo • Altian Police units • BMP-3s, GAZ Tigrs, HMMWVs and Urals for the AAF • Ka-60 and L-159 for the Altian Air Wing • pro-western Rebels Links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yxn32iV400uCdolzrKmTl5ftJq5jZnGr http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298282761 (More mirrors are always welcome!)
  2. This addon represents Chernarussian Defence Forces and other law enforcement structures units retextures based on RHS mod. As usually, you can see original A2 type CDF units. Also you can find in this addon Chernarussian airborne forces, national guard, Ministry of interior special force "Orel", KGB special force "Alpha" in different equipment. Features: - Original A2 CDF camo and some other camouflage patterns - CDF now wearing PASGT helmets instead of 6b27 - Added many groups - Added RHS CHDKZ vehicles with my crew in it - Some new vehicles retextured to CDF camo - Added CDF airborne forces flag Known issues - Automatic Riflemans armed AK-74 with 45rnd mags instead of RPK-74 (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons) - CDF Militia unit uses rhsgref_chicom class vest, that's not done yet (Hopefully new update will fix it :-) ) - Wooden SVD replaced by plastic one (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons) Thanks RHS for their great mod, Zedderick for his CDF Kamaz textures, Soviet Armed Forces mod and Xacino for his RD-54 model. Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1550624597
  3. Retexture open parachute

    Hi, trying to retexture the opened parachute at the moment. How can I achieve this? Already played around with (backpackContainer player) setObjectTexture [0,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,1)'] from user comments at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectTexture but no luck yet. hint str getObjectTextures (vehicle player) returns "[]" which means it isn't retexturable at all according to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectTexture Any ideas? Thx!
  4. A3 Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack for Arma III Introduction This mod is meant to bridge the gap of missing logistical vehicles for communities and groups using the BWMod by retexturing Arma III vanilla vehicles to Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) standards. Features Flecktarn (German Woodland) camo for all vehicles. (Tropentarn (German Desert) camo is planned for a separate future release) Custom textures for each vehicle. Custom dirt maps for each vehicle to make it feel more realistic. Accurate tactical signs. Individual license plates for each vehicle. Adding unarmed transport and medevac versions the Arma and Pandur APC's through hiding the turrets. All vehicles have accurate BWMod units in them when placed via Editor or Zeus. All vehicles have custom inventory loadout's featuring weapons like the G36 / MG4 / PzF3 and ammunition from the BWMod. All vehicles are fully compatible with the Editor / Zeus / Garage. Media screens: GroundVehicles: (Flecktarn/Woodland) Offroad Offroad "Feldjaeger" (MP) Offroad Repair SPw Fennek SPw Fennek Medevac SPw Fennek 1A2 HMG 12.7mm SPw Fennek 1A2 GMG 40mm M-ATV M-ATV medevac M-ATV HMG 12.7mm M-ATV GMG 12.7mm Truck 7T transport Truck 7T transport covered Truck 7T medevac Truck 7T ammo Truck 7T fuel Truck 7T repair Truck 7T medevac Truck 7T device Truck 15T multi container Truck 15T repair Truck 15T ammo Truck 15T fuel APC Arma transport APC Arma medevac APC Arma FLW APC Pandur II transport APC Pandur II medevac APC Pandur II FSW ARV Nemmera AH Sholef 155mm AirVehicles: (Helos) AH6 LNU MH6 transport AW159 LNU AW159 transport AW159 SAR AW101 transport AW101 SAR CH67 transport CH67 SAR Taru LH Additional Info I tried to keep the quality of the textures high and as close as possible to reality and to match the vehicles of the BWMod. Some of the names of the vehicles are based on real vehicles and some are fictional. this is my very first public mod so be kind and let me know if there's any way to make this mod better. constructive criticism is always appreciated. also let me know if there are any bugs appearing, i'll try to fix them as asap. Dependencies this mod needs CBA and the BWMod to function properly. Download Team / Author © Williams/OsiriZ 2016 Special thanks to: - Koffeinflummi and the whole BWMod Team for giving me the permission to use they're content and for the great mod. - Zigomarvin for his "usable cargoramp script" - Bohemia Interactive for the awesome games and trey're support for the modding community Changelogs v1.0.0 Classnames v1.0.0 Contact info.a3mods@gmail.com License Do not open or change the pbo's! Do not upload anywhere else! Use at you're own risk!
  5. Winter 2035

    Winter 2035 What is this? Simply put, this modification is a re-texture mod, taking anything green, and making it white, as in snow! Roughly 12 hours ago from making this post I decided after I woke up to create something for the wintertime in Arma, thus here we are now with a new WIP mod, Winter 2035. The current progress and milestones are as follows: Retextured all plants Retextured all mask images Retextured Stratis satellite image Retextured Altis satellite image Integrated snowing based on overcast (its modified rain) Winter-esque ambient sounds Clutter models to create much more depth to the snow, these will also be large enough to overflow onto the sides of the roads Retexture all vanilla units, weapons, vehicles (this will happen depending on the popularity of the mod) Figure out a way to make roofs snowy (this is more then likely impossible, I dont touch the wrp or p3ds) Modified CfgWorlds with new cloud and lighting to compliment snow ArmA 1 Snowman Fixed rain sounds https://gyazo.com/5cc7cef13e84b6533557686d20feb537 https://imgur.com/R9ME8uh This mod will be overriding vanilla textures thus it will not be "compatible" with other modifications that wish to keep the arma flora OR mask images normal not-winter color, and is only meant to be used for terrains that are winter themed. The main reason that Stratis was done first and NOT Altis, simply put is that Stratis is a fraction the size and was much quicker to do. Altis will be done aswell however that will take atleast a few days of nonstop work, which doesnt help my add at all. I hope once released this mod will bring life back to splendid Altis & Stratis for other people as much as it has for me, with some winter gear mods I plan to have quite a few more missions on the islands! Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1195447305 Thanks for checking this out, I hope to bust this out quick to get back to a new terrain project I've yet to announce. <3 Check out some videos in which this mod is being used! Here are some bonus things when I was making the mod on a weekend awhile back :P
  6. I try to re-texture a civilian clothing piece from the Apex expansion. Everything works, except the texture. The uniform piece gets added on the arsenal, but it has the default texture applied to it and not the one specified in the config file. Anyone want to take a look and tell me what I have done wrong? config.cpp:
  7. This addon includes Chernarussian National Party guerillas. "Nationalist guerillas of the National Party is an underground movement lacking sophisticated weapons, but their knowledge of the country, military expertise from civil war and underground network make them serious opponents to both communist guerillas and government forces." This is retexture mod made of both RHS and vanilla units. I tried to make them as similar as possible to the units from ARMA 2.The same camouflage, equipment, weapons, etc. Also required RDS Civilians addon for the presence of civil guerillas. Features: - Set of NAPA units like in original A2 - RHS and vanilla vehicles, static weapons - Civilian guerillas armed with WW2 weapons, hunting rifles, etc. And few more civilians retextures - Added different groups like in A2 Known issues: - Automatic Rifleman armed AK-74 with 45rnd mags instead of RPK-74 (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons) - Chikom vest replaced by another chestrig. - Wooden SVD replaced by plastic one (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons) Thanks RHS for their great mod, Reyhard for his Civilian pack. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1507820054
  8. This addon represents Chernarussian "Red Star Movement" units retextures based on RHS mod. I've made set of units like in original A2 game, with different camo uniforms on them and another variants in full camo suits with insignia. Features: - Original A2 camos - Original A2 berets, beanies and alice pack. - CHDKZ Insignia - Added many groups - Added RHS CHDKZ vehicles with my crew in it Known issues - Automatic Rifleman armed AK-74 with 45rnd mags instead of RPK-74 (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons) - Chikom vest replaced by 6sh92 - Wooden SVD replaced by plastic one (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons) Requires: - RHS AFRF - RHS GREF - RHS USAF - YuEmod Thanks RHS for their great mod, Yura Esin for his vests and Denis Fomenko for straps model on Alice pack. Changelog: v 1.01 - Fixed some config errors v 1.0 Links: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216707909 https://yadi.sk/d/7xqDCAvf3QCXZr
  9. so yeah i have the code done but the skin does not show on Huron, here is the code. class CfgPatches { class Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook { units[]={" Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook","Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook_Desert","Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook_Snow"}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=1; requiredAddons[]={}; author="Clumsy Baron"; name="CH-47I Chinook"; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook { displayName="Iron Skulls PMC CH-47I Chinook"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class B_Heli_Transport_03_F; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook: B_Heli_Transport_03_F { author="Clumsy Baron"; _generalMacro="B_Heli_Transport_03_F"; displayName="CH-47I Chinook"; vehicleClass="Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook"; faction="Iron_Skulls_PMC_Woodland"; crew="Iron_Skulls_PMC_Heli_Pilot"; typicalCargo[]={"Iron_Skulls_PMC_Woodland"}; availableForSupportTypes[]={"Drop","Transport"}; side=1; scope=2; attendant=1; threat[]={0,0,0}; class TransportItems { class _xx_FirstAidKit { name="FirstAidKit"; count=20; }; class _xx_Medikit { name="Medikit"; count=10; }; }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]={"Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH-47I_Chinook\Data\Heli_Transport_03_ext01_CO.paa","Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH-47I_Chinook\Data\Heli_Transport_03_ext02_CO.paa"}; }; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook_Desert: B_Heli_Transport_03_F { author="Clumsy Baron"; _generalMacro="B_Heli_Transport_03_F"; displayName="CH-47I Chinook"; vehicleClass="Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook"; faction="Iron_Skulls_PMC_Desert"; crew="Iron_Skulls_PMC_Heli_Pilot"; typicalCargo[]={"Iron_Skulls_PMC_Desert"}; availableForSupportTypes[]={"Drop","Transport"}; side=1; scope=2; attendant=1; threat[]={0,0,0}; class TransportItems { class _xx_FirstAidKit { name="FirstAidKit"; count=20; }; class _xx_Medikit { name="Medikit"; count=10; }; }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]={"Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH-47I_Chinook\Data\Heli_Transport_03_ext01D_CO.paa","Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH-47I_Chinook\Data\Heli_Transport_03_ext02D_CO.paa"}; }; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook_Snow: B_Heli_Transport_03_F { author="Clumsy Baron"; _generalMacro="B_Heli_Transport_03_F"; displayName="CH-47I Chinook"; vehicleClass="Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH47I_Chinook"; faction="Iron_Skulls_PMC_Snow"; crew="Iron_Skulls_PMC_Heli_Pilot"; typicalCargo[]={"Iron_Skulls_PMC_Snow"}; availableForSupportTypes[]={"Drop","Transport"}; side=1; scope=2; attendant=1; threat[]={0,0,0}; class TransportItems { class _xx_FirstAidKit { name="FirstAidKit"; count=20; }; class _xx_Medikit { name="Medikit"; count=10; }; }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]={"Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH-47I_Chinook\Data\Heli_Transport_03_ext01S_CO.paa","Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_CH-47I_Chinook\Data\Heli_Transport_03_ext02S_CO.paa"}; }; }; class cfgMods { author="76561198058073375"; timepacked="1437495037"; };
  10. Hello all, This mod is no longer being developed. DOWNLOAD SOURCE FILES: dropbox link is down, PM me if you want source files via weTransfer or similar ARMAHOLIC: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31654 Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=766707192 WHAT? Hand drawn full rvmat retextures of vanilla Arma 3 assets by lordfrith. Dirty, stitched together, patchy outfits for the discerning scavenger-about-town, similar to the familiar post-apocalyptic worlds of Mad Max, Stalker, Fallout etc. FEATURES: grubby combat rags, filthy officer rags, dirty fisherman's rags, wrecked t-shirts, battered vests, soiled longjohns, broken helmets... There are no placeable units at the moment, its a gear pack only. for screenies see steam workshop link COMING SOON entropy KNOWN ISSUES custom rvmats sometimes don't load normal maps (engine limitation?) CREDITS Bohemia Interactive for making Arma 3. All models are theirs and all assets are adaptions of theirs. And Arma 3 is frikkin awesome BI Forums community from mod creators to people who answer random scripting questions. LICENSE Friths Ruin by lordfrith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. CHANGELOG testV 0.00000000001 first release V1 fixed noob config errors fixed shiney vests added proper armour values to vests and helmets added rolled sleeve varients added bikeys V1.1 fixed annoying config error on main menu screen. v1.2 included futura miles armour values patch
  11. I want to add a new uniform to the game. My PBO file is structured like this: config.cpp : When I test my game, this is what it looks like: Is there any mistake in my config file?
  12. Spetsnaz SSO v1.15 By FoxFort Description: Unknown camouflage units have been spotted on island of Altis, they appear to wear russian made equipment and they have no markings of any kind. No one knows for sure who there are and what are they doing there, but they appear to be working with AAF. The locals have a nickname for them, they call them: "Little green man". ------------------------------ Features: Adds Spetsnaz SSO look-alike. ------------------------------ Usage: In Editor, on AFF side, you can find them separately under "Spetsnaz SSO". ------------------------------ Notes: This was my first addon that I made for ArmA 3 and I've even forgotten about it, so here's a quick fix in order to bring it into working condition (again in 2018 LoL). Now, Yes I know that equipment doesn't look like it's Russian made or even design by Russians, but this is a simple retexture addon. Don't complain to me that they don't look authentic, you got EMR camouflage with AK12 weapon, you can use it or not. In case you do not own APEX DLC, you can still play. AI will use them, but you will have to use a different weapon. They use ArmA 3 Indep - English voices. (yep, I know, I know...) ------------------------------ License / Disclaimer: Just by downloading and/or using my mod/addon you automatically accept and apply: - You are allowed to use my "Spetsnaz SSO" and "FoxFort Camo Pack" in your private or public missions and servers. - You are allowed to use my "Spetsnaz SSO" and "FoxFort Camo Pack" as part of your mod/addon as long as you make that your addon/mod requires to have both of my mods/addons installed and running at the same time as a seperated entities. - You are not allowed to alter or to extract my assests from any of my mods/addons and to release it to public as your own work. - You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to intengrate it into your mod/addon, without making "Spetsnaz SSO" and "FoxFort Camo Pack" mods/addons as a requirement to be installed and run as a seperated entities. - You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to make any kind of damage to my name. --(Basically, just do not steal my stuff and pretend that you made them.)-- ------------------------------ Changelog: v1.15 - Added: Team with 9M135 Vorona. - Added: Empty backpack for Vorona AT carrier. - Added: Class with Vorona AT missiles. - Added: Black texture versions of Rahim and Zafir weapons. - Added: Green texture version of RPG32. - Added: Mod icon. - Tweaked: Renamed from "Spetsnaz GRU" into "Spetsnaz SSO". - Tweaked: Addon now uses APEX DLC AK-12 instead of NiArms mod AK-12s. - Tweaked: Restructured into a proper Indep - Faction. - Tweaked: Replaced Titan launcher with RPG32. - Changed: Backpacks type. - Fixed: Updated to work with latest "FFCP", since old paths points to PBO that doesn't exist anymore. ------------------------------ SCREENSHOTS: ------------------------------ Requirements: - FoxFort Camo Pack - APEX DLC ------------------------------ DOWNLOAD: MediaFire ARMAHOLIC STEAM ------------------------------
  13. Hi, So i'm trying to make a plate carrier retexture, based on a met police CTSFO. I've done the texture to the best of my (limited) ability in GIMP2, and have converted it to a .paa. I have, however, appeared to have reached a standstill, because whenever I try to binarize my addon, it gives the much-feared "Error in config.cpp" warning. My mod is located in P: Path to textures and config.cpp is P:\HNL\DataP:\HNL\Data Config: class CfgPatches { class {HNL} { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR"}; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class Vest_Base; class VestItem; class example_PlateCarrier1_rgr : Vest_Base { scope = 2; displayName = "{SFO_Plate_Carrier}"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_V_plate_carrier_1_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_vest02"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"P:\HNL\data\SFO1_FINISHED1.paa"}; class ItemInfo : VestItem { ; uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_vest02"; containerClass = "Supply100"; mass = 50; armor = 5*0.5; passThrough = 0.7; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; }; }; }; Would someone kindly help me get this binarized? Thanks in advance, Will
  14. Hey. I'm trying to retexture the Arma 3 Beret to look like this but its not as simple as i thought. I need help and a way to retexture it in 3D or at least visualize the "roundness" of the model This is what i did: This is how it looks ingame:
  15. So hi all guys, today i release a new addons after those 2 poses pack, this time is about retexture and in particular of the great JSOC mod from Road Runner. So what this mod is about? Well i retexture the field pants to looks like jeans and i made a custom nohq and rvmats for them. For now the jeans are only available with shirt in AOR1 and MC but in future updates i will make also other camos. And they are available only with with only 2 sleeves variation as only 2 uniforms in the mod have field pants so please don't ask me to make other variants with jeans as it require to change model stuff. Just forget to say that the mod need the original JSOC mod installed as it is a requirements guys There are some tweaks to do on them but i feel like they can be released. Hope you guys will enjoy that small addon :D A big thanks goes to Road Runner that allowed me to release this mod and that helped me out with Rvmats DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsxgmu67m0ynzsg/%40Direone_jsoc_jeans.rar?dl=0
  16. DOWNLOAD LINK (3mb - Updated 28JAN2018) This is a simple retexture of the Airframe and Opscore helmet from the Military Gear Pack created by Adacas. He graciously provided me permission and source files to retexture his helmets with Multicam Alpine Camouflage to fit into Winter Terrains such as Winter 2035 and Winter Chernarus With this being a retexture it requires Military Gear Pack version 1.7.1. This is my first retexture that I am posting for public download, I'm open to suggestions for improvement for my future work. Thanks to Adacas for allowing me to put this together and post it for others to use! Please do not upload this to Steam Workshop.
  17. BLUFOR MBT-52 Kuma Hiya! I created a BLUFOR retexture for the MBT-52 Kuma, complete with correct crew, tracer color, and stored weapons. I also included the source files, including the textures in both XCF and PSD formats. You may use the content inside as long as you credit me! I hope y'all enjoy! Extra screenshot DOWNLOAD BLUFOR MBT-52 KUMA STEAM WORKSHOP MEGA ARMAHOLIC BLUFOR FV-720 MORA STEAM WORKSHOP MEGA ARMAHOLIC BLUFOR MSE-3 MARID STEAM WORKSHOP (SOON) MEGA ARMAHOLIC CREDITS Original texture and config by Bohemia Interactive.
  18. so i need help again with a retexture code because i thought i had the code right but apparently not so if you could help that would be great. enum { OrdinalEnum = 2, destructengine = 2, destructdefault = 6, destructwreck = 7, destructtree = 3, destructtent = 4, stabilizedinaxisx = 1, stabilizedinaxesxyz = 4, stabilizedinaxisy = 2, stabilizedinaxesboth = 3, destructno = 0, stabilizedinaxesnone = 0, destructman = 5, destructbuilding = 1 }; class DefaultEventhandlers; class CfgPatches { class Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class WeaponFireGun; class WeaponCloudsGun; class WeaponFireMGun; class WeaponCloudsMGun; class CfgVehicles { class B_Heli_Attack_01_F; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot_Urban : B_Heli_Attack_01_F { displayName = "Iron Skulls PMC Blackfoot Urban"; author = "Clumsy Baron"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot\Data\pmc_blackfoot_urban_co.paa"}; }; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot_Desert : B_Heli_Attack_01_F { displayName = "Iron Skulls PMC Blackfoot Desert"; author = "Clumsy Baron"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot\Data\pmc_blackfoot_desert_co.paa"}; }; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot_Snow : B_Heli_Attack_01_F { displayName = "Iron Skulls PMC Blackfoot Snow"; author = "Clumsy Baron"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot\Data\pmc_blackfoot_snow_co.paa"}; }; class Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot_Woodland : B_Heli_Attack_01_F { displayName = "Iron Skulls PMC Blackfoot Woodland"; author = "Clumsy Baron"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Arma3_Iron_Skulls_PMC_Blackfoot\Data\pmc_blackfoot_woodland_co.paa"}; }; }; so if somthing needs to be change please tell me
  19. Hi all, before release of DLC Jets I have decided to make Czech version of A-149 Gryphon. Yesterday I already released it! Keep in mind that you need to own the DLC Jets. This addon contains seven versions of Jas 39 Gripen (retextured A-149 Gryphon from DLC Jets) of Czech Air Force 211th Tactical Squadron. Eden editor usage: BLUFOR -> Czech Air Force List of planes: Classic grey Gripen Gripen Tiger 9235 Gripen Tiger 9236 Gripen Tiger 9237 Gripen Tiger 9238 Gripen Tiger 9240 Gripen Tiger 9245 Gripen Tiger 9245b Gripen Tiger 9820 You can read some info about each machine here. DOWNLOAD: Steam Workshop FTP
  20. I wanted to make backpack from rangemaster belt but I can't find texture of it. Do you know where this is?
  21. Generation Kill retextures of the RHS: USF HMMWVs. It's not a perfect replica of the real paintjob but that shouldn't stop you from seizing some airfields Screenshot Album The original textures were created by Red Hammer Studios and retextured by me. To use this mod, you must also agree to and follow the EULA(s) supplied with RHS: USF. You may not repackage this mod without my consent. Check out Team One Tactical if you want to play in our weekly, super max best Arma 3 sessions! Required RHS: United States Armed Forces Download (7 MB) Steam Workshop Armaholic
  22. Hey, Fairly new to the retexturing game here. I've done a pretty large texture pack for a group that I've been rolling with for some time now, and we're finding that the uniforms I've re-skinned do not generate a thermal signature when worn. This is all fine, except that for assets like the Kerry's customised uniform (Combat pants with a civilian/guerrilla shirt) we're getting thermal signature on the shirt but not the pants... kinda makes it hard when we're using thermal optics on gunships to ID friendly forces. The G3 (NATO Combat uniform) assets (long sleeve, rolled sleeve and the version with the undershirt) have modified normal maps due to different pocket and kneepad designs, and the .rvmat file has been modified to reflect that. However, the only change between that and the vanilla .rvmat is the line that calls upon the normal map (_nohq). Yet the thermals are still affected (as seen below). I've seen other mods much like mine where the normal is different to the vanilla, yet they can get their thermal signature working. This is driving me crazy. On a smaller note, I'm also trying to add wounding textures to the uniforms as well. But I figure that with those it's just a matter of adding a few more files and lines of code, right?
  23. This mod adds flagless versions of the Carrier GL Rig and Carrier Special Rig, in both Green and Black variants. It's a bit weird how the normal carrier vests have flagless versions, but not the Marksmen DLC vests, so this mod fixes it. It should also be signed for multiplayer. It doesn't require any other mod. Please report any problems you may have! Enjoy! DOWNLOADS: Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970985405 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32985
  24. I have been working on my first retexture for Arma 3. The retexture I’m doing is for a mill sim unit I am a part of. They want the V-44x to have a cammo pattern similar to the V-22. I have the basic texture finished and I am starting on some detailing, but as part of that I need to add the text Marines to the tail section. As many of you know, many vehicles in Arma mirror their textures and this causes text and asymmetric images to show up reversed as can be seen here: But the number on the tail shows the same on both sides: I have tracked this decal to VTOL_01_signs_CA.paa, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how this is used. I found one refence to that .paa in TexHeader.bin, but I can’t unbinarize it to view how its set up. Does anyone know either how that decal overlay works that BI uses for the numbers or any workarounds for dealing with mirroring on the textures?
  25. SpartanSix's MK14 EBR Re-textures includes; AOR1 Snake Skin Pattern Khaki (spray paint style) Black Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rBiyy_sfcVY0hLY2JRcm55TUE Classnames: SPARTAN_EBR_black_F, SPARTAN_EBR_khaki_F, SPARTAN_EBR_snake_F, SPARTAN_EBR_AOR1_F Picture: Notes: This will more then likely not be added to, please don't request patterns or updates, since this shouldn't require an update, since it's only a re-texture, anyway hope you enjoy. Mods seen in the picture attached to the MK14; SMA PEQ-15 & Suppressor, RKSL Attachments Pack.