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  1. Your Shade

    OFP Addon request thread

    Didn't fully understand what kind of replacement do you mean, but if you need the retexture, you can pay attention to the Symbiot&Atherakhia's Malden retexture - 2048 or 1024 px. There is also Sławek Guzowski's retexture - it is the same thing but with small resolution - 256 px. These are the only good variants or retexture I know (there is also Marcomio's 2048 px retexture of all of the islands, but it uses the half-desert visual). For the better result I use the pack of Arma objects instead of vanilla - it makes familiar buildings and objects much better (especially on Malden and Everon). UPD. Sorry, didn't straight understand you were looking specifically for res-vegetation replacement. Unfortunately don't know anyting about ready-made variants - the only thing that comes to mind is hand replacing vegetation in WRPTool.
  2. Your Shade

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    I see that unfortunately the community is too small today, there is almost no players (I don't play OFP regularly too). That's why there is no reason for extending and updating addons in my opinion. The Fwatch is interesting, but not practical thing for me. It seems the compilation is rather not bad yet as is, but maybe I'm not right, don't know.
  3. Your Shade

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    Hi! No, honestly don't see the point in this. Especially because of modified worlds files which can't be installed without replacement of original ones.
  4. Your Shade

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    You haven't install new objects textures more likely. You should unpack Data.pbo and add them there from archive with ArmA objects, then pack Data again. Or use one of ready compilations.
  5. Your Shade

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    My pleasure. Thanks for attention at this relese. And also thanks personally to you, mcslavko, for your addons, which I've used in this compilation, especially for the objects pack, cut from PR Mod - I was totally surprised when saw it for the first time! It began as mini-mod for myself but then I've found and done some interesting things which wanted to share, so classified, made the screens and descriptions. Hope that it would be adviceble for somebody in OFP-community. 😅
  6. I would like to present my compilation of various improvements for ArmA: CWA made by different authors. It is conceived as a complex universal compilation of works by various authors, which do not introduce drastic changes into the game, but make it more modern and increase the replayability of old missions and campaigns, as well as allowing you to complement other mods. The compilation includes not only long-known releases, but also their improved versions, a selection of game elements from various addons and mods adapted for the base version of the game, as well as rare and some new additions. Among other things, here you can find a large selection of various retextures of standard models of vehicles, weather, roads, effects and other things, Nogova with Berghoff's vegetation, high-quality Kolgujev retexture from Marcomio and, probably, the most interesting - standalone-pack of detailed models from ArmA, replacing their standard counterparts. All these works are collected together, classified, illustrated, adapted to each other and ready for an easy and convenient installation. For this purpose, the assembly is released in three versions: two ready-made (full and optimal) and one that allows you to manually assemble it to your taste and needs (for experienced players and developers). It is recommended to pay attention to the accompanying files - they often contain useful information, as well as not to neglect the video and sound settings - they can significantly affect the final result. I will be glad to feedback, criticism, bug reports, suggestions for expanding the compilation. I have no doubt that I missed some work that could be included in it, and definitely did not notice any bugs, so feedback is welcome. Link for screenshots and download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O10-c-Kb83sTjWGTVXWFcYmtZa6GTlkM?usp=share_link
  7. Your Shade

    OFP Addon request thread

    Has anybody actual links for this addon?
  8. Your Shade

    OFP Addon request thread

    Request help in finding also these files: 1. Sniping-Jack's 256 texture-set, most likely the file names "Jack_256.pbo" (http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/8331-news-from-mapfact-and-texture-set-by-sniping-jack.html); 2. WGL Vegetation Replacement Pack (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/47166-wargames-league-v5-wgl-5-full-release/?tab=comments#comment-826377); 3. "wgl_o_texture_replacement_pack_patch.rar" - exactly the patch, not the basic archive (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/45169-wgl-nogova-texture-replacement-pack/). Thanks in advance.
  9. Your Shade

    OFP Addon request thread

    All information I know is in author's (vran.) topic on forum. There are dead link and deleted screenshots named like "nogovaretex" there. Looks like this is the only Nogova retexture and this is interesting for me. Vran doesn't visit forum since 2017 so I can't simply ask him for this addon.
  10. Your Shade

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thanks a lot! But unfortunately, these are another Nogova modifications in the first paragraph.
  11. Your Shade

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hello! Please help find something among of these add-ons: 1. Nogova retexture by vran. (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/169944-authentic-hd-retexture-test-release/) 2. Everon retexture by Sławek Guzowski, released somewere in Facebook (https://vk.com/wall-98104039_7436?hash=1b4036659c88d321b4) 3. "OFPR_brg_nature_groundtextures.rar" (looks like some pack of terrain textures by BergHoff)
  12. Your Shade

    Pack of RAF-2203 "Latvia" microbuses

    Thanks a lot!
  13. Your Shade

    Pack of LAZ-697R "Tourist" buses

    The update (v1.1) has been realised. Link: https://yadi.sk/d/-evgxJHHkLRnE
  14. Your Shade

    Pack of RAF-2203 "Latvia" microbuses

    The new version (2.7) has been realised. Link: https://yadi.sk/d/wB7K3b62kL4Ph JdB, couldn't you update the archive in ofpr.info and make a mirror?