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  1. prototype1479

    The issue of creating ground texture

    banger post pls post more
  2. prototype1479

    Which games have been influenced by OFP and for what reason?

    arma 2 death animation played in my head when i saw this
  3. prototype1479

    Merging sections in models

    ok thanks for the info
  4. prototype1479

    Merging sections in models

    does the vanilla arma do the same? also what if the ram is a limiting issue? what to do in that situation
  5. prototype1479

    Merging sections in models

    I have another question, is it better to have one 2048x2048 all merged or one 1024x1024, one 512x512 and a 512x256 separated?
  6. prototype1479

    Merging sections in models

    Yeah, I also heard that sometimes it's a visual bug so you have to copy n' paste it so it fixes itself.
  7. So i have a model with 6 sections but 4 textures and 1 unmapped tri's, how can i reduce the amount of sections to 5?
  8. prototype1479

    How LOD is calculated in Arma games?

    is there any formula for all of this?
  9. Different LOD level keeps changing depending on the distance, how is it calculated?
  10. prototype1479

    Dedicated server script for high pingers

    maybe you can check bandwith but not ping man
  11. prototype1479

    HandgunMP mod

    cool mod, its like danmod but its also for handguns
  12. Title says it all, give it all you got!
  13. prototype1479

    20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA

    I know, I own all those Discords
  14. i see, i thought there may be something that takes the closest points around that area of a selection, or maybe even inside that area itself, so it automated the rest to other LOD's or something like that, but thanks for clarifying
  15. How can I easily give the same selections to another LOD? Like lets say I made 1 selection in 1 LOD, and I want that specific selection part to be automatically be on other LOD's instead of making selection for all LOD's one by one manually with hand. the LOD's are different tho, different faces, verts and etc. That would easily cut down on time if it were automated. Is it possible?