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  1. prototype1479

    How LOD is calculated in Arma games?

    is there any formula for all of this?
  2. Different LOD level keeps changing depending on the distance, how is it calculated?
  3. prototype1479

    Dedicated server script for high pingers

    maybe you can check bandwith but not ping man
  4. prototype1479

    HandgunMP mod

    cool mod, its like danmod but its also for handguns
  5. Title says it all, give it all you got!
  6. prototype1479

    20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA

    I know, I own all those Discords
  7. i see, i thought there may be something that takes the closest points around that area of a selection, or maybe even inside that area itself, so it automated the rest to other LOD's or something like that, but thanks for clarifying
  8. How can I easily give the same selections to another LOD? Like lets say I made 1 selection in 1 LOD, and I want that specific selection part to be automatically be on other LOD's instead of making selection for all LOD's one by one manually with hand. the LOD's are different tho, different faces, verts and etc. That would easily cut down on time if it were automated. Is it possible?
  9. idk why ur coping man, arma 3 still exists, it still makes bohemia money. as for source code release, this was mentioned again, theres literally 2.01 unofficial version of the game out, its somewhere in the forums, bohemia doesnt seem to care abt it anyways, cus otherwise they would be suing. and ontop of that its not easy to make something open source, its a loss of money
  10. prototype1479

    Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01

    im not sure but try this community.bistudio.com/wiki/Function
  11. if ofp buys ea, then that means codies would own ea cus codies own ofp. and if ofp owns ea there would be ofp 4. since theres arma 4 then there would be arma 5 cus for bohemia to make themselves look better, they will slap a number thats higher than ofp's. cus everyone knows the bigger the better right? tbh ofp should just buy the entire world and make a sequel for the world called "World 2" where victor troska gets revived by revive script and goes to take down guba for the 1985th time. Competition is a great thing!* also no u
  12. prototype1479

    Auto-unPBO program with .bat

    can i use them inside batch? passing the argument n stuff if yes then which one
  13. Is there a program that can unpbo a .pbo file thru batch? IK theres cpbo.exe already but sometimes with "cpbo.exe [-y] -e %%~i temp" in a for loop, but it doesnt do it that well sometimes for some reason cus of contents of the file. I need it for missions. So... is there a way?
  14. prototype1479

    20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA

    OFP was released in 22nd of June 2001, and 10 years later, it has been rebranded as ARMA:CWA After 20 years of OFP, I will be hosting an event on a MP server in the 20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA on 14:00 UTC of that day. This server has 1650+ missions and the AI on that server has been drastically improved. The AI uses cover, supresses, uses houses for cover, uses their gear efficently as so on. We will be playing missions ranging from co-op, revive/respawn missions, original campaign missions, death match, team death match, battle field, battle royale and so on. This is one of the missions that we will play. Go ahead and test it by yourself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RLd4ibjutZvHPq5RqcscqUT7vGYtLdE9/view?usp=sharing There will be another new top secret mission coming in soon, so get on the discord server and you will be notified on when it gets finished. Or you can monitor OFP server by using OFPMonitor (The IP of server that the event will be hosted is https://github.com/Poweruser/OFPMonitor/releases You can also use Fwatch game scheduel to join: https://ofp-faguss.com/schedule/show.php?server=4b47f4ad Hopefully I will see you guys there, and thank you Bohemia for inventing this game for us.
  15. prototype1479


    why is there bin/config.cpp or bin/config.bin in the mod folder? are those needed?