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  1. prototype1479

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    The Mastermind 1-1 MP version is out campaign will be released in my mod
  2. prototype1479

    OFP videography

  3. If you want vanilla AI to not hit the ground all the time then put this on units INIT field : this setunitpos "UP"
  4. Lying? does it lie all the time? And yeah they should be crouching most of the time This is an outdated version anyways in 1.4 there will be drastic changes (I'm also having issues with life so it will come out later than I plan all the time)
  5. Does white space affect performance? If yes or no what about in previous BI games like OFP
  6. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    Oh its gone now I get what was the problem now thanks
  7. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    And what does that mean? I also tried to check for viruses by using malwarebytes and only that link says the site is dangerous
  8. Well yeah the only way to give AI a script you need to use config so you have to merge them
  9. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    Ok i found out that it was this link https://imgur.com/a/durqooK http://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/20745-detect-sp-and-coop-mp/ I got it after going to that link but then I went to another one it was all ok
  10. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    Look at this https://ibb.co/ZcxxstJ Why i keep getting this message? EDIT : ok after closing and opening it did go away now it says its safe but why it happened?
  11. Well mine is going to be completely different PS: I didn't liked that part of SLX especially the part where you drop the gun on your hand randomly
  12. I'm working on the mod it will come with my own campaign and with AI take cover v1.4 and with some of my own scripts Here's the feaures: 1) AI can only take cover in houses (behind windows , on top of towers and ect.) jeepwrecks and sandbags (100% done) 2) AI sends info to other groups they know about locations of the enemy positions (100% done) 3) AI will hold fire and seek cover first if they see an unknown target and if the unknown target hasn't seen them (50% done) 4) AI can be supressed by other AI and by the player too and it will make them go prone (Redoing this 10% done) 5) AI won't take cover if the AI isn't following the leader or the player is their leader (Almost done) 6) AI groups can get pressured/pinned down if they are outnumbered and they will take cover more often rather than moving to their next waypoint (0% done) 7) AI won't be affected by the script in cutscenes and this will ensure that cutscenes are in the way they are meant to be (100% done) In the future I might add AI taking cover on hedges/hills/ground Now i use optimized structure for finding cover and the script will automatically optimize itself by increasing the delays depending on how any AI is on the mission
  13. prototype1479

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    There's still a way to make this possible you can try to put this on action menu script MyPlayer = player ; publicvariable "MyPlayer" And then at the script that spawns the vehicle put ? not local MyPlayer : exit Since the client who executed the script is local to himself the other clients and the server will exit the script
  14. prototype1479

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    I'm not sure if you tested it but either way I'll say that this is gonna still create more vehicles depending on how many players are in server it's just that server won't spawn one but if you try ?!(local GameLogic): exit then server is going to spawn it and its not local to you and its local to server so I guess it not being local to you messes things up