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  1. Have you used reveal command? It makes it appear to player much faster been doing it for years. Edit: not faster just instantly.
  2. Is there a way to convert a mass amount of .pac or .paa to png? Or even do the opposite?
  3. prototype1479

    Converting .pac or .paa to png

    I need one that mass converts it - like 2000 of them at once automatically. Doing it 1 by 1 is just repetitive and uncreative work which I should be spending my time on a creative work. Yeah well... is there any other code that converts the ones with spaces and extra dots?
  4. prototype1479

    Converting .pac or .paa to png

    the one with spaces on their names doesn't get converted (also extra dots)
  5. prototype1479

    Converting .pac or .paa to png

    Thanks it worked but what about the ones that didn't get converted and got an error?
  6. prototype1479

    Converting .pac or .paa to png

    Can you tell me how to use this? And what if I wanted to convert .PNG to .PAC or .PAA then what do I change here?
  7. prototype1479

    how to set a patrol

    Put your move waypoints in any amount you want then put cycle waypoint and make sure cycle waypoint is close to the first waypoint. https://ibb.co/y0wd6SY It should look something like this.
  8. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    Look at this https://ibb.co/ZcxxstJ Why i keep getting this message? EDIT : ok after closing and opening it did go away now it says its safe but why it happened?
  9. prototype1479

    Game Schedule with Fwatch

    This patch not only automatically downloads Fwatch patches it also automatically downloads the scheduled mods patches so download it once and never be bothered to install scheduled mods by yourself ever again good for lazy and new people and also better than whatever nubi the kenobi has created. (There's only 2 scheduled events so far I hope there will be more)
  10. Make sure to use : "Addons\4ecf739.pbo", "DTA\4ecf739.pbo", to identify TKC users And also this checkfile trick won't work well if the cheater joined before everyone else joined the server so #debug would work pretty well but the catch here is it requires logged in admin
  11. prototype1479

    18th anniversary of OFP/ACWA

    OFP is not a teen anymore horray! Maybe we should make a Gore Mod? Or something else... you know... AHEM
  12. prototype1479

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    The Mastermind 1-1 MP version is out campaign will be released in my mod
  13. prototype1479

    OFP videography

  14. Take cover script Features of TC (Take Cover) script : 1) AI can dynamically take cover behind 3 different types of sandbags and 2 wreck jeeps 2) Not only that they can take cover inside houses too 3) The nearby enemy position is calculated and defenders will take cover on positions that fits right for them (For example if AI is taking cover in a house then they will take cover behind the nearest window to the enemy position) 4) There is also the assaulters they behave differently. They either push/flank or take cover using bushes by setting them on "RED" combat mode (Depending on the situation) 5) AI can be suppressed - just shoot somewhere near AI and they will go prone (If they are taking cover) Instructions are inside TC_Init.sqs there is also more in-depth info there Features of SW (Swimming script) and how it works : The main feature of SW is that you literally swim but there is few conditions - the unit must be in prone and must be slightly above sea level You will swim up if you fell into the water The way the script works is that a pallet spawns under you and that keeps you from falling The file : https://bit.ly/2FZJwps Oh also there is 1 more feature on take cover script that AI sends info about enemy positions time to time There is something on OFP that bothers me when there is a nearby group that is getting killed the other nearby group doesn't notice that but that feature fixed that NEW UPDATE! -Script is slightly more optimized -When the AI died and spawned again the AI didn't had the effects of the script but now it does -I think I might have fixed a bug where the game freezes completely it doesn't even crash if you see it happen then post here so we can fix it I'm still not sure if this is the fix though -I improved revive script too now when a unit dies the body bag spawns right at their location and also they automatically follow their leader after they revived (I'm not taking credit for the work though I already credited them inside the missions briefing) -The test mission had some bugs itself like to some players in MP , the objective didn't progress to them Now in future updates I might improve the system of take cover script right now the script controls the units per script but in future I might do it groups per script it increases the optimization and fixes some things that I wanted to fix And also after all of these I'm going to make a mod for this so people who want to play with this wouldn't waste their time trying execute the script for each soldier It's the same link as previous one but I thought I should still put one in this post too Cya
  15. If you want vanilla AI to not hit the ground all the time then put this on units INIT field : this setunitpos "UP"
  16. Does white space affect performance? If yes or no what about in previous BI games like OFP
  17. Lying? does it lie all the time? And yeah they should be crouching most of the time This is an outdated version anyways in 1.4 there will be drastic changes (I'm also having issues with life so it will come out later than I plan all the time)
  18. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    Oh its gone now I get what was the problem now thanks
  19. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    And what does that mean? I also tried to check for viruses by using malwarebytes and only that link says the site is dangerous
  20. Well yeah the only way to give AI a script you need to use config so you have to merge them
  21. prototype1479

    This site is dangerous?

    Ok i found out that it was this link https://imgur.com/a/durqooK http://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/20745-detect-sp-and-coop-mp/ I got it after going to that link but then I went to another one it was all ok
  22. Well mine is going to be completely different PS: I didn't liked that part of SLX especially the part where you drop the gun on your hand randomly
  23. I'm working on the mod it will come with my own campaign and with AI take cover v1.4 and with some of my own scripts Here's the feaures: 1) AI can only take cover in houses (behind windows , on top of towers and ect.) jeepwrecks and sandbags (100% done) 2) AI sends info to other groups they know about locations of the enemy positions (100% done) 3) AI will hold fire and seek cover first if they see an unknown target and if the unknown target hasn't seen them (50% done) 4) AI can be supressed by other AI and by the player too and it will make them go prone (Redoing this 10% done) 5) AI won't take cover if the AI isn't following the leader or the player is their leader (Almost done) 6) AI groups can get pressured/pinned down if they are outnumbered and they will take cover more often rather than moving to their next waypoint (0% done) 7) AI won't be affected by the script in cutscenes and this will ensure that cutscenes are in the way they are meant to be (100% done) In the future I might add AI taking cover on hedges/hills/ground Now i use optimized structure for finding cover and the script will automatically optimize itself by increasing the delays depending on how any AI is on the mission