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  1. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Not that my opinion matters, but I agree with @joostsidy - huge .45 ACP pistol like 4-five (FN FNP-45) doesn't make too much sense as a standard issue item for what is essentially a small Baltic country, which is a NATO member. In case of real-life Baltic states, none of them issues a .45 pistol, instead they replaced their 9x18 Makarovs with 9x19 pistols like Glock or USP. In Poland (which is also an inspiration for Livonia to some extent) only special forces procured a few double-stack .45 pistols (USP-45 and Mk 23), along with full-size USP-9s... only to replace them all with small 9mm USP Compacts. Additionally - pistols in general are still specialized equipment in Armed Forces of Poland, only soldiers deployed in abroad conflicts can apply for one irrespectively of the TOE. I'm pretty sure it's the same in Baltic states armed forces. To be completely honest, I'm convinced that LDF using .45 pistol comes from the fact that they are essentially a Mini-Me retextured version of AAF - who also use .45 pistol (but this time regular 1911 variant - similiar to real-life HAF). What proves my theory is the fact that LDF ammoboxes still contain 9 round 1911 magazines, instead of 11 round mags for 4-five.
  2. THE OLDEST OFP BUG! Not really, but... how you guys could have missed it through all these years?
  3. krzychuzokecia

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Thanks for clarification!
  4. krzychuzokecia

    how to make/draw custom crosshairs?

    GIMP, PAATool, some kind of PBO extractor and packer (Kegetys cpbo, Amalfi's MakePBO), and (in case of sight views, not crosshair) Oxygen+Buldozer and Binarize. Most of that stuff is available here.
  5. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Big drone/mothership/alien entity is somewhere in the empty/objects category. It's yuuge.
  6. Apart from the performance issue, I noticed a lot of weird things happening (and not weird in a positive, extraterrestrial meaning). In mission one it seemed to me as if everything was playing on double/fast forward speed. Spoilers ahead, I guess. Also I don't know who wrote Polish lines, but he clearly never learned this language and used some automatic translation. The number of grammar mistakes, non-existing words, weird phrases etc. is too big to list them all. And that's only in first two missions (even radio protocol is not free of this). One that stuck in my mind is brak prasy on a photo in AAN article. It is supposed to mean no press allowed, but... it doesn't mean that at all in Polish language. What it means is no newspapers, as in we the shop run out of newspapers, you won't buy one here today. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing after seeing that, and well... it destroys the campaign experience completely. Also it makes me wonder how messed up are Persian and French protocols/dialogs in base game and Apex (apparently Russian radio protocol is also full of mistakes, this was already mentioned in other threads).
  7. krzychuzokecia

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    That may be a problem since Contact objects are scaled up from A2 originals. It's been discussed a lot in DLC threads.
  8. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Starters

    It seems to me (since we don't have any means of contacting aliens outside our Solar system) that the initiative is in alien... hands/receptors/whatever they use. But if an alien ship would arrive here and (seemingly) do nothing, then (for our own safety) we are obliged to research this alien presence. Afterall (for example) hostile alien civilization wouldn't need little green men with laser pistols to eradicate human population. If we would come up with some sort of understanding of what we're dealing with, then it's time to try to make a contact (if our earlier efforts were not met with any reaction). However, just like Rydygier, I expect this undertaking to fail. Thing is - we really cannot stay passive because we don't have certainty that alien mothership is not really an alien bomb of magic death rays with delayed fuse. Not that we shouldn't prioritize safety of the researchers, and move carefully, but you're dealing with something you cannot comprehend, your first task should be to understand the problem. Without uderstanding, you cannot solve it. What if aliens themself are a race of selfish, stupid, aggresive fanatical assholes? See - that's the problem with godlike alien vision of Carl Sagan and many sci-fi writers. You can't assume that technologicaly advanced form of life would suddenly become a sage of Universe, sort of a good uncle, always willing to help if kids are behaving nicely. And that's what enlightened sci-fi promotes, as opposed to pop sci-fi where aliens are always hostile green men. However in real life you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Also another question is if things we can get from aliens would really be of benefit to human race? What if initial progress would lead to change so deep, that humanity would stop being... human? Clarke's novel Childhood's End brings an interesting twist to the gifts from godlike aliens theme. +1 on that - Fiasco is better description of Lem's pessimism than Solaris (which ironically may be the reason why Solaris is more popular).
  9. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    IMO LDF helmet, with it's deez eez Spartuh! face cover, fits Greek/AAF theme way better than not-really-Poland Livonia. Going back to pre-Christian times, there was never a similiar style of head cover used, which (again) makes me think that this helmet (like all other non-alien elements of Contact DLC) is some old idea/prototype which missed it's intended release. LDF would be better with AAF PASGT for regular forces, and NATO ACH/MICH for recon/SF.
  10. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Yeah, it's not really recon, but no-cover retexture of the helmet evokes the image of Altyn helmet used by various direct-action-focused elements of Russian military and internal forces. In fact, Avery's Russian recon is much more fitting to real-life Russian DA units, especially with them being armed with 7.62x39 guns, which are less effective in long-range applications, but more than adequate in close combat.
  11. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Starters

    As @haleks and @jeza wrote - it's much easier for us to detect a signal from technologicaly advanced spacefaring race, than for them to detect us. And even the 100 lightyears range of our radio signals is very optimistic, because it doesn't take signal fading, and other issues of radio propagation, into account. Popular legend (attributed to Carl Sagan) about 1936 Olympics (and Hitler's speech) being the first signal that reached space is technically true, but that signal barely reached out of Earth atmosphere. Radio installations used to communicate with our Mars probes are very powerful transmitters operating in X band (super high frequency), and yet, the minimal range of those so-called deep space receivers is somewhere between 1-2 lightyears. This makes our cosmic footprint almost non-existent - what we call deep space is merely a backyard. For them to find us, aliens would need to designate all the habitable star systems visible from their locations, and then send probes there, to check for any signs of activity. And pray to their alien god that our Solar system is one of those star systems visible from alien homeworld. On the other hand, our discovery of alien life is based on assumption that alien civilization produces and consumes energy in amounts so vast, that we're able to observe this from planet Earth. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it may turn out that there are sentient beings in other parts of Universe, but they (just like us) are incapable of interstellar travel, or transmitting signals reaching through space to another world.
  12. 2019: The Year We Make Contact Addons used: Contact by @haleks, Original War by @Sumrak
  13. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    But it still retains damaged doors and bumper of the original car (better visible on other promo screens). I know it's not happening, but I'd love to have non-ravaged (pun intended) versions of civilian cars in A3... Also, I'm wondering - are those all LDF vehicles? I think so, promo screens show exactly these vehicles. I'm now in full day-dreaming mode, but LDF versions of Marshall and Neophron would be cool to have, since real-life equivalents of these vehicles are in use in real-life equivalent of LDF. But I guess devs don't want LDF to be over-powered, especially when compared with minimalistic Spetsnaz faction (wonder if Spetsnaz will get some organic/native means of transportation?).
  14. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I'm using Dynamic Recon/Combat Ops by mbrdnm, and I'm afraid that in this particular case there's no other civilian configuration option apart from setting desired faction (which in vanilla game is limited to generic civs or IDAP). On the other hand various mods (namely CUP and CFP) introduce several themed civilian factions (in case of CUP Chernarussian and Takistani), which seems to me like a better, plug and play, idea. Truth be told the issue is not limited to dynamic missions either. It's also annoying when placing civilian vehicles - by default they spawn with Greek crews (or Tanoan in case of Apex vehicles). It's possible to place empty vehicles and crew them with required civs, or use scripts to change identities. However both solutions require quite a bit more of a hassle than just plopping ready to use vehicles, which can be done with CUP (or other mods) civilian factions.
  15. krzychuzokecia

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Ah, now I see. I don't think any change would be necessary, afterall if one done messed up (like me leaving the car further away), it just adds to the challenge. However I did see Morgan and Anderson jumping out of car and getting back in - I'll replay the mission and see if it happens again.