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  1. How to zero sights.

    Well, it can't be more open then it already is. Maybe you will enlighten us? From my experience the only thing affecting trajectory (or should I say - perceived trajectory) is projectile initSpeed and zoomMin/Max. Am I wrong? I know... but I won't tell ya! OK, then this whole discussion doesn't make any sense. Well zeroed scopes are not an issue - of course if addonmaker would invest some time in drawing his own reticle textures. That's how BI made the BDC work on both M21 and SVD (and WGL also had working BDC reticles). Naturally, when someone (like @anuj in this thread) changes weapon/ammo values and expects them to work flawlessly with pre-existing sight textures, he's in for a bad news. What I'm interested in is ability to change the way projectile behaves, to simulate different weights of bullets. I can't see any way to do that, while you say it is possible via adding one config value, however you don't want to spread the knowledge about that value. OK then, I'm waiting for your monumental addon to be released, so that all of us could learn about that secret formula.
  2. How to zero sights.

    You're a little bit late You mean already existing config value? Or are you daydreaming? There's airFriction in Arma 1 CfgAmmo used, however for OFP there's no equivalent that I know of (only sideAirFriction for guided missiles). Once again - I wrote about it in previous post. Since there will be no updates for CWA (1.99 was rather a happy incident - from my understanding BI guys simply had no 1.96 master and thus we got an update), we have to work withing existing constraints.
  3. [WW4 EXT] [SP] Rabbit Hunt

    It doesn't work for me either. If @zulu1 doesn't have it, then we're screwed because my HDD died early in 2017.
  4. WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    The rucksack itself is a weapon IIRC. I'll check it all out in the next two weeks, sorry, I'm kinda busy
  5. Man, let's go CRAZY and deal with some minor weaponpack addon!? Revolutionary thing with a kinda various ballistics, proper loadouts and rates, c'mon!

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      Good luck to you then. Ppl around the world having a positive practice with such circumstances as finishing dissertation and continue with modding then. Curious about what is the topic of it? Classified?

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      Looks like shopped - fingers ain't chopped %)

  6. WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    Obviously it wasn't I who made the rucksack scripts, and it's been more than a year since I've lost my EXT data/notes/buglists etc. but I seem to recall that there indeed was an issue with AI and rucksacks in general. I'm not a scripter like @kenoxite but I'll at least look into this, and confirm if it's indeed a bug.
  7. How to zero sights.

    distanceZoomMax and distanceZoomMin. However I'm not sure if the number is in meters or not - I remember having few discrepancies here and there. But basic system works. Nevertheless, don't expect to have working reticles, especially M21 - it's set to work at exact magnification. Unless you plan to draw them by hand, but I doubt it. The biggest issue of proper ballistics (and thus working realistic reticles) is that every bullet uses the same ballistic coefficent (there's only sideAirFriction for guided missiles). So they slow down at the same pace, which sucks when you have different weights of bullest (light and fast 5.56/5.45 and heavier, slower 7.62x39). So you got to mess with initSpeed and zero ranges to have a believable trajectory.
  8. OFP Addon request thread

    I've listed some of the tutorials here. Brsseb and Fab tutorials are a must read f you want to use Oxygen (BI proprietary 3D modelling software).
  9. OFPMonitor is a trojan?

    Wait until you'll install FWatch - your antivirus software will go crayzee!
  10. No More Capcha

    I wholeheartedly agree with first post - Captchas on BIF are often a nuisance, and they do nothing to combat the ever-growing wave of spambots.
  11. Forums Upgrade

    Weird issues with Forums today, for at least 4 users (in various countries). Happened on Opera, Firefox and Chrome. 1. Website layout is completely broken, however it is possible to post new replies (even though WYSIWYG editor is absent). Looks like this: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/959721121959562166/C75839555997C818428FB9FE901C925F689EDC03/ For most users layout comes back after using Ctrl+F5, but it leads to either problem 2 or 3. 2. Website seems normal, but "Post new reply" WYSYWIS applet doesn't show when clicking on the text field. It is impossible to write new reply. 3. Website seems normal, and WYSYWIG applet appears (and works - can write and post), however the icons in the WYSIWYG applet are invisible (only grey background and separators are visible). Looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/xHMBeC3.png Somebody forgot to feed the hamsters...
  12. Extended Effects

    Opens up fine and dandy for me. Looks like you've got some weird encoding error. In which case, I don't really now what to do, and honestly this isn't a time and place to troubleshoot your Windows issues. Surely it's not the fault of ExtFX.
  13. Extended Effects

    All effects are initialized by init EH scripts which can be found in EXT_scripts.pbo - the ones you're interested in are eh_land.sqs and eh_air.sqs. Naturally, after modifying these files don't expect MP compability with users of non-modified ExtFX.
  14. OFP Addon request thread

    @EliasComando Standing reload anims by @stgn are available in ExtFX mod by @kenoxite - you just need to extract them from anim.pbo.
  15. To be honest, I never saw T-64 in vanilla OFP either*. But what do I know, I only play OFP every single day... @slatts and everyone involved in this project - keep up the great work! *There was a third-party T-64 addon by RHS, which never went further than beta (and it refused to work with updated RHS addons).