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  1. krzychuzokecia

    [HELP] RVMAT not working please help.

    What do you mean by "rvmat is attached"? How your Addon Builder settings look like, can you post a pic?
  2. krzychuzokecia

    Zone 51

    I haven't had any problems with performance really, maybe only longer time to load the mission. The "popping" of the rocks was visible without fog, but adding a little bit of it made it unnoticeable.
  3. krzychuzokecia

    [HELP] RVMAT not working please help.

    Make sure that in Addon Builder options you have *.rvmat in the list of files to be copied directly. I've seen several threads in last year where people were going on a wild goose chase trying to find the issue with specific rvmat, or even suggesting reinstallation of whole operating system. In 99%* of cases the issue was because of Addon Builder binarizing the .rvmat - I wonder why it's even an option, when clearly game won't work with such file. * disclaimer: 87% of statistics posted on Internet are fake
  4. krzychuzokecia

    Zone 51

    The island is beautiful in it's original state, and amazingly intriguing with vegetation replacement module. However, the mysterious, barren, rocky landscape is hard to capture on picture: POLPOX's Artwork Supporter won't work with module activated - buttons and keyboard controls are unresponsive. Maybe that's because of the phantoms roaming these lands, we know how they react to cameras... Also, if an addon is used, that doesn't have units array in CfgPatches (because it doesn't have any units), game will throw an error about missing config entry at the start of the mission. Workaround would be adding empty units array in CfgPatches of that addon, but that may not be always possible (author is long gone etc.). Without vegetation replacement module all works without a hitch.
  5. 1 hour intro was CSLA. Car with subwoofer was FDF. FDF is clearly better :D
  6. krzychuzokecia

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Project OPFOR requires RHS, so it's safe to assume their values are based on RHS. If you're looking for PrOPFOR equivalent in CUP realm, then CFP (Community Factions Project) is the way to go.
  7. State ceremony in Adamów, Livonia. Mods: POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, Whiplash Static Anims, Nikoaton's Animations. Also featured are props from Contact and Art of War DLCs.
  8. krzychuzokecia

    How to make an addon

    One more vote for Brsseb's tutorials. If you're looking for more, some are listed here.
  9. krzychuzokecia

    replace command with setPosASL

    That's not a "command"*, you're just executing another script. The "Bau.sqs" file in (I assume) "bunker.pbo" is where the magic happens, and where you could try to fit setPosASL. Can you extract that file and copy it's content here? *I mean, it is "exec" command, but that's really not "the" command you're interested in :D
  10. krzychuzokecia

    Silent War: Polish-Belarusian Conflict

    Quoting myself from the very first post: Honker actually comes in two variants (hard-top and soft-top), and there are guns too, naturally (also custom ammo boxes in Empty).
  11. krzychuzokecia

    Krzy's OFPL Additions

    I used CSLA, because I had CSLA permission. I don't even know who made WW3 BMPs, much less if they are still around. Also I think CSLA BMP fits better to OFPL color scheme than WW3. I'm perfectly aware of CSLA BMP model issues as evidenced here: For the time being I'm perfectly fine with those - I'll fix it when I'll have some time.
  12. krzychuzokecia

    Silent War: Polish-Belarusian Conflict

    Thanks for kind words everyone! Speaking of missions, while at the moment there is no "OPFOR" to the light infantry in the pack, anyone interested in creating some missions with SW should definitely check out Karolstah's Belarusian Army Pack (requires ICP/ORCS weapons). His magnificent addon is what we're basing our upcoming Belarusian infantry on.
  13. krzychuzokecia

    Silent War: Polish-Belarusian Conflict

    Thank you once again for your help @Macser we owe quite a bit! For anyone wondering, here's one thing that wouldn't be possible if not Macser: a new hand animations for Polish Light Infantry grenadier. ...now he keeps his hand where he should!
  14. The war is imminent. Belarus moves it’s troops on Polish border. Poland stands alone as her allies are engaged in conflicts in other parts of the world. Nation needs it’s saviour. Are you up for the challenge? On behalf of development team, I'm proud to announce the new release from Silent War mod! Silent War is a modification for Operation Flashpoint developed since 2002 by @SW_Gemenis The mod focuses on fictional conflict between Poland and Belarus - two neighbouring countries which are allied with opposing world power. Thus this hypothethical scenario is still being prepared for by military planners on both sides of the border. Silent War aims to bring realistic and respectful portrayal of both Polish and Belarusian armed forces, without unnecessary moralizing. On Valentine's Day 2021 we have released Polish Light Infantry Teaser - our first official release since 2006, and a gift to everyone who supported us during all these years. Polish Army light infantry is an often forgotten and underfunded arm of Polish army, yet one that is still going to experience the majority of fights in defense of Poland. Our brave soldiers are equipped with variants of Beryl rifle, PKM general-purpose machinegun, SVD and SWD-M sniper rifles, and the legendary RPG-7. Light infantry relies on it's small footprint and mobility, when compared to "heavy" mechanized infantry. Thus in this release you'll also find Honker 2N - a small 4x4 utility truck, and Star 944 - a medium cargo truck. Polish Light Infantry at an observation point Credits Currently Silent War is developed by small, yet dedicated team lead by @SW_Gemenis who is leading this effort since 2002 - a sure sign of his commitment. @SW_Gemenis - 2D, 3D art, configs and scripting @krzychuzokecia - 2D, 3D art, configs and scripting @mcslavko - configs, scripting and sounds However current release wouldn't be possible without help given to us from other kind people: Adam Rucki - Militech font Bohemia Interactive - 2D and 3D art @Jackal326 and SJB team - sounds JAM team - configs and sounds @kenoxite - configs, scripting, sounds, 2D art @Macser - animations and scripting OFPL team - 2D, 3D art, configs and sounds OFrP team - sounds @sanctuary and WW4 team - 2D, 3D art, animations, configs and sounds We would also like to thank to the people who's work is not yet available in Silent War, but who gave us enormous help in creating Belarusian army addons. Those people are Kanstancin "Karolstah" and Serg @=SappeR= Also big thanks to former developers and contributors (in no particular order): Grey, Christoph, Pawel Ryszka, MaRcin, Arika, Raddar, SeaDemon, Towarzysz Szumek, Offtime, Ofman, Devek, Smookie, Alderous, Panda, Hawk, Sejtan, TomiD, Ktos, Sigma-6, Turkish Union Mod. Polish Light Infantry convoy Download Silent War Polish Light Infantry Teaser is available at ModDB. Mod requires Arma: Cold War Assault version 1.99. Weapons of Polish Light Infantry More from Silent War If you wish to learn more about our mod and it's development, check out those places: our website our ModDB profile our Facebook page our YouTube channel Have fun! Silent War Team
  15. krzychuzokecia

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    RIP Railgun Tank, we hardly knew ya... Also, here's some US Army concepts of what could their future tank look like. It's not related to any on-going program, more like brainstorming, but you can see some Merkava influenece in at least one of them.