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  1. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces

    My singleplayer Air Control playthrough ended on day 5 with a peculiar bug - at base I got two tasks to transport infantry, however both teams were practically standing on each-other at their starting point. After picking up first team, flying them to LZ, and coming back for second team, I couldn't see "Board" action. After reload (game saved after dropping the first team at LZ), I got a random assignment to pick-up yet another infantry team, however, after using their "Board" action, they wouldn't get into the chopper. I've also noticed that after reloading (again, I was going back to the moment when I was just after dropping first team), the side-doors on my heli wouldn't close, which they usually do after dropping infantry at LZ. I'm not sure, but my suspicion is that somehow when I've used "Board" action when picking up team 1, it also made team 2 assigned to my heli. They couldn't get in (since heli was full with first squad), so they stayed at base - where they just sit, because they somehow don't notice that heli is empty now. And because they are assigned as cargo, other teams won't board the heli either.
  2. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces

    I'm too lazy to put up the numbers now, but it's among the most accurate rifles in game, in fact it's way more accurate than ASP-1 Kir. Which is interesting, since IIRC the real-life relation between ShAK-12 (Veles) and VKS (Kir sort of) is the opposite - VKS is the more accurate one. Veles also has "more legs" (higher muzzle velocity, flatter trajectory) than Kir allowing it to hit further targets (not sure how's that in case of RL guns). Uh... not calling you an "idiot", but do you use zeroing feature? FWIW: the VRCO reticle is not calibrated to Veles' ballistics, so don't use it with that gun (not even sure which gun it fits the most, 5.56 probably). I guess that's a bit of a fail on part of Rotators, as editor-placeable units armed with Veles often have that sight on the gun. With other sights Veles is a tack-driver (of course as long as you range the target right). Just keep your finger on the trigg... I mean left mouse button until you wanna reload. ...anyway, I wanted to report that 17 round magazines for Glock are not visible in ACE Arsenal, as opposed to regular vanilla Virtual Arsenal. I'm pretty sure that's because magazine class "17Rnd_9x19_Mag_RF" has "type = 15;" entry - all other pistol mags have "type = 16;" and replacing that entry for RF Glock 17 round magazine via external addon, made it appear normally in ACE Arsenal.
  3. krzychuzokecia

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Lovely, lovely bugs! And big thanks for new Hummvees and Tigrs!
  4. krzychuzokecia

    3CB Factions

    Ah, this warms my heart, thank you! I noticed that the ammo for P320 is named "9x21", in line with "vanilla" 2035 convention, and not the RL chambering. Is that intended, or a mistake? Also, will be there an option to mount micro red-dot on P320 sometime in the future? Some other things that may be nice to add/fix: - additional ammo variants of G3 magazines (for example M118LR, which would be lovely for PSG-1 - with ACE one can use ACE mags in that bad boy, but obviously they use vanilla M14 mag model), - moving the proxy of G36 mag a bit higher (they sit a bit lower than RHS G36 that uses same model - on 3CB Factions version there's visible gap between the magwell and over-insertion stop on the body of mag itself).
  5. krzychuzokecia

    3CB Factions

    @jgaz-uk I may be misunderstanding what you wrote, but the group I play with uses a pretty extensive modpack where 3CB Factions and RHS are used, and we never encountered any issues with overriding of loadouts on non-3CB units. There is a problem with 3CB units where after disabling randomisation etc., enabling "add basic loadout in Eden", and modifying unit's loudout manually in ACE Arsenal, the contents of uniform/vest will be shifted. As in items being in wrong containers (like mags in uniform even though I placed them in the vest), probably because on 3CB Faction units the embedded script will apply Eden/ACE Arsenal loadout by itself. But there are no missing or additonal items, and it only happens on 3CB Factions units.
  6. krzychuzokecia

    3CB Factions

    I was wondering, if it might be possible to expand on the "remove frags" function of the 3CB Factions Configuration module. As in, not be it a simple "all frags or no frags" setting, but able to set a limit, and expand it from just frag grenades to smoke grenades too. When using LAMBS AI mod enemies are throwing grenades of all kinds like crazy, and while I think removing the grenades altogether is overkill, it still pays off to limit the number of throwables they have available. I know it's more of an AI/LAMBS issue, or missionmaker's issue, but since 3CB Factions already comes with a module that can automate some of that work, making it more flexible would be great.
  7. krzychuzokecia

    3CB Factions

    One thing I noticed, and I can't see anybody reporting it before - FLIR operator in Bell 412/CH-146/ToH Medium heli doesn't have actual FLIR/thermal vision mode in his camera system. Only daytime color mode and NV mode (that's also available for pilot surprisingly). Thermal image is visible on the small screens on the center console in cockpit. Edit: scratch all that, I missed the TI setting in unit attributes. However I noted that not all variants of 412/CH-146 have working TV screen showing camera feed in cabin - most notably the "Utility" variant (unnamed in editor but "_utility" suffix is added in classname) and the dynamic loadout one. Arma limitation, maybe? I dunno.
  8. krzychuzokecia

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Judging from the amount of content relying on "legacy"/current version of MGP, I'd say having the hypothethical remaster as a separate mod might be the way to go. Even if you'll do your best to keep old classnames, texture/material paths and so on, you never know what other modders messed up with their content relying on old pack.
  9. krzychuzokecia

    Road to Vostok

    Just played the current, "Godot powered", demo of RtV. Apparently people think it looks like crap, but I'm thinking the opposite - the game looks better than previous Steam demo running on Unity. However, I noticed that a lot of gameplay mechanics ain't there (like PIP scopes, or even simple variable zoom optics - overall the gun interaction and feel seems rather basic when compared to what I remember from Unity version), and the UI is atrocious, with way too small, practically unreadable font and icons. Still, it's a long way (long road to Vostok?) before the game will be feature-complete, so I guess it's going to get fixed.
  10. krzychuzokecia

    Which games have been influenced by OFP and for what reason?

    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. I wonder if the emoji still works? OFDR OFPDR Edit: doesn't seem so. For the unaware: before the last forum engine change, typing "OFDR" or "OFPDR" would produce this: . This was introduced sometime before OFP:DR was released.
  11. krzychuzokecia

    3CB Factions

    I hope I'm not commiting a crime, but I'd like to post a suggestion/request: adding a "Middle East Civilians" faction to compliment the already existing ME Insurgents and Extremists. As it stands right now, I'm using Takistan civvies for any Middle Eastern scenario, but with their Afghan-like thick clothes and pakol caps they don't really fit the theme of Syria or Iraq (for example). African Desert civ faction already present in the mod looks better for that sort of thing, but they're obviously of African ethnicity, and it isn't always practical (or possible) to change identity type with scripts.
  12. krzychuzokecia

    Bullet impacts of other clients in multiplayer

    I mean, I'm aware of the general locality issues with bullets, but that doesn't seem to be "the" reason of my issue, as within that 1000 meter range the impacts from other clients' shots are visible. If it would be just locality, then I wouldn't be able to see any hits apart from mine own. IMO it's related to optimization of local particle rendering performance in MP, than purely optimization of networking. In theory one could make a script that would add globally executed particle effects on impact, but that would end up with double effects on impacts within 1000 meters of player.
  13. krzychuzokecia

    HandgunMP mod

    Bogus! Congrats, nice to see people still doing some original work for this game in 20234!
  14. Not sure if I should post this here, or in Multiplayer forum, since it seems to be a feature, not a bug. Nonetheless: lately I've been messing with long-range shooting in Arma in multiplayer. I noticed, and so did my pals, that if we're shooting at targets past 1000 meters distance (or so, we haven't been able to precisely measure the cut off range) only the shooter is able to see hit effect particles - whether it's dust from misses, or blood from hits on targets. Which naturally makes spotter useless (and the whole shooting rather difficult since with some of the guns the recoil is just to big to allow shooter proper observation). We've tested it with a bunch of guns both vanilla and modded (it should be noted that we're using ACE since it contains features relevant to the whole long-range shooting simulation). At first we thought that maybe the caliber of the weapon is the limiting factor (we first noticed the issue while using RHS M2010 rifle), but not only bigger caliber rifles did not behave any different in this regard (bullet impacts being invisible for players other than shooter), but the issue is present even for vehicle weapons like 30mm cannons when firing AP rounds. Ammo with defined splash damage (HE rounds) display explosion effects properly, regardless of range. Note that changing video settings doesn't seem to have any impact on this, nor do view distance settings. My terrain VD is set at 5km, with object VD set to 3km, and I can see my own impacts within that 3km range no problem, even with particles set to low. But seeing other players impacts past 1km is impossible, regardless of VD or particle setting (even maximum setting of very high). I've encountered two Reddit posts describing same issue, and only answer was to use Blastcore, however it doesn't seem to work in our case (I think people answering to those Reddit posts were not really understanding the problem). This makes me think that it's intended behaviour, designed probably to optimize multiplayer performance (we are playing on dedicated server). So question is: is this a hard-coded limit, or is there somewhere a parameter which allows to change this behaviour (in server config? or in particle config for bullet CfgAmmo class?)?
  15. For starters: currently almost all of A3 DLC data is being downloaded even for people who don't own those DLCs. The only exceptions are cDLCs and Contact campaign (Contact folder, as opposed to Contact platform update in Enoch folder). This is done mostly for multiplayer accessibility (so that you don't have to own exact DLCs as other players etc.). What's even more interesting is that not all content that belongs to DLC data requires ownership of the DLC to access it in-game. Bipods for example are part of Marksmen DLC, but really are free for everyone to use, as part of the Marksmen platform update that brought... well, bipods into the game. The "bipod from Apex" is merely a retexture of the Marksmen DLC bipod, hence it creates a "dependency" to that DLC. However, it's not a premium asset, so it should be usable by everyone. This table lists all the content with regards to if it needs DLC ownership or not.