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  1. krzychuzokecia

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Regardin weapons in CfgVehicles - yes, they are here exactly for the reason you said. In fact, it was possible to add editor-placeable guns already in OFP (by WeaponHolder class), but few addons made use of that. Edit: since those are meant for LDF faction, it might be a funny easter egg to replace FB factory logo with Livonian Sila!
  2. krzychuzokecia

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Happy days are coming! Thanks for bringing your stuff to A3!
  3. krzychuzokecia

    Does the ECPMod modify the AI ?

    That's not true, however people often forget that AI can also hear vehicles and other infantry units. I guess that in case of ECP both AI sensitivity (including hearing) and their loudness is enhanced. Additionally ECP (just like many other mods) introduces scripted sharing of information between AI units. I'm not sure how it exactly works in ECP, but it's possible that some unit close to the enemy may see it, and then shares this information with all the allies, ending in weird behaviour even for units far from the threat.
  4. krzychuzokecia

    3CB BAF Units

    Okay, I think I know what's happening. Simply, the Workshop compat mod - 3CB BAF Units (RHS compatibility) - contains both _units_rh.pbo and _units_woodland_cw.pbo. I guess that's why I'm getting missing ACE errors and Cold War units in editor.
  5. krzychuzokecia

    3CB BAF Units

    I see. However, I checked the BAF Units modfolder, and I don't have _cw.pbo in Addons (it's in Optionals). Yet, somehow it's still being loaded (I can even load those units in editor). What I'm doing wrong? (I'm using Workshop versions of 3CB stuff)
  6. krzychuzokecia

    3CB BAF Units

    I'm having the following error pop-up when loading 3CB BAF: Addon 'UK3CB_BAF_Units_Woodland_CW' requires addon 'ace_common' Other mods used (apart from 3CB BAF and required addons) are RHS (+ 3CB BAF RHS compats) and 3CB Factions.
  7. krzychuzokecia

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Hi! Just a friendly reminder that I sent you guys PM two weeks ago, it was received and I'm still waiting for answer. Cheers! Now let's get back to regular programming...
  8. krzychuzokecia

    WW4 Texture Templates

    Link in first post updated.
  9. Winter Miller... And James in background. Addons used: CUP, Whiplash Static Animations, POLPOX's Artwork Supporter.
  10. It's a known bug. For the moment A3 will only show Workshop description/image in case of single scenarios. Campaigns/missions packed as an addon/missions unpacked will show up properly, even if not published to Steam Workshop.
  11. krzychuzokecia

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    Merry Christmas for die-hard OFP fans!
  12. Our favorite Easter Egg Christmas Present returns after 18 years! Thanks to @joostsidy for letting us know! See that?! It's Santa's sleigh! Addons used: POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, Whiplash Static Animations.
  13. Merry Christmas y'all! Georgetown Plaza Christmas Party 2039 Welcome to the party, Kerry! Addons used: CUP, Whiplash Static Animations, POLPOX's Artwork Supporter. Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie!
  14. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Observations on a mission for Ensemble: Also, I've got to say that I like the saving system. It reminds me of the old GTAs (3, VC, SA) where you could save only at safehouse, and when you messed up, you got to replay whole mission. While in GTA it may be annoying (and newer GTAs have autosaves during missions), in OFP/Arma when you die it probably means you messed up something an hour ago. So it's good to start in a safehouse, instead of being beamed up right into action, and getting shot by that patrol you never noticed.
  15. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Coming back to the issue of respawning loot I mentioned earlier - I can confirm it happens for all items in that place (including guns/ammo). And since others mentioned respawning radios (I have four of them already under my table, and one on the table itself), I think both issues are connected and will probably happen to all the loot/interactive objects. @Rydygier Something like that (bribes?) would be very, very appreciated.