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  1. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    But it still retains damaged doors and bumper of the original car (better visible on other promo screens). I know it's not happening, but I'd love to have non-ravaged (pun intended) versions of civilian cars in A3... Also, I'm wondering - are those all LDF vehicles? I think so, promo screens show exactly these vehicles. I'm now in full day-dreaming mode, but LDF versions of Marshall and Neophron would be cool to have, since real-life equivalents of these vehicles are in use in real-life equivalent of LDF. But I guess devs don't want LDF to be over-powered, especially when compared with minimalistic Spetsnaz faction (wonder if Spetsnaz will get some organic/native means of transportation?).
  2. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I'm using Dynamic Recon/Combat Ops by mbrdnm, and I'm afraid that in this particular case there's no other civilian configuration option apart from setting desired faction (which in vanilla game is limited to generic civs or IDAP). On the other hand various mods (namely CUP and CFP) introduce several themed civilian factions (in case of CUP Chernarussian and Takistani), which seems to me like a better, plug and play, idea. Truth be told the issue is not limited to dynamic missions either. It's also annoying when placing civilian vehicles - by default they spawn with Greek crews (or Tanoan in case of Apex vehicles). It's possible to place empty vehicles and crew them with required civs, or use scripts to change identities. However both solutions require quite a bit more of a hassle than just plopping ready to use vehicles, which can be done with CUP (or other mods) civilian factions.
  3. krzychuzokecia

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Ah, now I see. I don't think any change would be necessary, afterall if one done messed up (like me leaving the car further away), it just adds to the challenge. However I did see Morgan and Anderson jumping out of car and getting back in - I'll replay the mission and see if it happens again.
  4. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    While I don't see anything wrong with rails on Mk14 (nowadays it is way more common way to mount optics on M14 type of weapon - even though real hunters would use something different), I'm all for renaming semi-auto variant! Additionally, it'd be great to have both military and civilian variants of this weapon available in all three colours (camo, olive, wood). There's also one thing which isn't really tied to Contact DLC, but would be excellent to see - that is dividing current Civilian faction into language/ethnic-specific ones. Currently various dynamic mission systems tend to spawn civs using a mixture of all available identities/languages. So you can often bump into Chinese on Altis, and Greeks on Tanoa (and so on). With Contact adding yet another radio protocol we're risking creating a true Babel tower and a wrath of God! I'd happily settle on CQB Promet similiar to the one posted by @Glow several pages back... One can dream...
  5. krzychuzokecia

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    I have a question regarding part two
  6. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Starters

  7. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Starters

  8. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Starters

    Regarding question 1 (who'd make best Earth ambassador) I agree with @Rydygier statement. Human kind is quite self-centered, so we assume that sentient alien life is essentially like us - society of humanoids driven by similiar needs and ideas. But sentient alien life, which is capable of interstellar travel, must be a radically different organism than what we are. We already know about several significant problems with humans travelling in space, due to our nature. Issues that are limited not only to our physicality, but to our psyche too. Thus assumption that space-faring civilization is similiar to us (from both biological and psychological points of view) is not only optimistic, but also naive. Which brings me to question 2 - why would sentient aliens visit Earth? For one, not because they want to contact us. Unless they are already in our solar system, they have no idea about our existence (Carl Sagan's romantic tales about aliens picking up our radio signals are just this... tales). And when they learn about us, what we can really give them? Remember - it's a space-fairing civilization, that needs to have technology reaching far beyond our imagination. They will learn nothing from us, but they could learn about us, if they are curious enough - just like we observe all the living species around us (yet, no human ever tried to contact an ant colony in his backyard). Secondly, aliens could visit Earth to exploit it's natural resources - unless aliens invented a perpetuum mobile, they have to fuel their ships with something. Since Universe is built from the same elements, there's high probability that Earth contains alien rocket fuel. And in this case, well, humanity is in bad luck. Afterall, when you're digging a flowerbed in your backyard, do you try to reason with ants which colony you have destroyed? Or do you keep on digging? Hell, maybe aliens don't really want to visit Earth, but just want to build an intergalactic bypass here? That's a very romantic vision, but as someone who works in scientific community I can assure you that scientist are driven by egoism, are afraid of their theories being disproven, and fight actively against it just like every human being. In fact, secpticism (which you treat as something negative), should be the basic trait of a good scientist - one who is not satisfied with his findings, and is still searching for an answer, to such an extent that he tries to disprove his own theories. Unfortunately most of scientist are not like that, and this is especially true in case of pop-culture scientist like Carl Sagan, whose ideas were mentioned several times in this thread. Sagan was probably the first scientist guilty of blurring the lines between science and religion, with dogmatic claims, and evangelisation of masses via popular science books that contain few of actual science, but lots of philosophy and politics (and later expanding to cinema, which seves as a Chic tract to his writings). Scientist (biologist, anthropologist) would be essential to make a first contact with aliens, but only to research and develop the means of communication. It would be wise to enlist help from philosophers, who would judge if alien civilization system of beliefs is similiar to our own, essentially check if we can get along. But actual ambassador, just like ambassadors to other countries, should be a diplomat - politician, who's role is to convince the other side that we're not a threat, and to struck deals beneficial to us. Carl Sagan-like alien lover is a bad idea for an ambassador, because you really don't know if he is loyal to human kind, or not. Novel is great indeed, but I'd argue it's not really on the subject of difficulties in contacting alien beings. In fact, it is not even about aliens.
  9. This method still doesn't let you change models of equipment without external addons. It is possible to replace existing models with ones of different equipment (for example Soviet), however one still needs a separate .pbo with textures representing that equipment (and even then you have a side effect of big mission file size). Without external addons/configs we can only replace BI stuff with something that uses the same textures (and similiar mapping), which in general limits us to the very same equipment. And making higher fidelity models of the same stuff is pointless, because BI models are OK, it's the textures that need a do-over (when it comes to binocs, compass, GPS, etc.).
  10. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I'd imagine it working either like revive (so enabled in mission properties) or First Aid/Arty systems (via modules). Anyway, it's a lost cause now, so we can only dream. Not really, in Endgame you essentially move to known point A, learn location of point B, interact with thingy, extract. Proper alien artifact hunt should have a number of artifacts (orange balls) spawn in unknown location, with both teams looking for them using EM/EW equipment. What happens next is up to speculation. If taking example of Endgame (so two phases of operation), then (for example) when one team takes control of 4 out of 7 orange balls, they learn approximate position of blue crystal ship. Arriving at the ship achieves contact and wins, but other team can still track down winning squad (orange balls have to be moved to blue crystal), take over balls and find aliens first. The more balls you have, the more precise you know the location of blue crystal. That's one take at it, I guess (hope) we would see at least one community artifact hunt mode in future.
  11. krzychuzokecia

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    WW4 (and WW4 Ext) specific units are loaded from addons. But WW4 replacement units (and anims) are loaded from /bin and /dta folders. It looks to me as if you have those two folders missing in your @ww4mod25 folder. Or... you're loading another mod, taking precedence (-mod=@ww4mod25;@AnotherMod), but as you've explained, this is not a case. I'm kinda at loss, maybe you've got angry anitivirus blocking files in /bin and /dta?
  12. krzychuzokecia

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Very good idea (I think @haleks was first to propose it in other thread), but unfortunately it seems that there's no new MP gamemode, and (just like CRBN stuff) these assets are also dead outside of campaign (or so says shop page). I wholeheartedly disagree. First off, it wouldn't be the first time when BI introduces a new simulation aspect which kills (or is not compatible with) many community equivalents (first aid/revive, High Command, fatigue/weapon sway, weapon resting, sling-loading, vehicle transport, sensors - remember Mandoble?, etc.). IMHO it's a moot point. Secondly, it would bring another value to the Contact DLC, one that could be appreciated by almost everyone (including hardcore mil-simmers who don't like alien stuff). And (as happened with other BI features/systems) I'd expect that official CBRN system would be moddable, and quickly adapted by community, presenting whole range of options, from complete lack of CBRN simulation, to ACE-like systems with radiation pills and whatnot. I'm saying it now: the deer came from the outer space! (This also explains why Livonia have such a connection to these animals - they literally live above tunnels made by space-deer!)
  13. krzychuzokecia

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Trivia: Promet rifle is also based on a prototype of MSBS-B, current bullpup design has changed quite a lot (not a problem for me, in fact I prefer old one). Edit: and another bit of trivia. While I have no idea if there's a Czech word similiar to Promet, but in Poland Romet was a brand of bikes. When Bike DLC? We had those in almost every previous Arma too!
  14. krzychuzokecia

    When will BI start to understand their own product?

    While I agree that for years we haven't had great campaign in Arma (and BTW: Arma 1 should be forgotten for ever!), I disagree that there's some inherent anti-story element in the game. In fact from the day one OFP came with several features and functions which sole purpose was to enhance storytelling aspect of the game. It is interesting what you wrote on the dynamic campaign, because story-focused Cold War Crisis campaign was a direct effect of BI being unable to create completely unlinear, dynamic battlefield. I guess the strength of OFP campaigns came from the fact that story was about what devs experienced and feared, when living their childhood behind Iron Curtain. Also Cold War gone hot scenario is much more politically correct than (for example) showing latest invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, from the perspective of local population (I can imagine those headlines: this game let's you shoot at US soldiers! Ban it for the children!). And since I've mentioned it, in my opinion there's one big strength of Arma, that's criminally underused. Military relationship with local population. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not just battles for Fallujah or Wanat. In fact encounters like these were a minority. But what happened every day was trying to win hearts and minds, supporting local population, collecting intelligence on guerrilla activities etc. First mission of Harvest Red gave me a lot of hopes, which were left unfulfilled. Laws of War also scratched this need, but only on the surface. I'm still waiting, but I don't have big hope.
  15. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    And that's why BI have studios in those countries. Black Element is nothing more than an asset factory - it's not a secret that Far East is full of talented 2D/3D artists who are paid less than their western colleagues. BIS Prague seems to be focused more on the code aspect of the product, and BIS Netherlands is mostly about content such as missions/game modes. Remember that all studios co-operate: from my understanding new art for almost every DLC since Apex (excluding Jets) was made by Black Element (dead BE website contained pictures of assets later used in Apex, DayZ standalone and LoW). I think he refers to the arrest of Mr Buchta and Mr Pezlar. Also I remember BI saying that they went Steam-only way, because Steam provided additional funding and advertisement (and a strict deadline). So it seems that Arma 3 wasn't completely self-published (apparently Valve gives additional perks to those devs who are producing content exclusively for Steam platform).