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  1. krzychuzokecia

    OFP Addon request thread

    There's M1A2 TUSK in WW4 Extended.
  2. As in title - since last update I'm having problems with getting Arma to run. There are two scenarios which are happening: 1. After loading pop-up (the thing with Arma logo and yellow loading bar) game opens up and immediately throws an error about "Instruction *memory address* refers to memory address 0x0000000c. Memory cannot be read". Pressing "OK" button will close the game (and create dump file), however it's possible to Alt+Tab into the game and play it normally. 2. After loading pop-up game doesn't even open up it's window, instead it sits seemingly idly using about 800 megs of memory, with no error message and has to be closed with task manager. This happens on both stable branch and profiling branch (current v01). It seems that scenario number two (game idling in the background) happens more often. RPTs and dump files for scenario 1 (both stable and profiling branch).
  3. I've got better idea: EA should announce OFP 3 (or is it 4 already? does Delta Force: Red River count as OFP 3?), which will force BI to make a good Arma 4. Just like it happened when BI made good Arma 2, after Codies announcing Dragon Rising. Competition is great thing! (Seriously though: why bother? Let it die, no one cares)
  4. krzychuzokecia

    OFrP : Operation FrenchPoint

    Ha! I've seen Steam client downloading mod updates for Arma 3, and one of those was OFrP. A big one actually. I thought to myself haven't they decided to retire? Guess not yet, at least not for now! Glad to see you back (even if for short while), and really happy to see Peugeot in Arma 3 (even if it looks suspiciously German :D )!
  5. Grandpa Simpson is happy now and will stop yelling at clouds! Thank you Dedmen and A3 support team! :)
  6. krzychuzokecia

    Wheeled Armor example A1 Stryker ICV

    Interesting solution to the problem of wheeled APCs, thanks for sharing!
  7. krzychuzokecia


    What would be the best way to deal with the Phantoms? Throwing chemlights doesn't seem to work that well - either I throw too far for them to notice, or too close to make any difference. Waiting seems to work best, but... I'm afraid I won't get to the first objective before Arma 5 comes :D Is it just me, or do Phantoms spawn much closer to the player in Aradus when compared to Do Not Linger? I have a feeling that my problem with them is due to them appearing suddenly, while in DNL I was seeing them from much further away (although they do seem a bit less aggressive than in DNL).
  8. Just in case you might not know: to access the broken scopes you need to load "Contact-Contact" aka "the mod that enables First Contact campaign". It's in the DLC tab of the launcher, along with other optional DLCs like Prairie Fire or GlobMob. The "Contact" that is loaded by default (aka "Contact-Enoch") has Livonia map and the LDF and SpetsNaz factions, but the "cool" stuff is either not there, or lacks configs to have it work. Broken scopes might be in the second group, but I'm not sure.
  9. krzychuzokecia

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Waiting for Arma 4. The big problem is that Reforger won't run on my PC - a bit of disappointment because DayZ SA has better performance on my 1945-era calculator than Arma 3 with CUP Chernarus. But the game itself just doesn't jive with me - Cold War setting but on a small island, with no tanks, arty, aircraft is just plain worse than OFP that I'm still playing to this day, especially when it's all MP only. In Arma 3 I can make a vast Cold War scenario with tank assaults, objectives, cutscenes - the whole shebang. Playing a limited version of CTI/mini-BF, or some C&H is just not what draws me to Arma. As for learning Enfusion - until I'll see that the engine allows to well, make scenarios/mods that I'd want to play and make, I see no point. At the moment I feel it's better to learn some other publicly available engine like Unreal or Unity. Now, you can't really have Arma 3 style of gameplay in them, but 1. Reforger doesn't have that either, 2. Unreal is used all over the industry, so that way I can umm... "monetize" my interest in modding. Edit: as for the argument "play Reforger to tell BI how you would want Arma 4 look like", well... If BI, after over 20 years, has to be told what people want to see in Arma game, and why we love them, then... something real bad must have happened regarding either communication or overall development philosophy.
  10. krzychuzokecia

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Howdy! I'm looking for non-torrent source of the old Bush Wars Mod. Sadly armedassault.info gives me 502 errors for the past week. Thanks!
  11. Ah, so that's where those files are, sorry I was looking in wrong folder. There are both mdmp files and rpts - should I upload them to Google Drive? The mdmp files are about 50 megs, I think that's too much for the Feedback Tracker?
  12. 64bit Arma, I'm running a 64bit Win7 on a 64bit Xeon X5470 (dated, yes). If the mdmp file is supposed to be in Windows/Minidump/ folder, then I can't see any Arma-related (there's one file there from February 2021). I'll try the older versions! I was using Steam branch, and didn't know that Google link has all the previous versions too, otherwise, I'd try that earlier. Will report any findings.
  13. After one of the last updates to the profiling branch I'm unable to start Arma: after the initial splash screen game crashes to desktop with error message about "unknown software exception (0xc000001d)" (the error address is changing, I guess different each time I try to start game, I've noted two examples: "0x410f44e2" and "0x410b44e2"). There is no .rpt file that I can find (I had error logs turned off, but turned them on after encountering the problem first time) and I validated the game data via Steam. Sad part is that I can't really tell which update may have caused it, as the last time I played Arma was on 12th of March, or earlier. I'm going to try switching to stable branch, but apart from that, is there anything I can do to remedy this problem? Edit: indeed switching to stable allows me to run the game, but obviously there's something wrong with profiling.
  14. krzychuzokecia

    Creating border textures

    Ah, no, according to WRP Tool manual it's bottom left, bottom right, upper left, upper right. WRP Tool manual is bundled with 0.950 patch, available here. Even if you don't plan on using WRP Tool itself, the manual goes into some more generic topics of island editing, useful outside of the Tool itself.