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  1. krzychuzokecia

    JdB T-56 Master Battle Tank

    Is outstanding work Comrade! Deserves Hero of Soviet Union medal! Imperialists die!
  2. THEY FINALLY STOLE THAT CAR! Fake OFP in Arma 3 courtesy of @CUP - also with best wishes to @slatts and all the good people working on Conflict '85!
  3. krzychuzokecia

    Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment

    Interesting article. I watched some years ago a document about Chernobyl wildlife and I was amazed how easily nature adapted itself to the post-explosion land, and how fast it started to thrive. BTW: for those interested in how much background radiation is around us there's always a helpful XKCD.
  4. krzychuzokecia

    WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    @Hideki Ishimura What's exactly the problem? The difference in appearance of both units? If so, WW4 Ext uses Kenoxite's excellent (or terrible, depends on personal preference) OFP Materials. Standalone version of OFP Materials contains example files for addon makers, to assist in creating Materials-compatible mods.
  5. I agree that Arrowhead was indeed a huge release, a sort of mil-simmer wet dream. To be honest, I think that Arma 3 is also an answer for the same question - how to make the most realistic combat game ever. Even though it was met with... mixed emotions on this very Forums. To this day there are people who whine about A3 futuristic features, even though, at the very basic simulation level, it presents a 1980s military technology at best. And most of the art represents 1990s equipment. I personally love most of the A3 realism-focused features, and couldn't care less about the looks (afterall we have addons for that). But it seems that community has also changed through the years - I remember backlash against stamina/fatigue-induced weapon sway, or the uncertainty about radar/sensor and data-link changes. Interestingly, both features were opposed by KoTH/Battle Royale players. So, is Bohemia a different company today? Yes it is. But does devs lack energy? Well... I don't know. They sure have enough energy for starting new projects like Ylands and Vigor. Seems to me that the energy is still there, but with company getting bigger, they have to focus on more profitable markets. The trap of successful independent dev going big. There's one area, however, where BI haven't changed, and... well... I think whole industry starts going this way. What I'm talking is the very problem that caused the BIS-CM rift - long development and bugged releases. It seems like what was outrageous in 2009, is now industry standard with all those early access, greenlights and beta-tests extending ad infinitum. Guess if Bohemia would be making Game 2 today, team CM would just push it into Steam Early Access and happily collect quids. At least BIS seems to actually fix and support their products (DayZ finally released after all these years), as opposed to some of devs who put out early access games one after another (Ark anyone?). That's interesting to hear - as I've said, back then I was strongly on Team 'Hemia and I probably would burn you alive for admitting even slightest interest in fake Flashpoint. Funny enough, after playing DR demo last year, I don't think it was that bad. In fact it seems like something fresh and entertaining when compared to your run of the mill dumbed down console corridor shooters like CoD etc. It still suffers from problems, mostly due to being console friendly (FoV, controls cramped between 8 buttons, because why use full keyboard?). But it goes into a really interesting territory of slow-paced, team-based game. It's not so far out like Arma, gameplay-wise it's actually quite similiar to original OFP. Games like Squad show that there is interest on the market for similiar stuff. That's very true! Hell, the same can be told about anything really. Big bucks change everything, and while pursuing the profit is not bad or evil per se, it starts to be a problem when quality suffers.
  6. krzychuzokecia

    WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    A sad non-update of sorts. First of all: from reading the files, I don't think that AIs were ever able to use bandages - should not really be a surprise since bandages were part of original Mapfact Rucksacks addon, along with other interesting features never introduced in WW4 Ext (like Mapfact's radio and tent systems). Still, I agree that bandages are useful, and should be integrated. However, it seems to me that at the moment the AI rucksack management is completely broken altogether. Not only cannot AIs rearm (either from their own rucksacks, or ammo bearers), but rearming from fallen comrades will freeze the game. Since I don't really know what is happening in the scripts (everything looks fine and dandy), I'm unable at the moment to provide any solutions apart from don't use rucksacks with AI. If anyone have any ideas, feel free to post them - help is appreciated. In other news, I posted an outdated hotfix on ModDB. It fixes issues with FWatch and Personal Menu, which Kenoxite posted here in 2016. Since not everyone reads these forums, I hope some will find that useful.
  7. krzychuzokecia

    My RC Shilka model

    Magnificent work! Speaking of which - thanks for all the great addons you made for us through all these years!
  8. Honestly, that vid is pretty meh. It just recaps main points of Gamasutra, RPS and Eurogamer articles, bringing nothing new on the table. In light of this, author calling his vid a documentary and asking for donations seems to me rather pathethic, but... It's 2019. Kids today don't know how to use Google, so I guess there's a purpose for such videos. And, because it's still in our minds and hearts, I have to take a new stance on the Great Bohemia-Codemasters War of 2009. Back in the day, I was rooting for BIS and denouncing Codies treason and theft just like everyone. But back in the day I was really nothing but a teenager, and after a decade I have a quite different outlook on the affair. Flame away, but now I think that BIS was very lucky that they lost only Operation Flashpoint brand. See - the company signed a contract with Codemasters, committed themselves to make OFP2 and Elite, and failed to deliver. And games are business, quite a big one, so missed deadlines equals to loss of money (either already invested, or projected income). In theory Codemasters could sue BIS into oblivion, and let's be honest - BIS is not really good in keeping up with their promises. We should remember that before 2005 (release of Elite and secession from Codies), BI was involved not only with OFP2 but also VBS and (even earlier) OFP spin-off - Independence Lost. Not to mention supporting the bug-ridden (like every BIS release) Operation Flashpoint. It seems that most of their projects of Codemasters era failed (including Elite). That makes BIS a rather untrustworthy business partner. Fans will say that BIS is not making games for money, but... do we really believe that after seeing games like Argo and Vigor? Not to mention that VBS was essentially a cash-grab - jumping into lucrative market with little-to-none new development (remember that new content for VBS was created by members of OFP modding scene). With that in mind, BIS losing just the brand is quite a lucky outcome. Would they expect Codemasters to forget about losses and failed projects? And, correct me if I'm wrong, I remember that Operation Flashpoint was in fact a Codies-invented name (though based on the Flashpoint name used earlier in development). The 2009 press-release, where BIS angrily responds to Codies marketing their Dragon Rising as an official sequel to OFP is just mindblowing. I mean, if Codies own the brand, why can't their product be called official sequel? For adult me that press-release reads a little bit as a childish tantrum, and a little bit as a hidden advertisement for BIS own Arma series. Which, by the way, needed all the publicity after the unfortunate Armed Assault. BIS holier-than-thou attitude, deciding what is and what is not official or true sequel was nothing more than virtue signalling. Which is a shame, because quality of their product (Arma 2) spoke for itself, especially when compared to Dragon Rising. So while Dragon Rising may not have been a true Operation Flashpoint-style game, it's still an official sequel no matter how far it went from original genre (SWAT series comes to mind here). So yeah - video games are a big business, and business is a thing for adults. The 2009 Great Bohemia-Codemasters War was none of that. It was an emotional outburst, and an example of mob mentality. Both of which have it's place in the world, but seem rather funny when it comes to my product is better than your product. In the mean time we also found out that BIS is not really better or worse developer than others. BIS acquisition of Altar in 2010 killed UFO franchise (and UFO fans to this day hate BIS just like we hate Codemasters), BIS games still have problems with their releases (either delayed or full of bugs - though with early access this had became an industry standard), and we see that BIS passion for their games have vanished to some extent, being replaced by pursuit of profit. Which is not bad - their families have to eat. But it's obvious that nowadays, instead of developing original ideas (like very unique Take on Mars which is now abandoned), they are jumping into existing lucrative markets (Argo, Vigor, Ylands - all are clones of popular franchises). One could say that BIS have become the very monster it claimed it will never be. Or maybe they just grown up? Sooner or later, all of us do.
  9. krzychuzokecia

    WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    PR Mod and WW4Ext have almost nothing in common, apart from the fact that both use WW4 as their basis (so do other mods) and that I was involved to some extent with both. Total replacement is a type of mod which replaces vanilla units/models with it's own content. WW4 and WW4Ext are not total replacement mods, however if you'd like to see @kenoxite vision of what total replacement should be, please check out Extended Effects (ExtFX). @barccy I haven't forgot about you! I'm still investigating the rucksack issue, I'm just kinda busy with real life, so sorry for taking so long!
  10. krzychuzokecia

    Modern War(fare) Crisis

    I think this is it @hitman1987
  11. krzychuzokecia

    Between The Lines cutscenes problem

    Since this refers to the pre-Resistance campaign, using pre-Resistance addons, the root of the problem may be lack of RequiredAddons=[] dependancy in config. For some reason, after releasing Resistance, it was quite common to encounter false missing addon errors (especially when playing pre-Resistance stuff), and to counter that BIS added addon dependancy in config (and IIRC addon preloading). I know it happened to me a lot when using some ancient stuff (like first Kegetys' addons). Another bad practice of the time was introducing several CfgPatches sections in one config/pbo - after Resistance addonmakers abandoned this habit. Somebody haven't read the FAQ! (Avon Lady's description makes XMP campaign look less than interesting though...)
  12. krzychuzokecia

    Free Games

    Anno 1602 is up for grabs on Uplay. Giveaway ends on 23rd December.
  13. krzychuzokecia

    How to zero sights.

    Well, it can't be more open then it already is. Maybe you will enlighten us? From my experience the only thing affecting trajectory (or should I say - perceived trajectory) is projectile initSpeed and zoomMin/Max. Am I wrong? I know... but I won't tell ya! OK, then this whole discussion doesn't make any sense. Well zeroed scopes are not an issue - of course if addonmaker would invest some time in drawing his own reticle textures. That's how BI made the BDC work on both M21 and SVD (and WGL also had working BDC reticles). Naturally, when someone (like @anuj in this thread) changes weapon/ammo values and expects them to work flawlessly with pre-existing sight textures, he's in for a bad news. What I'm interested in is ability to change the way projectile behaves, to simulate different weights of bullets. I can't see any way to do that, while you say it is possible via adding one config value, however you don't want to spread the knowledge about that value. OK then, I'm waiting for your monumental addon to be released, so that all of us could learn about that secret formula.
  14. krzychuzokecia

    How to zero sights.

    You're a little bit late You mean already existing config value? Or are you daydreaming? There's airFriction in Arma 1 CfgAmmo used, however for OFP there's no equivalent that I know of (only sideAirFriction for guided missiles). Once again - I wrote about it in previous post. Since there will be no updates for CWA (1.99 was rather a happy incident - from my understanding BI guys simply had no 1.96 master and thus we got an update), we have to work withing existing constraints.
  15. krzychuzokecia

    [WW4 EXT] [SP] Rabbit Hunt

    It doesn't work for me either. If @zulu1 doesn't have it, then we're screwed because my HDD died early in 2017.