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  1. OFP/CWA - facts | myths | findings | experiments | prototypes

    Regarding the forest destruction - does it still have issues with vehicles? Or is it now somehow immune to them? Now that sounds interesting! The (huge) drawback is that you can only have a finite number of possible key combinations, until it gets confusing or downright impossible to press at one time. Hell, even your extension of SHIFT+S to SHIFT+S+A/D was rather cumbersome. Using single combination, and a context-sensitive (or rather enviroment-sensitive) scripting is way easier to player. Not to mention that you can then add a big amount of jumping/climbing animation, tailored to specific objects. That's the second problem with most of OFP climbing animations - even though it looks like you should be able to cross that obstacle, you can't because there's minimal discrepancy between anim and the object. Using high jumps everywhere doesn't look too good either...
  2. Functional power lines

    I remember Mapfact barracks addon containing a power switch, and they had a scripted solution to use it to turn off streetlights in an area, but nothing of this level of complexity! There was a power system simulation made by Loyalguard for Armas 1 & 2, but that's it. Congrats!
  3. How to add custom HQ and Group callsigns

    IIRC it was never a mystery of how to create new callsigns, there are several addons containing new callsigns (one by Mapfact, and other by WGL team). What was the problem was how to create new callsigns without using addons, and that can be achieved by preparing special stringtable.csv file for one's mission, which would replace original string values with custom ones. Here's Toadlife's tutorial regarding abstract HQ identity replacement, and changing group names/colours is the same (just use STR_CFG_GRPNAMES_whatever, or STR_CFG_GRPCOL_whatever instead of STR_CFG_PAPABEAR).
  4. AC130 and question

    It may be fair, but not enough to have it released on these forums without the fear of ban-hammer. Your best bet (if you can't model your own C-130) is to use BIS C-130J from Arma 2 (it is allowed to port BIS models from Armas to OFP/CWA).
  5. Red dot in night vision problem

    I told ya! Have to say, it looks pretty damn good! Interesting approach with using resource, instead of "proper" sight model. I was suggesting (inspired by Kenoxite's approach in WW4Ext) a script that would change the weapon (with two variants - one with red dot, and other with green dot), but that not only requires at least two scope view models for every sight, but also introduces problem of magically replenishing magazines when switching NVGs on or off. I am impressed!
  6. Extended Effects

    It's in the CONFIG MODELS part of definitions.hpp (line 15). I guess you're using vanilla definitions, so check out WW4 or WW4EXT versions of the file - it'll give you a hint of what to do (you need to copy relevant parts of HYK's CfgModels config - one could assume that game should load this entries automatically from HYK config, but it's not the case). If you'll have any problems, send me a PM.
  7. Got Arma, still have some RL stuff, but I hope, I'll dig into it next week. Starting with prone anims, and I'll see how far I could induldge in the animations insanity!
  8. Extended Effects

    Yes! All settings after line 81 of settings.sqf are applied only to (never finished) WW4 Extended mod version which used ExtFX framework. This (again - never finished) WW4Ext+ExtFX mod should not be confused with ExtFX coupled with ExtFX-WW4Ext model pack which is available in first post. Let's just say that Kenoxite is a big fan of Yo Dawg! meme.
  9. OK, so just for the sake of clarity: what you would want is a list of movements/poses/anims which are in OFP and A2, with classnames to specific anims in both games, yes? Imagine a spreadsheet/table with three columns: Anim name, OFP classname, A2 classname. Something like that?
  10. Allright. I do own A2 on Gaben's little moneymaker, but never installed it. This may be a good occasion to finally check it out.
  11. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    Looking at this model makes me feel less insecure about my own modelling skills But then I'd never make texture good enough to bring the detail omitted on the model. So once again Macser proves to me that addonmaking is not the hobby for me! Out of curiosity, but why have you decided to go with Jedi Outcast repeater, as opposed to something from the movies (like for example T-21/Lewis gun blaster)? Just the availabity of Neyo's model? And who is Neyo? Please send him our highest regard for his work, it's appreciated! EDIT: I've just remembered that you've already done a DLT-19 as a LMG. Interestingly enough, most of Star Wars publications (canon, non-canon etc.) describe this particular weapon as a sort of DMR/precision rifle (even though it lacks any scope in most appearances). That's one of the gripes I have with Star Wars - the whole expanded universe seem to misunderstand the war part! This makes me wanna say... challenge accepted but I can't even model simple mechanical shapes, not to mention cuddly fur-ball that walks! (animations? what are animations?)
  12. I guess this would require ownership/knowledge of Arma 2?
  13. I demand a new version of OFP (On 18th anniversary of OFP at least)

    You don't know that. You're speaking about your experience, and maybe experience of your friends, but still you're only a small fraction of "general Arma community". The fact that BIS released two sequels to ArmA (and three sequels to OFP), each having set the technological bar higher, and these sequels are profitable is already telling that you're wrong. Otherwise BIS would be bankrupt long time ago. Not to mention other game companies (I don't see them having any problems to sell modern AAA games). You see - I love OFP for what it is, and it being a 17 year old game, it is expected for it to have flaws. People are probably a little bit spoiled by some companies buying out/resurrecting old titles and re-releasing them after "HD" treatment. But then compare the price of these games to the price of A:CWA. Also note the fact that CWA is still available for sale, doesn't make customers (us) entitled to get any updates on such an old software. It's only a sign of BIS good will - afterall they could do nothing, and leave OFP an abandonware it was for a few years. What you also seem to not notice is that BIS is not really good at... actively supporting their products. Look at Arma 3 example - their flagship product. The game still have lots of problems, and it is currently clear that most of these problems will be unsolved when BI will stop supporting Arma 3 with updates (which will happen soon). It's not the first time they've done that - look at all their previous games like ArmA 1 and 2. So you think anybody from BIS will be concerned by your "demands", and dust off the code of 17 year old game? Hell, look at the quality difference between OFP:CWC and OFP:Res content - Resistance models (civilians, guns, vehicles) look so good in comparison to old stuff, that they stand out of place. BIS never bothered to rectify these issues, instead they were focused on developing (failed) sequels to OFP like Independence Lost and OFP2 (both required a huge amount of work in 2D/3D art department, so why similiar effort wasn't given to already existing product?). It seems that "leaving bugs all around" is something which runs deep in their blood. As Macser noted here and elsewhere - OFP is a great place for modders to experiment with, and it doesn't require as much of a focus on eye-candy like newer titles. Still, new Armas provide for modding tools (like new scripting commands) which are beyond OFP abilities, and that's what piques my interest in these newer titles. I'm not opposed to these new games like some "hard-liners", and I don't dream about new features trickling down to old games. It never happend before, and it's simply a price of progress - you either can live within boundaries of the old game, or you have to move. For me, OFP is still enough, and way more, for my modding skills (even if features of newer titles get my attention). I'd be grateful to see any meaningful update for this old game, but I'm not holding my breath. Publicly demanding changes is nonsense, is rude, and won't get you anywhere. If you are bothered by lack of creative freedom in vanilla A:CWA, you can use community solutions (FWatch comes to mind), or upgrade to newer game. That's the reality. Also, I can't agree on this point of yours: Again, that's just, like, your opinion, man. 17 years after OFP premiere there are several active web communities focused on this very game. That's hardly dead. I mean - if OFP is dead, then what to say about similiar games from the era ("realistic" war FPSes) like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault or Battlefield 1942? These games were way bigger hits than OFP, and what's left from them now? OFP (and all the Armas too) was always a niche kind of game, and such games can have a longer lifetime than typical ones. OFP is a proof of that.
  14. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    Oh noes! It looks like the poor guys are in Teddy Bear country! Somebody's gonna get a new drum set soon...
  15. I demand a new version of OFP (On 18th anniversary of OFP at least)

    Your prayers have been answered! Several times, actually... It only depends on your diplomatic skills! Yeah, I know, I'm cheeky bastard. But these threads (especially worded like that) make no sense. BIS is a company, working for money, and there's investing in such an old (and niche!) game gives not enough return. In fact, as I've noted, sequels bring the exact features you're asking for (note that there's no easy/cheap way to bring this stuff to CWA), and from BIS point of view, these newer games are the answer. Your best hope for modern Cold War-era game lies in the community. Go @slatts, go!