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    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Exactly! Anyways, I managed to finish the first task (this time the "Clear Caches") simply by eliminating everything I could with a drone. However I noticed that: the enemy QRF seems to know the player position no matter what - I was 1.5 km away from the target, behind the ridge and only engaging hostiles in the town via drone. But QRF went racing through the town, straight to my position. Maybe that's just Arma though. the rooftop snipers, for some reason, have simulation turned off until player is closer than approx. 700 meters (or rather player controlled unit - drone in this case) - if I was further than that, the snipers were not even playing idle animations, and were not reacting to my shots at all. Also, an issue with returning to base. The "rest/sleep" cutscene kicks in way too fast - I couldn't leave intel in the tent. And despite having no intel collected Collecting intel kinda feels pointless if important events like this happen without player input. Out of curiosity: what AI settings you have in difficulty? Any AI mods like LAMBS? I personally decided to not bother with AI at all in this scenario. There is simply not enough of them to win the fight against double to triple the number of enemies. Placing them on the hill means nothing, since you have to place them in effective range of their weapons... which means, enemies can detect them too. And since I'm on an empty hill, and enemy is in the town, moving from cover to cover... the outcome is obvious. Unless you really did equip your team with .50 cal sniper rifles and Voronas. But with typical non-cheese loadout of 7.62 snipers you have to get inside 600 meter range for AI to make them effective. But that sword (the pun! the pun!) cuts both ways (and again, enemy has advantage of not being in the open). BTW: I still cannot find my account balance anywhere, only the notifications how much I've earned. Also: how to "refuel" the drone? Flexi-tanks on the helipad don't work. ...and another thing I just remembered: it seems it's impossible to enter the gunner position on uparmored .50 cal pickup from the back, I have to get in from the side.
  2. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Good to know. Excuse me, but bullshit. The APCs are apparently spawned around the objectives, and sit with engines at idle, so you can't hear them. At least that's what happens in "Clear Area" task. At least you have chance to see those, as opposed to random patrols - you won't hear them "from kilometers away" over the sound of your own engines. Heck, you can try your own virtual training scenario - the APC can be barely heard even 100 meters away when there's object occluding the sound. Anyway - this wouldn't be a problem if player would spawn with bigger, badder squad. At the moment the only option (early game) to fight them is to equip yourself with Vorona at the camp, and hope there isn't more than one APC, since you're going to have a hard time carrying more than one missile. You completely misunderstood me. It's not the travel time*. It's the number of enemy force between you (a 4 man squad) and the objective. And the issue of AI which cannot follow you in second car on a straight road without getting "lost" (more like: stopping in the middle and waiting for player to manually order "move" waypoints to player's position). These two issues make driving to objective either painful, or simply pointless, because you won't reach the destination before the task is failed. Helicopter insertion I haven't tried yet, but with APCs and AAA, I don't think it's worth the risk (extraction when you managed to kill everything? yeah, maybe). *Driving across the dunes is actually really fun and the two time trials are my favorite part of the DLC! The options you talk about may be possible in co-op, but solo? Operating drone makes you rather vulnerable and static. Which is perfectly fine, but... your fate relies on your AI companions. I guess that's why 99% of "use drone" events in Arma singleplayer missions put player in position where he cannot really be attacked by enemy. No such luxury in an "open" scenario. Same about taking a mortar - remember that in singleplayer mode there's only one player who must do all the recon, setting up the mortar and defending against random patrols. Even with team switch - you can't be in two places (persons) at once. Also such approach would make game way way longer than 5 hours, and as you've said: Speaking of which: when talking about allowing player choose tasks, I never meant making it "longer" than whatever it's supposed to take. Rather the opposite: let him know what he is going to fight with (approx. number of enemies, location, possible equipment - like those APCs - they could have etc.). So as he doesn't get into an hour long battle with force he can't beat alone with 3-4 AI comrades. Hell, I personally always go for as smallest number of combat encounters as possible, going far around the towns, trying to sneak in to the objective instead of going in guns blazing. At least, that's what I do in DRO, and "Extraction" really seems like an open-ended DRO. Nothing bad about that, but at least DRO has several things which make you not feel like you're fighting the game (issues of AI, spawns etc.). In "Extraction" just the small number of AIs that player can command make the game way harder, and then there's less intel about enemy force, the very open terrain that makes you huge target in AI eyes even if you can't see them yet and so on. And that's great - to some extent. But when you really have to be a one man army... it's not fun anymore. Anyway, some more observations: I cannot find any way to tell my money balance. Not in map view, not in radio menu - is it some object in the camp? A very weird issue where I couldn't kill a .50 cal gunner on a static uparmored pickup truck from 75 meters away from the side. I clearly saw his head, and put (what it seemed like) pretty accurate 5 shots into this head, before dying. I could have missed, but the rest of my squad couldn't kill him either, until the pickup turned it's rear to us. Now that I think about it, the only times when I killed the gunner on uparmored pickup was when either I hit him from the back, or from the top (downward shots sitting on a mountain/dune). Will test again in editor.
  3. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    So, I tried the "Extraction" scenario, and well... it's painful, in a bad way. Let's start with the intro that gives you few actual informations about your purpose. Reading briefing is not optional. Random task assignment is not acceptable: my first task was to defend checkpoint which was in the southern part of the map. I lost probably 10 minutes trying to get AIs into the vehicles without them destroying the camp. Then I went southward (having to stop every 30 seconds to wait for other car - Arma thing, but scenario should take it into account) only to get blasted by host nation's APC - which is funny, because intro gives you feeling that you're operating with the host nation approval. After reload I haven't died, but task was marked as failed, because I haven't even got to the checkpoint. Okay, some lessons learned, let's restart. This time I got "destroy weapons caches" task - and it went "kind of" well. "Kind of" because enemy AI (I was fighting rebels, not the regular army) can snipe you from 400 meters with an AK. Again, Arma thing, but scenario should take it into account. Of course the same applies to friendly AI, but... you only start with 3. Since the objective was in the town (with enemies pre-placed in windows, or on rooftops - that's kinda cool) my comrades died in no time, leaving me alone with enemy reinforcements. I fell a hero, under hail of bullets. So, few notes. I don't see (story-wise) why I'd be blasted by Angara army, but maybe there's some explanation further down the quest. However, with me having a small team of PMCs, it's a bad idea even gameplay-wise: you just can't survive any accidental meeting with SFIA. Worst part: since they roll in APCs, they usually see you first. Old Man got it right: CSAT was not bothering you, unless you began bothering them. One of the few things Old Man did right from the start. But even taking on rebels, in singleplayer, is a huge effort due to Arma being Arma. This mission feels a lot like "Dynamic Recon Ops with a story" - however in DRO I usually went into the battle with full 12 person squad, and some armored vehicle that wouldn't die from first .50 cal burst. You can get more contractors in "Extraction", but not early in the game, and I don't see any option for buying vehicles. What can be done, however, is reviving. Especially since you can switch unit after first death - it'd greatly help solo players to have ability to get their squad back on legs after surviving casualties against overwhelming enemy force. Also - going back to the task assignement thing - IMO it would be way better to have player choose tasks, have him evaluate risks, or even possibility to join the fight (it's not fun to hear "you failed" because you were only through half of the way to the target, being busy micromanaging AIs who can't drive on straight road). I'm not done yet with the mission, but... it doesn't look promising. Maybe the "open world" framework doesn't really fit into traditional Arma 3 combat gameplay, and is better left to "walking sims" like Pilgrimage? I dunno. Also, once again in case of A3 paid mods Creator DLCs, it seems that what can make great, innovative mod, is often not enough to make a good product. Quality control issues that I could live with when it comes to mod ("hey, you put so much effort into this, who cares about bugs!"), are hard pill to swallow when one has to pay for them ("looks nice on screenshots, but barely works, 0/10, gimme my money back!"). Western Sahara is fortunately not that expensive as other cDLCs, but that's not enough of consolation when the "main course" of the DLC - the mission - is just not fun.
  4. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Just a quick report: the motion detector aspect ratio is borked on 5:4 screen (looks like egg) Time Trial scores are not displayed in the menu
  5. I guess that's better for BISim than being owned by some random investment fund in Florida. ...also probably better than some "random Central European game developer" being bought out by some "random Chinese conglomerate".
  6. Holy shit! Nope, that's a feature of the game, present when running it with DX8 or DX7 graphic cards too. You're talking about DxDLL which was a OFP-specific tool created by Keijo @kegetys Ruotsalainen. I'm 99.9999% sure Kegetys is one person, and comes from Finland. DxDLL indeed contains an option to remove the in-game "night shader effect" for a little more color during the night. However it's the lack of "night shader" that's "abnormal" - due to the use of external DX8 injector, which DxDLL is. I personally used DxDLL on graphic cards made to work with DX7, DX8, DX9 and DX10. Never really had any problems. DxDLL can be problematic on Windows systems newer than XP - but that's an issue with changes to Windows kernel, not DirectX/Direct3D API. And the problem is not with rendering, but with game crashing and/or refusing to start. That's why I stopped using it after moving to Win7. So yeah - if you want to use some DX9 injector (like the d3d8to9.dll), suit yourself. But if you want to use the DxDLL-only feature of removing the vanilla night shader - you have to use DxDLL. There's no other way around it.
  7. krzychuzokecia

    Who is Still playing Arma CWA? (2021 Oct)

    No it isn't. "Some mods" (and by that I mean CoC:UA) are made to not work on VBS1, hence they will not work on A:CWA either. But authors released a fix for that. Anyway, your problem seems to be due to some automated extractor/instalator thingy that's looking for "flashpointresistance.exe" file. In this case, you can just temporarily rename "coldwarassault.exe", run installer and voila. Also, in 99% of cases the files can be accessed by opening the instalator file in 7zip as an archive (right click on the .exe to access those options with 7zip installed on your PC). This is a common occurence so I'm surprised that you haven't found the solution before. I'm also disappointed that you first asked for "place to download resistance", instead of explaining your real problem. Not only you come off as a whiner, but posting links to pirated software is bannable offense on these forums. Anyway, I hope you'll get your issue sorted out, and learn to behave a bit better in the future.
  8. krzychuzokecia

    Battlefield 2042

    Anybody here took part in the open beta? I tried, but I completely missed the fact that game requires W10 to work! :) From the few gameplay only/no-commentary vids I've seen, I must say I'm positively surprised, mainly due to the scale of the game (control points being few hundred meters away - yeah, it's not Arma, but it's something). I wonder what other realism-focused Arma folk think, especially if they had a chance to try it.
  9. krzychuzokecia

    Who is Still playing Arma CWA? (2021 Oct)

    Here you go. (in before: reeee! I don't wanna pay for this! reeee!)
  10. krzychuzokecia

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    A few observations: FN FAL 50.00 RIS has wrong mapping on buttstock (the regular variant is OK) Klec LMG - it seems that it would be better to rename it to Sa vz.58 Klec, so it would be easier to find (groupped with other vz.58 variants) I'm having a hard time to turn off the random texts/numbers on M1 Abrams and M113 - what are proper values for "clean" vehicles?
  11. krzychuzokecia


    8GB RAM, running 64bit executable on (obviously) 64bit CPU. Edit: obviously that's not much for today's standards, but I'm still able to play Arma with assortment of popular mods (RHS etc.) without crashes. I understand however that your mod is a completely different thing, and may not play nicely with my PC. Which sucks, because I'm really liking the idea, and I'm really impressed by how much thought was put into it!
  12. krzychuzokecia

    Squad Feedback

    So we're like umm... "silent majority"? Who's our Dick the President then? :D
  13. krzychuzokecia


    For me that's the case - two times I tried to play Bearing (I think in May and June/July), I got CTD during the first scan in tutorial, with an error message related to memory problems IIRC. Time permitting, I'll try again and write down the error - for whatever reason, I couldn't get a screenshot of it (PrntScrn doesn't work).
  14. krzychuzokecia

    Squad Feedback

    A very useful addition, and with the "show known enemies" feature, you don't have to worry about Arma undescritpive contact calls!
  15. I hope they will be usable by AI too. But then again, with Opteryx behind the wheel, I think I don't have any reason to worry!
  16. In last few days (after many years of successful cooperation) my Steam client also began to have this problem. It surely must be something on Steam end - just like in your case, Steam shows me no mods that were updated. However, if I'll just let it do it's job, at the end it suddenly shows not only the amount of data downloaded, but also updates the list of updated Workshop mods. So it works, but it's rather annoying if some big mod got an update, and I don't even know what and for how long will be downloaded.
  17. krzychuzokecia

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Thank you! I don't think so. Or at least, I'm not aware of such functionality. For me, I'm perfectly happy with an empty "dead" rack - with 3D editor it's very easy to put up weapon props on things. Yeah, this makes the UV lamp a requirement. I wouldn't sit on that sofa before checking it in "black light"! "You were probing us for years, now you get the probe!" Offtopic: I remember it pretty good. In fact 2017 was when the monetization rules were last updated, so everything I said before stands. As for your general dislike of everything zombie: that's exactly my point. You're lashing your anger out on wrong people for wrong reasons. To be precise: your previous rant was essentially accusing mod makers (people like you) for the actions of monetized servers admins. When in the timeframe you mention DayZ authors were already busy with other things (and there's no official DayZ mod for A3), while Ravage doesn't even allow monetization. Your anger is misdirected, and comes off as mean-spirited. (Also, are you sure that your Hello Kitty Smart car was used by "zombie" mods, and not by one of thousands "life" mods?)
  18. krzychuzokecia

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    I hate to be the one "requesting" something, but if you're in the mood - indeed a gun safe/locker, and maybe a rifle rack and rifle case (pictures are just examples)? For starters there's no DayZ in A3. There are various other "zombie-survival" mods including Ravage by Haleks. And while I don't know him too well he appears as quite a stand-up dude, making stuff for fun because he likes it. Never seen him mentioning anything about monetization, to be honest I'm pretty sure that he himself doesn't host any server. BI policy for monetization is pretty clear - it's completely forbidden in Arma 2, and in Arma 3 requires permission from BI and/or authors of the mods used. If you know about monetized servers which use your addons without permission, you can act against them in various ways, from contacting BI (on the assumption that these servers couldn't be approved by BI, since they are breaking BI policy) to sending DMCA notice to the server hosting company. Unless your real gripe is not people monetizing servers with your addons, but the fact that you cannot monetize (ie. "sell") addons themselves. I guess, what I'm really trying to say is that Valken mentioned DayZ as an example of "zombie survival" mod, since not everyone may be familiar with Ravage. And you became literally triggered by the sole mention of DayZ, going on a completely off-topic rant, and almost insulted the good people behind Ravage. I suggest focusing more on the overall meaning of other's posts, and less on finding stuff you can get offended about.
  19. The war is imminent. Belarus moves it’s troops on Polish border. Poland stands alone as her allies are engaged in conflicts in other parts of the world. Nation needs it’s saviour. Are you up for the challenge? On behalf of development team, I'm proud to announce the new release from Silent War mod! Silent War is a modification for Operation Flashpoint developed since 2002 by @SW_Gemenis The mod focuses on fictional conflict between Poland and Belarus - two neighbouring countries which are allied with opposing world power. Thus this hypothethical scenario is still being prepared for by military planners on both sides of the border. Silent War aims to bring realistic and respectful portrayal of both Polish and Belarusian armed forces, without unnecessary moralizing. On Valentine's Day 2021 we have released Polish Light Infantry Teaser - our first official release since 2006, and a gift to everyone who supported us during all these years. Polish Army light infantry is an often forgotten and underfunded arm of Polish army, yet one that is still going to experience the majority of fights in defense of Poland. Our brave soldiers are equipped with variants of Beryl rifle, PKM general-purpose machinegun, SVD and SWD-M sniper rifles, and the legendary RPG-7. Light infantry relies on it's small footprint and mobility, when compared to "heavy" mechanized infantry. Thus in this release you'll also find Honker 2N - a small 4x4 utility truck, and Star 944 - a medium cargo truck. Polish Light Infantry at an observation point Credits Currently Silent War is developed by small, yet dedicated team lead by @SW_Gemenis who is leading this effort since 2002 - a sure sign of his commitment. @SW_Gemenis - 2D, 3D art, configs and scripting @krzychuzokecia - 2D, 3D art, configs and scripting @mcslavko - configs, scripting and sounds However current release wouldn't be possible without help given to us from other kind people: Adam Rucki - Militech font Bohemia Interactive - 2D and 3D art @Jackal326 and SJB team - sounds JAM team - configs and sounds @kenoxite - configs, scripting, sounds, 2D art @Macser - animations and scripting OFPL team - 2D, 3D art, configs and sounds OFrP team - sounds @sanctuary and WW4 team - 2D, 3D art, animations, configs and sounds We would also like to thank to the people who's work is not yet available in Silent War, but who gave us enormous help in creating Belarusian army addons. Those people are Kanstancin "Karolstah" and Serg @=SappeR= Also big thanks to former developers and contributors (in no particular order): Grey, Christoph, Pawel Ryszka, MaRcin, Arika, Raddar, SeaDemon, Towarzysz Szumek, Offtime, Ofman, Devek, Smookie, Alderous, Panda, Hawk, Sejtan, TomiD, Ktos, Sigma-6, Turkish Union Mod. Polish Light Infantry convoy Download Silent War Polish Light Infantry Teaser is available at ModDB. Mod requires Arma: Cold War Assault version 1.99. Weapons of Polish Light Infantry More from Silent War If you wish to learn more about our mod and it's development, check out those places: our website our ModDB profile our Facebook page our YouTube channel Have fun! Silent War Team
  20. krzychuzokecia

    Ravaged and Frithified Gear

    Wow, that's a beautiful backpack, even after being ravaged! Congrats to you and NightHawk!
  21. krzychuzokecia

    Silent War: Polish-Belarusian Conflict

    Happy Polish Armed Forces Day! To celebrate it, Silent War is releasing a small patch to our previous Polish Light Infantry Teaser. Some things need fixing. One of the most important changes in this patch is a completely reworked pistol holstering script written by our friend @prototype1479. Thank you! We have also added a new standing reload animation by @stgn - also huge thanks! Apart from that we have reworked several weapon sight textures, included a 16:10 aspect ratio version of them, and made a few small changes to the Polish Light Infantry units. Our initial plan was to release Belarusian Light Infantry, however our magnificent artist @SW_Gemenis took it upon himself to remake the textures on all the weapons present in the mod. This, naturally, delayed the process of making Belarusian Army addons, and the release of Belarusian faction. Faster than light! In the mean time Gemenis was working on a few addons expanding the Polish Armed Forces faction, which will be released as a bonus soon. So you better behave nicely when celebrating Polish Armed Forces Day, or someone might fix you up! Download Download on ModDB: Requires Polish Light Infantry Teaser: Have fun! Silent War Team
  22. krzychuzokecia

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    The only thing that comes to my mind is that your policemen are inheriting from a unit (I_E_Soldier_F) that's using completely different uniform/model, and that somehow making the uniform not work. If that's what happening, then the only solution would be for your units to inherit from the unit which model you're using (so Gendarmerie guy in case of vil_LDF_policeman_blu_yellow, and B_Soldier_03_f in case of vil_LDF_policeman_patrol). Which means you need to add back proper faction and identity values for them too. It's rather annoying, so maybe someone with better A3 knowledge will still chime in. BTW: I love the new furniture options, especially since you made them follow the style of vanilla props. However, the safe needs a bit remodelling of the inside - I can barely fit most of the guns there! :D
  23. krzychuzokecia

    "Bundeswehr" Mod

    ...and UH-1D from some older BW Mod Basic Pack (1.4?) that for some reason disappeared from the net! Thanks @W0lle!
  24. So what you were trying to say here? This whole thread is based on wrong assumptions. Assumption number one being "OFP source code is not available". It is. Not legally, but that doesn't change the fact. Second assumption is "having access to source code would allow to introduce new features in the game". Which is not true according to the people who have the code. Third assumption is that "community-made improvements of game code would spark a renewed interest in the game, and open new possibilities for modders". Again, proved wrong by the fate of unofficial patches (or extentions like FWatch). And, truth be told, the interest in OFP, and modding scene, is much more active than it was 10 years ago. To put it bluntly, the whole reasoning behind "why BI should release the source code" is based on ignorance. Except, it doesn't work this way. I can take a look at the source code of Quake, Doom or (a bit more modern example) first version of Minecraft. For me, and 99% of population, it serves no purpose however, not even satisfying some weird curiosity. What makes people go "huh, that's neat" is seeing the countless mods, forks, variations of these games. That's the same thing which still draws some people to OFP, and keeps it alive among a small, but dedicated group of fans. Fans, who don't need the source code, to be able to lift the limitations of the game - that's because those limitations were already removed in OFP three sequels, and OFP fanatics are uninterested in those titles and new possibilities they offer. OFP folks are quite conservative in this regard. Yet, with those restrictions still in place, they keep creating impressive mods and missions. Well, of course (as proven by several servers running vanilla OFP/CWA), but you don't need the source code to play and appreciate the game. Especially when it is still available for purchase.
  25. People play and mod OFP every day. There are also at least two groups of people who already have access to the OFP source code (and apparently source codes of every Arma game up until A3 beta). Which haven't changed much for the folks playing and modding the game, even though the code is "out there" since... 2015? It seems to me that the people who "don't care" are the ones who keep constantly writing such silly threads like this. These people are not part of OFP community anymore, and they are either ignorant, or don't care about all the development happening for the game. But they see themselves as some sort of saviours who will "save" OFP from obscurity by making BI "do something". Which is not going to happen anyway, but these people will then proudly announce "we tried!". It's a good idea fairy syndrome mixed with megalomania and magical thinking. And is insulting for the actual OFP community, accusing it of laziness and indifference. So, to all the guys asking for "source code": what have you done? Show me your mods, missions, servers you manage. How come, if you are so worried about the longetivity of OFP, you aren't already in contact with people who do have the source code for the game? Wait, so you want to get access to source code, and then leave the game in the state it already is? So, why do you even need the source code? It is not logical!