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  1. Extended Effects

    ===================================================================== == C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\coldwarassault.exe ===================================================================== Exe version: Fri Jul 05 17:35:00 2013 ErrorMessage: 'config.cpp/CfgWorlds/Intro.INTRO_WORLD': 'a' encountered instead of '=' Not sure where your a would be instead of the =. This is oddly strange as I know you would have tested and checked before uploading. With this config, it's giving me that error, not sure why. I can maybe look for it. (Well first I backed up the old config before replacing it with the new one)
  2. OFP Addon request thread

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=2570 I'd like these fires please. Unless there's another addon where I can just place down fires in the editor. :P
  3. OFP Addon request thread

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=8688 Can't seem to find this anywhere. I'll keep searching to see if it's on my computer, but we should have a link of it somewhere in any case, I think, in-case one were to lose it. Huh, one addon of mine that I downloaded requires dlem_ural, but this addon I linked is mnf_car, but dlem is the author still. This is odd.
  4. OFP Addon request thread

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9738 These would be appreciated. :)
  5. OFP Addon request thread

    I forgot, is there a Yak-9 available somewhere? I'd like one for the Red Alert portion of my mod to reskin (or maybe Apoc, since he took over that portion entirely, pretty much), but also to be able to have fun flying one doing strafing runs. :) But I think I remember seeing one available at some point? I do know the Soviets used the Hawker Hurricane during WW2 as well (leased), but for authenticity to Red Alert, it's gotta be a Yak-9. Or anything earlier, even. Like a Yak-7B, or w/e. As long as it's a "Yak attack plane". Alternatively, I suppose I can use another model if someone would give me permission - at least until I learn to model my own.
  6. OFP Addon request thread

    Thanks! You know what's funny? I finally found the locations of my files, but it's good to have another link up anyways. Thanks, Zulu. :)
  7. OFP Addon request thread

    All the links for the Winter maps are down, such as Winter Nogojev, Winter Everon, etc etc, which I seem to not have for some reason as some missions from WW4EXT_Arctic requires them. I'll keep browsing my computer, but haven't had any luck.
  8. WW2 Pacific War Mod 1.1 released

    Did you have an older version installed? Or is this a new installation? If there are duplicate files, that typically means you're trying to overwrite the older files. So you should make sure you don't have an older version there.
  9. "For the foreseeable future? Comrade Chairman, I am the future!" Apoc has worked on this...famous individual... a lot in recent days. We now have our leader, Kane! I think he's done a great job. If I remember the conversation right, he'll probably do some fine tweaking. I think the face is pretty much final (I can certainly call it that, myself. Looks bloody brilliant!), but there will be some tweaks config-wise here and there and adding "wounds", adjusting stats, you know. So, we've been working really hard. More to come soon!
  10. "Reinforcements have arrived...." Before Nod became a force to be reckoned with, we had the Soviet Union under the command of Comrade Chairman Josef Stalin. And before GDI, we had the Allies.... The way I have it is that the Red Alert timeline started with the Allies' victory. The Tiberium universe was from Soviet victory. At least that was the original intention by our beloved Westwood. I just got done finishing the Grenadiers for both sides and also Machinegunners. I'll eventually make snipers and such. While a nice thought, keeping completely to the unit layout of the original games would cause some...chaotic and unfair advantages within the engine, which relies on a bit more "realistic" gameplay (no running and gunning like in CoD and Battlefield, y'all). We have some more surprises slowly coming. Both from the Red Alert timeline and the Tiberium timeline. Pictures soon. I'll release some updated .pbo's later, along with my custom revn_snds.pbo and custom WW4 config. No telling when that will be. I tend to like playing the mod with WW4, but I'll try and make it where you won't necessarily have to use it, although it's heavily recommended. And people will be free to use their own configs as they please.
  11. Just thought I'd post pictures of the Allied crew. @Apocalypse83 and @Macser have been helping me on a few surprises for the latest releases. Expect more updates soon. This is just a fun unit that I included in revn_ra_rinf.pbo. I'm including machinegunners, rocket soldiers, and grenadiers next, so expect that soon. I need to figure out the problems with the flamethrower, but I have people talking to me about it. The mod is far from dead. :)
  12. Thanks! I'll give it a look. Edit: Sure enough, I forgot to look at the CFGModels section! Thanks, Professor! :P Edit - 2: Here's some screens of them in action! As you can see, they have Light Buggy support too (I figured it was a good idea, since I had two squads full of infantry on both sides. This skirmish took place at Al Busayyah.
  13. I'm having this weird problem where every unit (of my new Renegade-style soldiers) has the same face (with glasses). I double and triple checked the config to make sure it was just like the other ones in terms of xicht_a.paa, and the rest of them, under the 'wounds' bit. I'm unsure as to why they all have the same face - the others don't have the same faces, so I'm really confused why this is occurring. Anyone have an idea why it's not varying the faces like it's suppose to? Otherwise they look pretty good! Managed to make an entire squad with cfg_groups (I made the positions a bit weird. Will have to figure that out, but they do spawn in correctly).