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  1. Mission params are usally set in mission (by mission maker).
  2. Overlord

    TacOps Server

    Happy New Year to the remainings
  3. Why don't you contact CWR2 team and report this problem or ask for a fix? I suppose they don't want others to modify their work.
  4. You can always ask other players on that spesific server for assistance, gamers are generally nice people (as you can see by replys) ;) The spesific notation means your prefeered server might need more/other addons compared with what you currently have installed .
  5. Overlord

    TacOps Server

    lost in space, maybe on Tsjurimenko-Gerimenko ---------- Post added at 22:40 ---------- Previous post was at 22:12 ---------- Wouldn't dream about toutching your somewhat/-how in-laws (:cc:) :coop:Yeah, look forward to that, a gamer claiming that nic have duties... (on the row anyway) Just consider revamping your AA2 with CWR2, that's the meaning of life. At least before BF14-16 :cool: (and just imagine who get the shit played out) they are available for free (and I host the rest)...
  6. Overlord

    TacOps Server

    WOW ANGIE!!!! As you know, server is not a problem. The problem is you. Not payng attetion to VR (send me a pic of your wife btw):nuts: Got AA2 yet, I host both. CWR2 offer almost everything OFP got, with "up-to-yesterday" graphics, and smarter AIs. You know, how we, in the past, always compared anything new to OFP? Well, reading forums here and there, they now compare everything to AA2.:p This post is also aimed at the soul (if they have one) of Zulu, Marto and Faguss amog others (just post here if you feel neglected) A Viking just don't vanish... do they? OL ;)
  7. Overlord

    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    You mis BAS addons my friend, still working links in first post. Amazing for a 2 1/2 year old thread. And when you are on it, get all requiered addons. ;)
  8. How much disrespect for people who really make an effort. I wonder if all of you posters really know who you are "talking" too and about? To keep it simple, it's these people who made the "community" running for all those years past. It used to be a nice one, but IMO, something have changed lately. Seems like people demands a new mod every week or so, because they have bought some game they are not satisfied with? Reading your comments about CWR2 mod and team, I really can't understand all about this fuzz. Why would you even bother DL and store this stuff on your drives? Thumbs up for EvroMalarkey. Enhancing/ expanding mods are OK, if you have something important, which in this case EvroMalarkey forgot, obtained permission. He agreed to remove CWR2 related configs after beeing aware of CWR2 team position, case closed. Offending other people don't make you new islands to play on. Go make them yourself, make them even better than the quote: useless shitty islands. Then you can make a difference, even respected and listend too. This is how most of the veterans you, so dearly hate, have made their name. Maybe in a different community?
  9. Overlord

    Mission requests and ideas

    Thank you Sir, I knew I could trust you ;) OL
  10. Overlord

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hi Zulu Do you have Blakes OFP "Band of Comrades" missions buried somewhere? Seems like I only got the FDF version of them. OL
  11. Overlord

    TacOps Server

    Hi Zulu !! Yes, I'm up and running for sure. A2 CWR2 with everything you can get from their DL section + some extras (hosted on my TS3 ftm). More on that in PM. I even got my OFP servers (WGL/FDF/BAS/CiA) ready for launch in no time, but I would like to see exec with friend in A2 CWR2 btw :) Sorry Ang, for Hi-jacking your thread, but you aint here to defend it :619::cancan::681: (you shold be :icon_hug: )
  12. Overlord

    TacOps Server

    Any acivity here? Or are you all moved on to Arma 3? Too pity, I still stay with Arma 2 with CWR2. Would really like kicking asses on Poseidon with that Aussie, YOU HEAR MARTO?? :nerner:
  13. Nope but as I have understand lately, there is a patch allowing 1.99 players connecting to 1.96 servers. The answer to your previous post is: You are running different OFP home-dir than Ang You do also run different mods and your log-files is named different.
  14. Overlord

    Server refuses to launch

    Sorry, not much to go on here. Where is your config files? And what is it's content?
  15. As server 10.04 is good enough, noting new needed for OFP server added in 12.04 :) And afik, BIS have yet to release CWA (1.99) Linux binaries.