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  1. zulu1

    Cant make lobby

    Hosting a multiplayer games is a bit different than running a server. In host mode there isn't a lobby per'se, but you should see all the islands on the MP screen. If you got this then just choose an island and a mission. I don't think you'll have any luck with direct play.
  2. Hi, There was a good tutorial on the web, but it's gone I guess. You'll need to be able to log into your router via a browser. Link Check this site it seems to cover the basics. You basicly need to open some TCP and UDP ports that the game uses to communicate through.
  3. zulu1

    Not possible to shoot paratroopers?

    It's not a bug, it's in the game design. It uses the set captive mode which prevents a unit from being killed.
  4. zulu1

    Unified Artillery

    Really???? You post this in a thread that died 15 years ago for OFP/ARMA, asking a question about ARMA2 or ARMA3.... Are you serious???
  5. In addition to what my friend zwobot pointed out... Missing or mis placed "{" or "};" is the biggest problem with OFP/ARMA files. The way you see it displayed looks odd, but each entry is actually a line begining with { and ending with }; class MissionDefault {lives=-1; lost=; end1=; end2=; end3=; end4=; end5=; end6=;}; My guess is in the section below:
  6. I hope this is only temporary. 😱 OFP Monitor is what kept MP play going for so long. Maybe Rozek can help with a new Master Server?
  7. zulu1

    Grenade explosion script

    Did you look at BD grenades to start with? When i'm home maybe i can come up with a sample. One question is are you making a mod or a mission? Implementation would be different.
  8. zulu1

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi Stregatto Here you go... Link
  9. zulu1

    Trying to install Mastertronic GOTY version

    Sounds like you have a bad disc, did you try cleaning it? You say you have CWC as in A3 version?....Yeah that's not quite the same. You can purchase on steam CWA, which is the 1.99 version of OFP. https://steamcommunity.com/app/65790/
  10. zulu1

    White terrain and see through

    You're missing an addon that provides the texture. At one time I was all into the WWII addons, but now from memory I can't tell whats missing.
  11. zulu1

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi Snafu, Not sure these are the "latest", but it's what I have: Link, Click Me
  12. zulu1

    Dynamic Afghanistan - DELTA FORCE

    There is no MOD per se but a collection of addons that you should be able to find. The mission files in my link above still work.
  13. zulu1

    Back to CTI for dummies

    The CTI names are based on who built the script packages. MFCTI- Mike Melvin CRCTI - Clean Rock ...etc. crcti1.0_@bis_res-z_para" game means its based on Clean Rocks CTI1.0 and uses additional addon pack @bis_res-z_para. Crime City I'm sure is around. Try the DT server, or Nooby (Noob1) likes to play it on his server which is up and down. btw...I don't think HAMACHI is around any more.
  14. If you edit the mission.sqm file and remove "chinaww2infantry" from the required addons section at the beginning of the file it may work for you then.
  15. Unless someone has done some customization of those mods they will work together in their native format. You can only have one \bin folder with a single config.cpp file. These mods all have their own. Addons may be a secondary issue. There are many versions of WGL and some addons are not inter-compatible as it sounds like you've discovered.