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  1. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    I just hope that this does not end up like the old Marfy art project, beautiful screens but not function in game.
  2. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    Looks awesome Mac
  3. OFP Addon request thread

    This one? https://www.mediafire.com/file/og49r2cwali9cl1/SLX_Mod_1.1.rar
  4. The red dot is part of the optics texture for the gun. It has nothing to do with the NVgoggles. If you remove it, it will be gone from the weapon optics all the time.
  5. Zeus

    2 ways In the editor start new mission edit on the island you want and "merge" the mission. Then you need to copy the folder contents over. Or Just make a copy of the mission folder and rename the copy to the extension of the island you want to use. ".xxx"
  6. Explosion and fire script

    The EH in the config should be OK. from what I see it is this part of the script that will not work in MP. ? (vehicle player != player): goto "skip" ? (player distance _f < 7) && _hsay == 1: player globalChat "Getting kind of hot here..."; _hsay = 0 ? (player distance _f < 4) && alive player: TitleText ["", "black faded",random 0.1] ? (player distance _f < 4) && _bsay == 1: player globalChat "Argh, I'm getting burned!"; _bsay = 0 ? (player distance _f < 4): player setDamage (damage player) + 0.01
  7. Explosion and fire script

    Hi Slavko, In SP since there is only one player the variable "player" works. In MP you have more than one player and "player" will not work. You need to send an array of the player slot names through the script (ie. [p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10]). The script will need some work and each mission may need a trigger to perform an "alive check".
  8. Im Looking for a Great insurgency Addons

    Hi, Addons are hard to come by these days. Here are some places to look. https://gamefront.online/files/listing/pub2/Operation_Flashpoint/ https://gamefront.online/files/listing/pub2/Operation_Flashpoint_Resistance/ http://arma-cwa.ru/ and ofpr.info in a torrent Torrent Magnet Link
  9. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    JdB, I had a copy of opgwcbeta extracted with a good sound file. I patched the zip file and uploaded it again, here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByvuJ-pCUiUIQ2Rzb3pUZ0NHdFE
  10. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Inlesco, I think JdB is preparing a torrent file of all the FTP files to put up on the net.
  11. OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    JdB, I thought I gave you most everything. I have most of the above except noted. I made a folder on my GoogleDrive and uploaded the files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByvuJ-pCUiUIYXUxNGt3OTRHbG8
  12. OFP Addon request thread

    Ok, here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/484ulq0ey777h46/ww2ec_USpack_1.11_full.rar https://www.mediafire.com/file/uef0uli9l09p5gx/CoC_diver_v1.0.zip We really need an FTP site now that ofpr.info is gone.
  13. OFP Addon request thread

    Hey Barccy, Excellent find. You deserve a commendation for this
  14. I did not assign anything, just used the game default. A distinction needs to be made between callsign and groupID. It's not a big difference, just termanology. Only two callsigns: [west, HQ] (Default Papa_Bear) [west, "Airbase"] (Default Base Firefly) GroupIDs: Aplha Black, Charlie Blue etc. I never really looked into it, but a small test I ran seems to show that the game goes through Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc, to the end all black then starts again with Aplha and the next color in line. Refer to my earlier post LINK it has all you need to know about callsigns and group ID's. One of the most important things is any unit, vehicle, object etc, that has a purpose needs to have a name entered in the editor. This is the only way you can refer to it in a waypoint, trigger or a script . Also you should know the differences between: Say Sidechat GroupChat GlobalChat VehicleChat SideRadio GroupRadio GlobalRadio VehicleRadio PlayMusic PlaySound You can research these in the BI Wiki in the scripting section: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_OFP_1.96 A lot of Arma and TOH and other game scripting has been blended in with OFP. If you don't see the OFP game logo at the top of the section don't try to use it as it won't work. OFP commands are pretty much common to all BIS games, but it does not go backwards, like Arma3 to OFP.
  15. FTA Life Simulation

    Hi, Well you obviously did not try all of the three versions. It seems two of them don't work, the only one that does is this one: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z4992tawsa08bro/FTA2B03[1].zip