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  1. mcslavko

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    I am very impressed that you wanted to... a lot of work, collecting everything into one archive, additionally everything is described ... huge respect for the great work
  2. mcslavko

    OFP Addon request thread

  3. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_0kTCItk4wPaPVstRVhQkMJaapg7mm7E
  4. mcslavko

    D-44 (85mm soviet divisional gun)

    I have a problem, the magazine is empty all the time, how to load the bullet/projectile? problem solved
  5. hey brother,i have a small question regarding pr mod,will you integrate ecp and other missing mods from here,also can you restore back the radio sounds please and fix the black screen map because when i press m the map is blank black


    1. Soldier96


      there is a ah 56 cheyenne and few other contents that were missing years ago,can you take any of the vehicles and put them in yours,and i hope you understanded my question if you can restore the radio voices and the map screen from being black

  6. hello mcslavko i have question about can you give me Pr mod only with Tanks,cars, improved character (only nato and ussr in characters) and helicopters and other air tecnology


    1. mcslavko


      i don't understand, should i redo the pr mod for you? 

  7. mcslavko

    OFP videography

  8. mcslavko

    AMD latest CPU's might be better than Intel's CPU in OFP

    Intel i5 8600K (oc 4,5GHz) - 4880 does the resolution matter? test done in 2560x1440
  9. the only question is why? You can use OFP Materials separately, not everyone wants shiny old buildings or vehicles.
  10. mcslavko

    OFP Addon request thread

    is M2A2 from ArmA2
  11. mcslavko

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi I'm looking for 'Island Pack' azimut.suddenlaunch.com thank you in advance