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  1. Ok, so I downloaded it, it works, now if I have free time, I will implement it in my mission. Aaaand I thought that we (on this thread) could play together with Discord maybe? You guys would be the main "protagonists" of the mission, and I would be just an enemy Russian or civilian watching you complete the mission. Anyway, thx for the help guys, love the community.
  2. So here is what I tried; The get in waypoint's condition is "getin or biggroupalert" just for the sake of simplicity. On the crew's sentry waypoint on activation is: "getin=true" (biggroupalert is the alarm trigger's name) But when I test it, when the test soldier spots me, he'll just lay down, open fire, and that's all, he won't get in the vehicle... I tested it, he only gets in the vehicle when both the alarm is true and he spots me. So only when both is true... Ah what have I messed up? 🤔🤣
  3. Hello everyone, im new on this website! I need help on a problem, that I spent hours trying to fix it, but still no idea... So I'm making a stealth-kinda mission, with guards, alarms and stuff. I already made a Sentry to move into a house, and activate an alarm, when activated, making the nearby guards search for an intruder. I kinda got used to using triggers, but there is something I can't figure. It's the following; So in the base, I want a vehicle crew just chilling with a Sentry waypoint, and a Get In waypoint, so when they see an intruder, they'll use the nearby BMP. So it works well, but i want them to get in the BMP when they see enemy OR when the alarm is triggered. So I can only make them get in the BMP ONLY when the alarm is on, or ONLY when they see enemy... How can a make it both? I dunno if there is still people playing with this game, but I hope someone will find this thread. :) (I'm not from an English speaking country, I hope I was understandable :) )