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  1. Sulon480

    Making custom campaign for Cold War Assault??

    I couldn't add u on discord for some reason, maybe cuz' of the special characters, but here's mine: Sulon480#1152 Thx in advance!
  2. Hi! I found a program called "Flashpoint Campaign Wizard 1.0.1 by Miker Andrew" This was made as a tool to easily make a full ofp campaign. So I quickly tied two of my random Arma missions to see if it worked... It actually did so I just started making proper missions (with story, descripitons and music and such) so I could make some kind of campaign to my friends or to upload it somewhere idk. I already made like 8 missions, wanted to test it but for some reason it doesn't work. Maybe cause this program was made for ofp, and not arma? I mean those are the same games, only different versions... So anyway, is there any way a simple mission maker like me could easily put a campaign together? I mean I don't need them fancy cutscenes and stuff, just like 15 mission after one another you know... BTW I hope this is the right place to post this... lol
  3. It still says unknown operator... 😞 (Btw sorry for bothering you, but I really want this to work... 😄 )
  4. Lol I just checked in! Thx, I'll try it now! Ya probably saved my ass... Thx bro, appreciated!
  5. So I tried this one and it SHOULD do the trick so thanks for it but when I tried it in game for some reason the code is searching for non-existing crates. What I mean: So as I stated before I have "crate1.sqs" and so on until "crate40.sqs" and this code that u sent does exactly what I want, pick one of the crates randomly. however for some reason it searches for like "crate6.19043" and 18.5684 so basically it puts random (mybe random) digits after it and so the editor tells me that there is no such crate as crate18.5684. Do you know what causes this? I was really happy when I saw that ur answered but now I'm sad it doesn't work 😞 Thx in advance 😄 -Dima ps. Just i case I'll attach some pics :) (Hope it'll show correctly) (psps.:sry my pc's in Hungarian language:D)
  6. Hi all! I'm a huge fan of this game, so I showed it to some of my friends and they actually bought it. They asked me if I could make some kind of Battle Royale "mission" and I said: Sure! I was like hm.. okay im just gonna place some vehicles and stuff, do some basic triggers and the drop-off plane...WAIT! The crates! So I opened up Chris' OFP Editor (a cool tool which I use to make briefings, scripts, custom crates and stuff) and made like 40 different crate variations with various weapons in it. So I have these crate scripts in my mission folder, they work but I have one problem. I want to sort of "randomize" them. By that, I mean that when I put down a crate in editor it's either "crate1", or "crate2", or "crate3"...and so on until "crate40" Is it possible? Im using - [this] exec "crate1.sqs" - at the weapon crate's init. line to "define" my crate script or however u say it, it's not my native language lol. Anyway, thx for anyone in advance! Peace! 😄
  7. Ok, so I downloaded it, it works, now if I have free time, I will implement it in my mission. Aaaand I thought that we (on this thread) could play together with Discord maybe? You guys would be the main "protagonists" of the mission, and I would be just an enemy Russian or civilian watching you complete the mission. Anyway, thx for the help guys, love the community.
  8. So here is what I tried; The get in waypoint's condition is "getin or biggroupalert" just for the sake of simplicity. On the crew's sentry waypoint on activation is: "getin=true" (biggroupalert is the alarm trigger's name) But when I test it, when the test soldier spots me, he'll just lay down, open fire, and that's all, he won't get in the vehicle... I tested it, he only gets in the vehicle when both the alarm is true and he spots me. So only when both is true... Ah what have I messed up? 🤔🤣
  9. Hello everyone, im new on this website! I need help on a problem, that I spent hours trying to fix it, but still no idea... So I'm making a stealth-kinda mission, with guards, alarms and stuff. I already made a Sentry to move into a house, and activate an alarm, when activated, making the nearby guards search for an intruder. I kinda got used to using triggers, but there is something I can't figure. It's the following; So in the base, I want a vehicle crew just chilling with a Sentry waypoint, and a Get In waypoint, so when they see an intruder, they'll use the nearby BMP. So it works well, but i want them to get in the BMP when they see enemy OR when the alarm is triggered. So I can only make them get in the BMP ONLY when the alarm is on, or ONLY when they see enemy... How can a make it both? I dunno if there is still people playing with this game, but I hope someone will find this thread. :) (I'm not from an English speaking country, I hope I was understandable :) )