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  1. ozelo

    Binmod Release Thread

    I am back after some time and what I see here looks just awesome! Already downloading new version to try those features out. And also can't wait for 3D sights! :D Keep on great job! Regards.
  2. ozelo

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    So.. its today :) Happy Birthday old friend :) Best wishes to You and Your parents ;) Thanks for those years.
  3. ozelo

    Binmod Release Thread

    I will post some of my impressions ;) - sounds - - explosions effects - as above, - after explosion smoke (from distance looks like from movie) - as above, - weapon barrel smoke - as above, - improved AI accuracy - as above - only on higher distances they seem to be a bit too much deadly. In close and medium combat it's cool. - granades - - animations - as above, - removing number of ammo and magazines from HUD - as above. But here I have one suggestion that I think I read somewhere before. What about menu action "Check ammo"? It can works with proper animation of soldier removing ammo clip and checking how much does it weight to rate how many bullets left. Script check number of ammo and show infobox with information: - "Empty" - If e.g. there is 0% of ammo, - "Almost empty" - If e.g. there is <10%, and etc. It is not feature of kind "I want this or Ill cry". It just can be helpful and improve feel of realism. -bleeding/bandages - And here two observations. Enemy soldiers used to use bandages in open ground and under fire. Shouldn't they first run somewhere to hide? I don't know how this looks from programming point of view. This is only my impression. And finally I was twice a witness of wonder of resurrection. Soldier after being killed (he was lying dead on the ground with bloody face) start to healing after few seconds. Summary - OFP is now harder game. Gameplay comes with much more enjoyment and satisfaction. I am not an modding expert but just for player it looks awesome. Thank you guys for your hard work. Final effect is worth it. Best wishes. :)
  4. ozelo

    Binmod Release Thread

    I played a while your mod (it seems for now to be absolutely new quality here :) ) and I detect same problems as mentioned by others. Firstly I extracted everything in @binmod folder and copied it into OFP directory (nothing special - just like other mods) and then extracted three JAM's pbo's into @binmod/addons/. But when I noticed missing sounds problem I renamed mod folder to binmod (without "@"). Sounds appears! Now almost everything works. But I am still getting error "No entry 'config.cpp/cfgweapons.Jam_45ACP_UMP_25SDMag'" after game launch. Moving JAMs from modfolder to Res/Addons/ doesn't help.
  5. ozelo

    CCE2 for Operation Enduring Freedom

    I am surprised they delete it.. but nvm. Error message says: Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. ozelo

    CCE2 for Operation Enduring Freedom

    I have downloaded Beta 7 Template and when I try to open it in editor ofp shut down with this error: http://zapodaj.net/images/baca6fd86580.jpg What is the reason?
  7. ozelo

    Squeezing the best gfx juices out of OFP

    Hello. Can you post some screenshots from your version of game representing modified graphic? Thank you. Best regards.