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  1. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    I guess that Spad is on vacation so 3 days from now I will shoot you over my Dropbox links. okay I wasn't sure if you were using skill. no big deal. I think it's for getting a jump on the other unit kind of like a quick draw scenario
  2. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    ProfT, All I need to do to distinguish - horse from rider is to remove "M" from class name of horse? I think that is the way you specified within config? yes/no? Example: name="Prussian Uhlan Cavalry Squad"; from the horse class: "FPW_PRU_CAV2M" crew="FPW_PRU_CAV2" ~so~ Horses:["FPW_PRU_CAV2M","FPW_PRU_CAV1M","FPW_PRU_CAV1M","FPW_PRU_CAV1M","FPW_PRU_CAV1M"] riders:["FPW_PRU_CAV2","FPW_PRU_CAV1","FPW_PRU_CAV1","FPW_PRU_CAV1","FPW_PRU_CAV1"] If so, this should help speed up the finishing up of FPWspawnwave. I also optimized the script chopping out redundant lines of script. oh one other thing: What skill level if any - do you want units at?: Private - 0.2 Corporal - 0.3 Sergeant - 0.4 Lieutenant - 0.5
  3. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    I've had time to test a limited play session. With minimum setup, FPWspawnwave took 1hr 14minutes to complete, constant action. The idea is to setup a mission within the constraints of a pitched battle. So initially the mission starts with just 43 Prussian units and 43 French units plus the player as a french soldier. 4 FPWspawnwave groups setup for Prussians totalling 480 Prussians to enter into mission - roughly 40 Prussians at a time. 3 FPWspawnwave groups setup for the French totalling 360 French infantry to enter into mission - roughly 30 French at a time. The actual advantage went to the French as they had better fields of fire and the Prussians were exposed on their approach to a town. The last unit killed was their Officer. For both sides I had added General, Drummer and Flag bearer. The mission very well could have ended if a mission designer wanted the General or all three units killed off during course of game. Possibilities are endless. With all that said ProfT, if you would like more features of your own mod incorporated into FPWspawnwave just let me know. I can and will work with you on this matter. I have some other ideas, but I will hit you with them once FPWspawnwave is completed.
  4. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    ok found and fixed issue. I knew it was in a sqf file. I had an = sign in my wavefilter.sqf file. I've sent Spad my drop box links. But right now everything is working like a charm for the infantry portion.
  5. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    I will send to Spad via dropbox. Away from home atm and on my smartphone. By sending to Spad both you and he can test it and can compare notes. So far I see an error in fpwspawnwave regarding private [] array assignment. In the scripting of fpwspawnwave I believe it's expecting to see an = sign. So the FPWspawnwave system does not know how to cope with script embedded within your addon. As a result the musket smoke drop script gets nullified for all units. Atm I ran out of time to hunt down that script to dwell on possibly a fix or workaround.
  6. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    Group lists for wavefilter/FPWspawnwave - keep in mind cavalry is not setup yet. East 1-44 West 45-94 ***East Groups*** 1=Prussian Infantry Squad 2=Prussian Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 3=Prussian Landwehr Infantry Squad 4=Prussian Landwehr Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 5=Prussian Jaeger Squad 6=Prussian Jaeger Squad (Bayonets) 7=Prussian Uhlan Cavalry Squad 8=Prussian Dragoon Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 9=Prussian Dragoon Cavalry Squad (with swords) 10=Prussian Hussar Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 11=Prussian Hussar Cavalry Squad (with swords) 12=Prussian Cuirassier Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 13=Prussian Cuirassier Cavalry Squad (with swords) 14=Prussian Guard Infantry Squad 15=Prussian Guard Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 16=Prussian Guard Landwehr Infantry Squad 17=Prussian Guard Landwehr Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 18=Prussian Guard Schutzen Squad 19=Prussian Guard Schutzen Squad (Bayonets) 20=Bavarian Infantry Squad 21=Bavarian Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 22=Bavarian Jaeger Squad 23=Bavarian Jaeger Squad (Bayonets) 24=Bavarian Uhlan Cavalry Squad 25=Bavarian Chevauleger Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 26=Bavarian Chevauleger Cavalry Squad (with swords) 27=Bavarian Cuirassier Cavalry Squad 28=Wurttemberger Infantry Squad 29=Wurttemberger Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 30=Wurttemberger Jaeger Squad 31=Wurttemberger Jaeger Squad (Bayonets) 32=Wurttemberger Reiter Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 33=Wurttemberger Reiter Cavalry Squad (with swords) 34=Saxon Infantry Squad 35=Saxon Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 36=Saxon Schutzen Squad 37=Saxon Schutzen Squad (Bayonets) 38=Saxon Reiter Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 39=Saxon Reiter Cavalry Squad (with swords) 40=Saxon Uhlan Cavalry Squad 41=Brunswicker Infantry Squad 42=Brunswicker Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 43=Brunswicker Hussar Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 44=Brunswicker Hussar Cavalry Squad (with swords) ***West Groups*** 45=French Infantry Squad 46=French Infantry Squad (Bayonets) 47=French Infantry Squad (In full dress) 48=French Infantry Squad (In full dress, bayonets) 49=French Chasseurs Squad 50=French Chasseurs Squad (Bayonets) 51=French Chasseurs Squad (In full dress) 52=French Chasseurs Squad (In full dress, bayonets) 53=French Zouaves Squad 54=French Zouaves Squad (Bayonets) 55=French Turcos Squad 56=French Turcos Squad (Bayonets) 57=French Gardes Mobiles Squad 58=French Gardes Mobiles Squad (Bayonets) 59=French Sailor Squad 60=French Sailor Squad (Bayonets) 61=French Marines Squad 62=French Marines Squad (Bayonets) 63=French Dragoon Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 64=French Dragoon Cavalry Squad (with swords) 65=French Hussar Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 66=French Hussar Cavalry Squad (with swords) 67=French Lancer Cavalry Squad 68=French lancer Cavalry Squad (with cap) 69=French gendarme Cavalry Squad 70=French african chasseur Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 71=French african chasseur Cavalry Squad (with swords) 72=French cuirassier Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 73=French cuirassier Cavalry Squad (with swords) 74=French horse chasseur Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 75=French horse chasseur Cavalry Squad (with swords) 76=French Grenadiers of the Guard Squad 77=French Grenadiers of the Guard Squad (Bayonets) 78=French Voltigeurs of the Guard Squad 79=French Voltigeurs of the Guard Squad (Bayonets) 80=French Chasseurs of the Guard Squad 81=French Chasseurs of the Guard Squad (Bayonets) 82=French Zouaves of the Guard Squad 83=French Zouaves of the Guard Squad (Bayonets) 84=French Grenadiers of the Guard Squad (Bearskins) 85=French Grenadiers of the Guard Squad (Bayonets, bearskins) 86=French Carabiniers of the Guard Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 87=French Carabiniers of the Guard Cavalry Squad (with swords) 88=French Guides of the Guard Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 89=French Guides of the Guard Cavalry Squad (with swords) 90=French Empress Dragoons Cavalry Squad (with rifles) 91=French Empress Dragoons Cavalry Squad (with swords) 92=French Western Volunteers Squad (Ex Pontifical Zouaves) 93=French Western Volunteers Squad (Ex Pontifical Zouaves, Bayonets) 94=French Francs Tireurs Squad
  7. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    I also have in work some quartermaster scripts ~ Ammo box and units that will repair cannons, wagons, etc... To be applied in mission editor. I have used repair static guns script in WH40k mod Alamo mission. I have ammo crates done for ww2/wh40k and an ammo bag script that would allow for extended ammo range for longer missions. Just need to convert to FPW mod's unique ammo/magazine setup.
  8. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    Hi ProfT, I currently have in progress a comprehensive spawn system - the meat of the work is done - and I have infantry working in game minus your init scripts for some units. error messages when firing. Cavalry is another matter - that will take me some time as I need to marry vehicles to units. If you like I can send you a beta template mission for review. As I'm not really familiar with Franco Prussian war - I'd need you to review units to selected troop choice and make sure proper units are spawning. // WW2Weasel's contribution to the FPW Mod \\ || ~ ProfT has helped many in the community and this is my way to help ProfT with his excellent mod. || ProfT's structure for squads - is 10 man infantry groups and 5 man cavalry groups. With FPWspawnwave - I would strongly recommend leaving the unit's experience and group sizes as ProfT intended. Franco Prussian Mod's: FPWspawnwave FPWspawnwave & fpwspawnwave are not interchangeable for scripting purposes - they have distinct purposes. (FPWspawnwave = namesake for spawnwave system comprised of three files; "initialize.sqs", "wavefilter.sqf" and "fpwspawnwave.sqs".) (fpwspawnwave = variable within scripts and name of script "fpwspawnwave.sqs") Overall Vision for FPWspawnwave. The idea behind FPWspawnwave; was to have one script handle requests for all the different unit types of Franco Prussian Mod. It will bring a new dimension to the Franco Prussian Mod's overall gameplay. So most squads will be able to be called from this script to be used in wave attack styled spawning. After the units have died they will sink into the ground. There might not be enough time to remove weapons from the dead. So a mission designer must plan weapon crates, etc... accordingly to this caveat. I had to compromise between the length of body removal or the time for respawn. I opted for time for next respawn. In the FPW mod the action is fast and furious. Not everybody has a fast machine - So a quick removal of body - ultimately was the way to go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ more info ~ but not the time nor place to post yet as it is irrelevant for this thread at this time.
  9. (SP) Franco Prussian War Mod (1870-1871)

    I just downloaded this Mod. Nice work, a pleasure to play!
  10. WW2 Pacific War Mod 1.1 released

    The latest images - the Japs and Ghurkas. see images below. Still WIP - as sailor needs retexture.
  11. WW2 Pacific War Mod 1.1 released

    Pacific Mod has more updates - it's currently at 1.12 version - prolly increase from here. Too many changes to list atm - but an important one to point out - Japanese units now have Japanese faces. It's still WIP atm as the face I've created is "under construction" very close to being done. The completed image will be used as my template to make more faces. The goal of the faces for Japanese is to have 50 soldiers in game and have very few redundant faces present. A campaign is underway with the Japanese point of view. Japanese vs. US Marines - Non-Historical. Jungle Everon - 5 missions completed thus far. Of course all efforts are under "real life first" principal.
  12. Pacific war Mod

    The new Japanese infantry compared to AIA's version - this done for comparison. Face textures to be done later. ---------- Post added at 19:15 ---------- Previous post was at 19:11 ----------
  13. Pacific war Mod

    Update - for Anzac Ford
  14. Pacific war Mod

    Spad a quick base color before tweaking to final texture. Contact me for further direction as far as hue goes to match other vehicles.
  15. OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    The Mod server has been taken down for the duration, no plans on reinstating atm. This Mod is alive and thriving. Behind the scenes a lot of work is still going on.