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  1. To All who have Asked this : "Is there going to be a Wh40K mod for ArmA2 -OA" "YES" DoW Models - No Scratch built Models - YES Maps - Currently 1 Map was tested, But since I am still NEW to Visitor3 It will be some time before a GOOD ArmA2 map will be made. Anyone who knows "HOW TO" make Maps in Visitor3, Can Contact me in PM at the OFPWH40K Forums Is there going to be a WH40K Mod for ArmA3 - I am Sorry to state : As long as ArmA3 Will only Be available Through Steam ... A Wh40K mod will Not be made By Me Saying this, IF ArmA3 will be accessed with out Steam for SP and MP, Then I can see my Self doing work in ArmA3
  2. ladie from hell

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    Yes , I do believe that's what we are going to do .. With A Lot of Work still being done in CW40K, just have not had time to work on it .. I Hope to give you all some NEW screen shots of Vraks Updates , but I continue to redo or update the map and some times its a totally diff map in that map obj's are no longer there.. The Main Citadel section still there but , other small eye candy stuff has changed some 30 to 40 times ...
  3. ladie from hell

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    Removed By 40K team
  4. ladie from hell

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    Removed By 40K team
  5. ladie from hell

    Nikiller's scripts pack

    @Nikiller Thanks so Much LFH
  6. ladie from hell

    Nikiller's scripts pack

    Hi .. Looking for a Script for any side to join the other in addaction. Think of it like: Player is captured , and is given choice of going west, est or res(GUR) and ... at any point .. can re-use addaction to leave said side to join another ... Thanks LFH
  7. ladie from hell

    Binarized objects not displayed in WRPtool

    "You copy your offending P3D and remove all selections within it and use this binarized version in WrpTool. " I must be missing some thing .. Mt Wrptool did not come with a Binarized program ... Could you please give a link to the wrptool you got? LFH
  8. ladie from hell

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    Removed By 40K team
  9. ladie from hell

    ++WH40K++ [1.96+] & ++WH40K++ [1.99+] Servers

    Yes the Team is STILL pounding away at it .. As seen in here and on our OFPWH40K forum... new stuff is in the works. We hope to have some new videos out soon, if I can get some things working that is.. sigh :(
  10. ++WH40K++ [1.96+] & ++WH40K++ [1.99+] Servers Announcing that 2 servers are up and running for OFPWH40K mod. With the Mod still growing with units and SP and MP missions, Its about time that Servers were up. Here is what you need : #1 - OFPWH40K v3.0 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PELVPI9H #2 - OFPwh40K Chaos_tank fix : https://rs713tl4.rapidshare.com/#!download|713tl2|229227652|CSM_tank.7z|2742|R~F3932D4BA3820F67783A0A79DC4C37EA|0|0 #3 - OFPWH40K v3.1 (Over write all) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G2R1U734 #4 - Fixed um_troop: http://goo.gl/jP4r3 #5 - New Dark Eldars: http://goo.gl/8mfiM #6 - Winter Kolgujev: http://goo.gl/jvC9W #7 - Trinity: http://goo.gl/BAxh2 All these addons are playable with CwA 1.99 Here you will find extra addons that have been updated and are necessary to play many missions within the Dedicated WH40K Mod Server. There may still be future updates as well. If they do occur the same link can be used for the latest download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KJ6M1AFD If you do NOT have any of these , you will not be able to play on the Server. Team Speak 3 will be useful (But Not Required) : Version 3.0.2: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads Adress: Password: ofp Password for room [OFP WH40K mod]: wh So Far Tested the 40k mod works with CWA 1.99 and installing the Mod is the Same as OFP 1.96. A Big Thank You goes out to the Team for getting this up and running OFPWH40K Team
  11. ladie from hell

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    Removed By 40K team
  12. ladie from hell

    Buldozer and CWA 1.99

    YES, Once I re-installed OFP, I had to take Flashpoint.rtp and Flashpoint.cfg files (copy past) into my ofpedit folder so buldozer/o2lite can find it Buldozer Now works.... LFH
  13. ladie from hell

    Buldozer and CWA 1.99

    Well for starters .. As of Monday-july 18th 2011 morning , My windows7 (don not know why ... ) has removed OFP , ICQ, MSG, and a few other programs off my system , but not all new programs .. so I first thought Win7 had done some system restore or something .. but I had other programs installed before OFP and ICQ ... and they are still there ... I also had installed CWA with the FULL patch, right after OFP ... and CWA is still there ... (OFP and CWA are in different Pathways ) Now the error from buldozer is : "bad serial number given is Setup" ( I have even re-installed o2 from scratch to have it find CWA .. ) that was a Mistake .. :(
  14. ladie from hell

    Buldozer and CWA 1.99

    Hi all , I got a NEW PC last week and it has Win7 , and I spent 2 days getting old files from old PC to new. So I also installed CWA 1.99 .. then reinstalled o2lite, then Buldozer viewer. But buldozer and CWA for me is not working as Buldozer and OFP once did.. Am I missing something or do I need to reinstall OFP1.96 :confused: LFH