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  1. Macser_old

    Tutorials:Blender 2.49b.Unwrap/Map a model for OFP/CWA

    From the user preferences>addons menu in blender you can use "install from file". Point to the location on your drive,where you downloaded the zip file. It should now show up in the list of import/export addons,as an OFP importer and and exporter. If it doesn't show up immediately then restart Blender. If you have any problems,post back,or send me a PM. :) I'm using 2.67b at the moment. If you resolved the issue,then let us know.A quick post might help someone else sort out their own problem,if they happen by this thread.
  2. Macser_old

    Franco Prussian War Mod - Work In Progress

    Lovely work there Professor.As usual. :)
  3. Macser_old

    Blurry decals

    Just create a tiny object,or a set of individual faces within the model. In a location where they can't be seen.Then apply each texture to it's own face. This in effect will "preload" the textures.Not very elegant.But it's the simplest method. :)
  4. Macser_old

    Indian Army Addons

    That's better.A good looking unit you have there. The stretching of the texture on the shins,is a bit off putting though. You could probably fix that in P3dUnwrap fairly quickly.
  5. Macser_old

    Indian Army Addons

    I'm sure it's great.But it might help if you turn the brightness up. Or take the snap earlier in the day. :)
  6. Macser_old

    Steam discussion

    I don't understand what all the arguing is about.What exactly are we "winning"? They aren't required to explain anything.Nor should they.BIS has made their choice. As is their prerogative.Customers will make theirs.The reasons are irrelevant. The people who don't want the Steam client on their machines are annoyed that it's being pushed at them.They're simply expressing that.They have no reason whatsoever to be apologetic about it. There's no point in any more debate about this subject,if the business decision has already been made. :)
  7. Macser_old

    2 questions about magazines config

    I don't see any references to OFP/CWA.Which doesn't have a CfgMagazines class. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgWeapons_Config_Reference#magazineType.3DNone_.28OfpOnly.29 The Magazinetype section might yield some info. :)
  8. Macser_old

    Blurry decals

    I suppose it's possible the card is the source of the problem. But it's just as likely that's it's a limitation of the command. As far as I'm aware,setobjecttexture will only deal with 32x32. If your textures are higher resolution than that,then they'll be blurred once the command is executed.
  9. Macser_old

    Blurry decals

    Unfortunately with setobjecttexture,there's no "easy" way around it.
  10. Macser_old

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    Germ.People like Alwarren are creating this work on their own time. Then providing it for us to enjoy. Conducting yourself with a little respect,isn't much to ask in return.
  11. I haven't had any problems with the fire geometry being exported.And with components. JoeysLucky22,did you apply scaling and transforms before exporting?Using control+A?
  12. Macser_old

    Tutorials:Blender 2.49b.Unwrap/Map a model for OFP/CWA

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?newlang=eng Just scroll down a bit until you see the big Blender banner.The techniques used apply to any app really. Although it is centered around blender 2.49b in particular. You could still use that version without any problems,despite the fact the series is up to 2.67 now. If you've any questions,let me know.I'll do my best to help. :)
  13. Hmm.For me,it only seemed to work for Component01.The other components have no mass. Perhaps I'm missing a step? You just created the geometry object and broke that down into it's vertex groups?Naming them as Component01,etc?Correct? I'm using this in A2 as it happens. I understand completely. :)
  14. Excellent scripting Al.I just happened upon it today. :) So far,no major problems to report.Although mass doesn't seem to get exported. Does that still need to be finalised in O2 PE?Or are there any special requirements to get it exporting from Blender? I've heard more than one person mention the Inter-quake model format as a possible starting point, for getting animations out of Blender.Although I've no idea how the output of that could be converted to RTM. Animation is one aspect of modding that,sadly,doesn't seem to get much attention. But in any case,well done. :)
  15. :) There's no grey area.Adobe are not giving anything away for free. Quote from Dov Isaacs Adobe Scientist/Employee: I think that's fairly clear. Whether or not the situation was mismanaged is another thing.I wonder what they were expecting to happen?