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  1. snowballrules666

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    good work so far mate cant wait for release. right i cant remeber if i did but when this project started i think i sent u one of my random (and well not very well done) combat aircraft models (with ideas for it in a readme) but i cant remeber if i did i hope i did as i no longer have the model anymore.... but if u dont i have a few ideas for aircraft if your intreasted i mean for a quick mock up how bout somekind of vtol gunship/transport somthing like the osprey (bad spelling) but with turbine engines insted of roter (and u can use something like that as a jet by doing a sepret model with the turbines facing in flight mode and a gunship with the turbine in vtol so no need for animations kinda simple idea but im no moddler lol just and adviser lol
  2. snowballrules666

    New Taviana Screen Shots!

    g44. look mate sometimes people get disserpointed with addon makers not releasing there stuff but in the end it is up to the addon makers not us bitching and whining dosent get people anyware it just annoys people so dont do it make it yourself if u want it that bad the techniqe to make tunnels is pretty easy i know how to do it but island making is not my thing so i wont.. please understand this its all about respect at the end of the day..
  3. snowballrules666

    Emergency Response Team Mod

    sorry devilbass but the forums are not here to bitch bout unrelesed addon sometime people dont want to relese something there not going to finish and u really should of got the permissions for it. its a mark of respect after all if u dont respect the rules then u shouldent be we. bis is a community and we as a communtiy res[ect the addon makers wishis if u wish to do the erts then make sum yourself but dont complain if ur links are removed. ive been a part of these forums for a fasi few years now (new account for new forums) and i have been disserpointed bout addon makers not relises but i respect there wishis u should to and i have a great deal of respect for the moderators as they are fair and dont take the mick. sorry mods if this is a bit of a rant but i just hate seeing this kind of attutded
  4. snowballrules666

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    welcome back man u were missed :)
  5. snowballrules666

    the official 3148 release thread

    thats not a good idea mixing diffrent mods (star trek apple seed) cause u loose the feeling of the origanal mod. halo stuff is ok as it fits with the armor and weapons and sum mecha
  6. snowballrules666

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    how bout the diffrent sectors that u could see in the stroy line lik army air force navy etc or mounted weapons etc to make the aarmy look fuller oh u could u the same power armoue but add bits to the modles etc
  7. snowballrules666


    hey man love the work heck i love all your work lol anime is my fav thing so is flashpoint hehe are there anyplans to do more anime stuff? like scfi civ cars and such planes fighters etc would be really cool to see an entire anime mod just idead lol
  8. snowballrules666

    WW4 Modpack 1

    just got around to downloading this mod and wow amazing work love the animations right to my question... i know its in this thread somewhere but how do i use the climbing animations ingame i cant figure it out if u can tell me that would be great keep up the great work u are missed on the 40k team :)
  9. snowballrules666

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    fair enoghth well ill be waiting but no rush tho
  10. snowballrules666

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    so what are we to expect in this new pack if u want to keep it secret thats fine lol just egar to play with them
  11. snowballrules666

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    hey i know i may get slated for this but what happed to dante whos this sennacherib???? im confuse and worried bout the mod
  12. snowballrules666

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    hey guys fantastic mod so far i love it oh just wondering i have a crap ton of halo combat evolved models (with warthogs marines aliens etc) i think the marine models would look good for plantery defence forces etc if u want them let me know oh found some very very old mecha addons called waw done by a japnese blokey suits the terrians so so well if u want them ill send them i dnt think the origanal author is about anymore oh more pics of the mecha so u can gather what i mean just click to veiw pictures
  13. been playing it for 5 years best bargin bin find ever (the goty) love it sooo much
  14. snowballrules666

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    sorry didnt mean to start disscussing ofp2 my bad anyway great progress on zee mod cant wait to play around with it soon (is there a beta at all just wondering)
  15. snowballrules666

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    wow fantasic work so far cannot wait for the release i will wait for this mod (im still waiting for the star wars mod lmao XD!!!!) and alot of people metioning ofp2 i have played it and its a pretty game and great to play but lack of mission editor it just does not feel like a ofp game to me but im way of subject now where is the disscussion for ofp2 btw?? got sum ranting to do lol