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  1. Vultar

    Funny & interesting videos

    US Navy F/A-18C Hornet East Demo Team (Helmet Cam) Thunder Over Michigan 2010
  2. Vultar

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    Of course not. I think that people should start reading posts before they answer. Read my posts again, all the answers are there. Cheers.
  3. Vultar

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    There's no need for smileys. Yes, you are right, the opinions vary. Now the questions is - what is going to become of Arma3? The same as what became of Morrowind in Skyrim, I'd say. Eh, I guess that's the way things go. Let it be. But tell me: Why those who don't enjoy realism won't just play Battlefield? If Arma3 becomes what majority would like it to be, there'd be nothing else for us...
  4. Vultar

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    @antoineflemming, I answered all of your questions in the post you've quoted. I see your spam in every thread. It annoys me. Indeed, what you said had already been said, so, guess what, you don't need to say it again. Realism? Where did I say a single word about realism? I said: Operation Flashpoint. It sold over 2 million copies, now try to convince me it wasn't a success.
  5. Vultar

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    I see reason in this answer. It's not about being "as we see it fit". It's about being true to original idea of Operation Flashpoint. Come at me, bros
  6. Vultar

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    I think it would be the best for BIS' sake to only release CA for the trully devoted members of the community. People that have been here since Ofp. - to avoid giving alpha to those with only temporary interest to play something during summer. Trusted clans like, for instance, ShackTac. Talented modders who, obviously, know the engine. Why? To avoid the "unnecessaries". Maximize feedback. Configure the game so that veterans are satisfied. Without them Arma would be long dead. If it's for the good cause, I won't take part in alpha. I am not a modder, I study (dont tell me it's summer, please) so I dont have much time. Every sacrifice is worth it. What do you guys think? Keep the discussion civil.
  7. Magazines in your inventory: A way to distinguish full ones from others, like adding adnotations (Light) (Medium) (Empty) when seeing in inventory. Keep empty magazines instead of them disappearing in an odd fashion. Dispose of manually.
  8. It's not really that Arma2 is "very demanding". It is just... terribly optimised. I run Arma1 on [Very High] [10k VD] at 45+fps. I run Skyrim on [ultra] 40+fps. How about Arma2? Turning AA 8x on makes the game run on 20fps at Very Low. Even without AA and most-of-the-time-giving-me-a-headache postprocess effects, setting everything to High, shadows to Very high gives me about 20-40fps. Playable, but annoying sometimes. Little note: I must admit that real-life reminds me of Arma1. Well said. Well said.
  9. I almost forgot: It'd be nice to finally have functional scopes before ACE comes out. Did you know that all these dots and lines are actually there for a reason? Incredible. :rolleyes:
  10. Vultar

    MP thoughts

    I often play Arma2 (without OA) on [ARMA2.RU -PvP- <AAS>] server. It's great fun. More challenging (at least here you can't see those snipers on your map/radar). I hate Evolution or Domination - too much armor everywhere. I appreciated Co-op missions for ACEmod. One of the best video games experiences I've ever had.
  11. I think most of the discussions should stop for now. You people speak as if BIS has been disappointing you for all those years. I think they did a lot of good job. Every aspect of preferation can be modified with mods.
  12. By fluent I mean animations that are very responsive, like in battlefield. (For those who didnt read the topic, but will hate on me based on this comment) No, I said nothing positive about battlefield here.
  13. Vultar

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    I wonder - why people wish to see such far-fetched features in Arma instead of playing some arcade games? Oh wait, even those do not include them... How about size? Not every uniform would fit. How about time to change clothes? A few minutes. Guys, the paradox of your wishes is incredible. I thought you wanted Arma to be realistic. If you want to do something good for arma - start a campaign against tall grass, similar to that in Arma2. Let's make this prone animation a bit more useful, shall we?
  14. Vultar

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    I think of it this way: If you kill an enemy, there's blood on his uniform. Good luck blending in. Also, soldiers operate as teams/squads/etc. They arent strangers to themselves. Changing the uniform is pointless.
  15. One thing: Correct the leaning animations. Do not tilt the weapon. Sights become useless on longer range. Thanks.