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  1. That's a great video, i gonna have to try that with my Xbox 360 controller, to try to configure it for the choppers to be like in the GTAO; that fly the Buzzard with the default GTAO buttons configuration it's the best flying settings that i've seen so far.
  2. wipman

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    When i switch from commander seat to gunner seat i can't swap from the main gun to the coax, so for fire with the coax or just to use an MG vs infantry... i've to be in the commander seat and let the dumb AI manage the threat, which use to end bad as the AI don't uses the coaxs or MGs as they're meant to be; not sure if it's my remaping of the keys or if it's a thing with the tanks. *EDIT: I've found a way to switch from main gun to coax as gunner; using the 1, 2, keys. But i change weapons and fire mode (and it works as commander from main gun to coax and back and from Single Fire to Full Auto) with the Num Pad 0, i'd remapped it there as i use the arrow keys instead the damn w,a,s,z, method that i hate. But have it there doesn't work... so i've to go to the other side of the keyboard to switch from main gun to coax.
  3. wipman

    Boring campaign

    I like the ArmA3 campaign; but it could be better and there could be more. The AI that you're with it always go running to all the waypoints, but as you've to go running too... you don't gonna be able to shoot because, as since the OFP... for some damn reason the character always have a huuge weapon sway, it's as if your soldier never been had trained to aim and shoot with a rifle; also you don't see any of the DLC addon weapons, equipment, vehicles or clothes on the campaign, in the same way that you never see a 7.62 suppressor for the damn EBR (that thank God that at least we've it). I think that there should be a campaign as long as the main one that incorporates all the military DLCs, they know what they can do with the Karts DLC... but i won't say it this time so i don't get a new bann this many years after; they could also make campaigns for the tree main factions with their perspective on the conflict, allowing us to also take all the roles, army, Marines, cavalry, heli CAS & Transport and air too so we could have some dogfighting but overall alot of plane CAS and ATG missions for the three factions that make us see the progression or regression on each of the three factions. But over all, all with much more cutscenes that give some more life or personality to the camapaign and campaign's characters; i don't even look at the map's grid... i just go to A to point B and do the thing and then go to point C, i don't really care for Kelly or Miller, they're not James Gastowsky... they're kinda plain and cutscenes could fight that as they did on the OFP; hell, even the Queen's Gambit had more interesting cutscenes than the damn ArmA3 campaign, the gameplay is good enough IMO but it's plain in terms of characters, the presentation of this ones and also without the DLCs content appearing in a not mandatory way but being there and allowing you to use 'em if you've the DLCs... will improve alot the main campaign; that as i've said... IMO there should be one long campaign for each faction showing their part on the conflict, their weapons, units and vehicles and their real value in terms of efectivity on the battlefield.
  4. wipman

    Ukraine General

    Hi, IMO the Ukraine conflict is the Kzar vs the nazis. My info source about the background of this conflict: http://spitfirelist.com/news/stunning-u-s-votes-against-u-n-resolution-condemning-nazis-and-nazi-collaborators/. Let's C ya
  5. An idea for a change in the AI behaviors and what/how they act under certain conditions. - On Safe behavior the AI should search/react/engage to targets on the 50m range and to any vehicle up to 600m. - On Aware behavior they should search/react/engage to targets on the 350m range and to any vehicle up to 700m. - On Combat behavior they should search/react/engage to targets on the 600m range and to any vehicle up to 1200m. - On Stealth behavior they should search/react to targets on the 150m range and engage targets at up to 50m and to any vehicle up to 500m. Also... the ground vehicles crews, should be all inside the vehicle on combat behavior; and the driver should be inside the vehicle on the aware behavior.
  6. wipman


    I preffer the default behaviour of the units that get shot, for those videos... they look like as hitted by a 23mm or an RPG; but thanks for videos.
  7. wipman


    Would be great to see a video of what this mod does on the units.
  8. wipman

    Ukraine General

    Here we've anoe that goes on by the hand wiz the nazis. The russian troops are doing something that's (acordin' to the international laws) illegal; well, now what?; we leave Ukraine to the nazis...? or we leave Ukraine russians...? or even better better; we leave Ukraine to the F peafull citizens!?. Your solution seems to be to left Ukraine on the handsa of faszists. That makes you feel good!?, do ya thinka that the people there will live better under a faszist (the maidan movement) regime than under the far right/unfair hand/regime of Victor Yunokovich!?. I've a very high IQ, belive me... and it tells my that anything is better than be under a far right regime; keep in mind that i say this from spain (under a current far rigth regime). They should hang those NMEs of the country on the public squares, same as we (on spain) should do.
  9. wipman

    Human rights

    Well... the human rights is something that someone have's to give ya, in a beginnin'; if you're my NME and i don't thinka that you deserva any F human right... then you'll have nona; is that right?, no; is that good... neither. The human rights IMFO, is somethin' that ya've to earn, is not given wiz the skin colur, money on the banka a-counta or muscles on yar skelleton; is somethin' that ya've to earn day by day, minute by minute, second by F second dependin' on yar actionsa... if you behave wella, you'll have "human rightsa", if you don't behave righta... you've have nothing; biatch. Now seriously, do ya thinka that the BS that's disscused on he F UN is even close to be right or almosta faira!?; is BS!!!, the base of the thinga is 100% unfaira, why the F five F nations have to keep the bann/allowa right over the rest of F nationsa of the worlda!?, 'cousa they'd won a F world wara!!??, REALLY!?; we're on the F XXI century, leavein' (swallowin') institutions and BS from IXX or XX F century, wiz the moutha cloused but the assa opened.. to D "newa order"; we're so unFunited that we're allowin' this SOTBa to take our so called "human rightsa" on their will. Faggot or lesbian, crippled or don't, free or slave, person or corpse... somehow, we'd (our parents, grandpas) allowed this shit (on europe) to happen, they'd built F laws 'rounda us, above us... political/job systems, to rule above us, asida of the reason... asida of what one would call logic; (maybe this looses me, 'couse im spanish and my F country suxxx; on the hands of the far right) PATRIOTISM. For me, the F patriotism is the common wealth, of all the MFs that live in my dear F country; tha includes the rats... the plants... the fleas... and anything that has born on oura severeign soil; i'd pledged fidelity to keep this, that's the F human rightas for me. I've to make sure that i allow and helpa to keep everyona safa & happya on my F mutha F countrya; Human rightsa, to be well and to fell wella. That's all
  10. wipman

    Reinstate Forced Labour / Slavery ?

    My thoughs is that your're a dirty germen MF, austrian in mind (like Hitler) and that's why you come wiz sucha BS. I wish that ya've a long and painfull deatha. Germen SOTB. Let's C ya biach
  11. wipman

    Music Recommendations

    Die Ant Woord - I Fink You're Freeky: Die Ant Woord - Wat Kyk Jy: ---------- Post added at 03:34 ---------- Previous post was at 03:28 ---------- Die Ant Woord - I Fink You're Freeky: Die Ant Woord - Wat Kyk Jy:
  12. wipman

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    Hi, if i had to guess... i'll guess that the ArmA3 uparmoured NMEs had something to do wiz this, and... that the ArmA2 public servers are much more player side mod (read: cosmetic) friendly than the F ArmA3 servers; i'll add too that the ArmA2 have much more player side workin' addons/full F mods than the F ArmA3. "Correct me if im wrong...!!", but the ArmA3 is a F dissapointment because the silly upFarmoured NMEs, along with the other bugs/mistakes/errors/ MF BS that comes wiz us since the ArmA, that they keep doin' the thingsa wiz the MF a+s+s; IMFHFO, man... . Let's F C ya.
  13. wipman

    Ukraine General

    Get some info (MF): Spitfirelist.com MF.
  14. wipman

    Ukraine General

    Well... i've seen some photos of Maidan's portestors or whatever and they had a red cross wiz a '14' on top and a F '88' below; 14= 14Th SS (volunteers) Galician Division. 88 Heil Hitler. I can't say in words how happy i'll be if i see this MFs tortured and then hanged from a rope on the charge of betrayal. Betrayal to all the good things that the humanity have to offer. I think, that if you're with those dirty MFs of the Maidan square, you should be executed by treason, to the human race (the only race that i know, by the F way). The actual "so called leader" of the revolution is a MF who's father was the head of the colaborators with the SS during the WWII on Ukraine, he... "had the honour..." of clean up of dirty MF jews the L'viv ghetto, so... if you're wiz the Maidan's MFs, you're wiz the nazis; that makes you an NME and a target. Someone wizout right to live. IMFHO... the russian forces should be allowed to enter on Ukraine to clean up by the force, the faszists MFs that has taken the control of Ukraine, and then, let the not nazi MFs people to take control of their soil, parlament and laws to bann (by the force, read: death penalty) those traitors (read: faszists) to the nation. A trash clean country is something nice. The EU (mainly those dirty germens) has made a side with the faszists and nazi like scum that has betrayed their country (a crime that should be punish with death IMFHO). Viktor Yanukovich was a MF!? yes man..!! there's no doubt about it; the nazis are better than him!? NO MAN!; there is not dount about it. Choose your side, im not wiz the nazis; im wiz every NME of the nazis/faszists. GUNG HO 4 THE RUSSIANS!!.
  15. wipman


    Hi, i also have that issue with the dissapearing reticles after load a saved game or just respawn after die, i think that's the same issue with the STHUD, that only loads one time at the mission start, but the loaded games don't check if this are running as at the beginning or not; im not sure if this is the case, but is the same case that with the STHUD and AFAIK.. he didn't solved it on the ArmA2 as it happens the same on the ArmA3. Let's C ya