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  1. I am getting some odd crashing still, have a huge rpt file to mark it up with.
  2. Yeah, we'll see what happens, I am going to run some tests. :|
  3. Oh, I know I need 2 or more gb of Ram...But in this dire time (i.e. waiting) I doubt 2gb will remedy random CTD/lockup crashes that shut my monitor off. I was thinking of getting Windows 7rc Ultimate, but why do I need to change everything to remedy it? I should be able to run this on Normal Settings without hassle.
  4. Crap Crap Crap. I come home from vacation and I have ArmA 2 all loaded up: I defragged my rig. Cleared all unnecessary items off my PC. Installed. Patched. & defragged again... Ran the game on low settings, crashed. Ran the game on Medium/Normal settings, crashed. High, Crashed, Highest, beautiful crash. - Core Duo 2 -E6840 Gigabyte P35 ® Mobo. 1gb OCZ 1600 DDR2 (Platinum, my other gig is bad, pos OCZ, never buying that sh*t again - I'll probably buy 4 gb soon.) BFG 8800GTS 640mb I can run basically any other game without a damn issue, ArmA 2 is crashing like mad on me...Any recommendations? ---------- Post added at 10:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:06 PM ---------- Faulting application arma2.exe, version, faulting module arma2.exe, version, fault address 0x0054b367. This is what its telling me in the event viewer.
  5. Do you have any black metal faces? Like Mayhem corpse paint, or anything like Gorgorath or something.... Corpse paint seems to be bad ass...For me...
  6. enven

    Schmalfelden, Germany Map

    This is friggen awesome! Beautiful work! How big is this in total though?
  7. enven

    Do the Bis Team hate Russia?

    Amazing thread.
  8. enven

    1st Infantry Division

    On a lighter note: Great WIP's, very detailed and I cannot wait to use these in game. Will you be making them for conversion as well?
  9. enven

    Arma 4 Life.

    Update: Interview with Jerry Hopper! (I'll post a link thumbnail soon)
  10. enven

    Sahrani Radio in 2008

    I have quite a variety of music... http://www.last.fm/user/Enven/
  11. enven

    Arma 4 Life.

    Epharisto Sparky, (I am American-Greek lol.) I'll be making a thumbnail asap, I'll keep you informed.
  12. enven

    Arma 4 Life.

    For the time being, I temporarily changed the layout, hopefully this helps.
  13. enven

    Arma 4 Life.

    Baddo! Thank you for the reply, I will be changing the template sometime in the next week or so, I have a webspace I'd like it to redirect to and use a personal template of my own...Thank you for the heads up on the eye-bleeding, I'll seriously keep you in mind when I change it up. (Tune in for that, thank you for reading.) -Enven