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    Operation Flashpoint, Multigen-Paradigm, Boston Dynamic, all GIS and satellite imaging. Oh and BIS stuffs.

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  1. Yeah i would like to know about FPS if you have time for it please :)
  2. i'm not bragging at all there are far more better machines for sale out there... it's just that i bought what i was thinking was the ultimate Gaming PC when Arma 2 went out and i got really disapointed by the performance... I don't want this again
  3. Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Full Tower Window EATX NOPS Corsair 1200W AX Series ATX12V+EPS 140mm Fan ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREME X79 DD3 A+SR+GBL+BT Intel Core i7 3970X Six 3.46GHz 15.0MB HT S2011 Corsair Hydro Series H100i Performance Liquid Cooler - Kingston 32.0 GB DDR3-1600 CL9 (8 x 4.0) Kit ASUS - nVidia GeForce GTX TITAN 6.0GB 2xDVI HDMI DP SLI Intel 520 2.5" SSD 240GB SATA600 Western Digital - Raptor VelociRaptor 1.0TB 10K RPM SATA600 64MB LG Electronics BH14NS40 14X BD-R/RE SATA w/SW+LS OEM StarTech Memory Card Reader 3.5" Black Antec 120mm Blue LED Fan Windows 7 Ultimate OEM DVD 64-bit English
  4. x582gr51

    vehiclespawn  error>

    nm, after a few hours sleeping, i found the simple error.
  5. x582gr51

    vehiclespawn  error>

    I'm working on a mission using a vehicle spawning script but i get this error: Error <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> '_gunner = units _group select (count units _group -2)|#|': Error Zero divisor init <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> init="[this,2,500,sp_2] exec ""vehiclespawn\mechInfSpawnAI.sqs"""; script <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> ; *************************************** ; mechanized infantry spawn script by Spankmeyer. original script was vehicle.sqs from i think ; General Barron. so most of the code was his! i just tweaked around and made it compatible ; with spawnman-script from Dr Strangelove! ; ; consider this script as part of the Spawnman scripts! without them it wont work! ; THIS ONE WORKS WITH AI. USE ONLY FOR EAST-GROUPS! ; ; easy example: put a group of infantry together with a vehicle a on your map (all must be grouped together!) ; and write in init-field of vehicle: [this, 2, 100] exec "vehicleSpawn\mechInfSpawnAI.sqs" ; the group will be respawned twice at original position of vehicle and will patrol around ; this position with a radius of 100. respawn will occur two times if vehicle was destroyed. ; ; put a group of infantry together with a vehicle a on your map (all must be grouped together!) ; and write e.g. [this,2,150,patrolpos,spawnpos] exec "vehiclespawn\mechInfSpawnAI.sqs" in the ; init field of vehicle. ; it means: this vehicle (and the infantry) will be spawned two times at spawnpos ; and it will patrol around patrolpos at a radius of 150m.; (except they have detected enemys (YOU!). ; then they will hunt them! (again YOU!) ; last parameter (spawnpos) is optional! ; if nothing is written here, they will spawn at original position. ; ; [obj,j,range,patrolpos,spawnpos] exec "vehiclespawn\mechInfSpawnAI.sqs" ; parameters: obj is vehicle (e.g.tank of mechanized infantry squad) ; J is number of respawns ; range is range of patrol around patrolpos. ; patrolpos(optional) is position for randpatrol-script used here. ; spawnpos (optional) position where respawns occur. if empty, original pos is used. ; *************************************** requiredVersion "1.91" ? not local Server : exit ~(random 1) +0.5 _obj = _this select 0 ; j is number of respawns _j = _this select 1 ; the next two parameters are for use in the randpatrol-script. _range = _this select 2 ;the next parameter is the patrolpos(optional) if nothing, then it patrols around its orig pos ;u could use moving or "teleporting" patrolpositions... ?(count _this > 3):_patrolpos = _this select 3 ?(count _this <= 3):_patrolpos = _obj ;the next parameter is the respawnpos (optional).u could even use moving or "teleporting" spawnpositions... ?(count _this > 4):_pos = getpos (_this select 4) ?(count _this <= 4):_pos = getpos _obj ; **************define some initvars for later use*********** _dir = getDir _obj _type = typeOf _obj _group = group _obj _teamscale = count units _group; _spawncount = 0 _crew = [] _inf = [] "_crew = _crew + [typeOf _x]" forEach crew _obj ; **************************build infantry-array************* _grparray = units _group _n = count _grparray _i = 0 #infarray ?(_i >= _n): goto "zeigmal" _unit = _grparray select _i ?(vehicle _unit != _unit): _i = _i + 1; goto "infarray" _inf = _inf + [typeof _unit] _unit exec "spawnman\patroldead.sqs" _i = _i + 1 goto "infarray" ; ***************************************TEST #zeigmal ;_zeigmal = count _inf ;hint format ["Number Of inf: %1", _zeigmal] ; *************************************** "_x addEventHandler [""Killed"", {(_this select 0) removeAllEventHandlers ""Killed""; deleteVehicle (_this select 0)}]" forEach crew _obj ;this is a bit complicated: if a patrolpos-parameter is given, a dummy-parameter ("1") is given to ;randpatrol. this dummy-parameter makes randpatrol updating the patrolpos in every loop. (if one ; wants to "move" the patrolpos for any reason...) if(count _this > 3)then{[_group,_range,4, _patrolpos,1] exec "spawnman\randpatrolAI.sqs";goto "clear"} [_group,_range,4, _patrolpos] exec "spawnman\randpatrolAI.sqs" #clear _t = 0 #alive ~3 ? not alive _obj : _delay = 60; goto "notalive" ; ******************part for remanning guns of vehicle********************* ?!(alive gunner _obj) and (count units _group >= count _crew): goto "mangun" ; **********************test ;_countgrp = count units _group ;hint format ["Number Of grp: %1", _countgrp] ; *********************** ? fuel _obj == 1 : goto "clear" ;? count crew _obj != 0 : goto "clear" ?(alive driver _obj) and (count units _group >= count _crew) : goto "clear" ? _t == 0 : _t = _time + 30 ? _t > _time : goto "alive" "_obj removeMagazine _x" forEach magazines _obj _obj setFuel 0 _obj setDamage 1 _delay = 10 #notalive ;****update respawnpos (if spawnpos is moving or "teleporting".) ?(count _this > 4):_pos = getpos (_this select 4) ; *******************script will end if j = spawncount*************** ? (_spawncount == _j) : EXIT _spawncount = _spawncount + 1 ; *************************************** ~_delay deleteVehicle _obj ~1 _obj = _type createVehicle _pos _obj setDir _dir ; ***************************************spawn vehicle-crew****************** ? count _crew < 1 : goto "spawninf" Soldier = [] _crew select 0 createUnit [_pos, _group, "Soldier = this"] Soldier moveInDriver _obj Soldier addEventHandler ["Killed", {(_this select 0) removeAllEventHandlers "Killed"; deleteVehicle (_this select 0)}] ? count _crew < 2 : goto "spawninf" Soldier = [] _crew select 1 createUnit [_pos, _group, "Soldier = this"] Soldier moveInGunner _obj Soldier addEventHandler ["Killed", {(_this select 0) removeAllEventHandlers "Killed"; deleteVehicle (_this select 0)}] ? count _crew < 3 : goto "spawninf" Soldier = [] _crew select 2 createUnit [_pos, _group, "Soldier = this"] Soldier moveInCommander _obj Soldier addEventHandler ["Killed", {(_this select 0) removeAllEventHandlers "Killed"; deleteVehicle (_this select 0)}] ; ***************************************spawn infantry ****************** #spawninf ?(count units _group >= _teamscale): goto "clear" ;type of spawned unit will be chosen randomly from _inf-array... _unit = _inf select 0 + (random(count _inf)) ;***********testing********** ;hint format["typ %1", _unit] ;**************************** _unit createUnit[_pos, _group, "this exec {spawnman\patroldead.sqs}"] ~(random 1) + 1 goto "spawninf" ; ***********************part for remanning guns of vehicle(if any)******** #mangun _gunner = units _group select (count units _group -2) _gunner assignAsGunner _obj [_gunner] orderGetIn TRUE ~10 ;@(_gunner in _obj) OR !(alive _obj) OR (count units _group == 0) goto "alive" it's all infos i can supply for now if you need more then i can send the mission.sqm.
  6. x582gr51

    Canister Rounds

    Yeah, i was thinking about the createvehicle scriptb4 asking in the forum. Doing it without script was my goal but ... another dream goes down the drain... The script of the mossberg is the most obvious and easiest way for a realistic shotgun effect but the need of a 20000 ab axis trigger cause a tremendious amount of lag. Modifying the script for using it without the need of a trigger is clearly the way of doing it right. Thanks for the hints!!!
  7. A canister round is usually loaded with darts (fléchettes or balls) and used for proximity defense against massive infantry attacks. I know two types of these rounds 1- 40mm canister round 2- 120mm tank's canister round. Is Arma is permitting this balistic effect of fléchettes and/or balls dispersed from one shell? I must admit that i remember (but not much) of a discussion about pellets and 12 guauges shells in ofp. If you have more infos, plz share!?!
  8. x582gr51


    It is so sad that you guys didn't thought about wich technicaly advanced plague the nukulahr era bring to humanity. ... The Warping Snail ... Mutated from nukulahr fake b**bs leak, this snail open windows in space and distort time and places and also they randomly create black holes... These terrorists are to be on top priority. I have no clear optical support(photos or technicolor images or 5D holograms) to prove their existences due to...they're too swift... ... Just got this from...INTEL...so i will share it with you : ...nasty, isn't it???
  9. x582gr51

    Somalian islands

    The Mogadishu island is good for mouse-holing and post-apocalyptic sceneries. Also there is pieces of destroyed buildings scattered all arround providing good covers and firefights. Tonal is definitely the best african-like urban scenery but at some ressource hungry prices. Still, easily affordable and providing lot of fun when using ladders and rooftops to secure the streets of an area when one is on the side of the coallition but good for rpg"ing" choppers and hummers for those being on the insurgents side. I both of these islands it is a good thing for mission editors to use IED's and (spotters radio operators) for the insurgents side. But mixing non-armed civs with armed ones as well as crowds is the best of this kind of scenario. If someone gifted can use tonal as a base mixing re-textured mogadishu's building's and piles of pieces placed all arround as a roadblock's and signaling piles of burning objects  pack too. Some weird roof cutted 70's cars some armed with mg's or g-launchers as well as recoiless riffles and some rusty 80's nissan's and toyota's too. Now, there is just child with handguns and riffles with lot of recoil when they are firing wich are realy missing as well as tricked radios that go boom when they want to report activities...
  10. x582gr51

    Operation Black Mamba - UPDATED!

    This mission is like a wom...(diamond) after some hardworking laser and polishing sessions, one get in his hands the most appreciable piece of nature or simply a trophy. First, one must be able to recognize the required sort of diamond. Second, one must convert is knowledge into a "Savoir-Faire". One can always open a *.pbo and modify a mission to suit his/her needs or simply enjoy the author's time and efforts also the kindness of sharing their work and knowledge. If you ain't know how to edit a mission or modify scripts yet then make it a challenge to lurk arround and learn from the bests. It won't take long before you will catch up. This Operation Black Mamba received a few awards from real experts from the whole gaming community. Please note that i said experts not spychotics. From that, it is clear that the Chaos Studios provided you a good skeleton and now it is up to you to add muscles, skins and keeping it lean as desired.
  11. x582gr51

    gaming witha FRESNEL LENS..

    Fresnell lenses are a good idea to improve a monitor in order to get an enhanced z-depth. This is very ingenious to reverse it usual emplification use from a lighthouse. Does it change the focal length too or this is compensated by the distance between the monitor and the lens?
  12. x582gr51

    Ironsight's Addon Projects

    I have been searching about the Alvis Alcorn and found nothing...sounds like an attempt from the days of the Ford Model T to me...bah oh well... if you can get any pic of the real life thingy? nm i found the thing...i usualy call it the UK bradley... hope i'm not wrong again http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/imgs/striker.jpg sorry but my browser isn't complying atm. now it's better there is others too some are wheeled
  13. x582gr51

    USMC Mod V 1.4

    Sorry, but what is this weapon M47
  14. x582gr51

    USMC Mod V 1.4

    Are these RG-31' or Mamba's in field trials by the USMC cuz there is slightly a difference between the european and the south african made APC?